Apple Ditches Butterfly Keyboard Switch - WAN Show July 5, 2019 - FIXED

  • Published: 06 July 2019
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    Timestamps: (Courtesy of mars myk)

    0:00 technical difficulties (not live O.o)
    2:28 apple ditches butterfly keyboard
    5:30 technical difficulties vol. 2
    8:12 ransomware hits another florida town
    14:00 vodafone uk 5g (seven cities)
    16:10 Disneys ariel controversy
    20:40 Disney live action movies vs video game movies
    27:54 Sponsors
    32:10 trump lifts some huawei restrictions
    33:25 nvidia super rtx and amds response
    38:10 amazon accountable for 3rd party sellers faulty products
    40:02 new amazon basic product
    40:40 LTX update
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  • Andrew Lewis
    Andrew Lewis  3 months back

    I'm with David, hercules rules.

    • DbingoGamer
      DbingoGamer  4 months back


      0:00 technical difficulties (not live O.o)
      2:28 apple ditches butterfly keyboard
      5:30 technical difficulties vol. 2
      8:12 ransomware hits another florida town
      14:00 vodafone uk 5g (seven cities)
      16:10 Disneys ariel controversy
      20:40 Disney live action movies vs video game movies
      27:54 Sponsors
      32:10 trump lifts some huawei restrictions
      33:25 nvidia super rtx and amds response
      38:10 amazon accountable for 3rd party sellers faulty products
      40:02 new amazon basic product
      40:40 LTX update

      • Mikkel Breiler
        Mikkel Breiler  4 months back

        Harry Potter musical - dark skinned Hermione Granger. Movies - light skinned Emma Watson. Books - author never wrote anything telling.

        • brickson98
          brickson98  4 months back

          I actually have no problems with my 2018 MBP keyboard. I enjoy typing on it. Although I do find myself making a couple more typing errors on it. Not enough to be problematic though.

          • tsartomato
            tsartomato  4 months back

            >>not everyone deserves that

            very true товарищ
            everyone deserves a gulag on the other hand

            • TruthNerds
              TruthNerds  5 months back

              "First, a word from our sponsors: Ransomware. Ransomware is easy to deploy and so, so lucrative. Captivate the world with ransomware. For more details, click the links in the video description below."

              • Jo Veteran
                Jo Veteran  5 months back

                17:32 It's not just white people though. That's the propaganda you both ingested so easily. People in general are getting mad because heroes are changing skin, race, and even character.
                I didn't like how they replaced Dr Strange's mentor in the movie, with a white, female, bald lady. And I'm white! But the origina character is an old, Asian looking guy.
                How would you like it to change Uncle Tom, to a white Aryan looking guy, that identifies as female, is gay, and also autistic.

                How about we change the representation of God, to an octopus.
                Why change stuff? Because it's the current trend? Well, people hate that, and I agree.
                It's selfish, and lazy.
                Selfish because they just do it no matter how many people (not just we Nazi whites) tell them "WE DON'T LIKE THAT!".
                And lazy because they warp those archetypal characters to their own archetypes. The thing is, they didn't create the character, or story. So they have no right to steal all the work that was done in them. If they want to present their own archetype of ideals, then they should create an original story, and character. And they can present that character as they see fit.

                You don't change Luke Skywalker to an evil, senile, douchebag because it suits your story. You do that so you can draw me to the cinema, expecting to see the archetype that was established, and seing something else.

                • Liviu Bita
                  Liviu Bita  5 months back

                  17:55 How about this explanation: what is more racist, a European tale made into a children show with the main character from another continent (black, Chinese, Indian, whatever) or a Zulu fairy tale that's televised with a Mexican cast! Whoever raises these problems IS the problem! Politically correctness is just a modern way of drowning people in a fake, retarded, downright stupid discussion instead of actual real world problems! I think those ideas are thrown out into the world by shallow people who are not really working their butts off to make ends meat and feel like they should make others discuss their thoughts, although they are not that bright or useful! The now defunct Anthony Bourdain said it best: "Food unites people!" There is nothing more true than that. Hiding behind some made up curtains when you talk about gay people, or black people, or anyone else for that matter, is a show of cowardliness and shallowness beyond the human condition. Just read some ancient writings about logic and psychoanalysis to really understand human behavior, rationality and thought process, the rest is just background noise. Oh yeah, something else; Superman was invented by two Jewish men and he is not considered a racist character. Imagine a Arab person saying it's offensive for his country that Superman was an idea of two Jewish writers, what is the solution, go to court or war in the streets for that? Think, people, think, don't just react like moths to a light bulb! Best wishes from Romania.

