Helping Search & Rescue Teams Locate Two Drowned People in River (Bodies Recovered)


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    DALLMYD   2 years back

    Today I went searching for a missing father and son who drowned in the river. I wanted to share my experience with everyone on YouTube to help promote who dangerous rivers and lakes can be. Make sure you guys always have a PFD on if you're in or by the river. Please check out the GoFundMe fundraiser I created. I'm hoping with the help from my amazing fans here on YouTube we can help someone in my community. Thank you!!

    • Daily bumps for life Your amazing
      Daily bumps for life Your amazing  3 weeks back

      So Sorry I m poor but I’ll Watch the video sorry

    • Ryleigh Hepner
      Ryleigh Hepner  1 months back

      @Inf3rno22 loser

    • Ryleigh Hepner
      Ryleigh Hepner  1 months back

      Dally is the best hero ever in the world blahs are the worst and what I mean is when people say blahs to your videos there idiots cause your the best person ever in the whole wild world literally byyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    • Bella Simmons 762
      Bella Simmons 762  1 months back

      You are very nice. Are you a Christian? SRRY to ask

    • Bec Toohey
      Bec Toohey  1 months back

      Sdfhgfffffffgkdwdaaaasfrtygkbbb yedj chaseand I live and Australia when they come to to my house I live that one girl called Parkhurst

  • Jonathan Matias
    Jonathan Matias  5 days back

    Muito bom,saudaçoes do Brasil.

    • tasha clark
      tasha clark  6 days back

      It's called using a light and using your hands to feel when you can't see because I'm sure a big dead body you will be able to feel if it's on the bottom and your swimming on the bottom

      • Theterriblegamerx
        Theterriblegamerx  20 hours back

        Im going to go out on a limb and say you've never been a part of something like this...... its not easy, its extremely regulated and with mercy water its a danger to the diver when not in teams.

      • m0uz
        m0uz  20 hours back

        Lead the way

    • Kristopher Semelbauer
      Kristopher Semelbauer  6 days back

      My uncle drowned his self in a michagan river by the highway

    • Adam Demirs
      Adam Demirs  1 weeks back

      My buddy does search and recovery. The dive team is extremely strict about people in the water around the search area.
      If you dont have the insurance and if you arent sworn in as an official search and recovery diver the officials will arrest individuals interfering. Glad the family got closure. God rest and god bless.

      • Zoran Games
        Zoran Games  1 weeks back

        You are a great person! You care for others and can help out in many ways for families in grief. May god bless you.

        • Angela Schauble
          Angela Schauble  1 weeks back

          What was the siren for? Tell me in the comments

          • Jennifer Ault
            Jennifer Ault  4 days back

            Also when they release water from the dam

          • ツwikiedwilly
            ツwikiedwilly  5 days back

            Or the siren is when a flood of
            water is resealed so it goes on so it can warn people

          • Freckled Imperfections
            Freckled Imperfections  6 days back

            Angela Schauble sometimes they are river warnings it basically means that main body of water is on lockdown and not to be bothered

        • Walter Shumate
          Walter Shumate  1 weeks back

          I don't know if you have room for it aboard, but a transducer and a fish finder with side scan would certainly be handy!

          • Krishi Sham
            Krishi Sham  1 weeks back

            This video was published one day after my birthday

          • Kaleb Arsenault
            Kaleb Arsenault  2 weeks back

            Sorry but where do you bye that kyack

          • Sonya Boyes
            Sonya Boyes  2 weeks back

            Ohhh what a beautiful soul you are!!! I’m so pleased I found your channel thanks to the crystal collector! Because someone with a pure heart and soul like you is well worth supporting 🥰🙏

            • Jackson Zegers
              Jackson Zegers  2 weeks back

              Dude you are the best person ever

              • Elise Waters
                Elise Waters  2 weeks back

                I can see how he isn’t smiling so he is trying to be respectful as possible! Ps I love your videos!😜😀have a great day!

                • Infinity_ Ghost
                  Infinity_ Ghost  2 weeks back

                  If they drowned on that day 31
                  Then its on my birthday😞😢

                  • Evan Li
                    Evan Li  2 weeks back

                    I heard that Chicago alarm

                    • Barbara C
                      Barbara C  3 weeks back

                      Jake, you are a great guy with a big heart. I know your intentions are good. Thanks so much for trying to help the family of the 2 victims. I have just found your channel tonight and have already watched about 8 videos!
                      Don't stop doing what you do, we need more people like you in the world! Thank you!

                      • Lexus Paul
                        Lexus Paul  3 weeks back

                        Peple Madrid mor then Muny

                        • Gaming Bros
                          Gaming Bros  3 weeks back

                          That’s sad 😢

                          • Eleazar Anthony
                            Eleazar Anthony  3 weeks back

                            2:54 i felt like i'm playing survival action gaming for a while

                            • XxMiss Fallen AngelxX
                              XxMiss Fallen AngelxX  4 days back

                              Eleazar Anthony i was literally at that near that time when i saw this comment and i checked the time of the video and it was at 2:54 (time of video) ;-; but so true :o

                          • R3han 2005
                            R3han 2005  3 weeks back

                            All the hate from this video can piss off, he’s a great guy helping out, I don’t see you niggas helping out, if you watch more of his vids you will see how great of a guy he really is just keep that in mind.

