JFK Assassination: The Truth Told by Secret Service Agent Clint Hill


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  • Watchdog
    Watchdog  39 minutes back

    I love your channel. But not this. I did find it cute that you put "truth" in the title of the video though. Mr. Hill did the most of any SS Agent. I respect him for that. But, he of course backs the official story while sticking to statements he has made that contradicts the official story. Why? Like most backers of the official story, patriotism plays the key role. He was asked at a speeking engagement, "You say you saw a big hole in the back of JFK'S head. The Warren Commission says there wasn't a big hole in the back of his head ". His response? "I know what I saw.". He also said a large portion of JFK'S brain was missing(so did numerous other witnesses.)The problem with that? When they weighed JFK's brain it supposedly weighed more than the average humans brain and was almost completely intact. This completely contradicts numerous eyewitness testimony. Including a Nurse Nancy Bowen who stood at the Presidents head for an extended period of time looking straight at/into it and said a section of the back of his head was gone. The bigger the wound in the back of his head, the more likely it was an exit wound meaning he was shot from the front. If you want to believe Oswald shot JFK then have at it. If he did it wasn't alone. Govenor Connelly who was the other victim repeatedly said without a single doubt that they were NOT shot by the same bullet. So did his Wife who was beside him. So did other members of the motorcade. Dave Powers, who was an aide to JFK and was in the motorcade said the Assassination was an "ambush". That would involve more than one gunman(obviously). Darrell Tomlinson, the man who found CE 399/the almost pristine magic bullet in evidence, when shown the bullet said it was NOT the bullet he found. The bullet he found had a pointed tip. I won't even get into the Zapruder film. Just watch it. If you take the time to weed the truly ridiculous conspiracy theories out and focus only on the "evidence" you will watch the "evidence" crumble once you look deeper into the chain of possession and other aspects of it.

    • Manuel Nunes
      Manuel Nunes  52 minutes back

      The zepruder film they have been showing us for 50yrs. has frames removed too make it look like one shot. Proof witness say the limo came to a complete stop, but in the film the limo never stops.

      • Nec Big Dog Ozzi
        Nec Big Dog Ozzi  4 hours back

        I think Oswald was just a patsy, I don't think Oswald ever fired a shot! He knew about the assassination. Oswald simply placed the rifle in the school book depository then they put a guy up there dressed like oswald. And the 2nd shooter was at the fence area. They most likely told oswald some bull crap like he's on his way to becoming a hi level spie. Oswald was a wanna be spie and a life long looser. Of course Clint will stick up for his thoughts he's suckered in like many people. I used to be marksman and I'll tell you if I was attempting to kill someone from 300 yards that's a moving target and a hi level target I would use a hi power scope with a flat shooting hi power round certainly not a $24 rifle got thru a sears catalog. Good noise maker for the diversion.

        • Joseph Thomas
          Joseph Thomas  4 hours back

          John Kennedy.The last president America had.Others are all Zionist poodles. Together they destroyed America

          • the GLOSSA channel
            the GLOSSA channel  8 hours back

            Normally, secret service agents accompany the President with his car. The vehicle even has stand-on platforms for the agents to balance their feet on. If you study the footage, you will see that the agents are called *_away_* from the President's car as it starts to drive off. Watch the documentary "From JFK to 9-11 - Everything is a Rich Man's Trick" - that will shed some light on what you're all looking for!

            • ScubaTiger
              ScubaTiger  9 hours back

              I am 60 years old. I really have no memory of JFK being president. The first person I have a memory of being president was LBJ.
              What I do remember was being in the neighbors house across the street. Most all the ladies from the block were there, in front of the TV crying their eyes out.
              I can only assume this was during the news of the assignation or the funeral of JFK.

              • AaronExtra
                AaronExtra  12 hours back

                Joe kennedy was bootlegging, made a deal with the mafia, didnt keep his side of the deal, then Bobby starts talking to the press about how bad the mafia is.. and then john f kennedy is shot... oswald had his own weird reasons to fufill the job, but he was hired by the mafia and thats why Jack Ruby went and shot him during the trial; to shut him up. Ruby was a known mob associate...