                  • Dave A
                    Dave A  5 months back

                    I can't give details, but a customer of ours got their network locked down by ransomware. The original demand was $3 Million, their insurance company negotiated to have just the backup server and storage decrypted for about $75,000. This was a relatively small business, so it's a good thing that their insurance covered this sort of thing. If you're a decision maker for a business, even if you have the upmost confidence in your IT staff/services, it's a good idea to make sure you're covered against this sort of thing. At this point you shouldn't consider if you'll be compromised, but when.

                    • Mike Loeven
                      Mike Loeven  5 months back

                      12:30 laughs in rotating offline backups.

                      • chungisyoung4good
                        chungisyoung4good  5 months back

                        16:35 Here we go again. Getting involved in politics they know nothing about. What ever you do, don't become the next dunderfoot.

                        • Ryno Volschenk
                          Ryno Volschenk  5 months back

                          Linus, Mandela was black, Arial was white and a spade is a spade, so get with it. Stop trying to preach bullshit. I have just wasted 15min of my life watching this watered down crap. Unsubscribe.

                          • A Physics Professor
                            A Physics Professor  5 months back

                            Hackers are poison.

                            • BubbleK
                              BubbleK  5 months back

                              "What do you care about consistency in the story?"
                              "The warcraft movie changed a lot in the story and it pisses me off"

                              • L D
                                L D  5 months back

                                First video of yours I gave a thumbs down to.

                                • Diomedes Dominguez
                                  Diomedes Dominguez  5 months back

                                  Please!!!!!!!, review the Lenovo Legion Y740 and Y540.

                                  • ramonemiro1
                                    ramonemiro1  5 months back

                                    23:47 yes that is true i saw Aladdin with a bunch of friends and we only stay in for like 15 minutes, and went to a bowling alley,

                                    • Seth NoWai
                                      Seth NoWai  5 months back

                                      About whole black Ariel. I don't care and if move would be great, that wouldn't even matter, at least not much. The problem is bit bigger than this and it has to do with quality franchises and trying to use 1000 ton hydraulic pressure pump to cram in "underrepresented groups", be it women or black people or whatever, to an extent where they make horribly bad movie, for franchise that didn't need another sequel and all in the name of representation. And don't get me wrong, I am not against having different groups being represented in movies. As long as they end up well written and not forced in. And while black Ariel is not that big of a deal to me, it kind of is forced in. And that is never good sign, just look at that bunch of failed movies where they changed cast to black people, or women,... like Ghostbusters for example. Simply create something new, don't hijack established franchise and start turning cast to bunch of stuff they weren't, just for sake of virtue signaling. It never works well, because they end up being forced in. And for J.K. Rowling, I feel like she is kind of doing it for whole re-Tweets of "woke" community, because I do believe she started changing Hermione to black and making Dumbledore gay as Harry Potter franchise was done and Fantastic Beasts and stuff she did afterwards just weren't as profitable as main franchise. And I do feel she was trying to get free press, be it by re-Tweets from ""woke" community and farming potential outrage. And I feel quite some of this is done to cater to those "woke" people in order to get free advertising, people who more often than not don't even watch those movies in the first place, they will just re-Tweet how "woke" movie is and how they will go watch it, when they don't really care to watch it, they are just activists pushing their agenda. And whole hijacking old franchises to make movie with representation is a lot like they turned "whitewashing" into "blackwashing" and "womanwashing", and say that is fine, because they are replacing white people or males. And it really isn't, if something is bad one way, it is also bad the other way. And I mostly never really wanted to care about it, but when it is reason that instead of getting good movie with well written character, I get at best ok movie with forced in "diverse" cast, I am bit upset about that. Not because diverse cast, but because I still get bad movie, made to appease activists who don't really care about the franchise. And I mean you don't need to look far to see representation not being an issue, just look at Tomb Raider, no one complains about main character being female. Why? Because she is well written. So it is annoying because they don't do more of that and make good movies instead.

                                      • Jon Dillinger
                                        Jon Dillinger  5 months back

                                        Ya but there is a small problum with mining crypto currency in mean of a typ of a virus cause its kinda easy to tell with that one as i have had something simler heppen to my so about a year ago i was dowing some well not so good downloading off torrent sites and i had a pritty trixed out gaming pc at the time this was right around june or july of 2014 i had i7 4790k 16 gn trident z gskills and a nvidia evga gtx 970 superclocked and i started noticing my fps was droping to like 24 fps in skyrim so i started doimg some reasarch and found a form over on tom hardware about a bit coin mining viruse so i scanned my pc with the tool they provided and sure enough it poped up it dint for my main scanner or windows defender or nortan i can remeber what it was called but it poped up then i had to ues the program i can not remember its name either but its was a vary serious tool for cleaning deep computer files something dragon and reg files and memory and adter useing that i also hadd to ddu my drivers and do a fresh install and just like that my fps was back to 75 to 90 again

                                        • Jon Dillinger
                                          Jon Dillinger  5 months back

                                          R kill and melware bytes and spy hunter and ddu are the tools u need to getride of a bitcoin Trojan the are diffrent ones there are ones thay tax the cpu in that case look in task manager for anything named xm manager kill that prossec it will be uesing 50% or so of cpu and if u just having slow games and u cant figuer out why download gpu z and look at the gpus load if its high for no reason it possable you have a miner trojan

                                      • Nathanael Channings
                                        Nathanael Channings  5 months back

                                        Dunno about anyone else but in the UK bank holidays Mondays are a fairly big thing, so for US or other companies to really on a Tuesday makes a great deal of sense.

