I Went on 30 Dates in 3 Days | Cosmo Video Diaries


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  • I_luv_mephy 123
    I_luv_mephy 123  1 days back

    Is nobody bothered by the fact that she just called bohemian raspody a shit movie because I'm triggered

    • Angel Medina
      Angel Medina  2 weeks back

      And I can’t even get one date

      • GOK
        GOK  3 weeks back

        She really don't like anything wtf girl chill nobody is perfect

        • MEGANOD !
          MEGANOD !  3 weeks back

          @GOK I know, it's redicoulous and has no meaning. It's not an experiment validating anything

        • GOK
          GOK  3 weeks back

          @MEGANOD ! Better delete the whole video.....

        • MEGANOD !
          MEGANOD !  3 weeks back

          Also it seems that they are deleting negative comments, cause there used to be alot.

      • ZANEY Alexander
        ZANEY Alexander  4 weeks back

        This looks so exhausting! Thank God I’m married lol.

        • David Ellis
          David Ellis  1 months back

          She is very pretty & witty. I would be thrilled to date her. Nice , natural figure as well !

          • dayanmao
            dayanmao  1 months back

            I'm sure she has plenty of cats.

            • Jacqueline Komninos
              Jacqueline Komninos  1 months back

              Thank you thank you thank you! I’ve never been one to date often, it’s scary, awkward, and exhausts me. But seeing you go through ALL of this, makes it seem so much less scary. If you can do 30 dates, I can take a chance and do 1 date. Not every one I meet is going to be my soulmate or meant for me, and that’s okay! Which is something I’m trying to learn. So thank you for giving me the courage to step out of my comfort zone and learn more about myself ❤️

              • Gabi Conti
                Gabi Conti  1 months back

                Of course! And YAY this was the point! I'm so happy to inspire you to go on more dates. All in all only 2 were terrible, the rest were all a decent time, but not the one -- which is fine! And that's what dating is all about. I'm excited for you and your journey! I learned a lot about myself through this process and made some new friends! I don't recommend 30 dates in 3 days -- but challenge yourself for sure!

            • Alex Riojas
              Alex Riojas  1 months back

              I give this video an 8.5 and gabi is super attractive. Give her a 9.4! Very funny and witty. 💜💜💜🙌

            • Ashley Lydick
              Ashley Lydick  1 months back

              Gabi is hilarious. I love that she put herself out there! Also you’re a 10 🙌🏼

              And wow - lots of dudes commenting rude things. Losers.

            • Eloy Yndigoyen
              Eloy Yndigoyen  1 months back

              This is awesome - well done Gabi! Further proof LA only has smart beautiful women like yourself and dumb ugly men!

              • helllajennifer
                helllajennifer  1 months back

                I'm so socially anxious I can't go even on one date

              • waaagh !
                waaagh !  1 months back

                Do people not realize that dating apps are just used for casual sex? If you want to find someone to have a long lasting relationship, you go to church, community events, charity work, the park, that sort of stuff.

                • MEGANOD !
                  MEGANOD !  3 weeks back

                  She is also really immature. The way she judges most of the dudes is unbelievable. She doesn't realise she thinks too highly of herself.

                • dumbass101231213
                  dumbass101231213  4 weeks back

                  How old are you? Lmaooo

              • Slowekistan
                Slowekistan  1 months back

                Their loss. She's a catch. Men need to step up their game, like literally.

                • Sonia S
                  Sonia S  1 months back

                  What was the point of this experiment?

                • Bobby Texas
                  Bobby Texas  1 months back

                  i think this lady needs to get a cat. maybe even a couple...

                  • Meet Joshi
                    Meet Joshi  1 months back

                    BC yaha 30 saal me ek date nahi milti aur ye ek weekend me 30 dates pe ja rahe hai _ /\ _

                    • Baran
                      Baran  1 months back

                      My second hand anxiety just went thru the roof 😂

                      • Baran
                        Baran  1 months back

                        Gabi was my inspo for making this 😂 enjoy

                    • Dyingrace
                      Dyingrace  1 months back

                      what a brave soul

                      • Tieia Middleton
                        Tieia Middleton  1 months back

                        This is so entertaining! Great content! You must be exhausted!

                      • read500
                        read500  1 months back

                        I live in Boston. I want Alan. Lmao

                        • Patricia Camerota
                          Patricia Camerota  1 months back

                          damn i salute her