                • bob haas
                  bob haas  14 hours back

                  the mafia CIA DID IT

                  • majorgeeek
                    majorgeeek  18 hours back

                    good old Clint is lying for the deep state

                    • Pink Question
                      Pink Question  24 hours back

                      At least Nixon wouldn’t visit a pizza restaurant

                      • William Inbody
                        William Inbody  1 days back

                        Kennedy started Vietnam war....very concerning a SS agent talked as if he was a democrat operative.

                        • JR L
                          JR L  1 days back

                          Hit in the back of the head - No, he wasn't. This fucker is still lying all these years later.

                          • Kimberly Pollock
                            Kimberly Pollock  2 days back

                            Agent Hill, JFK was channeled recently by 'Tarot by Janine' and it was mentioned that you are not responsible and there isn't anything that you could have done to stop this. He's in peace and we wish the same for you. Thank you for your service.

                            • titusho2
                              titusho2  2 days back

                              What did he do that is so great? Did he stopped the bullet?..sadly 😭

                              • kevin payne
                                kevin payne  2 days back

                                Hi I live in a western country, not America, I totally
                                believe the C.I.A murdered President J.F.K, however the greatest secret which
                                even wiki - leaks and Edward Snowden, haven't told people, which is also
                                Satan's greatest secret, the C.I.A and F.B.I have been using hypnotists  who 
                                hypnotise  people  without 
                                their  knowledge, at  least  since  the 
                                1960’s  (i believe these people
                                may be the sorcerers mentioned in the christian bible) hypnotism is witchcraft
                                and God told me hypnotism has many names, that is why it is a little hard to
                                get rid of, and God also told me, that there is a suggestive spirit behind it.
                                The C.I.A and the F.B.I has trained all intelligence agencies in Western
                                countries, at least since the 1960's, to hypnotise certain people without their
                                knowledge, to control , play dirty tricks and have the hypnotised person play
                                dirty tricks on someone. They are also hypnotised and used as police informers,
                                and they may hypnotise a bank, or other robber, to show them where the money or
                                gold or similar is hidden, they may also hypnotise a person who has murdered
                                someone, to show them where the body or bodies are hidden. God showed me this
                                is all a total trick of Satan the Devil, because on that very day they did
                                that, hundreds  of  millions 
                                of  people  around 
                                the  world  sinned. 
                                And  a few thousand woman around
                                the world had an abortion, and God has shown people that if these woman have
                                not repented of those abortions by the time they die, they will be judged and
                                sent to Hell if they do not. Basically all 
                                men  are  sinners, 
                                so  why  aren’t 
                                police  hypnotists  questioning 
                                many  more  people 
                                under  hypnosis. And  God 
                                clearly  showed  me 
                                that  President  George.W.Bush,  Dick 
                                Cheney,  Donald  Rumsfeld, 
                                C.I.A  Directors  George 
                                Tenet,  John  Brennan, 
                                and  N.S.A  director 
                                Michael  Hayden  were 
                                not  hypnotised  without 
                                their  knowledge  and 
                                did  not  have 
                                years  of  dirty 
                                tricks,  chronic  sleep 
                                deprivation  and  given 
                                heart  attacks,  to 
                                get  the  full 
                                truth  out  of 
                                them,  about  the  11th  September 
