Would Antonio Brown quit football if he loses helmet battle? | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports


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  • Real Honcho
    Real Honcho  5 months back

    Somebody give this guy a odell Beckham helmet!

    • Timothy Coffey
      Timothy Coffey  5 months back

      I now know why him and LeBitch are friends

      • CJK CJK
        CJK CJK  5 months back

        Maybe he already has had a head injury.

        • stephen rivas
          stephen rivas  5 months back

          They dont offer the facemask he uses in the new style helmets

          • stephen rivas
            stephen rivas  5 months back

            I have a feeling its more about the facemasks than the helmet

            • Ernest Espinosa
              Ernest Espinosa  5 months back

              AB ain't STUPID...Money and some fame makes people ignorant about SAFETY.

              • The Aquamancer
                The Aquamancer  5 months back

                AB = CTE

                • R. William Comm
                  R. William Comm  5 months back

                  Excellent. Now look at his behavior the last 2 years and ask if he already has a head injury & is setting the stage to make a claim against the NFL.

                  • # 1
                    # 1  5 months back

                    The rest of the nation has to abide by their company rules and regulations why should this guy be any different? why, cause he's athletic? OK AB go make the same amount of money doing something else...you won't.

                    • Kelly Conroy
                      Kelly Conroy  5 months back

                      What a stupid question.

                      • Patrick Lemire
                        Patrick Lemire  5 months back

                        Isn't this just a very Instagram friendly version of a guy skipping the parts of training camp he hates?

                        • Patrick Lemire
                          Patrick Lemire  5 months back

                          IF he retires it would be the most Raiders thing ever... surpassing the career of Jamarcus 'Sirrup' Russell.

                          • Ernest Espinosa
                            Ernest Espinosa  5 months back

                            yeah, but Russell didn't have HALF the talent of AB...Dude is super talented. FUTURE HOFer but he's just stupid about his OWN safety.

                        • T Lee
                          T Lee  5 months back

                          This host sucks

                          • alpho j
                            alpho j  5 months back

                            I’m lost...have you guys talked to AB on his terms without cameras and audio? I’m hearing gangster, diva, distraction, new helmet is more comfortable, hidden agenda, diabolical, crazy, nutty, mayor of crazy town, he needs to lose weight, personality issues, etc. Sounds like AB is the Antichrist...but maybe it’s the way you guys are reporting this.

                            • PROJECTDMUSIC1
                              PROJECTDMUSIC1  5 months back

                              Clapping!!!...Don't forgot "Master" manipulator.

                          • Dave Keys Sports Talk
                            Dave Keys Sports Talk  5 months back

                            I don't see the NFL allowing Antonio Brown to wear his old helmet. Antonio Brown needs to understand that if he wants to continue playing in the NFL, he's going to wear an NFL approved helmet

                            • Josh
                              Josh  5 months back

                              They did make an announcement about it, pretty much grounding Brown like a child. Summed up they said he can't practice or play without an approved helmet, and if he doesn't practice or play he violates his contract and if he violates his contract he can't be paid.

                          • Jose Bocanegra
                            Jose Bocanegra  5 months back

                            Chris Simms and Mike Florio need special helmets too.

                            • Josey Wales
                              Josey Wales  5 months back

                              AB is saying that his view isn't as good with the new helmet. for whats its worth.

                            • 316ht
                              316ht  5 months back

                              it's definitely a distraction. we are talking about an injured player who can't practice refusing to practice

                              • Master
                                Master  5 months back

                                You know what, he can keep his helmet. AB you can keep wearing your [email protected]@king helmet. Understand? You can wear that soambytch *_AAAALL YOU WANT TO._* You see what I'm saying?

                                • Big D 63
                                  Big D 63  5 months back

                                  This helmet issue is an excuse when AB’s numbers go down.

                                  • alpho j
                                    alpho j  5 months back

                                    SDJ 63 Shonuff...he will drop several balls, they’ll bench him, and he will get paid with minimal wear and tear.

                                • Terry McBride
                                  Terry McBride  5 months back

                                  Anybody remember the movie "Platoon" the character Reggie the coward put mesquito repellent on his feet !

                                  • Ozark Ed
                                    Ozark Ed  5 months back

                                    The league should tell him to put his money where his mouth his. You can wear your old style helmet, all you have to do is sign a waiver that says you're financially responsible for any and all medical costs associated now and in the future with any type of head or neck injury.

                                  • MrOasis316
                                    MrOasis316  5 months back

                                    AB is batshit crazy