What Does Kandi Burruss Think About Phaedra Parks Returning To 'RHOA'?


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  • Mr Steam
    Mr Steam  7 months back

    When this happened everyone was like OMG GET RID OF PHAEDRA SHES A FRAUD now people are OMG GET PHAEDRA BACK like wtf

    • Cynthia Wilson
      Cynthia Wilson  7 months back

      She introduced you, to Todd. No one is perfect. You talked about Dennis like a dog and said sorry. So Phaedra can't apologize..if you don't forgive, you will not be forgiven. Bye Kandi

      • Gerri Sara
        Gerri Sara  7 months back

        Bring Phandra back as long as Apollo don't show up.

        • Nija Laday
          Nija Laday  8 months back

          What is Kandi story line...

          • djbasquiat
            djbasquiat  9 months back

            "I know you rolled eyes.."

            • Dolores Amato
              Dolores Amato  10 months back

              If Phaedra ever came back I would never watch the housewives again. What she did to Candy was probably the worse thing any one could do to someone, especially considering her religious background .Terrible just terrible!

              • diane long
                diane long  10 months back

                No relationship or communication lol Please don't bring that rat Phaedra lying 🤥 ass dog 🐶 Back

                • Dessycomesalive
                  Dessycomesalive  11 months back

                  THANK GOD BYE SHEREE!!! GOOD FUCKIN BYE!😂😂

                  • Tracsey Pought
                    Tracsey Pought  11 months back

                    Pheadra needs to come back..... Kandi is boring, she went from being a cry baby to trying to be a bully.

                    • Cherida Bolland
                      Cherida Bolland  11 months back

                      Oh hush kandi

                      • NICOLE HAll
                        NICOLE HAll  11 months back

                        She need hr coins bitch too.

                        • Tabrina P.
                          Tabrina P.  11 months back

                          Yes! What she did was very very dirty! 💯

                          • V TY
                            V TY  11 months back

                            Phaedra is never coming back to RHOA .Her bitch ass took it too far. What she said was slanderous and she has no remorse. The raping and drugging allegations that she made was dangerous to Kandi. You stupid ass people who are behind Phaedra are trash just like her.

                            • seanzscorpio
                              seanzscorpio  11 months back

                              Misleading title. Click dislike people...

                              • DSW W
                                DSW W  11 months back

                                A brief consensus from the comments section: it looks like we are okay with Kandi leaving and bring Phaedra back! Therefore Kandi can keep her no communication policy with Phaedra and we can be entertained.

                                • Curtis Williams
                                  Curtis Williams  11 months back

                                  They need her back so they rating can go up or else they going off the air..boring ass show now

                                  • A.Tanyale
                                    A.Tanyale  11 months back

                                    Everybody asking for Phaedra's return must not care that she spread lies on her supposed bff Kandi.

                                    • Keesa
                                      Keesa  11 months back

                                      I’m glad Phaedra is coming back. Now Porsha will have someone to ride with and put some fire under the rest of they butts. Cause she is catching hell

                                      • Staedler Staedlerr
                                        Staedler Staedlerr  11 months back

                                        Show is shit without Phaedra

                                        • Sheluv Harvey
                                          Sheluv Harvey  11 months back

                                          First of all, Kandi Burruss do have a storyline! not only that why would Kandi Burruss want to work beside someone like Phaedra Parks after lying to the point where that girl could have lost everything and went to jail for allegedly attempted rape and drugging Porsche! Phaedra is a predator and the scary part about her is she will call on Jesus and at the same time be stabbing you in the back! If I were Kandi Burruss I will not be on that show if Phaedra returned! All money it's not good money!

                                          • Austin Taylor Rose
                                            Austin Taylor Rose  11 months back

                                            They bringing Phaedra back just to ruffle Kandi’s feathers!! Should be juicy ❤️

                                            • O Overlyloved
                                              O Overlyloved  11 months back

                                              I miss Phaedra shade on RHOA..KANDI's voice just make me Zzzzzzz

                                              • Kevin Bernard
                                                Kevin Bernard  11 months back

                                                Well said Kandi! That's why your my fav

                                                • James K
                                                  James K  11 months back

                                                  Kandi this is a really bad look

                                                  • Nelear Walls
                                                    Nelear Walls  11 months back

                                                    I don't give a dam what nobody say. phaedra needs to come back miss her!! khandi dry ass a hater straight up fr...

                                                    • Mel Bowen
                                                      Mel Bowen  11 months back

                                                      Kandi so boring all her storyline revolves around others. Porsha is pregnant n happy with her life so now they need a storyline for Kandi they gonna bring back Phaedra to recycle Kandi old storyline meh. On another note I love me some Phaedra. Welcome back Phaedra.

                                                      • mo brown
                                                        mo brown  11 months back

                                                        If Fraudra comes back Kandi just leave

                                                        • Donald Robinson
                                                          Donald Robinson  11 months back


                                                          • Tiffany Woodard
                                                            Tiffany Woodard  11 months back

                                                            It was Phaedra who got Kandi and Todd together right ok. Kandi is evil and needs to mind her business and worry about her dude and their dungeon

                                                            • Michelle Gil
                                                              Michelle Gil  11 months back

                                                              Am i the only person who doesn’t care for pheadra coming back🧐. She can stay wherever she is now.