                                2001  twin  towers 
                                demolitions.        God seemed to show me that the man who killed
                                Lee Harvey Oswald, whose name was Jack Ruby, who was a night club owner, with
                                associations with the mafia, was actually hypnotised without his knowledge by the
                                F.B.I and used as a informer, because the C.I.A and F.B.I hated both him and
                                Lee Harvey Oswald, the C.I.A set Lee Harvey Oswald as the murderer of President
                                J. F. Kennedy, when in fact he had nothing to do with it. The C.I.A hypnotist
                                then had Jack Ruby shoot and kill Lee Harvey Oswald, and so the F.B.I and C.I.A
                                hypnotists destroyed these two men’s lives. After being up against the police
                                dirty trick department in my country, these 
                                police  dirty  tricks 
                                can  go  on 
                                for  at  least 15 years , this  involves  being constantly woken, suddenly out of a deep
                                sleep, and given chronic sleep deprivation, given a heart attack in 1993 and
                                another attempted one, when lying down my chest suddenly went up and my heart
                                suddenly start to beat at about 90 - 100 beats a minute, which was totally
                                against the laws of nature. It was as though I was given a shock from a defibrillator
                                although I never saw anything., and other dirty tricks such as sabotage, and
                                moving or removing personal items, which is all witchcraft, and this was very
                                destructive to myself and other people. One day God clearly told me that
                                "I was up against the most deceitful men ever assembled in my country, men
                                whose hearts were blackened by deceit. ( God said the name of my country). Just
                                one small piece of evidence that the secret service and intelligence was
                                involved in the assassination , of President Kennedy, was the testimony of
                                Colonel Fletcher Prouty who was a intelligence officer when this assassination
                                happened , he was sent to work in Antarctica, basically to get him out of the
                                way. When he heard about the assassination, he saw pictures of open windows,
                                high up in buildings in Dallas, he said the secret service, F.B.I  etc.  purposely left the window open in at least one
                                 high rise building, because  the 
                                secret  service  make 
                                sure  all  windows 
                                were  shut,  and 
                                they  would  notice 
                                straight  away  if 
                                a  window  was 
                                open. This  intelligence  officer 
                                was  Colonel  Fletcher 
                                Prouty,  who  incidentally,   was  murdered  a 
                                few  months  before 
                                the  twin  towers 
                                were  demolished  in 
                                New  York  on  11th  September 
                                2001,  to  keep 
                                him  from  talking. 
                                In  fact  the 
                                American  public  would 
                                be  shocked  at  the  number 
                                of  Americans  who 
                                have  been  assassinated 
                                since  the  1950:s.,  by 
                                C.I.A  and  F.B.I 
                                hItmen,  who  contract 
                                out  murders  to  ex  Green 
                                Beret’s,  low  life 
                                person’s  associated  with  
                                gangs  and  permanent 
                                low  life  hitmen, 
                                who  literally  work 
                                for  a  sub - 
                                department  of  the 
                                C.I.A.  They  have 
                                also  got  wicked 
                                scientists  working  for 
                                them,  who  give  some  people 
                                heart  attacks,  and 
                                fatal  diseases.

