The Construction of QA1 Carbon Fiber Driveshafts


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  • The 570 Experience
    The 570 Experience  1 months back

    I know a dozen people who broke thier carbon fiber driveshaft....only one piece aluminum for me

    • E c
      E c  2 months back

      Available for honda s2000?

      • QA1
        QA1   2 months back

        Depending on the length and U-Joints your driveshaft needs, we could possibly make a custom one! Please visit

    • Filip laskovski
      Filip laskovski  4 months back

      That must be some hella strong glue holding the end joint to the carbon !!!!!!

      • QA1
        QA1   4 months back

        You know gorilla glue? That stuff is super tough. JUST KIDDING! We actually use an aircraft-grade structural adhesive as part of our proprietary bonding process!

    • millwrightman99
      millwrightman99  6 months back

      can you make custom shafts for industrial applications ? Pump drive shafts ?

      • millwrightman99
        millwrightman99  6 months back

        Since were present using steel and not sure if yours will take the torque of our pumps ( 60HP 1800 max rpm  on vfd ) probably one for a trial and to start if the trial works the total for now would be six to start .

      • QA1
        QA1   6 months back

        Yes, we do make custom driveshafts for industrial applications. How many do you need?

    • BcA - Biciclind cu Axel
      BcA - Biciclind cu Axel  7 months back

      Do you bond the aluminium to CF with structural adhesive ? I need to repair a MTB, aluminium alloy and I don't want to weld it. I want to wrap th defective part in CF .

      • Faidul islam sheikh ফাইদুল ইসলাম শেখ

        Great 👏👏👏👏
        Carry on 💪

        • makaveli200369
          makaveli200369  12 months back

          These guys really put a lot of thought in engineering. That equipment aint cheap! Nice 👍

          • QA1
            QA1   12 months back

            @makaveli200369 We offer both direct-fit and custom driveshafts. Here's a link to our custom driveshaft page, thanks!:

          • makaveli200369
            makaveli200369  12 months back

            @QA1 Are you carbon shafts only made vehicle specific or do you offer custom shaft services?

          • QA1
            QA1   12 months back

            Thanks! We just added a 4-axis winder to our arsenal as well. Looking forward to getting it up and running in order to get more carbon fiber goodness spinning under cars.

        • Twobarpsi
          Twobarpsi  12 months back

          Impressive! Do you make one for a 2010 GT500? Thanks.

          • Twobarpsi
            Twobarpsi  12 months back

            @QA1 Thanks!

          • QA1
            QA1   12 months back

            @Twobarpsi I'll add it to the requested applications list and see if we can get one in for test fitting. Thanks!

          • Twobarpsi
            Twobarpsi  12 months back

            @QA1 the GT uses a way different transmission than the GT500. However, the 07-14 GT500s all use the same transmission, and there are a lot of people who upgrade their driveshafts. Perhaps add to your inventory?

          • QA1
            QA1   12 months back

            Thanks! We do make them for 2010 GT's, but haven't confirmed fitment on the GT500's. If you have specs & measurements, you could call in and we could see about making one for you. We're available at 952-985-5675, thanks!

        • Patrick R
          Patrick R  1 years back

          Do you make half shafts for transaxles..?

          • QA1
            QA1   1 years back

            Sorry, we don't. Thanks for your interest though. What kind of vehicle are you looking for?

        • BcA - Biciclind cu Axel

          I am electrical engineer .I want to repair my aluminium alloy Enduro bike frame, and I want it to bandage the cracked portion in layers of carbon fiber. But I found that the main problem is that the aluminium will corode even faster under the layer of the carbon fiber and basicly will be a failure. Anyone here has any sugestion how to unite the 2 meterials in the best way ? I forgot, that portion has zero flexibility, is the head of the real fork, a 2 cm bar of solit aluminium alloy 7000, so the stifness of the carbon fiber I don't think will be a problem. Any tip will give you 3 karma points ! TYVM :))

          • BcA - Biciclind cu Axel
            BcA - Biciclind cu Axel  1 years back

            Ty ! So there is a solution :) I was thincking to take some samples of 7075, anodize them to prevent corosion and then bandage them in carbon fiber, form like an exo skeleton to cover the area . Then test all pieces for stress ''in the house'' :) I am sure there is a better (easier) solution to repair that 7075 alloy then the standard welding wich I found everywhere '' Posible but not recomended''.