                                                              • BLH
                                                                BLH  11 months back

                                                                Kandi holds one heck of a grudge. It’s safe to say that whole scandal was for ratings. So, let’s move on. 🤷🏾‍♂️

                                                                • A Jay
                                                                  A Jay  11 months back

                                                                  Ppl really still like Fakedra.... wow... 🙄🙄 smh.... just throw her whole fan base away #shittyassppl 🤣

                                                                  • Aaron Michael
                                                                    Aaron Michael  11 months back

                                                                    Lets just be real...Andy is going to bring Phaedra and Kenya back VERY SOON. those two are just too good for tv.

                                                                  • kingbey fan
                                                                    kingbey fan  11 months back

                                                                    The fans who wants Fraudra back, it’s not going to happen! Kandi holds the cards when it comes to that decision. ALL the cast members have to agree to film together and if the BOSS of the cast says no, the answer is NO! 🤣 Kandi’s storyline is building her successful business. Her side job this year is to call those bitches out on their BS. Horsha and her hotdog man are fair game. Every one of their men has been drug threw the mud with Horsha right there in the middle ( Peter, Matt, Kenya’s husband, Cynthia’s boo last season, Kim Fields husband, Todd). Now karma is biting Horsha right in the ass and her thots can’t take it. Your queen of thotland is only getting what she deserves! Kandi keep killing those bitches business wise, relationship wise, MONEY wise, and in transparency because she IS the realest one of those peach holders!

                                                                    • David Riddick
                                                                      David Riddick  11 months back

                                                                      Kandi cries to much and is full of shit

                                                                      • phl fnt
                                                                        phl fnt  11 months back

                                                                        Thank you Kandi for as being honest as always. You never did a better thing than keep the SHE DEVIL from your doorway. You were too much of a loyal friend to someone who did not deserve it; but that is a credit to you Kandi. God bless you and your family and your true friends💖💖💖🙏🙏🙏

                                                                        • Jacques Peterson
                                                                          Jacques Peterson  11 months back

                                                                          Love Kandi she is classy and successful and real

                                                                          • Bd from the 213
                                                                            Bd from the 213  11 months back

                                                                            F phaedra the platypus and porsha the thot. There’s nothing fun or funny about people who try to slander people and ruin their brand and businesses. They didn’t care about Kandi when they did that and they surely didn’t care about Kenya being harassed and bullied by fans for years because of their lie about her trying to steal Apollo. Nobody wants that felon especially one that was out here stealing peoples identities and scamming people and has had a long history doing so. They talked about Kenya’s age, her fertility, not having a husband as if a husband defines a woman, her situation with her mother, etc. they hanged up bullied her & for seasons no one helped her out. Anyways I stopped watching the show because the females got too f’d up & grimy for me. They can all go get hit by a train for all I care😴

                                                                            • CHASS FREEMAN
                                                                              CHASS FREEMAN  11 months back

                                                                              They shouldn't bring her back I don't care how "juicy " "fun" "full of tea" she is I do not condone people that accuse others of attempted rape. That's nothing to play with and it's disgusting people actually still support her and most of them are WOMEN.

                                                                              • MaleOrderBride
                                                                                MaleOrderBride  11 months back

                                                                                Kandi is gross. Her only storyline has been her Sex Toys and her Sex radio show. I actually find her really juvenile and immature...the way she always going on and on about sex stuff. Like a giggling schoolgirl...

                                                                                • Marisol white
                                                                                  Marisol white  11 months back

                                                                                  GET RID OF KANDI, PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE

                                                                                  • Galliano
                                                                                    Galliano  11 months back

                                                                                    get rid of Shamari, bring back Kenya and Phaedra!

                                                                                    • James Major Burns
                                                                                      James Major Burns  11 months back

                                                                                      SO NONE OF YALL THINK WHAT PHAEDRA DID WAS FOUL AS FUXK ?? Ok kick her off and bring her back BUT BIH GOT SOME SPLAININ TO DO

                                                                                      • Ramona Cleveland
                                                                                        Ramona Cleveland  11 months back

                                                                                        Bitch she told the truth

                                                                                        • Ramona Cleveland
                                                                                          Ramona Cleveland  11 months back

                                                                                          Who cares what the bitch think

                                                                                          • Darius Butts
                                                                                            Darius Butts  11 months back

                                                                                            Gurl bye. That was so 2 years ago.

                                                                                            • SonicTony Vasquez
                                                                                              SonicTony Vasquez  11 months back

                                                                                              Why would Bravo bring back someone who lied? It could have gotten uglier then it did.Phedra is shady and her past is even worse.Bravo .. Don't hire sue happy people.

                                                                                              • Denise Abrams
                                                                                                Denise Abrams  11 months back

                                                                                                Kandi boring