7 Signs of Narcissistic Parenting

  • Published: 31 March 2019
  • Narcissism originates from the Greek mythology, where the young Narcissus fell in love with his own self reflection in a pool. The term was later popularized by the doctor Sigmund Freud. The American psychiatric association (APA) has included narcissistic personality disorder, as part of the DSM since 1968. Do you suspect yourself growing with a narcissistic parent? Is your mother or father narcissistic? Are you a children of a narcissist? If so, then you might want to watch this video to see if you relate to the signs.

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  • Psych2Go
    Psych2Go   8 months back

    What was your best childhood memory? My was playing in the basketball court where I used to live. Comment yours.

    • Mike England
      Mike England  2 days back

      When summer would come and I’d go stay with my grandparents.

    • Lucrezia Blasi
      Lucrezia Blasi  1 weeks back

      I don't have none

    • A helping paw
      A helping paw  2 weeks back

      Running to the Backyard with three of my Friends in the Winter and having a Snowball fight. Good Times.

    • joshclayg
      joshclayg  3 weeks back

      Becoming an adult.

    • Third Revoj
      Third Revoj  4 weeks back

      Everytime my father is away... What a relief everytime.

  • Jiu Jitsu Dweeb
    Jiu Jitsu Dweeb  1 days back

    My moms the biggest narcissistic asshole out there. She always talks about how she was bullied growing up... meanwhile she’s the biggest bully I’ve met.. no lie. I’m starting to think she wanted to be the bully growing up, and hated how she was bullied by the people she wanted to be.

    • A Person
      A Person  2 days back

      My mom isn't narcissistic, but my grandma was.
      I lived very close to her, I was around her a lot and I didn't even realize until later that I was starting to become narcissistic because of being around her

      • Chelsey Dela Cruz
        Chelsey Dela Cruz  2 days back

        mom: complains about how forgetful I am and how I wont survive college dorm life cuz i'll lose and misplace my things

        Immediately after: "Have you seen my makeup?
        me: No
        Mom: I cant find it. I think I misplaced it.

        *silently smirks and giggles in the inside*

        • Annie NonnyMouse
          Annie NonnyMouse  3 days back

          Wandering in the forest when we went camping during the summer. So peaceful, so magical, so beautiful.

          • Forky Stan
            Forky Stan  3 days back

            This made me to love my parents more
            Even though they are kinda like those helicopter parents, but yo atleast they care about me and my feelings.

            I hope Im not the only one.

            • Optillian
              Optillian  4 days back

              Narcissists should be publicly executed.

            • Killerpro 69
              Killerpro 69  5 days back

              1. They are always right no matter what.
              2. They know what's best for you even if it's not.
              3. They keep boasting about how much work they do for you and how much money they are putting behind you.
              4. Your feelings don't matter to them. If you feel sad or start crying , it becomes a drama to them.
              5. They always try to manipulate you and not let you have your own choices.
              6. They demotivate you if you trying to do something different from their wishes.
              7. They force you to marry and have children and will call you homosexual or mental if u don't do those.
              8. They always try to force the blame on you during any incidents.
              9. They blackmail you emotionally.
              10. Assertiveness, even if u are right, is considered as disrespectful and rebellious behaviour.
              11. They don't let you have a private space.
              12. They keep surfing through your phone and documents.
              13. They keep yelling at you even if the matter is not that serious.
              14. They always land a beating to you for talking back to them , even if you are right and they are diehart wrong.
              15. They keep comparing you from your friends, brothers, sisters, cousins, etc.
              16. They always expect you to be perfect at everything.
              17. They don't take any of your words seriously.

              • Dari Diggah
                Dari Diggah  5 days back

                👍🏻 great video

                • Peanut Buzzard
                  Peanut Buzzard  6 days back

                  Ugh. Why do videos like this with wrong English get promoted??

                  • angelvibesss
                    angelvibesss  1 weeks back

                    My dad is a narcissist I can't stand him. I've decided to not talk to him ever again. Honestly is like living with a stranger and I'm okay with that 🤷

                    • BMT115
                      BMT115  1 weeks back

                      welp, this explains why i'm so fucked up as a collage student now...

                      • Lindsey Hebert
                        Lindsey Hebert  2 weeks back

                        #1,#2#3 4 ,5 ,#6 for sure #7 my dad is more toxic and abused me my mom doesn’t like the way my dad hurt my feelings feelings matter my dad doesn’t give me privacy he says go to your room now in a loud voice I’m 33 lucky I don’t live with him my mom is not that way so I feel unloved

                        • R K
                          R K  2 weeks back

                          I dont like to call my mom narcissistic but she have some of that behavors, everything must be about her and yeah i do feel like a puppy not a human to her sometimes, idk its hurts but maybe im wrong about how i see it

                          • Cheshire Chaotic
                            Cheshire Chaotic  2 weeks back

                            Is this why i feel empty a lot?

