Neil deGrasse Tyson Is A Horrible Person


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  • just me
    just me  4 hours back

    I can't see his intention to be anything but to suck his own dick over the fact that he's so "smart," I don't think he could actually care less that people are dying. He just wants to validate that he lives on nothing but cold hard fact, because that's what's worked for him all his life, even when it's wrong. He's just like those athiest losers on reddit that babble about how high their precious IQ is and proceed to do the stupidest shit.

    • Isak Zahirovic
      Isak Zahirovic  5 hours back

      Nile has autism.

      • Cpt. Battlecock
        Cpt. Battlecock  9 hours back

        This vdo gonna get taken down because of harrassment policies

        • Doom Slayer
          Doom Slayer  11 hours back

          Sure people die in mass shootings, but in the last 48 hours I killed 1000 demons! Big deal.

          • GnarDope__ Radington
            GnarDope__ Radington  13 hours back

            NDT is only digestible to watch/listen too while either watching his show, OR for about 5 minutes when he's talking with other people during any sort of podcast or interview. It never fails that he turns into this know it all, "I can't wait to make you sound like an unintelligent moron", "I'm so much smarter than anyone in the room", center of attention, interrupting monster..I loved on the JRE podcast when Rogan calls him out saying "just relax, you're getting strangely defensive if I ask "why" or challenge you so another point of's unnecessary, just relax.."

            • Dustin Duncan
              Dustin Duncan  19 hours back

              😂😂 he’s right tho because mass shootings happen and 80 % gun deaths are suicides

              • Amar Elashi
                Amar Elashi  1 days back

                Shut up.

                • Drake Lang
                  Drake Lang  14 hours back

                  Shut your incel neckbeard virgin ass up you absolute tard

              • TB 7788
                TB 7788  1 days back

                i mean his first two episodes were ok but just watch his third appearance on joe rogan. he interrupted joe on almost every sentence and i wouldn’t be surprised if that was his last time on

                • Oneiros
                  Oneiros  1 days back

                  I do not believe most people are aware of those statistics. I think the point of his tweet was to say America is a first world country and there are a lot of problems, and shit like mass shootings will keep happening until people change stuff soon. As it seems people only give a damn when there is a big media circus then forget about it until the next time it happens. No progress made, just talk while it is on the news and ignore the problems again.

                  • Fellipe Dasilva
                    Fellipe Dasilva  1 days back

                    Humans are designed to see avoidable deaths as more tragic as natural deaths. Like a 78 year old man dying of a heart attack, vs a 21 year old falling off a building. Both are sad, however the last one comes off as more of a shocker even tho they both died. It’s just how humans are, 300 people dying of the flu is obviously not as avoidable as 34 people dying instantly from a gun. Neil should of thought of that factor rather than tweeting unnecessary, non helpful things...

                    • bee
                      bee  1 days back

                      Bro I’ve always tried to word the whole you can’t tell people how to feel kind of thing, but I couldn’t and I just saw you take that shit and say it in the best way possible holy fuck

                      • Kossith Grey Horned Giant Meng John Lee

                        Never trust a man with a mustache

                        • Mrtomcc2
                          Mrtomcc2  2 days back

                          2:38 this is me

                          • Paulo Hasse Paixao
                            Paulo Hasse Paixao  2 days back

                            The thing is Neil deGrasse Tyson is a disgrace, even as a scientist.

                            • DeRay Williams
                              DeRay Williams  3 days back

                              Love the happiness comparison to depression

                              • Ahrry depp
                                Ahrry depp  3 days back

                                This is the first video of you that i have to click dislike, im sorry bro but my man Neil said nothing but FACTS.

                                • Drake Lang
                                  Drake Lang  14 hours back

                                  Where did he ever claim that the statistics Neil posted aren’t factual? Think you’re missing the point entirely.

                                • no u
                                  no u  2 days back

                                  The fact that people die every minute doesn't make my broken ass hurt any less.

                              • Sam Deluxe
                                Sam Deluxe  3 days back

                                Every 60 seconds in Africa, a minute passes

                                • The FUN Police
                                  The FUN Police  3 days back

                                  Maybe we should just destroy twitter clearly it's a retarded site for retards i mean politicians use it point proven

                                  • Anthony Getuba
                                    Anthony Getuba  4 days back

                                    Soo what he has to feel bad because we live in a horrible fucking world? That just doesn't make sense to a rational thinker.

                                    • Mydad Ismydad
                                      Mydad Ismydad  4 days back

                                      More emotional bullshit, you can’t argue his points so you call him an ass. If you don’t even understand the point Neil was trying to make get off YouTube

                                      • no u
                                        no u  2 days back


                                    • Kenny
                                      Kenny  4 days back

                                      This dude came and visited our offices one day and no shit, spent the entire time stuffing his face with cake

                                      • Poop Pants
                                        Poop Pants  5 days back

                                        Take this whole video, invert it, and that's exactly how i feel

                                        • Spooked Ghost
                                          Spooked Ghost  5 days back

                                          "Because that's how we roll as astrophysicists."