          • QA1
            QA1   1 years back

            Wish we could help, but our bonding procedure is proprietary. I can tell you that we use a structural adhesive similar to what they use for aircraft. Hope that helps, thanks!

        • Teddy Foster
          Teddy Foster  1 years back

          Dont believe the BS comments below. I have a QA1 on my 750 rwhp Hellcat and its working fine. Quality product, no vibration and can handle 700 ft lbs of torque on drag radials at the drag strip with good prep. The one I have is rated to 1500 HP and 1000 ft lbs of torque.

          • Harshad Korochikar
            Harshad Korochikar  1 years back

            Can u provide us a small quantity and a customised drive shafts

            • William Dye
              William Dye  1 years back

              I briefly worked at a filament winding shop, back in the '80s. It's interesting that the basic principles haven't changed much, even though the technology has greatly improved.

              • abhiisheksingh
                abhiisheksingh  1 years back

                try carbon drive shafts with polyurea.

                • Francesco
                  Francesco  1 years back

                  I’m pretty sure these are supposed to be much lighter than steel driveshafts and are around 4 times stronger

                  • Dennis Karnes
                    Dennis Karnes  1 years back

                    I watched two of these things get destroyed at ATCO in New Jersey on my friends Z28, the notion that anything other than steel can withstand the enormous forces of a 500+ HP motor is to deny reality, these driveshafts are NOT for high HP applications. If you want to save weight, the driveshaft isn't one of the places to consider, it's the same reason buildings aren't made out of plastic.

                    • CanadaBud23
                      CanadaBud23  1 years back

                      The rear end setup on his car is probably totally out of whack. It'll probably eat any driveshaft he puts in there.

                    • Jeff Brown
                      Jeff Brown  1 years back

                      we put true 1000hp to them all the time.. with out fail. 500hp that's cute...

                  • felix crab
                    felix crab  1 years back

                    Would be insterested in one of these for a 105 alfa

                    • Lalo Malo
                      Lalo Malo  1 years back

                      aluminium is cheaper

                      • Neiman Levenson
                        Neiman Levenson  1 years back

                        in the bmw world, almost all of us 135i guys with upgraded single turbos want to put the power down better. The most desired thing is to swap of the rear diff from the e92 m3, but it requires stock driveshaft to be cut to a custom length or a new custom driveshaft. What is a rough estimate / ballpark price for one of these? If you could make one at the right length for the m3 diff swap on a 135i, im sure you could sell it to TONS of 135i guys and maybe even stock it on the shelf as we all want the m3 diff upgrade :)

                        • Neiman Levenson
                          Neiman Levenson  1 years back

                          thats the most ignorant thing Ive heard all day, and its been a long one so far.

                        • Neiman Levenson
                          Neiman Levenson  1 years back


                        • QA1
                          QA1   1 years back

                          Thanks for thinking of us. We don't currently have the ability to help you out, but we're always trying to help more people get their cars to run the way they want. I've passed your comments on to the engineers, so maybe we'll be able to help you out sometime in the future.

                      • king0cans
                        king0cans  1 years back

                        Id love to have one for my car. That would be sweet.

                        • Tdl Australia
                          Tdl Australia  1 years back

                          Very nice

                          • FatherBootyHands
                            FatherBootyHands  1 years back

                            wtf i live in burnsville i didnt know about these guys

                            • QA1
                              QA1   1 years back

                              You should come down and join us for our open house next month! Get a tour, eat some donuts, show off your car, it'll be great!

                          • Notorious P
                            Notorious P  1 years back

                            Can you make a driveshaft for an 05 S60R???

                            • QA1
                              QA1   1 years back

                              There's a lot of info we'd need from you to figure out of we can get you what you need. If you give our tech line a call at 952-985-5675 they can ask you all the info they need and determine if we can get one made for you. Thanks Aaron!

                          • KAILASH NARAYAN SINGH
                            KAILASH NARAYAN SINGH  1 years back

                            nice application of mind.

                            • Frederick Davis
                              Frederick Davis  1 years back

                              how much

                              • QA1
                                QA1   1 years back

                                Hey Frederick, our driveshafts start at $1,095. Thanks for checking out the video!

                            • Pigeon
                              Pigeon  2 years back

                              I dont really trust it. Look how thin it is....

