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  • Speak For Yourself
    Speak For Yourself   1 months back

    Are the Chiefs the biggest threat to the Ravens?

    • Nick Koca
      Nick Koca  2 weeks back

      Michael Herrera Exactly, We know how lamar plays and we’ve beaten them the past 2 years. Us chiefs fans aren’t scared

    • Nick Koca
      Nick Koca  2 weeks back

      M olson well u guys are 0-2 against us in the past 2 years

    • Nick Koca
      Nick Koca  2 weeks back

      Jeffrey Abbey WDYM 😂 We have the best TE Travis Kelce, One of the best WR and fasted Tyreek Hill and a very well improved defense. Lamar is 0-2 against us in the past 2 years

    • Justin Whittaker
      Justin Whittaker  3 weeks back

      I can't stand Jason Whitlock he needs to shut his mouth he never gives the Chiefs any respect

  • Dakota Helm
    Dakota Helm  5 days back

    We’ll never know. Ravens can’t make it far enough

    • Peter Karel Kraus
      Peter Karel Kraus  6 days back

      I don't think the Chief's D can stop Jackson and co. as well as the Raven's D can stop Mahomes and co.

      • Jon Kiekbusch
        Jon Kiekbusch  1 weeks back

        This didn’t age well for the saints... sorry Jason

        • MrJayrahktv
          MrJayrahktv  1 weeks back

          IM picking Titans to Upset the Ravens! You heard it hear First!!

          • MrJayrahktv
            MrJayrahktv  1 weeks back

            The Ain'ts not the Saints!

            • Dre Tolbert
              Dre Tolbert  2 weeks back

              Baltimore gotta get passed the titans. Stop sleeping on them. Y’all already talking about them playing but they both have teams to get through. Texans ain’t to be played with either

              • KOBIE KOE
                KOBIE KOE  2 weeks back

                Do you mean......the "aints"

                • Shantel Fullerton
                  Shantel Fullerton  2 weeks back

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                  • Joe Hoover
                    Joe Hoover  2 weeks back

                    It's true that the Chiefs do not run the ball much. They have passed for almost 5,000 yards to nearly 1600 yards rushing. Total offense they are even steven with the Ravens. Both teams in the area of 6,600 yds total offense. Look at Williams and Mcoy. They can run the football when the Chiefs need them to. Just because they don't doesn't mean they can't!

                    • David Clark
                      David Clark  2 weeks back

                      i think the chiefs are super bowl bound because the defense is so much better than last year's defensive and you know what they do on offense they will be super bowl champs go chiefs

                      • crispybrokk
                        crispybrokk  2 weeks back


                        • Bienvenido Cormanes
                          Bienvenido Cormanes  2 weeks back

                          I’ve seen the Chief weaknesses when they loss against to the Colts...the Colts pound them with a heavy rushing and controlling the time of possession.And that’s what the Ravens game plan against the Chief when the Ravens faced them in the post season and definitely the Ravens will come out a big win coz no other team in the NFL who control the time of possession effectively specially when Lamar had the ball in his hand and with his evolving talent since he faced the Chiefs.Lamar has reached maturity as a dangerous Quarterback coz he can read defenses on how to exploit them and make them pay with his running ability that cannot be contained and improve passing accuracy.

                          • thegreenerthemeaner
                            thegreenerthemeaner  3 weeks back

                            Offensively, I think the Chiefs are pulling the reigns a bit so as not to show all their weapons, wear people down, risk injuries. They get the lead they want that the Defense can keep alive. Something takes a wrong turn, just turn it up a little with the Offense. I say that because the scores are down a bit from last year and that old man ain't seeing it. That is part of what opposing teams are not seeing. The Denver game could have been a total Blowout as well as the Bears. The worked on the run but it was a sandbag show. Go ahead and think the run game is sub par. It's not stellar, but you will see it's pinnacle in the SB and maybe some in the Division Final.

