Jarvis Landry on reuniting with Odell Beckham Jr., getting traded | NFL | NBC Sports


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  • Neil Smith
    Neil Smith  4 months back

    Its because Duke Johnson was on the bike 99% of the time. Glad he gone!!

    • open minded TRUTH!!!24/7
      open minded TRUTH!!!24/7  4 months back

      I would like to say hey Jarvis what God do you and Beckham pray to yall always say you pray and to God but never say jesus name you just say God as all the other celebrities do so I wonder what one is it then all the celebrities wear the crosses with a circle at the top which resembles the anti christ because the cross doesnt have a circle at the top so just curious what do you celebs really worship but they never answer that I mean there not politicians so they won't lose votes so why hide there beliefs..just weird to me

      • Leroy Xiong
        Leroy Xiong  4 months back

        I think Jarvis Landry and OBJ are like right hand and Left hand as a person, as a team mates, and as for the Browns receivers

        • &y
          &y  4 months back

          Good to know how committed he is with this team to win

          • lil p90 misery
            lil p90 misery  4 months back

            Jarvis a goat.

            • valerie mcdaniel
              valerie mcdaniel  4 months back

              Great interview, Jarvis has matured so much and he is so transparent with his answers. I can't wait to see what the Browns have been cooking up.

              • thifty bill
                thifty bill  4 months back

                "Every Sunday's a championship" what a quote!!

              • Desean I’m back at home Jackson

                Someone called Michael Thomas a tall Jarvis Landry and I haven’t looked at him the same ever since