                            • cryola
                              cryola  2 weeks back

                              Should I continue a relationship with my mom although she’s a narcissist?

                              • Trickz Tremor
                                Trickz Tremor  2 weeks back

                                My dad is a fucking dipshit narcissist

                                • Shafip Please
                                  Shafip Please  2 weeks back

                                  What do i do man what do i do can't take this anymore

                                  • WindySkies28
                                    WindySkies28  2 weeks back

                                    Why does the thumbnail give me Hazbin Hotel vibes???

                                    • Bianca Jones
                                      Bianca Jones  2 weeks back

                                      Whew! Thank god my mother and father wasn't this way. Miss them

                                      • Milky Peaches
                                        Milky Peaches  2 weeks back

                                        Would an example of narcissistic parenting be, asking/demanding money from child for taking them to work? And then threatening not to take them to work anymore? Even though they don’t have a car or license? Or if the parent makes the child feel bad for not offering/giving money to them?

                                        • Fallen Angel
                                          Fallen Angel  2 weeks back

                                          "They can try to control every aspect of your life, such as the career you decide to take, who you choose to date, and when you move out."
                                          Me: "Yeah, all of the above"

                                          • List Sign
                                            List Sign  2 weeks back

                                            Whatever I say, I get the same reply:
                                            *'I am your parent, I know you better than yourself.'*
                                            *'Am I your parent or you are mine?'*

                                            • Eric Swezen Junior
                                              Eric Swezen Junior  2 weeks back

                                              My both parents sucks. They dont care about how i feel.im sad. But i know how they feel because im an POWERFULL CLAIRSENTIENT empath. They are "also morons. Im ill and they dont care. AND I HATE THEM I WILL DESTROY THEM WITH THE !!!!!!!!!! I WILL DESTROY THEM!!!!!
                                              MY DAD IS A PSYCOPATH I WILL GIVE HIM A PUNCH IF HE COME NEAR ME AGAIN!! thay gabe me depression!!!!!

                                              • HakuboTwinBlade
                                                HakuboTwinBlade  3 weeks back

                                                My dad is one

                                                • Smashplayer 01
                                                  Smashplayer 01  3 weeks back

                                                  It really fucked me up big time, I'm just realizing this now. I have no idea who I am or what I want to do even now at 26. Years of constany condescending tones, yelling, blaming, shaming, and of course constant story twists, outright lies, or bending truth/telling me I don't remwmbwr correctly. I have constantly been criticized, forced to conform to their religion, opinions, the clothes I wear everything. My parents never had any boundaries either and still don't until this day. It seems like just when things are going good in my life something bad or unexpected happens like my car breaking down or me losing my job. I have never felt more anxious, confused, and lost in my whole life, and the worst part of all of it is everyone I talk to doubts my feelings, and suggests that I nees to grow up, and just forgive all the bullshit that happened because they're my family. The other day all my doubts about them being narcissists were smashed when my dad started bringing up subjects, and things that I never even said. Things started to get worse when my dad deliberately deprived me of sleeping by waking or keeping me up at all hours of the night by either making loud noises on purpose, coming into my room, and shaking me, or just generally being annoying. I went days without sleep, and he would always either sarcastically say in an innocent voice "oh how did you sleep" or "did you get some sleep" He would have this sick fucking smile on my face like it was all a joke to him. And the other day he tried manipulating me into feeling guilty by saying "dont believe what other people tell you they're tying to tear our family apart while fake crying". He has also doubled down on the tactics by constantly moving my things around, and blaming me for it. My whole life the only time my parents showed love was when I obeyed and listened, if I didn't it was always the silent treatment or some other punishment. They want me to go to family therapy with them to fix it, but its just more bs, and manipulation. I'm fucking tired of this bullshit!!!!

                                                  • cheetara25
                                                    cheetara25  3 weeks back

                                                    I HATE IT when people would say “you only have one mother.” We’ll I rather have no mother than have a narcissistic one in my life. That’s real talk.

                                                    • SOPHIE DAIGNAULT
                                                      SOPHIE DAIGNAULT  3 weeks back

                                                      I think my mother might be narcissistic. I’m not sure but she always guilt trips me. Like example, if I wanna hangout with my friends she’ll always says that she need help with something. And give this look that like (I’m not thankful or I should be her than my friends. Then I feel bad so I usually shorten the time with my friends so I can help my mom with whatever she needs. And when I finally stand up for myself she only call me a brat or says that I’m not thankful. She only notices when I do something wrong. And I feel like I a maid not her daughter all I do is clean clean and clean we never have fun. And when I try to hangout with her she only tells me to clean. But sometimes she can be such a good mother like the best of best and make you feel like 1million dollar. Then she’ll expect you to do something for her. It’s like she doesn’t have to say it . You can just see it in her eyes. I just want my mom to be like she used to be always fun and outgoing now she’s not the same person. Ever since my stepdad came into are life. And their always excluding me and my sister from everything.
                                                      I miss my old mom. I want her back.

