Film Deep Dive: Steelers vs. Patriots, NFL Week 1 | Chris Simms Unbuttoned | NBC Sports


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  • H B
    H B  4 months back

    I thought Big Ben looked slow and out of shape. He looked like a guy who lost interest in the game. Simms picked the Steelers to win bahahaha lol.

    • Aaron Ross
      Aaron Ross  4 months back

      Chris, tom brady is the 9th best qb in the league, Simms

      • Scott Pile
        Scott Pile  4 months back

        Conner > Bell

        • George Lewis Jr
          George Lewis Jr  4 months back

          Steelers Looked bad but I would give it a few games before you give up!

          • LMAO PAGE
            LMAO PAGE  4 months back

            Dam he's really on their nuts

            • Jonathan Flynn
              Jonathan Flynn  5 months back

              Going to the Super Bowl 4 or 5 times isn't "CRAP!"

              • FBB
                FBB  5 months back

                Cris can't even say Bradys name.

                • Bear Archambault
                  Bear Archambault  4 months back

                  If Rodgers had the same game as Brady, C. Simms would've been creaming his pants.

              • William Crownin
                William Crownin  5 months back

                Chris Simms ha ha ha. What does he know?

                • H B
                  H B  4 months back

                  Hey he knows how to be a crappy QB lol.

              • nate k
                nate k  5 months back

                Would be much better if the full podcast was posted, instead of parts of it. When the videos are posted out of order it makes the conversation hard to listen to.

                • kingjimmyb ofall
                  kingjimmyb ofall  5 months back

                  straight up ginger Rob Parker

                  • John Kinney
                    John Kinney  5 months back

                    Chris Simms' hate for the Patriots is palpable - he was the only one in the pre-game show to pick the Steelers. Here, it looked like it was killing him to acknowledge anything positive about the Pats. 🤣

                    • H B
                      H B  4 months back

                      He couldn't even make it in the Patriots front office let alone his own NFL career lol.

                    • kingjimmyb ofall
                      kingjimmyb ofall  5 months back

                      @corey owens was Toms towel boy nothing more

                    • corey owens
                      corey owens  5 months back

                      What he said they best secondary all summer long plus he worked there

                  • Charles Ferron
                    Charles Ferron  5 months back

                    Imagine saying 2 months ago that Brady and Brees were the 9th and 10th qb in the league.

                    • Robert Snell
                      Robert Snell  4 months back

                      @Poizie Gaming Chris always has a mouth full when he's looking up to Rodgers..

                    • Poizie Gaming
                      Poizie Gaming  4 months back

                      Imagine that same person serenading Aaron Rodgers while giving him googly eyes.

                  • Sports History
                    Sports History  5 months back

                    Ben will retire either before the end of this year or at the end...

                    • H B
                      H B  4 months back

                      He looks so slow and out of shape .

                    • Mitchell Sparks
                      Mitchell Sparks  4 months back

                      Hope So tired of him if it was my choice I would have traded him 2 years ago and got draft picks! Need a leader at the QB spot! he can take Tomlin with him💯❗

                    • Andrew Shamory
                      Andrew Shamory  5 months back

                      Why would he? Lol

                    • M’aiq the Liar
                      M’aiq the Liar  5 months back

                      HunterMosesFitness no he’s not 😂

                  • Papi Bane
                    Papi Bane  5 months back

                    Steelers Deep Dive! Get ride of Mike Tomlin and Keith Butler.

                    • Nicholas Robinson
                      Nicholas Robinson  4 months back

                      This coaching staff isn't key on schematics or analytics. They lack attention to detail.

                    • wolfattack402000
                      wolfattack402000  5 months back

                      This should have been done in the off season.