                                • Bobby Knuckles
                                  Bobby Knuckles  2 days back

                                  Everybody who attended that day and had a camcorder or some sort of camera, mind you it's 1963 and they were really expensive, they were confiscated. All film was taken by secret service agents.

                                  • Bad Man Skill
                                    Bad Man Skill  2 days back

                                    CIA killed JFK. For a number of reasons. It's that simple.

                                    • Bill Preston
                                      Bill Preston  3 hours back

                                      John Lear, Colonel Gadaffi and Michael Collins Piper all said that Israel, namely David Ben Gurion ordered the hit on JFK, because he wanted to stop Israel having nuclear power. I didn't believe it at first, because I believed that the CIA killed him. I now do believe it. I also believe that the driver was one of the shooters. Watch JFK Assassin Unmasked

                                    • Joseph Thomas
                                      Joseph Thomas  5 hours back

                                      May be CIA may be, I don't know. But who ever did it it was for Zionists

                                  • Bradley Harwood
                                    Bradley Harwood  2 days back

                                    All the victims are lonely tonight. Falsified medical records. Tell me something ; Why do you'll falsely accuse me of being a Muslim? Who was you'lls Muslim president who came to power in 2008/9 and ate you'lls country out and almost destroyed Christianity?

                                    • William Kiene
                                      William Kiene  2 days back

                                      Two good men................patriotic Americans........thanks to both for their contributions to mankind.
                                      After World War II America was loved around the globe for saving millions.

                                      • Dane Ellis
                                        Dane Ellis  2 days back

                                        27:54 watch the driver closely, he pulls an air powered pistol and aims over his right shoulder and shoots Kennedy. He was not hit from behind as you can see his head jerks backwards and brain matter is expelled on the back of the car. Jackie was actually trying to get away when she realized... And who would she tell later when the hit came from the top? Look up Bill Cooper JFK assassination. CIA hit

                                        • Dude
                                          Dude  2 days back

                                          So why has YouTube decided to put Wikipedia's version of the world under stories such as these? For example, any posting that questions or exposes the climate alarmist hoax has Wikipedia's version of climate change posted which is in support of the lie.

                                          • captmack007
                                            captmack007  3 days back

                                            3:45 I'm out. Music is stuuuuuupid

                                            • Alpha Lyre
                                              Alpha Lyre  3 days back

                                              This guy is a great interviewer. He lets the subject tell the story...great job man

                                              • Tyler edens
                                                Tyler edens  3 days back

                                                What about the lady dressed in a robe that simply walked away after the shot was fired. And how the CIA already knew about the shooter

                                                • lawl lawlsen
                                                  lawl lawlsen  2 days back

                                                  Jesus christ... Use your brain when you read stuff online

                                              • Scarecrow music5
                                                Scarecrow music5  3 days back

                                                Jeffrey Epstein wasn’t murdered ? Please.

                                                • The Following
                                                  The Following  3 days back

                                                  one of the great interviewers . Always asks interesting questions .

                                                  • Andy Burk
                                                    Andy Burk  3 days back

                                                    Is the umbrella man mentioned or shown here ? maybe i missed it...

                                                    • Jim Rafferty
                                                      Jim Rafferty  3 days back

                                                      Strange they circle that window at 26:51

                                                      • Bobby Featherstone
                                                        Bobby Featherstone  3 days back

                                                        The picture at 0:33 is from a re-enactment. Clearly there was never a camera present in this location during the actual event. Not that it matters...just sayin'...

                                                        • dave thompson
                                                          dave thompson  4 days back

                                                          Watch "Scared of the moon - Michael jackson" on YouTube https://youtu.be/OLNR8p23vLc

                                                          Bilderberg Meeting Participant Lists 1954-2019 via @publicintel https://publicintelligence.net/bilderberg/ [email protected] Mark E Davidson FBI.gov 1-202-456-11111+313-234-5656, hsgac.senate.gov

                                                          • Jackie Johnson
                                                            Jackie Johnson  4 days back

                                                            In this interview Clint lies about where the exit wound was. He told the truth numerous times over the preceding fifty years. This accurate account would have been taken in early 1964.
                                                            Mr. SPECTER. What did you observe as to President Kennedy's condition on arrival at the hospital?
                                                            Mr. HILL. The right rear portion of his head was missing. It was lying in the rear seat of the car. His brain was exposed. There was blood and bits of brain all over the entire rear portion of the car. Mrs. Kennedy was completely covered with blood. There was so much blood you could not tell if there had been any other wound or not, except for the one large gaping wound in the right rear portion of the head.

                                                            • Solomon Moriarty
                                                              Solomon Moriarty  4 days back

                                                              Keep the background music...

                                                              • Michael Wilson
                                                                Michael Wilson  4 days back

                                                                Undoubtedly shot from the front.


                                                                • Kat Ben Avidez
                                                                  Kat Ben Avidez  4 days back

                                                                  Sir, you didn't fail the President, the government did! One doesn't expect to be attacked from within. However, we will fail our beloved lost President if we continue to allow the same corruption which murdered him.

                                                                  • Micky Browne
                                                                    Micky Browne  4 days back

                                                                    Why do these special agents end up looking like Henry Kissinger?