                            • D T
                              D T  3 weeks back


                              • Douglas Lowry
                                Douglas Lowry  3 weeks back

                                this year the Chiefs had NO Mahomes....4 FOUR games

                                • Isaiah Whitmore
                                  Isaiah Whitmore  3 weeks back

                                  The chiefs have Lesean McCoy and Damian Williams running the football also they are a threat in the passing game they will be fine

                                  • In Sync with the Infinite Tundra

                                    Ravens v Chiefs finna be Colts/Patriots of this decade.

                                    • Kevin Fisher
                                      Kevin Fisher  3 weeks back

                                      “The chiefs can’t run the ball i don’t trust em” they have Patrick mahomes and tyreek hill like wdym run the ball🤦🏽‍♂️i can’t stand this guy i already don’t watch this show and everytime it’s his turn to talk i hate it my ears wanna turn off

                                    • Chris Austin
                                      Chris Austin  3 weeks back

                                      Mahomes is going to have to step up and be an extra part of that run game. He’s got legs and he’s got an arm. Time to be the elite and claim another MVP as well as a Super Bowl title. Don’t throw into double coverage and force a possible coin toss on who catches the ball. Take off and grab 6 yards or so.

                                      • Michael Vassallo
                                        Michael Vassallo  3 weeks back

                                        Just because they can’t run doesn’t mean that they can’t Scot against the ravens but there’s some athletes on there defense who are playmakers Patrick Mahomes will pick them apart there defense Chris Jones honey badger patty Mahomes Tyrel think about the ravens lamar Jackson mark andrews

                                        • Charles Cline III
                                          Charles Cline III  3 weeks back

                                          Jason Whitlock sounds old... really old

                                          • m718o
                                            m718o  3 weeks back

                                            I can’t believe they let Kareem hunt go !! Why ? People make mistakes as they should have not

                                            • Thomas Barnes
                                              Thomas Barnes  3 weeks back

                                              This offense is just as good as it was last year in Kansas City their numbers are down because of the crazy amount of injuries all across. Their L's are directly reflected to their injury.

                                              • Kenneth Rawlings
                                                Kenneth Rawlings  3 weeks back

                                                2:56 B S 🤬🤬

                                                • I'm The Guy
                                                  I'm The Guy  3 weeks back

                                                  It's videos like this that make me feel that the Ravens have nothing to be satisfied about. The ravens haven't don't enough. Time **** up them Steelers.

                                                  • I'm The Guy
                                                    I'm The Guy  3 weeks back

                                                    I really enjoy that they find a way to try to talk s*** about the ravens fires me up every week.

                                                    • Kim Wilson
                                                      Kim Wilson  3 weeks back

                                                      Jason Whitlock is an idiot!! Period!

                                                      • Dale Hammers
                                                        Dale Hammers  3 weeks back

                                                        Last year the offense HAD to put up massive points. This year they dont so they haven't. Most games the Chiefs have been holding back on offense.

                                                        • I SEE ORBS
                                                          I SEE ORBS  3 weeks back

                                                          Either way, it's going to be a real dog fight 🐶

                                                          • Joaquin Solis
                                                            Joaquin Solis  3 weeks back

                                                            That’s what I’ve been trying to say. Mahomes is just quietly doing his thing.
                                                            I will add this. If mahomes don’t take the chiefs to the sb I hope it’s Lamar Jackson and the ravens.

                                                            • Jason Dee
                                                              Jason Dee  3 weeks back

                                                              We Ban Vick !

                                                              • kyli nixon
                                                                kyli nixon  3 weeks back

                                                                My school gets off if the chiefs go to the Super bowl

                                                                • Joshua Robinson
                                                                  Joshua Robinson  3 weeks back

                                                                  And this is why u will see the Patriots in the Superbowl again this year when they expect the Patriots to win we lose when u say other teams or more of a threat then them or count us out we prove y'all wrong keep doubting I want to see them win there seventh

                                                                  • Adam Hunt
                                                                    Adam Hunt  3 weeks back

                                                                    The CHIEFS already Beat the ravens.... how are they not the talk of the town.

