Userbench CPU score DRAMA - WAN Show Aug 9, 2019

  • Published: 10 August 2019
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    Timestamps: (Courtesy of Ruwaidi)

    1:55 Cloudflare terminated 8chan
    16:40 Linus take on 8chan takedown
    18:58 Userbench controversy
    28:20 Sponsor
    30:27 Sponsor
    31:02 Sponsor
    32:00 Actual main topic of the WAN Show
    33:00 Linus calling out MKBHD for a challenge
    37:00 Linus admitting he has a plan
    38:45 AMD EPYC 7002 Rome delivers a knockout
    42:00 AMD stock analysis?
    45:25 AMD EPYC technobabble
    51:40 Speaking of ....oops..not on sale yet
    52:05 Dr Su going to IBM rumor
    55:20 LTT Store merchandise update
    1:10:50 Apple is locking iPhone battery repair
    1:18:20 Straw Poll results - Have you had your battery swapped in you phone more than once?
    1:19:40 Viewer's comments
    1:24:50 Linus will be on vacation next week
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  • Nasran Ruwaidi
    Nasran Ruwaidi  5 months back


    1:55 Cloudflare terminated 8chan
    16:40 Linus take on 8chan takedown
    18:58 Userbench controversy
    28:20 Sponsor
    30:27 Sponsor
    31:02 Sponsor
    32:00 Actual main topic of the WAN Show
    33:00 Linus calling out MKBHD for a challenge
    37:00 Linus admitting he has a plan
    38:45 AMD EPYC 7002 Rome delivers a knockout
    42:00 AMD stock analysis?
    45:25 AMD EPYC technobabble
    51:40 Speaking of ....oops..not on sale yet
    52:05 Dr Su going to IBM rumor
    55:20 LTT Store merchandise update
    1:10:50 Apple is locking iPhone battery repair
    1:18:20 Straw Poll results - Have you had your battery swapped in you phone more than once?
    1:19:40 Viewer's comments
    1:24:50 Linus will be on vacation next week

    • Ioganstone
      Ioganstone  3 months back

      Isn't it interesting that Linus says "Cloudflare is supporting free speech legally and conceptually" and immediately on the next topic says "Private corporations only care about money don't back any of them except for competition". No, cloudflare is censorious because it's a platform that's really a publisher and can't point to anything other than post facto guilt by association. And it's pretty obvious Linus is not well versed/has a fascist strain in the topic when he says "not all liberty makes sense" when liberty is already derived from acceptable levels of freedom.

    • Calvin Brown
      Calvin Brown  5 months back

      Here's a link to that STH article they talked about:

    • Timothy Isenhart
      Timothy Isenhart  5 months back

      Lisa Su and Jensen Huang refer to each other as uncle and niece. I don't exactly know how closely they are related but when Lisa refers to Jensen she calls him her uncle and when Jensen refers to Lisa he calls her his niece. I know this because I have had marketing meetings with both of them.

    • FrequencyOfThought
      FrequencyOfThought  5 months back

      You're a bunch of cucks

    • Josh Lige
      Josh Lige  5 months back

      No wonder couldn't go there no homo

  • MysticAura
    MysticAura  2 weeks back

    Free speech isn't freedom from consequence. However, telling people what they can or can't say or bad for everyone. Not to mention that in the end, the people who make these new 'rules' also have their own agenda and it usually isn't a good one in the grand scheme of things. People always have the choice to simply not watch things they dislike; they don't have the right to tell others what to watch and not watch (unless they're parents).

    As for stories you hear on most current media sources, don't expect them to be doing anything but twisting to suit an agenda. Half is outright lies, another quarter is spun to mislead. Society has turned to a place where either you tow the line or end up being destroyed and I refuse to fall for the crud.

    • Kenneth Griffin
      Kenneth Griffin  2 weeks back

      Wait... the US of A is not the entire world. Where is your evidence?

      • The_Bi11iona1re
        The_Bi11iona1re  3 weeks back

        But what if I am a shareholder

        • GinsuSher
          GinsuSher  4 weeks back

          Okay.. so how are you guys? Hopefully not too salty regarding mkbhd.