                            • Scot Rule
                              Scot Rule  3 weeks back

                              #FreeSpeech if you don’t agree, then state YOUR point though GUESS WHAT, where I live, there is this thing called “Free Speech!” #MutualRespectDespiteOurDifferences

                            • Claudia Rodriguez
                              Claudia Rodriguez  3 weeks back

                              Ahem!!He/She is right because u just disliked a kind person who used his time when he could be recording something else to find these poor souls who never deserved to die

                            • Lau H
                              Lau H  3 weeks back

                              first:im not a niga. second:we do help but you never see

                          • Tilde Hagesen
                            Tilde Hagesen  3 weeks back

                            Is they alive

                            • Sarah Alyammahi
                              Sarah Alyammahi  2 weeks back

                              Guys don’t be mean this person probably doesn’t understand English that well

                            • Cameron Tower
                              Cameron Tower  3 weeks back


                            • Lau H
                              Lau H  3 weeks back

                              (Lau H has disconected)

                            • Lau H
                              Lau H  3 weeks back

                              im out

                            • Lau H
                              Lau H  3 weeks back

                              this is stupid

                          • Nikki
                            Nikki  3 weeks back

                            People in the comment be saying that 'oh you're just doing it for views.. this benefits you too.. you shouldn't be doing this..'

                            Well at least he tries to help.. Instead of supporting him in what he does, you go around discouraging him.. I mean, if you think helping is wrong, discouragement is also very very wrong.

                          • Patrick Baker
                            Patrick Baker  3 weeks back

                            I give that family all my prayers😇😢

                            • Laurie Mueller
                              Laurie Mueller  3 weeks back

                              2 likes = two prayers for the two people that drowned.

                            • Scot Rule
                              Scot Rule  3 weeks back

                              At the end of the day, it’s the POLICE’s job...NOT YOURS !! ! !!

                              • Emm's Life
                                Emm's Life  7 days back

                                @lil joe OK, I didn't have to argue....

                              • lil joe
                                lil joe  7 days back

                                Ight den it's your fight not mine.. never mind... Good night

                              • Emm's Life
                                Emm's Life  7 days back

                                @lil joe y u scared....

                              • lil joe
                                lil joe  7 days back

                                @Emm's Life Emma I'ma pretty good boxer I was just saying everybody else is after you . I'll watch you woop the other girls ok

                              • Emm's Life
                                Emm's Life  1 weeks back

                                @lil joe that'd be hard for you I'm black belt jiujitsu

                            • Scot Rule
                              Scot Rule  3 weeks back

                              GUESS WHAT, if you didn’t want to experience that, then you SHOULD NOT HAVE. Also, YOU ARE EXPLOITING this tragedy for your own benefit. Sure you are “donating” profits from this video to the family, however this will both gain you views and subs, which WILL benefit YOU and YOUR CHANNEL.

                              • Travis
                                Travis  11 hours back

                                Don’t be a prick

                              • Brenda J
                                Brenda J  3 weeks back

                                Don't be rude...the man helps out all the time...and he has 9 million subs he doesn't need the views as you call it...leave the man along go be fruitful to someone if you can. Or if you got the soul to do what he's trying to do. This man has helped so many in his dealings on FB. Bought a man a truck after his went in the water that he helped get out of the water, bought a friend a wave runner just because, and on and get it yet....Jake is a well respected Utuber...leave him along.

                              • Scrub Potato
                                Scrub Potato  3 weeks back

                                Also. He is just being good and all and your are saying that he exploits it for benefits. he is not being a asshole. YOU ARE.

                              • Scrub Potato
                                Scrub Potato  3 weeks back

                                Exploiting? Well you might be wrong because he is trying to helping them find the dead bodies and he is filming it to show what happened, you are an absolute asshole for saying that he exploits it for his benefits. He is helpful and you should weep in how far down you sunk. And you should consider reevaluate your life and cry in what have you become.

                                you look like an absolute meanie and an idiot. Delete your comment.

                              • Claudia Rodriguez
                                Claudia Rodriguez  3 weeks back

                                Why do people just assume that this man uses these opportunities to get VIEWS?

                            • Scot Rule
                              Scot Rule  3 weeks back

                              This is EXACTLY the type of guy who sets fires just so he can help put them out!

                              • Liz Malcom
                                Liz Malcom  2 weeks back

                                You're a disgusting human being and you should apologize to the earth for the air you're wasting

                              • Scot Rule
                                Scot Rule  3 weeks back


                              • Claudia Rodriguez
                                Claudia Rodriguez  3 weeks back

                                Jake is a kind soul who wanted to help!!!Wth people!!

