Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Mr. Sakurai Presents "Terry Bogard"

  • Published: 06 November 2019
  • Join Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Director Masahiro Sakurai for an in-depth look at Terry Bogard from the Fatal Fury series and SNK history in this new video presentation!

    Learn more about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC!

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Comments • 8 897

  • LordSesshomaru85
    LordSesshomaru85  2 hours back

    Now I need a new capcom vs snk using the smash engine directed by Sakurai San..🍰

    • roger douglas
      roger douglas  3 hours back

      that powerwave finish cost him 9 points

      • Lazy Brownie
        Lazy Brownie  4 hours back

        *"Mai Shiranui not featured, because boys and girls* of all ages play Smash"

        • damian penaloza
          damian penaloza  4 hours back

          Yeyeyeyeah, all about Neo Geo, SNK all the way 😎👍

          • Timothy N
            Timothy N  6 hours back

            Oy, Terry takes some getting used to. A lot like Ryu. Fighting Terry vs Terry is pretty fun though, and I like the nuances of his gameplay style (cancelling, spot dodge reaction, aerial powerwave is interesting). I don't like the force facing the character (in general), I feel it narrows some possibilities (i,e, those who like to use back air), but it's interesting to mess with

            • Painus McAnus
              Painus McAnus  7 hours back

              Sakurai: Smash is for good boys and girls

              Remember the Palutena trailer where there was a close up shot of her thighs and breast?

              • Shooting Dio
                Shooting Dio  7 hours back

                Nobuyuki Kuroki and Yasuyuki Oda are gushing over this presentation.

                • Troy Uchimiya
                  Troy Uchimiya  8 hours back

                  You should add Cooking Mama into Super Smash Ultimate

                  • dws18
                    dws18  8 hours back

                    Terry: *Gets 50 songs that represents both his own franchise and SNK as a whole*

                    Cloud: *just SD's off the stage*

                    • lil Artman X
                      lil Artman X  10 hours back

                      A video about Terry Bogart has 2 million views!!!!!


                      • Mr Glitchy
                        Mr Glitchy  10 hours back

                        Because what you did to waluigi was an insult to injury 😤😠

                        • Jake Steel
                          Jake Steel  4 hours back

                          It’s also what he and his fans deserve

                      • Mr Glitchy
                        Mr Glitchy  10 hours back

                        Sakurai can you please get waluigi in as fifth dlc

                      • MxoscarxT
                        MxoscarxT  10 hours back

                        K dash

                        • Bechamel Of the Stars
                          Bechamel Of the Stars  11 hours back

                          terry bogat

                        • Alexander Rivas
                          Alexander Rivas  12 hours back

                          It would be awesome to have Iori Yagami, as another DLC in future, he is so cool and got an amazing moveset.

                          • Scissorman
                            Scissorman  11 hours back

                            Seconded. Don't count on it but it would be badass.

                        • Bido Tech
                          Bido Tech  12 hours back


                          • Alisson Carlos
                            Alisson Carlos  12 hours back

                            Love Terry! Thanks Sakurai!

                            • Gonxalus Aika
                              Gonxalus Aika  12 hours back

                              Sakurai: Mai Shiranui wasn't included because Smash is for good boys and girls of many different ages
                              Bayonetta: Wassup bois!!

                              • Garrett Oliva
                                Garrett Oliva  12 hours back

                                the beginning feels like my dad showing me how video games Used to be and how lucky we are now.

                                • Lyntz
                                  Lyntz  13 hours back

                                  OMG all this work !! you must make them playable !!!! KoF Fan inside <3

                                  • Jieson R
                                    Jieson R  14 hours back

                                    Super smash bros ultimate – Mr.sakurai Presents ‘‘Arle nadja’’
                                    –New stage (puzzle arena)
                                    –Cameos:Draco,Rulue,Dark prince,Suketoudara,Witch,Harpy,Serilly,Schezo,Ragnus,Dongurigaeru,Onion pixie,Amitie,Raffina,Sig,Klug,Ocean prince,Yu and Rei,Lemres,Feli,Lidelle,Ms.accord,Ringo,Maguro,Risukuma,Ecolo,Ally
                                    –Extra Mii fighters Costumes - Round #5:
                                    1.Amitie (brawler)
                                    2.Ringo (gunner)
                                    3.Schezo (swordfighter)
                                    4.Ragnus (swordfighter)
                                    5.Carbuncle (brawler)
                                    6.Rulue (brawler)
                                    –Ver. 7.0 Update:8 Player Online
                                    –Amiibo:Dark samus,Richter,Joker (february 2020)

                                    • Sincerely Otaku
                                      Sincerely Otaku  14 hours back

                                      You know.....
                                      There was no reason to cut out Mai, you could've easily censor her by changing her outfit say like make her wear a Kimono or cover up all the expose flashy parts just like they did with Mythra!!!!!

                                      See!? I solve your problem in less than a minute.

                                      • Scissorman
                                        Scissorman  13 hours back

                                        You didn't though. A choice like that would probably be controversial due to defeating the point of the character

                                    • Definitive Dubs
                                      Definitive Dubs  14 hours back

                                      "Hey guys welcome back to my Let's Play channel, it's ya boi Sakurai, and today we're gonna try and beat Terry's Classic Mode on the highest level, but first lemme thank today's sponsor, NordVPN."

