Gary Gives Colin Back to His Original Owner - A Million Little Things

  • Published: 08 November 2019
  • Maggie (Allison Miller) arrives to deliver Colin to Enid, the elderly woman who originally owned Colin and named him Wesley, when Gary (James Roday) suddenly shows up as well, to be strong and say goodbye to his good boy one last time. But of course, emotional goodbyes are rarely that simple -- and neither is this one. From 'ten years,' season 2, episode 7 of A Million Little Things. Watch A Million Little Things THURSDAY 9|8c on ABC, streaming, on demand, and Hulu.
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  • Noel Jeong
    Noel Jeong  5 days back

    dude stray dogs takes so much to tend to. you don't know what to expect. you don't know their history and/or trauma and how that dog is gonna be... that's not cool even if it weren't an old lady...

    • Alex Mercer
      Alex Mercer  6 days back

      Damn I disagree with the lot of comments here. I was been saying they need to do the switch from jump. I dont rele see the problem she missed a dog a dog needed a home it's a win win.. and it's not like colin didnt love and want to stay with gary

      • Destany Charles
        Destany Charles  1 weeks back

        Is this ageist? 100%
        Is this kind of cruel and mean? Yup.
        Is what they did wrong? Without a shadow of a doubt.
        If Delilah did it would I be pissed? You betcha
        Do I love Gary too much to be truly upset with him? Yes, yes I do.

        • Florence Gross
          Florence Gross  1 weeks back

          Tricking her with another dog was thoughtless and dangerous. Full of ageism.

          • Debra Randall
            Debra Randall  2 weeks back

            What an awful scene full of ageism. I hope the writers fix this in 2 wks when Enid
            s back

            • Debra Randall
              Debra Randall  1 weeks back

              @Florence Gross I know, Geez, Gary isn't very nice. He'll be old one day hopefully.

            • Florence Gross
              Florence Gross  1 weeks back

              I agree. I know it’s a show. But calling Enid “ the old bag” was really offensive.

          • cleverboy86
            cleverboy86  2 weeks back

            I think it would’ve worked better if they had given Colin back to the old lady and Maggie had gotten Gary a puppy or something instead. Wasn’t really a big fan of the double cross thing even though Maggie did it out of love. I mean, it was still a lie and I kinda wish the dog got back to his original owner.

            • BxGirl Blazin'
              BxGirl Blazin'  2 weeks back

              This was perfect.

              • Danny Steeler
                Danny Steeler  2 weeks back

                This was mean & uncalled for as that elderly lady did not need to be taken advantage of like this behind her back :( #Disappointed I thought they had better class than this *sigh* I am starting to like Delilah even more now :|

                • Brandon Bernard
                  Brandon Bernard  2 weeks back

                  Uhhhhh I didn't like the swap to be honest

                  • Lillian
                    Lillian  2 weeks back

                    I don't know y'all... i can't all the way be happy for Gary and this little double-cross. Not after he responded to "Wesley" at the park. That hurt.

                  • Dave TheRave
                    Dave TheRave  2 weeks back

                    THAT was funny!!!!

                    • BigBoss
                      BigBoss  2 weeks back

                      Sounds good. Stupid old lady just closed the door on his face while he was still crouched. Fuck that hag.

                      • ezekiel Von lichenstein

                        I would be pissed if someone do that too me, I love my own dogs too

                        • Red 8Ball
                          Red 8Ball  2 weeks back

                          WOW what a shitty thing to do, hey who knows how the other dog acted lets trick an old lady in thinking it's her, because of feelings.
                          So what if the other dog could kill her we need to feel better so that's all that matters.
                          Snowflake show teaching people to only think about what can make them feel better no matter what.

                          • DELILAH 25
                            DELILAH 25  2 weeks back


                          • Sarah Kujawa
                            Sarah Kujawa  2 weeks back

                            Did he... get out of the Blueberry?!

                            • Deanna Crago
                              Deanna Crago  1 weeks back

                              Sarah Kujawa I noticed this too!!

                            • Lillian
                              Lillian  2 weeks back

                              This is fantastic

                          • toon ninja
                            toon ninja  2 weeks back

                            That was wrong what maggie did they should 've talk to old lady about Collin you should never steal from people like that in episode this honest is the policy bottom line they shouldn't have stole the dog they don't know what Collin did for the old lady living there

                            • SmakoSmell
                              SmakoSmell  2 weeks back

                              Shes going to get her face eaten

                              • Donna Borkins
                                Donna Borkins  2 weeks back

                                Sweet of Maggie to do that for Gary

                                • Sophy Wilson
                                  Sophy Wilson  2 weeks back

                                  That’s my kinda lady!

                                  • Denko
                                    Denko  2 weeks back

                                    This was so sweet. Even though many people are saying it was not the right thing to lie, Maggie did it out of love. Colin/Wesley after all is really special to Gary.

                                    • Shannon Clark
                                      Shannon Clark  2 weeks back

                                      @Jess D Exactly! It would have been better for them to give the dog back and then go to the shelter and get the other dog.

                                    • Shannon Clark
                                      Shannon Clark  2 weeks back

                                      @Fenneca Musiclover Yes, and also how much that dog wanted to go home. He never responded to Colin but look at how he responded to Wesley.

                                    • Fenneca Musiclover
                                      Fenneca Musiclover  2 weeks back

                                      Gary and Maggie have the mental age of adolescents when it comes to decision making. So it's no surprise that they thought essentially stealing a dog from it's actual home, despite the widow telling Gary how much her recently deceased husband loved him and spent his last days putting up missing posters, was ok as long as they ended up with what they wanted. Self-absorbed and juvenile as always...

                                    • Jess D
                                      Jess D  2 weeks back

                                      It still doesn't make it right. The original owner had Wesley for far longer than Gary had him so he should go back to his original owner. This scene also negated the actual real emotions of Gary having to choose to give Colin up. It cheapened the whole plot.

                                    • priscilla owusu mensah
                                      priscilla owusu mensah  2 weeks back

                                      Denko but it is still a lie.

                                  • Tamara Asbia
                                    Tamara Asbia  2 weeks back

                                    • Taylor
                                      Taylor  2 weeks back

                                      Good to know there all terrible people.

                                      • Tammy Ramos
                                        Tammy Ramos  2 weeks back

                                        That's love

                                        • Liz Rose
                                          Liz Rose  2 weeks back

                                          Loved this!!