UNDISPUTED Audio Podcast (08.05.19) with Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe & Jenny Taft | UNDISPUTED


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  • Gran Marquis
    Gran Marquis  4 months back

    the owners in the NFL should have the upper hand due to the fact they drafted the players in to have an opportunity to be millionaires! WTH is that about?

    • Altitude Magic
      Altitude Magic  4 months back

      Mile High Stadium.
      cleveland fans know.

      • Altitude Magic
        Altitude Magic  4 months back

        haha Lebron is a selfish chump.
        Give me tom bradys mentality over lebums any day.
        How can lebum be mj when he was never greater than tom brady?

        • Altitude Magic
          Altitude Magic  4 months back

          i loved the HOF ceremony.
          Champ was awesome.
          ed was awesome.

          • STJ
            STJ  4 months back

            Skip "I've never seen anything like it" Bayless

            • Kyza Yorke
              Kyza Yorke  4 months back

              Skip lowkey rooting for Kawhi.it aint hard to tell he got mad respect for Kawhis game 😎

              • Jerry Kwerve
                Jerry Kwerve  4 months back

                Can't stop talking about lebron and the cowboys.

                • Harold Wilson
                  Harold Wilson  4 months back

                  Skip Bayless is a bigger cheerleader of TB than TB’s wife. I think Skip has man crush on TB swoosh 😂😂😂

                  • TheMurdoc6982
                    TheMurdoc6982  4 months back

                    She shouldn't even care. She is the richer one and actually has access to people of higher power at a global level. She's a model. If Zoolander taught me anything it's that models have access to world leaders. He can afford to be paid low. He knows that once he retires he will just be an overpaid nanny.

                • whit prather Prather
                  whit prather Prather  4 months back

                  Literally every topic these days is about bron, zeke, dak, Tom Brady or baker mayfield. Can we PLEASE hear about something/someone else

                  • Monty Hibdon
                    Monty Hibdon  4 months back


                  • J B
                    J B  4 months back

                    Theres always your local AM radio sports show you could tune into. Lol

                  • Steven Godwyn
                    Steven Godwyn  4 months back

                    BigDiq LilCletmkk

                  • BigDiq LilClet
                    BigDiq LilClet  4 months back

                    they could talk apples pears and bananas and I'd still listen quit bitchn

                • jmiogo
                  jmiogo  4 months back

                  Tell Skip to stop the damn moaning. Jesus

                  • Tucker Seifert
                    Tucker Seifert  4 months back

                    They call dat a Bayless

                    • Tevin Austin
                      Tevin Austin  4 months back

                      S/o to Laurens SC

                    • Tevin Austin
                      Tevin Austin  4 months back


                      • HeadOnTheSwivel 15
                        HeadOnTheSwivel 15  4 months back

                        First..lol😂(I think)