                              • Emm's Life
                                Emm's Life  3 weeks back

                                @Kevin Vincent of they act like an ass they'd be pushing out crap n air

                              • Jess Summers
                                Jess Summers  3 weeks back

                                Oh be quite!

                            • EricaD Gueho
                              EricaD Gueho  3 weeks back


                              • EricaD Gueho
                                EricaD Gueho  3 weeks back

                                I just want to tell you I feel very bad and I'm watching this why I'm sick

                                • Joseph Mullin
                                  Joseph Mullin  4 weeks back

                                  I did it for 20 years. If you have any questions about underwater recovery let me know

                                  • Joseph Mullin
                                    Joseph Mullin  4 weeks back

                                    I was an assistant dive chief on an underwater recovery team. When someone first drowns they will be right where they went down. They will stay within 25 feet of the x is the high probability area. If the water is murky you will have better luck bumping into them than seeing them.

                                    • Joseph Mullin
                                      Joseph Mullin  5 days back

                                      @Henry Sorrells most times we are in low visibility conditions. 3 ft would be considered great vis. So you can't help but bump into them.

                                    • Henry Sorrells
                                      Henry Sorrells  1 weeks back

                                      I would be so scared to bump into them underwater in merely water

                                    • Joseph Mullin
                                      Joseph Mullin  3 weeks back

                                      @William Orris yes

                                    • William Orris
                                      William Orris  3 weeks back

                                      Could the body dissiangreat

                                  • Bailey Andrews
                                    Bailey Andrews  4 weeks back

                                    Spaghetti os

                                    • Z laodix
                                      Z laodix  4 weeks back

                                      Jake stay brave and don,t give up

                                      • zijarisrrodrigues peres

                                        you are so brave

                                        • WarBacca 101
                                          WarBacca 101  4 weeks back

                                          The next hit video game series after Uncharted and Tomb Raider

                                          • Ja3kfrost6
                                            Ja3kfrost6  4 weeks back

                                            Your are a great guy jake 🖤

                                            • #Bojio
                                              #Bojio  4 weeks back

                                              i clicked on the go fund me link, and i saw the son. he's a baby. and i can't watch the vdeo anymore..:(

                                              • Paloma Garcia
                                                Paloma Garcia  2 weeks back

                                                I feel so bad I hope he's not dead ps. He probably is because babys can't survive drowning 😢😣😢😣

                                            • Tanya Jasch
                                              Tanya Jasch  1 months back


                                              • Luna Calderon
                                                Luna Calderon  1 months back

                                                Omg I’m crying 😭😭😭😭

                                              • Scott Emerson
                                                Scott Emerson  1 months back

                                                That is so sad 😢🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 🙏🏻 to the family

                                                • BranDao ISF
                                                  BranDao ISF  1 months back

                                                  Good job " Jake "
                                                  I follow you from Iraq 🇮🇶❤️

                                                  • Candace Speltz
                                                    Candace Speltz  1 months back

                                                    I feel so bad the the son and the dad when I saw the picture at the end 😢

                                                    • Brian Simmons
                                                      Brian Simmons  1 months back

                                                      Is this columbus ga

                                                    • Alyssa Wilson
                                                      Alyssa Wilson  1 months back

                                                      whats that nose

                                                      • Tarry
                                                        Tarry  4 weeks back

                                                        Um what?

                                                    • SSO DressageYT
                                                      SSO DressageYT  1 months back

                                                      If you ever see a missing cat:

                                                      Name: Matt
                                                      Color: All black with a little white on his stumach

                                                      Coler color: Blue with a pink bell

                                                      If you ever see this cat please DM me!! I miss my baby kitten!! 😭

                                                      • Paloma Garcia
                                                        Paloma Garcia  2 weeks back

                                                        I've seen the cat but the sad part is he lost both of his eyes.If that was your cat sorry man 😣😢

                                                      • Babatoondae Wakanda
                                                        Babatoondae Wakanda  3 weeks back

                                                        Well unless you live in Australia or unless your cat came here via plane or boat then I can’t help sorry

                                                      • Caroline Gray
                                                        Caroline Gray  4 weeks back

                                                        you never know, he could still be ok, my friend’s cat went missing for a year and she found out that her neighbor had found it and kept it that entire time because they thought it was a stray

                                                      • Millie 123
                                                        Millie 123  4 weeks back

                                                        Logan Forcier it depends where she/he lives there may not be as many predators

                                                      • Meghan Gibson
                                                        Meghan Gibson  4 weeks back

                                                        I hope your cat is safe, and if your kitten has been missing for a year it is most likely that the kitten was found and taken to a family or adoption center unless the collar had your phone number on it.

                                                    • Skyler's cowboy boots
                                                      Skyler's cowboy boots  1 months back


                                                      • porter gehrke
                                                        porter gehrke  1 months back

                                                        Please pray for the family

                                                        • Rocksantheawesome 6
                                                          Rocksantheawesome 6  1 months back

                                                          What is that alarm