                                          • Nolan Mcauliffe
                                            Nolan Mcauliffe  5 days back

                                            Do a moist meter of the democratic candidates, Yang Yang is the best

                                            • Rory Tennes
                                              Rory Tennes  5 days back

                                              Is well now we know why he has a PHD and you do not

                                              • Drake Lang
                                                Drake Lang  14 hours back

                                                Can you even form logical sentences? What an absolute tard

                                              • PootisLord
                                                PootisLord  3 days back

                                                @ChumpCena his comment speaks for itself my guy

                                              • sιlvεя αcε
                                                sιlvεя αcε  5 days back

                                                @ChumpCena Yes, yes he is

                                              • ChumpCena
                                                ChumpCena  5 days back

                                                Are you fucking stupid?

                                            • MrGladBEASTftw
                                              MrGladBEASTftw  6 days back

                                              Most dudes like this are completely self absorbed. Shit look at bill nye

                                              • MrGladBEASTftw
                                                MrGladBEASTftw  6 days back

                                                It’s like when Walter white said how the plane crash was only the 50th worst air craft crashing in history,

                                                Tied for 50th actually

                                                • Drake Lang
                                                  Drake Lang  14 hours back

                                                  I literally thought of the same thing lmao

                                              • Shadow Deslar
                                                Shadow Deslar  6 days back

                                                Degrass or however you spell
                                                Is very intelligent and somewhat wise

                                                He makes good points
                                                Gun shootings make more media attention thus money
                                                Whilst the others don’t even get the morning paper highlight

                                                So it goes as far as money and facts
                                                Witch fuck
                                                How else to you say

                                                • Micha
                                                  Micha  6 days back

                                                  Yeah, he wrecked those grieving families with FACTS and LOGIC.

                                              • Woof Woofer
                                                Woof Woofer  1 weeks back

                                                Shame on Disney for creating Frozen in the first place. Especially the sequel. That shit ruined 2015. It's pure cancer.

                                                • Dr4gon 360
                                                  Dr4gon 360  1 weeks back

                                                  After looking at his Twitter it seems like he just posts scientific statistics and facts. I doesn’t seem like he wants to post his egotistical opinions and douche facts. He probably put this out there without really thinking about it. This just seems like an overreaction to a stupid tweet.

                                                  • no u
                                                    no u  2 days back


                                                • hydroids
                                                  hydroids  1 weeks back

                                                  "People don't think the universe be like it is, but it do."
                                                  -black science man

                                                  • Historical Otaku
                                                    Historical Otaku  1 weeks back

                                                    NDT is right in facts

                                                    But in a sane person's moral code, no he is wrong

                                                    But we cant really do anything about a psycopath barging in, firing machineguns at every soul he sees

                                                    NDT might have tripped too much star dust

                                                    • Historical Otaku
                                                      Historical Otaku  6 days back

                                                      @Micha thats really the best we can do but some psycopaths are the representation of death and mindless destruction

                                                    • Micha
                                                      Micha  6 days back

                                                      We can do plenty, like making that psychopath not a psychopath.

                                                  • Bill D
                                                    Bill D  1 weeks back

                                                    Completely missing the point of what he said? It apparently went way over every degen YouTubers head, so of course its promoted on YT along with the rest of the mediocre garbage content. Oh I know, Neil didn't immediately knee jerk react by telling you what you wanted to hear by saying "guns" were the problem and "wE'rE gUnNa BaN aLl GuNs GuYs, It'S sUrE tO wOrK..."

                                                    • no u
                                                      no u  2 days back

                                                      Tell me this, is the fact that someone has died while I typed this comment so supposed to make my broken ass feel any better? Is it going to convince it to not be broken?

                                                    • Bill D
                                                      Bill D  4 days back

                                                      @Micha please. stop conflating "a FuNdAmEnTaL lAcK oF rEgArD fOr HuMaN lIfE" with what im doing which is simply defending a human right and bringing some very absent perspective to the convo. if any life taken in a mass shooting was instead, aborted, would that make you "feel" a lot better because its not televised or talked about? the sociopaths are the ones mass murdering babies and convicting every gun owner with no trial or crime. ( abortion was the leading cause of death worldwide this year by the way, also the leading cause of gun related deaths in the US is suicide) you're the reason anti-gun minions are incontinent around firearms and completely uninformed about firearm statistics. stop projecting, sociopath.

                                                    • Micha
                                                      Micha  6 days back

                                                      @Bill D"I guess"? You seem to have a fundamental lack of regard for human life. And charlie said literally NOTHING about gun control, but you still want to talk about it, while completely unprovoked. You're the reason people call people who are pro-gun sociopaths.

                                                    • Bill D
                                                      Bill D  1 weeks back

                                                      @C H everyone should i guess, i still respect NDT

                                                    • C H
                                                      C H  1 weeks back

                                                      ​@Bill D I'm pro-gun but he should have shown the dead some respect.

