Shaun's First Surgery Lands Him In Hot Water - The Good Doctor


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  • Trinity Livingston
    Trinity Livingston  3 days back

    Honestly, they were both in the wrong but he shouldn't have had the complaint put on file or been forced to apologize. It should've been more like a teaching moment for the both of them.

    • Marc Christian Garcia
      Marc Christian Garcia  4 days back

      I'm guessing she should have handed the clamp on a tray? Is that the proper way?

      • Lucille Shames
        Lucille Shames  7 days back

        Coming from the perspective of someone who is autistic herself, both were in the wrong.
        Nurse Hawks should know the correct, efficient way to hand tools and instruments to a surgeon to avoid any unnecessary interferences, especially since a patient's life is in their hands. Also, she should've known he was autistic and could've been more sensitive to him.
        Shaun is also in the wrong; he should've explained it to her what the correct way was and why he needed the tool to be handed to him that way.

        • 74DEADSMITH-141
          74DEADSMITH-141  3 days back

          @Carly Edwards you don't every know who was in the wrong the nurse knew he was autistic and he showed them 2 time

        • Bob Martin
          Bob Martin  3 days back

          Two wrongs don't make a right!

        • Carly Edwards
          Carly Edwards  7 days back

          It sounds like only Shaun had that particular preference of the way tools are handed to him though so it kind of makes sense that a nurse wouldn't know which way a doctor wants his tools handed to him if she's never worked with him. I agree though they were both in the wrong, I honestly didn't think their superiors handled it well either though, instead of her complaint going into his file they should have made it a learning opportunity for both of them

      • Lady Fleur
        Lady Fleur  1 weeks back

        “It’s more efficient to hand me in the way I want” the proceeds to waste time and put the patient at unnecessary risk (people cannot just be kept under forever). I disagree with everyone in the comments. He was so fucking wrong and immature. He should NOT be a doctor, if he cannot stay calm in an already high pressure situation!

        • milos stojanovic
          milos stojanovic  1 weeks back

          People defending him because he has autism ahahahahah 😂😂 really ?? It's a tv show not real life you guys need to chill

          • Bob Martin
            Bob Martin  3 days back

            @74DEADSMITH-141 If you want to get upset about small things, get upset about those EAS videos since you are affected by violence, murder, and terrorism, especially the zombie apocalypse. They're just pretend and never to be taken literally.

          • Bob Martin
            Bob Martin  3 days back

            milos stojanovic, you're right, why waste time on something so small?

          • 74DEADSMITH-141
            74DEADSMITH-141  1 weeks back

            But it's not just a TV show it happens in real life two get lost

        • Petty013
          Petty013  1 weeks back

          The thing which bothers me is how the nurse ignores the way Shaun is, he is autistic so therefore he need a different approach and since he is her supervisor at that situation, she had just to listen to him and ask. Later at the lunch when he had to apologize he wanted to explain to her why he acted out, but her ego was bigger than that. Personaly I would be more understanding, because it is not his fault the way he is and I would care not only for Shaun to perform the surgery without distraction, but also for the patients well-being.

          • Bob Martin
            Bob Martin  3 days back

            I remember acting like that at a job in 1985, and I was close to being fired for that kind of behavior!

          • Christopher Ed Romero
            Christopher Ed Romero  1 weeks back

            but too be honest even though it’s not his fault, it’s the people around him aren’t giving him discipline and telling him what’s right

          • 74DEADSMITH-141
            74DEADSMITH-141  1 weeks back


        • Impulse S
          Impulse S  1 weeks back

          Bitch should’ve done it the right way

          • QuEsT X. BoXiNg
            QuEsT X. BoXiNg  1 weeks back

            Shawn was 100% in the right .... surgical techs are to be there to assist the surgeon with the proper instruments for each procedure and you are required to hand them off properly and in the correct order she did not then had the nerve to curse at the surgeon who is performing the procedure what she did was unacceptable in the OR there is a chain of command and protocol that must be followed at all times if this were reality she would never get a case again and fired

            • 74DEADSMITH-141
              74DEADSMITH-141  3 days back

              @Trinity Livingston no the nurse was in the wrong

            • Trinity Livingston
              Trinity Livingston  3 days back

              They were both in the wrong, him because he didn't explain what he meant.

            • Bob Martin
              Bob Martin  3 days back

              Shaun didn't explain how he wanted the clamp handed to him, so you can't say that he was right...they were both responsible for their *OWN* actions!

          • chris marzec
            chris marzec  1 weeks back

            the clamp was locked. she had soiled gloves. she handed the clamp to the wrong hand, and she got mouthy to the surgeon, she should be fired. the surgeon has absolute power in the theatre and over every aspect of the surgery. it is obvious that the bitch nurse has no respect for the doctor.

            • Agrita Brambate
              Agrita Brambate  1 weeks back

              Absolutely inappropriate behavior in the OR. The only one who needs to leave the theatre is this surgeon. No go in the real life.

              • 74DEADSMITH-141
                74DEADSMITH-141  3 days back

                @Trinity Livingston no the was in the wrong

              • Trinity Livingston
                Trinity Livingston  3 days back

                @74DEADSMITH-141 they were both in the wrong. Whether or not he has autism, he should've explained what he meant.

              • Bob Martin
                Bob Martin  3 days back

                @74DEADSMITH-141 They were both in the wrong, but Dr. Lin wanted Shaun to apologize to her! But in the cafeteria he was explaining the medical instrument, and got her upset that she threw her lunch in the garbage!

              • Shirley Ta
                Shirley Ta  1 weeks back

                @74DEADSMITH-141 yeah, they just want to get everything exactly right or not do it at all. I would want a close to perfect surgery even though that issue was irrelevant to the product of the surgery. But if it was dire situation, she better hand it to him right and effiently. It's a learning curb. 1 second one beep.

            • Tere Picazo
              Tere Picazo  1 weeks back

              My marvelous Good Doctor😍😍😍😍😍

              • Ilahmae Cunanan
                Ilahmae Cunanan  1 weeks back

                Stop distracting him, please

                • Mohamed Farah
                  Mohamed Farah  1 weeks back


                  • Alina Reybey
                    Alina Reybey  1 weeks back

                    They were both in the wrong in this situation. Shaun should have just left it alone and then not have gotten mad at her. But she shouldn’t of gotten frustrated with him. She was also a bitch in the beginning of the episode. So f*** her. But Shaun should’ve been more forward in what he wanted in a more directional way.

                    • Daniel Tv
                      Daniel Tv  1 weeks back