3 Women Give Honest Reviews of Popular Sticky Bras | Try On


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  • Cosmopolitan
    Cosmopolitan   3 months back

    We're at your boobs' service: what other types of bras should we try?

  • Sarah Parker
    Sarah Parker  18 minutes back

    most not so honest reviews by paid artists - that should be the title, I have G cups and I don't think any of these could do anything for me. If you are talking about the honest review, get honest people to do it - and don't pay them!

    • Bee B E A U T I F U L
      Bee B E A U T I F U L  16 hours back

      That blonde model is GORGEOUS!! What a pretty pretty face. 😍 but you all are beautiful!

      • Tayla X
        Tayla X  2 days back

        The clips of the rabbit bra from this video is being advertised on YouTube as the Wonda bra. Is that made by the same company??

        • Paula Pazmiño
          Paula Pazmiño  1 months back

          Come on! That's a horrible video, I got really desapointed about the waist of time by watching this garbage products and is obvious that the models are there just for being pay, specifically the blonde one! She is like please kill me!! that's the worst joke of brass in the world!

          • pink rainbow kennelz
            pink rainbow kennelz  1 days back

            This is not a comment to judge but the plus-size girl bra look like it didn't fit that good. One twist or bend down her boob will pop out. it looks very scripted.

          • Shamya Watkins
            Shamya Watkins  1 months back

            Paula Pazmiño right I’m like now you know that if you jump your not gonna look right and it also look like the bra was bout to fall off

        • Taylor Melton
          Taylor Melton  1 months back

          I got the bunny ear sticky bra and it just feels weird and having small boobs and insecure about it- bunny bra doesn't help that. I feel like it makes my boobs even smaller looking.

          • Angelena R.
            Angelena R.  1 months back

            I thought each woman would try on each bra so we see the same bra on each body type. Disappointed that that wasn't the case Also those two bras did NOTHING for the blonde woman,

            • Tori Tellini
              Tori Tellini  1 months back

              Agreed. She totally put them on wrong.

          • Renee DaSinger
            Renee DaSinger  2 months back

            1st model has implants... this is a really disappointing video it's not relatable to the average woman.

            • Renee DaSinger
              Renee DaSinger  2 months back

              the second model has the most ill fitting bra I've ever seen and she's the only one who has big breasts. This didn't sell me on her bra

              • Jackie Twyford
                Jackie Twyford  2 months back

                The plus size woman is beautiful but her voice is so dull.

                • Paula Pazmiño
                  Paula Pazmiño  1 months back

                  I don't think is dull, I think it's completely desapointed of the job its doing right now, trying to sell garbage like the ones they force her to wear, horrible video!

              • Mary Nelson
                Mary Nelson  3 months back

                CRYING because julia is my BEST FRIEND EVER and she’s just casually on cosmo’s youtube 😪

                • michael hernandez
                  michael hernandez  3 months back


                  But people should always have in mind that there's nothing wrong with having nipples(males/females) show.

                  • Theo Saveria
                    Theo Saveria  1 months back

                    michael hernandez that’s not the purpose of these bras

                • Boo Radley
                  Boo Radley  3 months back

                  the boob diversity in the video is not great. the bigger girl doesnt actually even have big boobs. shes a 40dd largely due to band size, but not actual breast volume.

                  • Katelynn Lee
                    Katelynn Lee  2 months back

                    Right. She looks like a B at most.

                • franny pie.
                  franny pie.  3 months back

                  this video legit feels like satire

                  • Loryn Calderas
                    Loryn Calderas  3 months back

                    Why give the Kyrsten the smallest sticky bras???? They looked like they barely fit and didn’t help plus size woman nor women with bigger breasts. Do better!

                    • sateenma1
                      sateenma1  3 months back

                      They are so wrong for that maidenform bra and Nordstrom bra. She is a gorgeous girl give her the right fit. The bunny bra would have been better or at least the right sized sticky bra overall.

                      • すくふり
                        すくふり  3 months back


                        • LaurenH
                          LaurenH  3 months back

                          Where can I find the clothes from this? I’m in love with the third outfit— the white jacket.

                          • Cosmopolitan
                            Cosmopolitan   3 months back

                            We added fashion credits in our description! ^^^ Julia's Blazer is Sakko By Prarena Grover

                        • ingrid lemus
                          ingrid lemus  3 months back

                          Gracias muy bueno el vídeo!!!. Desde Chile con amor!!!

                          • Kirsty Macfarlane
                            Kirsty Macfarlane  3 months back

                            This video was a joke cosmo, shows us solutions for women who have big, and I mean big, boobs. Not a c cup, dd plus please

                            • ••Anna•Edits••
                              ••Anna•Edits••  3 months back

                              Somebody get this girl a new bra 😂😂

                              • rebecca adams
                                rebecca adams  3 months back

                                What about women with bigger chests?

                                • Shiva Mirzahaidar
                                  Shiva Mirzahaidar  3 months back

                                  There's not enough boob and general body type diversity here to accurately test out the bras tbh

                                  • dev0n james
                                    dev0n james  3 months back

                                    why even wear bras?

                                  • je cherche l'or du temps
                                    je cherche l'or du temps  3 months back

                                    I really like the video, though. Now I know those kind of bras are not my cup of tea 😀

                                    • je cherche l'or du temps
                                      je cherche l'or du temps  3 months back

                                      Why would anyone wear it? I mean... No, thank you 😃

                                      • MaritMarzipan
                                        MaritMarzipan  3 months back

                                        All the bra's on the blonde girl look way too small

                                        • Nae West
                                          Nae West  3 months back

                                          Small and loose looking

                                        • Black butterfly
                                          Black butterfly  3 months back

                                          I actually felt embarrassed for her.😬

                                      • Nae West
                                        Nae West  3 months back

                                        I think the first one from Amazon would be a good fit for me

                                        • Kris
                                          Kris  3 months back

                                          Ok I don’t like the 2nd one,it doesn’t hold her boobs really

                                          • Emmalouisefivefive
                                            Emmalouisefivefive  3 months back

                                            The second girl is so gorgeous

                                            • Mamobo Ogoro
                                              Mamobo Ogoro  3 months back

                                              Could you do another video like this for people who are D+, I’m 36 HH and I’m terrified of using these

                                              • Kirsty Macfarlane
                                                Kirsty Macfarlane  3 months back

                                                @Nae West thanks Nae, I'm a 38G (UK) xx

                                              • Nae West
                                                Nae West  3 months back


                                              • Nae West
                                                Nae West  3 months back

                                                A lot of sticky bras wasn't my thing I always do is take but mind you I'm a C cup but my sister is a triple D and she does a technique what tape that I can give you a link for

                                            • Cassie A
                                              Cassie A  3 months back

                                              her bra is hardly on😂

                                              • Chelsea James
                                                Chelsea James  3 months back