          • Brayden Chau
            Brayden Chau  1 months back

            hmmm.... LTT: 9.76M, MKBHD: 10M. lol rip linus

            • Vasile Pintilie
              Vasile Pintilie  1 months back

              What a shame to use the idea of Rap Battles, t-series vs PewDiePie as excuses to beg for subs. Holy jesus I had high expectations from Linus.

              • Michael Rutledge
                Michael Rutledge  3 months back

                I've got to disagree with Linu's assertion that AMD is a superior performer in the server and business environment due to "workloads that are inherently heavily multithreaded an area that AMD has cemented a firm grasp on performance leadership" is completely off base, or at least ill informed. There's so much more that goes into the the overall decision process behind large scale deployments of servers and their CPU's.

                The fact of the matter is that businesses that are deploying large scale environments almost never make the decision solely on individual CPU performance. They look at overall system integration, long term support, and the overall portfolios capability to support the businesses needs. Intel has decades of strong support here with ISV's and OEM's globally, with a long history of providing business class needs and supporting their business users over the long term. The fact that AMD has one line of CPU's that support a high thread count performance is a drop in the proverbial bucket. What you might see is a custom built HPC application that can take advantage of a single SKU in a deployment with a couple 1000 servers. This is further shown by a litany of ultra high core count CPU's that just didn't make inroads into the market due to their niche profile. Take for example the T series ultra sparc line, an amazing CPU that did wonders for specific workloads, yet where are they today? Almost nowhere.

                Not hating on AMD or anything at all, just saying that the CPU is merely one small part in a much, much larger picture of enterprise buying and decision making when deploying large scale systems, and if this is really a desire for big data shops, then intel will most certainly introduce an answer. Also take into consideration that a $10,000 CPU is a tiny line item cost when you're spec'ing out s system that costs a quarter million per chassis, when you take into account software licenses.

                I've been in literally hundreds of data centers all over the world, and I've yet to see an AMD based system running as the defacto system profile, maybe a couple dozen chassis in a facility with 1000's of systems, just a fraction of a percentage, and this is easily demonstrated by their quarterly unit sales, partner alliances, and overall deployment stats. I did a quick count of the systems I have at hand and found 4 deployments based on AMD, out of nearly 35,000. That what, a 0.0001% market penetration. The numbers simply don't lie, as much as everyone wants AMD's EPYC to be the new rising star. Even if it does become a real contender it will take years to build the alliances and integrations it needs to make it a viable alternative.

                TL;DR: Linus just completely missed the big picture here.

                • Ga Me
                  Ga Me  3 months back

                  Wrong. Free Speech is Free Speech (In America. I don't know about Canada in particular other than they are sort of like America on easy-mode) You CAN say whatever you want. That doesn't mean there aren't consequences if say, you threaten to kill someone or are planning or encouraging crimes. Regardless, free speech is free speech. It's extremely dangerous to start classifying anything in particular as "out of bounds" from the concept of free speech. If you allow that, then you start getting into the nasty territory of who decides what ideologies or what kind of speech is out of bounds of free speech? That's when you start getting censorship problems. For example, in China, they censor EVERYTHING under the guise of "what's right". Their definition of "right" is nowhere near ours. So, what happens when people in power start to censor peoples speech because they simply don't agree? In America we get a lot of anti-conservative stuff these days. And it's not because of violence or threats. It's just people who have different experiences and different ideas. But the most left-leaning people would LOVE to ban conservative speech because they think ideas such as small government and low corporate taxes are "wrong". They'd love to silence anyone who disagrees with them. That is why free speech cannot be restricted. eventually you'll have an exclusive group of people deciding what can and cannot be said without anyone allowed to challenge them.

                  Also, nobody really cares about Canada or it's politics. Y'all just benefit from and follow your big bro neighbor anyways. Modern precedent is routinely set in the US and followed by "free" Western nations around the world. Also, the whole "free speech" issue is almost always an issue brought up in the context of America's constitution. So in what context is the concept of "freedom of speech" not frequently an American issue? Even in places like Hong Kong they refer to the American bill of rights as a basis for what they are fighting for... Notice how they are not waving around Canadian whatever other flags, but American flags with quotes from the American constitution.