                              • QA1
                                QA1   1 years back

                                It's really amazing how strong it can be while still being so thin.

                            • St0RM33
                              St0RM33  2 years back

                              You don't use a vacuum chamber? that's bad

                              • Phill Dunn
                                Phill Dunn  9 months back

                                @Alexander Solis you can't make a sweeping generalisation like that without knowing what the spec of that shaft is.

                                I worked for a company that made competing product to this in the UK and we would often wind at +/- 8 degrees for certain layers.

                                Completely depends upon spec and other things like natural harmonic frequency etc.

                              • Alexander Solis
                                Alexander Solis  10 months back

                                Its not a matter of air bubbles its a matter of too much resin. Apparently they know nothing of fiber to resin ratio. Also the fiber is not wound at the proper angle. You want +/- 45 degree winding angles to maximize torque resistance. You can clearly see in the video that one of the drives shafts starts off with an angle at about give or take 70-75 degrees. Which is really meant for compression, not torque.

                              • CanadaBud23
                                CanadaBud23  1 years back

                                I did, everyone promotes these things including major facets like hotrod and streetmuscle. One failure I've looked up and it was a hellcat. He was glad his vehicle didn't pole vault down the track with a regular driveshaft. Which I've seen many times.

                                Like I said, they lay fiber with strands not sheets of carbon and it's spinning with high rpm. You don't need a vacuum chamber, there is no bubbles to begin with.

                              • St0RM33
                                St0RM33  1 years back

                                do you understand any kind of bubbles inside the resin reduce the strength of the composite dramatically? Also search for qa1 failure these driveshafts are shit.

                              • CanadaBud23
                                CanadaBud23  1 years back

                                Its wound wet. WTF you need a vacuum chamber for? It's not cloth forming to a mold.

                            • greg0332805
                              greg0332805  2 years back

                              I'm sold. I'm get the box

                              • ADEBISI ADEBISI
                                ADEBISI ADEBISI  2 years back

                                QA1 is garbage for the price. There’s better out there.

                                • kellerrobert80
                                  kellerrobert80  1 years back

                                  You're unemployed sitting in your mother's basement eating Cheetos, aren't you?  Wanna know how I know you didn't pay attention in school?

                              • Dylan Wall
                                Dylan Wall  2 years back

                                I Like all the safety yellow on your equipment guards

                                • Leonel Ramirez
                                  Leonel Ramirez  2 years back

                                  Garage fucking shaft

                                  • Carl'sOutdoorAdventures

                                    The box is multipurpose 😂

                                    • Colton Warren
                                      Colton Warren  2 years back

                                      I think James need a raise to finish his project car

                                      • LSX_ moe
                                        LSX_ moe  2 years back

                                        Qa1 doesn't raise the bar

                                        They are the bar

                                        • Zcypot
                                          Zcypot  2 years back

                                          next on my list

                                          • Matt Moschkau
                                            Matt Moschkau  2 years back

                                            If only you made one with a much higher rating. My show truck(semi) hits 2250 torque at the flywheel, but carbon driveshafts would look unique.

                                            • Colton Tweed
                                              Colton Tweed  2 years back

                                              5:34 "our box is multifunctional, it functions as a box, and uh... A box"

                                              • TheSuaveBOSS
                                                TheSuaveBOSS  7 months back

                                                lmao my thoughts exactly

                                              • jooch123
                                                jooch123  8 months back

                                                Jep, i definitely want that box.

                                            • SuperMechguy
                                              SuperMechguy  2 years back


                                              • Andrew Villaneda
                                                Andrew Villaneda  2 years back

                                                Looks resin rich

                                                • Phill Dunn
                                                  Phill Dunn  9 months back

                                                  Their mixing process wasn't particularly great however, but not the worst I've seen and fairly standard for this process.

                                                • Phill Dunn
                                                  Phill Dunn  9 months back

                                                  Wet winding always looks resin rich. Hence, you use of good tension control, surface speed control and resin temp control to get a consistent product.

                                                • Alexander Solis
                                                  Alexander Solis  10 months back

                                                  Andrew Villaneda indeed, which makes them weaker.

                                              • Alexis Hernandez
                                                Alexis Hernandez  2 years back

                                                Not good for drag cars.... road cars yes.