                                        • Xeekei
                                          Xeekei  5 months back

                                          To be fair, the story about the Little Mermaid is Danish mythology, while the movie is made by Americans. And if white-washing asian and/or african culture is wrong. So would this be, wouldn't it? I don't care which one we pick, wrong or non-wrong. Just be consistent.

                                          • Pedro Rotoli
                                            Pedro Rotoli  5 months back

                                            Ariel is white and has red hair, even in the original material.

                                            • Nkh jk345
                                              Nkh jk345  5 months back

                                              i mean , idk like , 5 years of me watching the damn lan show and yet another one you guys rant about stream quality lol XDXD

                                              • Mark Morris
                                                Mark Morris  5 months back

                                                The race thing.
                                                With Ariel, same happened to Mary Jane in Spiderman who has always traditionally been a redhead, I honestly don't care about race, or if actors are whatever colour,, but what about gingers/red heads, who make up 1 - 2% of the global population and declining, as a ginger myself I'm soooooo offended they are trying erase gingers from the screen, I feel so under represented, oh wait, I couldn't give a fuck. I do care about casting people coz of quotas or whatever, people should be hired on talent and how well they might work within the group regardless of race/ethnicity, gender, hair colour/style, sexual orientation, disability or religion! But hey we do life in a world where everything is forced diversity for the sake of virtue signalling or wokeness!
                                                JKRowling - "Hermione was always intended to not be white"! Bullshit, that's just her virtue signalling... again. If that's true then why is she described as white in the book!

                                                • Jay Co
                                                  Jay Co  5 months back

                                                  I don't think Linus knows about the Sleeping Beauty remake....

                                                  • Wyatt Turbeville
                                                    Wyatt Turbeville  5 months back

                                                    Hi from Lake City Florida!

                                                    • Aaron
                                                      Aaron  5 months back

                                                      This is why I don’t watch movies in theaters anymore it is a waste of money bc they are all the same stories just repackaged.

                                                      • Ster
                                                        Ster  5 months back

                                                        Don't break your neck suckin yourself off, Linus. "Fame" is getting to you.

                                                        • unidoubt
                                                          unidoubt  5 months back

                                                          Ransomware most brilliant thing ever invented?! WTH!
                                                          Let me tell you, I got infected in 2016 by cerber2 ransomware, just because I left my browser open on a lyrics site, while i went to the kitchen to cook something.
                                                          In the 40mins I was away it encrypted 1.4TB of my internal hardrives. When I saw my cpu maxed at 100% I ended it in windows taskmanager.
                                                          And saw my files incrypted in windows explorer. I didn't click any link, I just got a prompt to pay 400eur to unlock as my entire machine got locked. I went to buy an new 80eur 2TB external disk to copy all infected files, hoping someone would find a cure to revert the process. And I formatted all infected drives. 2 years later in 2018, all say it's not reversible.
                                                          All my personal pictures, music collection, +the 3months research essay I was working on, plus all of my vacation pics, and contact information of people especially the love of my life that I met just a week before ALL GONE!!
                                                          Stating that it's the smartest thing or the most brilliant thing ever invented, IS NOT how I would describe the experience!

                                                          • MadPhule
                                                            MadPhule  5 months back

                                                            I love the idea that Lion King is "Live Action". Its an HD re-make like a video game.

                                                            • Taco-Tanner
                                                              Taco-Tanner  5 months back

                                                              But also image if the princess and the frog got a live action but the black main character was changed to white. You would call it racist and not say that you didn't care. That's the problem.

                                                              • Taco-Tanner
                                                                Taco-Tanner  5 months back

                                                                People were mad about Hermione because jk Rawlins went against her own cannon writing. She was pandering in other words. They are pandering with aerial. Why didn't they do princes and the frog? Already black character. But the red headed white girl needs changed.

                                                                • Hubble
                                                                  Hubble  5 months back

                                                                  Hitman was a shit movie

                                                                  • TheManelich
                                                                    TheManelich  5 months back

                                                                    a little advice for twitter: i put my twitter position in japan. i cannot read Japanese and I never get trigger but stupid trending stuff. it's been three years and I happy with it.