                  • Ga Me
                    Ga Me  3 months back

                    IT'S PRONOUNCED "JIF" YOU FREAK!

                    • HARDCOREMANEX
                      HARDCOREMANEX  3 months back

                      "I am pro free speech, but I have no fucking idea what free speech is"

                      • TiagoTiago
                        TiagoTiago  3 months back

                        Some companies are big enough that when they practice censorship, the effects are comparable to when a government does it; so they should be under the same restrictions that should be applied to governments.

                        • TiagoTiago
                          TiagoTiago  3 weeks back

                          @Hexen Jager Ever heard of anti-trust laws?

                        • Hexen Jager
                          Hexen Jager  3 weeks back

                          Why tho. You can't make special rules because you think a company's too large. That completely undermines our whole way of living and our monetary systems

                      • Rick McKee
                        Rick McKee  4 months back

                        If you think that it is ok to censor,then lets strip their platform status and they can be a publisher,and lose the protection from litigation.

                        • beepybeetle
                          beepybeetle  4 months back

                          I'd totally buy the civic mousepad wtf

                          • TheAmberGryphon
                            TheAmberGryphon  4 months back

                            I have an i9-7960x idk if that sucks

                            • Andrea R.
                              Andrea R.  4 months back

                              Someone finally said it! (Murica is only a small part of the world)

                              • jonathan schoenherr
                                jonathan schoenherr  4 months back

                                But.. I am a share holder so they do care about me.

                                • Icekick
                                  Icekick  4 months back

                                  Linus is the android of YouTube mkbhd is the apple of YouTube

                                  Not that either of them support android or apple only but the way they film and shoot are reminiscent of each company

                                  • tsartomato
                                    tsartomato  4 months back

                                    used to carry several batteries for my nokias

                                    • Thrill_I_Am
                                      Thrill_I_Am  4 months back

                                      I've always used userbenchmark to compare CPU and GPU performance. mainly GPU but also CPU it presents a ton of info quickly and simply. its also like the very first thing that pop ups if you type like RX580 vs GTX1060 or anything of the sort. so weird you guys never heard of it.

                                      • Mr Crutches Bob
                                        Mr Crutches Bob  4 months back

                                        I still have a pair of JNCOs from when I was in high school. Yes, they still fit and are actually too big for me these days.

                                        • Don Jones
                                          Don Jones  4 months back

                                          I chose Mark Ass Brownie -Will Smith... "Get that Merch!" -Logan Paul

                                          • carmac kpc
                                            carmac kpc  5 months back

                                            Linus and Luke as a combo will forever be the best WAN show. As much as I like the rest of LTT staff, this needs to be the standard.

                                            • Zero Control
                                              Zero Control  5 months back

                                              Push it , push it real good.. Sell that shit...

                                              • Hiro Nito
                                                Hiro Nito  5 months back

                                                Apple is locking battery on your iPhone? Really? Why couldn’t they just say , “We are locking your battery so that you will only go to us for repair but first buy our Apple care for $300....” you kno what Apple....FUck You!!!

                                                • Emanuel Björsell
                                                  Emanuel Björsell  5 months back


                                                  Could you please have in mind that some people are actually listening to the WAN Show as a podcast. So it's sometimes difficult to follow when you talk about something you show on screen.

                                                  Other wise great show.

                                                  Thank you!

                                                  • Big Dubyuh
                                                    Big Dubyuh  5 months back

                                                    geared towards gamers? but most games are taking advantage of cores now

                                                    • Garfish
                                                      Garfish  5 months back

                                                      1:05:00 why don't you have socks with sandals print on them?

                                                      • daftm0nk
                                                        daftm0nk  5 months back

                                                        WAN show unintelligible whispers ASMR

                                                        • NineHands
                                                          NineHands  5 months back

                                                          what is this linus sandles vs shoes video?
                                                          i couldnt find it at all on youtube?!?!