                                                                  • Maurice Johnson
                                                                    Maurice Johnson  3 weeks back

                                                                    Mike vick

                                                                    • yo
                                                                      yo  3 weeks back

                                                                      it's funny cause all the ravens bandwagons will hop off after the ravens don't win/make the superbowl (yes they have a chance to win the superbowl, but they also have a chance to lose, so I'm saying this in the case that they lose) infact, I bet half of the bandwagons dont even know who ray rice or ed reed are.

                                                                      • Kenneth Moaratty
                                                                        Kenneth Moaratty  3 weeks back

                                                                        It’s ok we shall see. Always counting them out but nearly always wrong

                                                                        • Erwin Phillips
                                                                          Erwin Phillips  3 weeks back

                                                                          So true,I been watching the ravens all season.ever since the browns beat them in week4 the commentators would say that team would beat them.each time the ravens came through.steelers,Bengals twice,Seahawks,8-0 patriots,,texans,49iners and all other supposedly teams that were to beat them.they beat every high ranked team each time they faced them.Yet people are still doubting they can be as good as they are.Lamar style of quarterback has stun the pocket quarterback back way.He has proven that he can throw the ball as well as run.Which has changed the game of football because nobody has figured out how to stop him from moving down the field and stop them from scoring.If you try to stop him from running,he'll pass on you for a big gain.

                                                                      • Sonet
                                                                        Sonet  3 weeks back

                                                                        Big fat dude never took a snap, or caught a ball, in his life. Don't even know who he is.

                                                                        • Andrew Sundberg
                                                                          Andrew Sundberg  3 weeks back

                                                                          CHAMPIONSHIP SWAGGER

                                                                          • Charlie Stovall
                                                                            Charlie Stovall  3 weeks back

                                                                            The ravens r the biggest threat to the chiefs the chiefs already beat the ravens

                                                                            • Erwin Phillips
                                                                              Erwin Phillips  3 weeks back

                                                                              So true,in week 3,man Lamar was inaccurate in that game,but they still put up 28points.Now heading in to the playoffs with more win and touchdown passes then anybody else.Much improved team team since they lost to the chiefs.Yeah the chiefs better be worried

                                                                          • Depcom
                                                                            Depcom  3 weeks back

                                                                            Ron Mexico.

                                                                            • Reggie Watchowtnow
                                                                              Reggie Watchowtnow  3 weeks back

                                                                              Like every other pro sport its becoming meaningless as you tear everything beloved and traditional down and replace it with prefabricated fakeness. We watched NFL films and knew the greats , now the greats are forgotten after 5 years.

                                                                              • Martin Porras
                                                                                Martin Porras  3 weeks back

                                                                                I trust Jason Whitlock to talk stupid 💩 all day long #jeffgeorge you a fool

                                                                                • Matthew Brown
                                                                                  Matthew Brown  3 weeks back

                                                                                  I’d say so we’ve already beat them this year and chiefs defense has improved if they face each it’ll be a good game

                                                                                  • Amber Abalama
                                                                                    Amber Abalama  3 weeks back

                                                                                    Bummer chiefs fired Hunt!!!

                                                                                    • Lee
                                                                                      Lee  4 weeks back

                                                                                      The Chiefs scored 30 or more points per game last year because they had to do so in order to win. They won many of those games by 7 or less points. Heck, they scored 51 points in one game last year AND LOST! Thanks to the defense starting to step up, the Chiefs' offense does not need to score 30 or 40 points a game just to stay in it.

                                                                                      • Kenneth Phegley
                                                                                        Kenneth Phegley  4 weeks back

                                                                                        The Patriots loss to the Chiefs is squarely on Coach B's shoulders. Wasted Challenge on an illegal pick was STUPID. Do not trash the challenge on something the Refs would never overturn, hold it for the TD by N'Keal Harry that was taken away, challenge used and guess what it's a TD. That would have made 2 correct challenges and then the Pats would have had a 3rd to use on the pass interference that was not called in the 4th quarter. With that challenge the Pats would have been inside the 10 yard line with a tied score, run down the clock and kick the FG, 26-23 Patriots. Thanks Coach B.