                                                                    • The Infidel
                                                                      The Infidel  5 months back

                                                                      the process of PAYING the ransom in bitcoin is far BEYOND the skillset of normal users , even those who are familiar with most things on the internet would struggle with that,

                                                                      • bomba clat
                                                                        bomba clat  5 months back

                                                                        I didnt have a problem with hermione's actress being black. I had a problem with JK denying that she was ever actually white.

                                                                        • Telogor
                                                                          Telogor  5 months back

                                                                          The Little Mermaid is a tale by Hans Christian Anderson. The guy was Dutch. He lived in Holland. There's no way Ariel is anything other than white.

                                                                          AMD could not move their launch. It wouldn't have been on 7-7 for 7nm.

                                                                          • realpetertdm
                                                                            realpetertdm  5 months back

                                                                            Did you watch the stream?

                                                                            The Disney movies aren't, and should not be considered as direct remakes of the original stoties.

                                                                        • DygonProductions
                                                                          DygonProductions  5 months back

                                                                          Luke - The Warcraft movie was horrible and i'm not a Warcraft gamer at all. the acting was just really bad. the story line was bland. so yeah, it was really really really bad!

                                                                          • TheBlackiwid
                                                                            TheBlackiwid  5 months back

                                                                            hmm I thought Ariel thing was another animated series and only a black girl would voice-act her, that would be absurd to care about that.

                                                                            With that movie it's hard for me to see it irrelevant because I give a shit about that series :D

                                                                            But if you look it from a broader standpoint it starts to become toxic not only do characters become more and more female like in the Ghostbuster Debakel. They often also talk about equal pay or similar topics and at that point it becomes propaganda.

                                                                            So from that I am a bit torn about it, because there is a cultural / feminist war happening, and heck I even had this weak a problem with Harry Potter, there are real live teams of this ball game they play. And they have gender-mixed teams, which if they have different roles and both teams have to have the same amount of males / females I would not care.

                                                                            But if they bring in Genderquer and non-binary issues (what they do) you only have to "feel like a woman" and you get counted as woman. They have already advertisers so the more popular that gets the more the games that have more man that feel like woman will win and it will pay of financially more and more.

                                                                            non-binary is also against Transsexual if you think it through logically, which is of course to much asked from feminists, because their fluidity and all the ideas that being a woman or a man is mostly or exclusively culturally learned (nurture) that would imply that it's changeable through psychotherapy. If you could change your gender through talking/thinking and it's not a born biological fact (not your chromosomes but the biology of your brain), then it would be irresponsible to allow people to do dangerous sex-alignment-operations and the only logical thing to do would be to have "conversion therapy".

                                                                            The problem is not so much if they change here and there a gender or race or something, the problem is the reasons WHY they do it, and if you make it for some horrible ideology it sucks, if you do it out of practical reasons or if you think it could be funny or something or you cast people and this person is just filling the role better, go for it. But if you want to do it because out of feminist reasons and to try to use it as propaganda it becomes a big problem.

                                                                            • ChicknNugts
                                                                              ChicknNugts  5 months back

                                                                              I LOVED Hercules, but it's pretty dumpster looking back.

                                                                              • playmaka2007
                                                                                playmaka2007  5 months back

                                                                                Linus' rage over Disney remakes is 2019 mood. Fuck Disney and their endless unimaginative cash grab over remaking classic releases. It's not even limited to the animated classics: what else was Star Wars TFA but a shitty re-brand of A New Hope?

                                                                                • Sidney Turner
                                                                                  Sidney Turner  5 months back

                                                                                  I love the wam show it’s great

                                                                                  • David Oconnor
                                                                                    David Oconnor  5 months back

                                                                                    I'd try a xeon and see if that fixes it

                                                                                    • Anders Carlberg
                                                                                      Anders Carlberg  5 months back

                                                                                      Doesn't american towns have endpoint protection, firewalls, backups or just a basic IT enviroment?

                                                                                      I mean I guess they do but maybe security isn't as prioriticed as it needs to be.

                                                                                      • Deyan Georgiev
                                                                                        Deyan Georgiev  5 months back

                                                                                        I hate it when Linus realizes how old he is. It usually takes me a second to realize I'm older...

                                                                                        • Shaun4BigBlocks
                                                                                          Shaun4BigBlocks  5 months back

                                                                                          You don't need Amazon- get your Linus Basics But Plug at for 69% off using discount code "Alex Tested Alex Approved".

                                                                                          • Wiktor Wandachowicz
                                                                                            Wiktor Wandachowicz  5 months back

                                                                                            AMD was stating they will release Ryzen 7nm on July 7th for so long. And NOW you realize it's Sunday? Don't you have the calendar?

                                                                                            • Jonny Boy
                                                                                              Jonny Boy  5 months back

                                                                                              Amazon would be nothing without its 3rd party sellers.