                                      • ROBLOKCSer Kong
                                        ROBLOKCSer Kong  16 hours back

                                        Terry Bogard is Adult Red from Pokémon

                                        • DaSh Brown
                                          DaSh Brown  16 hours back

                                          I knew it, Mai isnt pg enough for Nintendo LOL!!!!! Hey fiends, "Are you OK?"

                                          • Aaron Supertramp
                                            Aaron Supertramp  17 hours back

                                            27:30 :'(

                                            • Sincerely Otaku
                                              Sincerely Otaku  14 hours back

                                              You know.....
                                              There was no reason to cut out Mai, they could've easily censor her by changing her outfit say like make her wear a Kimono or cover up all the expose flashy parts just like they did with Mythra!!!!!

                                          • Raimundo Lima
                                            Raimundo Lima  17 hours back

                                            grey fox for smash!!!

                                            • Gungnir /-
                                              Gungnir /-  18 hours back

                                              Merica to sensitivity for may

                                              • Nodto Modley
                                                Nodto Modley  14 hours back

                                                @Gungnir /-
                                                Nope, believe it or not, Japan is way more strict about this stuff than we are when it comes to video games, especially when those games are targeted towards children.

                                              • Gungnir /-
                                                Gungnir /-  14 hours back

                                                @Nodto Modley yeah man. Because they know we have bunch of sensitive people nowadays

                                              • Nodto Modley
                                                Nodto Modley  15 hours back

                                                Actually it's entirely the Japanese ratings board's fault for her exclusion.

                                            • OctoninjaDX
                                              OctoninjaDX  19 hours back

                                              Wait if Mai Shiranui isn’t in the game, so they are saying there’s nothing wrong with bayonetta

                                              • OctoninjaDX
                                                OctoninjaDX  6 hours back

                                                Yeah true

                                              • Sincerely Otaku
                                                Sincerely Otaku  14 hours back

                                                You know.....
                                                There was no reason to cut out Mai, they could've easily censor her by changing her outfit say like make her wear a Kimono or cover up all the expose flashy parts just like they did with Mythra!!!!!

                                              • Chris Dipper the Irate Shitter
                                                Chris Dipper the Irate Shitter  17 hours back

                                                The ESRB is dumb it's not Sakurai's fault.

                                            • Akuma Tenshu
                                              Akuma Tenshu  21 hours back

                                              As dlc at least add female terry bogard as a alternate costume

                                              • Yuhao Ho
                                                Yuhao Ho  23 hours back

                                                I want Conker to joins smash and if you do I will subscribe


                                                • Skywalker
                                                  Skywalker  23 hours back

                                                  Merda de go demasiado op deve ir para o lixo pois é uma porra

                                                  • Claudio Constantine
                                                    Claudio Constantine  23 hours back

                                                    8:45 to 19:51 Terry and his complex imputs.

                                                    • CaptainGacha
                                                      CaptainGacha  24 hours back

                                                      STEVE FOR SMASH

                                                    • Daniel Airoldi
                                                      Daniel Airoldi  1 days back

                                                      27:42 I think this is what people came for.

                                                      • Ryuzekia
                                                        Ryuzekia  1 days back

                                                        SNK fans rise up

                                                        • Michael the retarded Starfish.

                                                          Sakurai for DLC!

                                                          • darrentg6
                                                            darrentg6  1 days back

                                                            LOVE all the music additions with this fighter pack! So many great songs

                                                            • GamingAndJapan
                                                              GamingAndJapan  1 days back

                                                              Can someone kindly tell us in which part of the video is the "controversial quote"? Thanks in advance

                                                              • Daniel Navarro
                                                                Daniel Navarro  1 days back

                                                                25:50 its so telling that had it been Sakurai's choice and not Nintendo's that Iori would have been in Smash instead of Terry......that sucks that Iori got a mii costume bc whatever little chance he had to be an actual fighter is gone for good,he would have been a unique fighter had they chose him instead :(

                                                                • 阿軒Nick
                                                                  阿軒Nick  1 days back

                                                                  Well, to be fair, Terry Bogard starts the series

                                                              • Zack Flores
                                                                Zack Flores  1 days back

                                                                I've watched this for like 29 times

                                                                • IMjrMzZ2
                                                                  IMjrMzZ2  1 days back

                                                                  Soy Sauce for Geese? I'm sold

                                                                  • Zeroko
                                                                    Zeroko  1 days back

                                                                    WiiU-ZZS: So, honey, what do you say was the reason for your rejection in Smash? ~.^

                                                                    • worth
                                                                      worth  1 days back

                                                                      not sure what i'm doing here cause i only watch mario maker vids
                                                                      commxnt gxng check out my beats 💋💌💛

                                                                    • TheChadster789
                                                                      TheChadster789  1 days back

                                                                      RISING TACO!

                                                                      • AlaneitorGames
                                                                        AlaneitorGames  1 days back

                                                                        DLC Fighter 5 Ver 7.0.0 More Feactures

                                                                        • I like to breathe airplanes. Egg Power 69

                                                                          Ferry's great, but doom slayer in smash tho

                                                                          Yo please

                                                                        • Mr. Vidja Gamez
                                                                          Mr. Vidja Gamez  1 days back

                                                                          When Terry pulls off his Final Smash, I cant not hear a little bit of the announcer from Fatal Fury 3 mixed in with his voice.