                                                      • J. C.
                                                        J. C.  3 weeks back

                                                        My bad went through my stuff and threw away my yearbook. This is irreplaceable. My childhood memories were just dumped in the trash. It still bothers me.

                                                        • C P
                                                          C P  3 weeks back

                                                          The receiving gifts with strings attached speak to me on another level. My father once gave me my stepmoms old iphone 6 for my 13th birthday and asked for it back 1 year later so my stepmoms niece good have it. So i declined because it was the only thing i got for my birthday after my parents divorced, and since my mom had joint custody i would call her to pick me up once a week for 1 hour after sports at school. So he just took it by force and said I was ungrateful and that i should be lucky i even had a phone. Since then i havent had a birthday present for longer than 1 year from my father. He also kicked me out of my room so my stepmom could have the bigger rooms for her clothes. This made me feel like he views my stepmothers clothes as more value than his own son. Anyone that has a cop as a father and struggles with similiar things to this, i would love to hear back from u guys. Its been 3 to 4 years since my parents divorced.

                                                          • Legendre
                                                            Legendre  3 weeks back

                                                            Both scapegoat and goldenchild will suffer.

                                                            • paul cooper
                                                              paul cooper  3 weeks back

                                                              Oh yes ive been dealing with a narc parent its realy not easy.

                                                              • Fai Dee
                                                                Fai Dee  3 weeks back

                                                                It's horrible to think how toxic desi parenting is 😭
                                                                Literally most of these examples can be seen in desi parents smh

                                                                • AllisonCat8
                                                                  AllisonCat8  4 weeks back

                                                                  Honestly, I’m not perfect and I’ll do something little like talk back and my mom treats it like I just murdered someone and will go on and on about how she shouldn’t do things for me or how she shouldn’t be my mother

                                                                  • Ren Amamiya
                                                                    Ren Amamiya  4 weeks back

                                                                    I'm 22 years old and my parents don't let me make decisions. It's come to the point where I don't even know how to make decisions for myself. And on top of that, my parents are trying to stop me from playing videos, watching anime, and cosplaying because they tell me I'm addicted to it. The worst part is I don't even know if I'm in the wrong here. It's very confusing and frustrating.

                                                                    • Šhïvâ
                                                                      Šhïvâ  4 weeks back


                                                                      • ItIsFunnyDamnIt
                                                                        ItIsFunnyDamnIt  4 weeks back

                                                                        My mom is a total narcissist and my dad was just hateful and cruel all that definitely fits my mother 100% she is a narcissistic control freak and I have lived in an extremely toxic environment

                                                                        • dill bill
                                                                          dill bill  4 weeks back

                                                                          Wow this is my dad exactly. Glad to see it is a trait I just thought he was an asshole all my years growing up

                                                                          • TheDauntlessGirlonFire
                                                                            TheDauntlessGirlonFire  4 weeks back

                                                                            I need to stop watching these videos about toxic parental relationships with their children....

                                                                            • Becky Guajardo
                                                                              Becky Guajardo  4 weeks back

                                                                              For my 16th b-day, my step mom got me an expensive bracelet. A year later was a rough one for my "behavior" so she took it away.

                                                                              • Shades of Blue
                                                                                Shades of Blue  1 months back

                                                                                I actually had no idea my mother was a narcissist. I just described the abuse/neglect I received to someone else and they told me that I should look into it. Lo and behold, here I am, feeling flummoxed at how many things match up.

                                                                                • Arun Bissoon
                                                                                  Arun Bissoon  1 months back

                                                                                  I've experienced the 6th and 7th. It's painful. My parents always seem to be amazing. I still love my parents. I just wish I had more freedom, privacy and space for myself. It gets quite frustrating at times.

                                                                                  • Gecko Neko
                                                                                    Gecko Neko  1 months back

                                                                                    Yep. I relate with all of these.

                                                                                    • m
                                                                                      m  1 months back

                                                                                      Did you mean: my st*p m*m

                                                                                      • Carla Brown
                                                                                        Carla Brown  1 months back

                                                                                        My mother was one big time.

                                                                                        • IndiOna Jones
                                                                                          IndiOna Jones  1 months back

                                                                                          I am 35 years old and live with my narc mother. She enters my room without knocking. "Cleans" my room when I'm gone but avoids me and my room when I'm home. And, then when she gets mad at me throughs it my face.

                                                                                          • Jostello
                                                                                            Jostello  1 months back

                                                                                            When my mom bought me something (even without asking) as a child, she’d treat me like shit until I tried to stand up for myself. Then she would use the gift against me and threatened to take it away. My mother is a narcissist to a T

                                                                                            • Isabelle Amé
                                                                                              Isabelle Amé  1 months back

                                                                                              Me: why werent you there for me when I was bullied? And cut myself? And tried to kill myself?
                                                                                              Mom: yes, I know I am a worthless mother.