                                                • QA1
                                                  QA1   2 years back

                                                  Thanks, Alexis. Actually, there are many drag cars running carbon fiber shafts with great success. Besides being lighter weight and safer, they also absorb some of the initial tire hit for better traction off the line and ease the stress on other driveline components. Hope you enjoyed the video!

                                              • Jarred Miller
                                                Jarred Miller  2 years back

                                                I like this guy, he looks honest

                                                • Alexander Solis
                                                  Alexander Solis  10 months back

                                                  Then ask him why something that needs resistance to torque is wound at the wrong angle in the video?

                                                • fitnesspoint2006
                                                  fitnesspoint2006  1 years back

                                                  Jarred Miller you sound gullible. The best con artists look honest.

                                              • Unknown
                                                Unknown  2 years back

                                                dude.. how much costs this shit

                                                • QA1
                                                  QA1   2 years back

                                                  Thanks for your interest. Our street performance applications start around $1095 list. Thanks!

                                              • bad4health
                                                bad4health  2 years back

                                                u guys have to see the irony in the next video on auto play is the truck breaking this exact driveshaft that is so well spoken of lol

                                                • Shawn Huetter
                                                  Shawn Huetter  1 years back

                                                  He doesn't realize YouTube uses an algorithm to show you relative videos that you might like based on your past views. That's part of the "BigData" people talk about. My next video is "Inside MIT's Nuclear Reactor."

                                                • ffhgu 07
                                                  ffhgu 07  2 years back

                                                  Yeah that thing had like nearly 3k hp

                                                • ADEBISI ADEBISI
                                                  ADEBISI ADEBISI  2 years back

                                                  Product is trash.

                                                • OkammakO
                                                  OkammakO  2 years back

                                                  Drag vehicles are constantly breaking parts. Pro teams do a full teardown and rebuild of the entire engine and drivetrain between every. single. run. And they still break parts, constantly. It's just part of the fun, pushing everything to the absolute limit.

                                                  That said, you're definitely right that it's a bit ironic. It's also hysterical how the truck kind of just poops the drive shaft out like a little truck turd.

                                                • Bryan R
                                                  Bryan R  2 years back

                                                  Lol, but its a 2700hp truck, gotta give them some credit.

                                              • Herp Derp
                                                Herp Derp  2 years back

                                                Where can i have one made for my car.

                                                • QA1
                                                  QA1   2 years back

                                                  We make custom shafts here at our facility in Lakeville, MN. Here's a link with more info on how to order a custom shaft:

                                              • James Key
                                                James Key  2 years back

                                                mom and pops bs

                                                • Alan Lapp
                                                  Alan Lapp  2 years back

                                                  Could QA1 produce tapered composite tubes? What is the longest tube you can produce? I'm wondering about components for oars for competitive rowing.

                                                  • QA1
                                                    QA1   2 years back

                                                    Hi Alan, we can produce tapered tubes. Please contact us and ask to speak to our Industrial sales manager, Mike McVeigh, and he can advise further on your project. 952-985-5675 or [email protected] Thanks!

                                                • Jeffrey Weston
                                                  Jeffrey Weston  2 years back

                                                  Price list?

                                                  • QA1
                                                    QA1   2 years back

                                                    Hi Jeffery, all our list prices are available on our website here: Thanks!

                                                • Mr. Saephan
                                                  Mr. Saephan  2 years back

                                                  They try to even sell you on there box by saying what most box of that shape does as if there box is way better the other boys lol

                                                  • Professor D
                                                    Professor D  1 years back

                                                    haha, I thought I was the only one thinking this. The whole video is absurd. Acting like basic facts are high tech secrets.

                                                  • MarjanTalevski
                                                    MarjanTalevski  1 years back

                                                    The box is very important with sensitive things as this, there is a separate branch called packaging engineering where you design boxes and foam protection to effectively and safely transfer sensitive items. A badly designed box can cause resonance during transport and destroy the parts inside, so yeah - it is probably better than other boxes would be for this specific product.

                                                  • Zlothra
                                                    Zlothra  1 years back

                                                    I think I may have translated this...

                                                    They even try to sell you on their box, by saying what most boxes can do. As if their box is better than other boxes lol.

                                                  • Andrew Rabbitt
                                                    Andrew Rabbitt  1 years back

                                                    In the end it's all in the box.

                                                  • exitusgx
                                                    exitusgx  1 years back