                                                  • ShmegmaBytes
                                                    ShmegmaBytes  1 weeks back

                                                    I'll know to keep my guard up in the future when I hear stuff about him. I mean I like the guy but he does seem very disconnected from everyone

                                                    • Wanted Wario
                                                      Wanted Wario  1 weeks back

                                                      It seems like he might have been making a point about gun control or mass hysteria or something which I can understand, but i personally would've waited a while before bringing up arguments and statistics.

                                                      • Netan1
                                                        Netan1  1 weeks back

                                                        Don’t you mean Jerry?

                                                        I think Rick kicks ass!

                                                        • Imperfectpeace
                                                          Imperfectpeace  1 weeks back

                                                          Can’t say I agree with you on this one champ

                                                          • Drake Lang
                                                            Drake Lang  14 hours back

                                                            Morbidly Bored Dr.Strangelove
                                                            the stupid ass emoji at the end made it worse lmao

                                                          • Micha
                                                            Micha  6 days back

                                                            @Morbidly Bored Dr.Strangelove I agree that "the invalidator" isn't exactly the brightest light, I was more fixated on your quite frankly rude and patronizing response. But you have responded at least, so I guess all is well.

                                                          • Morbidly Bored Dr.Strangelove
                                                            Morbidly Bored Dr.Strangelove  6 days back

                                                            No, agreeing with someone is not asslicking. Going around "invalidating" comments you don't like because your favorite YouTuber feels one way is. You think Charlie likes mindless gimps who obey his every command and frowns down upon you if you dare and think for yourself? If the OP disagreed then that's about it. But here came the invalidator and brought havoc with the bootlicking.
                                                            Since sarcasm isn't your strength I took the time to explain my position as you requested. As for insulting people. I only insult dumbasses.

                                                          • Micha
                                                            Micha  6 days back

                                                            @Morbidly Bored Dr.Strangelove "Agreeing with someone = asslicking" How about you explain your position on the situation instead of insulting people?

                                                          • Morbidly Bored Dr.Strangelove
                                                            Morbidly Bored Dr.Strangelove  1 weeks back

                                                            @Carl frederickson
                                                            Oh, we got the invalidator here. You best agree with his asslicking or you to shall suffer the wrath.

                                                        • Alph Blishtarl
                                                          Alph Blishtarl  1 weeks back

                                                          I don’t think it’s as simple as that. The media likes to sensationalize mass murder and ironically promotes it, as there are people who don’t care if they’re famous for something bad or not. It’s copycat syndrome, or like how suicide stats increased after the release of 13 Reasons Why. While the intention may be different as a lot of deaths are accidents, it doesn’t change that he is bringing to light a lot of other topics that people overlook that cause death. He never said people shouldn’t feel less bad for people who die from mass shootings, but to feel JUST AS BAD for people who die from other things, because no matter what, death is tragic. Tyson isn’t always the best when it comes to handling stuff emotionally and sometimes misses the point, but it’s not so difficult to understand what he means when you look at it a certain way. It’s not wrong to feel outraged over what he said, but to ignore the many deaths caused by other things just because the news doesn’t mention them isn’t a good habit. I don’t think we should act as though it’s less horrible to die from a car accident compared to a mass shooting. You might think it’s too soon, but he likely wanted it to stick in people’s minds that all these things happen to people and nobody should feel more or less grief for the loss of a life just because of how they died.

                                                          • Salty Snake
                                                            Salty Snake  1 weeks back

                                                            That was a pretty sweat snowflake though.

                                                            • Steve Padilla
                                                              Steve Padilla  1 weeks back

                                                              Neil degrasse Tyson is one of the few people that found a way to be in a circle jerk by himself

                                                              • Malachi Roberts
                                                                Malachi Roberts  1 weeks back

                                                                Some seek knowledge not realizing that it can alienate you from humanity

                                                                • Dallin Ferguson
                                                                  Dallin Ferguson  1 weeks back

                                                                  The analogy about comparing one's hardships/happiness to others is brilliant

                                                                  • AJ Jackson
                                                                    AJ Jackson  1 weeks back

                                                                    Everyone is douchebag on twitter

                                                                    • The Kickboxing Community

                                                                      I hate him because he interrupts Joe Rogan all the time

                                                                      • aMetaknight02
                                                                        aMetaknight02  2 weeks back

                                                                        snowflake pretty

                                                                        science man like

                                                                        hobbit poopy

                                                                        • Warden-Sisyphus
                                                                          Warden-Sisyphus  2 weeks back

                                                                          Ehh, probably not evil, seems like he's got some of the 'tism and doesn't understand how insensitive a post like that would be.

                                                                          • Zenyatta Mondatta
                                                                            Zenyatta Mondatta  2 weeks back

                                                                            Neil Degrasse Tyson is very intelligent but is disconnected from humanity.
                                                                            Christopher Hitchens was just as intelligent but valued empathy and humanity.

                                                                            • Zaxkz EstusChugger
                                                                              Zaxkz EstusChugger  2 weeks back

                                                                              There are a lot of reasons that Tyson is a dickhead. Pointing out the fact that mass shootings are deliberately blown out of proportion by the media is not one of them.