                                                          • Rannon
                                                            Rannon  5 months back

                                                            I was about to offer to give the other party of your challenge a sub to make things more interesting but I've considered to unsubscribe from MKBHD for some time due to lack of interested so I'll sacrifice the clicks needed to unsubscribe and then you just need another 79 999, or so, subscribers more! ;)

                                                            • Chris Christoforos
                                                              Chris Christoforos  5 months back

                                                              0:44 "OH MY GOD... they're a private company" pretty much sums up most discussions about free speech issues that aren't actually free speech issues. Thank you Luke.

                                                              • JB6789
                                                                JB6789  5 months back

                                                                Unless it is a MONOPOLY. Then there are laws on the books that need to be enforced. Also, when companies with dominant share collude, that too falls under laws and regulations that include consortiums. Private or not, dominance is an issue here.

                                                            • gremlin smasher
                                                              gremlin smasher  5 months back

                                                              According to Userbenchmark Amdahl’s Law is dead.

                                                              • A Physics Professor
                                                                A Physics Professor  5 months back

                                                                Those in power control the story. More control is coming. Many of you, unknowingly, are giving them the power.

                                                                • White92Guy
                                                                  White92Guy  5 months back

                                                                  Just do Shorts, preferably khaki-ish shorts.

                                                                  • Cal Buckley
                                                                    Cal Buckley  5 months back

                                                                    They must be Canadians

                                                                    • Pramienjager
                                                                      Pramienjager  5 months back

                                                                      LOL this guy, did you know in America they say words correctly?

                                                                      • sixequalszero
                                                                        sixequalszero  5 months back

                                                                        I unsubscribed when I joined Floatplane

                                                                        • wwwShadow7
                                                                          wwwShadow7  5 months back

                                                                          Not free here. Can't say FIRE in a theatre if there isn't a fire. Just look at dixie chicks. Dis'd bush and lost it all. While anyone and everyone else agreed with them. Beyond speech, got a pre-paid credit card, and their verification process seemed to require more knowledge of me that even I remembered. Past addresses, relocated once a year for more than decade. To stay employed, across state lines, ... Not the anonymous credit card I thought. But cannot pull more from me than is on it.

                                                                          • George Robles
                                                                            George Robles  5 months back

                                                                            How about iron on ltt patch or a permanent adhesive fabric/fiber reinforced stickers? Please?

                                                                            • LVL3TV
                                                                              LVL3TV  5 months back

                                                                              were is the wan show for yesterday ?

                                                                              • N P
                                                                                N P  5 months back

                                                                                Watch youtube all the time but never subscribe, i love your reviews. First subscribe thanks gents!

                                                                                • Mah Ranch
                                                                                  Mah Ranch  5 months back

                                                                                  Userbench adjusted their benchmark software to more accurately represent the real world. So AMD fanboys cry. Intel fanboys would be crying if userbench did the same thing to them. But I applaud userbench because benchmarks SHOULD accurately reflect real world scenarios.

                                                                                  • Snafu2346
                                                                                    Snafu2346  5 months back

                                                                                    Does anybody know if they have resolved the whole MDS issue for HT intel processors.

                                                                                    • mack trinz
                                                                                      mack trinz  5 months back

                                                                                      userbenchmark is super handy to check if your system is running as expected, when ya forget to set xmp or accidentally plugged a drive in sata2 port you can see that a certain part is running slower than expected.

                                                                                      • Dakota Lally
                                                                                        Dakota Lally  5 months back

                                                                                        This freaking algorithm. I saw this broadcast live, it's been in my suggestions all week and the latest WAN doesn't show up. I needed to scrub the video to the end and comment to get this thing back on track. Cheers guys.

                                                                                        • Zachary Shaw
                                                                                          Zachary Shaw  5 months back

                                                                                          "Linus is gonna relieve me soon" from James right at the start I was soooo scared I thought he meant fire him

                                                                                          • hunn20004
                                                                                            hunn20004  5 months back

                                                                                            17:28 ye, you can't incite people to violence. Or defame them with lies.
                                                                                            THESE two things are currently under attack by the LEFT. Because they think words are violence, forgetting that the lack of words will cause violence.