                                                                    • dave Hyde
                                                                      dave Hyde  4 days back

                                                                      I for one am glad that Clint Hill is getting his storey out there, through all his personal troubles he is living history to an enigma. Best wishes to him, and great relaxed interview a man of courage and dignity

                                                                      • rayism 24b
                                                                        rayism 24b  2 days back

                                                                        I"m a storm drain believer. 100%

                                                                    • UberLummox
                                                                      UberLummox  4 days back

                                                                      Totally KNEW he was gonna say Nixon as the least congenial. No shocker there.

                                                                      • Admin Fenzexpo
                                                                        Admin Fenzexpo  4 days back

                                                                        Why was the car still moving after the shots, the whole thing is suspect! He was murdered by the Freemasons!! They are trying to get rid of Trump right now with a congressional coup! I am so tired of the devils getting away with their corruption it has to stop!!!

                                                                        • Jim Rafferty
                                                                          Jim Rafferty  3 days back

                                                                          snore....sleeping pills......sleep......snore

                                                                      • Trump 2020
                                                                        Trump 2020  5 days back

                                                                        After President Trump goes through his 8 year tenure. I will never listen to another video, if I have to listen to commercials. I always knew?, Energy is free! Our tax dollars paid for the technology! We the tax payers, paid for that technology! Whom the Phuck!, are a bunch of political criminals, to decide, they own our paid for technology!? Then they tax us! Phuck them! Gods children, have God given rights! President Trump has giving the power, back to the people! As of far as Trump via vtvbe, just added three thugs to the list of presidents! As far as "We the people are concerned," theres only one man, that deserves that title! President Donald J Trump! Period!

                                                                        • Norman Seagull
                                                                          Norman Seagull  5 days back

                                                                          Why didn’t Jackie hide in the car well instead of exposing herself when climbing over the car?

                                                                          • Tim McInnes
                                                                            Tim McInnes  2 days back

                                                                            She was retrieving JFK's right ear and a large piece of his brain that was lying on the trunk of the limo.

                                                                          • captmack007
                                                                            captmack007  3 days back

                                                                            For love

                                                                          • Julia Davy
                                                                            Julia Davy  4 days back

                                                                            Norman Seagull she tried to pick up Kennedy’s brain off the back of the car, she thought the doctors would need it to save him

                                                                        • thelaurels13
                                                                          thelaurels13  5 days back

                                                                          Fascinating interview. Really enjoyed that. Clint is a remarkable man. Wish him well.

                                                                          • Andy Patterson
                                                                            Andy Patterson  5 days back

                                                                            The cmments by so many here are so right, Mr. Hill, wht is your real name?

                                                                            • Mr. Wilson
                                                                              Mr. Wilson  5 days back

                                                                              His story doesn't match what the video shows. We can clearly see that the Pres. was shot from the FRONT. Even with this old film. Just look.......

                                                                              • Linley Gresham
                                                                                Linley Gresham  6 days back

                                                                                willam cooper told the truth

                                                                                • Linley Gresham
                                                                                  Linley Gresham  6 days back


                                                                                  • Walt Schmidt
                                                                                    Walt Schmidt  6 days back

                                                                                    The truth has been kept from the American people since the day of Kennedy's murder. The CIA, military, VP Johnson and FBI director were ALL involved in this despicable act. America was destroyed because of it, and rightfully so.

                                                                                    • Roman Hamilton
                                                                                      Roman Hamilton  3 days back

                                                                                      And these monsters are taking rest of the world down with us too. However, in the end these monsters will have their day in an eternal hell.

                                                                                  • Rutan Balikpapan
                                                                                    Rutan Balikpapan  6 days back

                                                                                    JFK died the year I was born 1963 we shared the same birthday 29th of May

                                                                                    • 027492 j
                                                                                      027492 j  7 days back

                                                                                      this valuetainment guy is PROPAGANDA, this is such BS. The govt did 9/11 and JFK