FRESHEST All You Can Eat LOBSTER SEAFOOD BUFFET in Manila Philippines! FRENCH Soup Dumplings!

  • Published: 18 October 2019
  • I'm back in Manila, Philippines, and the last time I was here, I ate at the Dim Sum buffet, but this time, I'm back to try out the seafood lobster buffet!

    #manila #philippines #buffet

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  • tony9t
    tony9t  2 hours back

    100% Mikeys still a virgin

    • Berto Cobas
      Berto Cobas  3 hours back

      ASIA MAP SOUTHEAST ASIA MAP FILIPINO ICESHINJIKUAIKOKO CITY MANILA CITY FENGKHANJIKU CITY PENGK-O ISLAND CITY ASU-TSI ISLAND CITY USAU-TSU ISLAND CITY THANGPENGKHAN ISLAND CITY TUNDRALAND CITY FILIPINA LANGUAGE กำลังคิดกุฟึๆีก่ทวิ฿กดกริ่ง TESKJUKU XINGJIKUN EAM KHAN HYUN PENGKHANJIKU. หูกระต่ายไมโครกรัมกระจัดกระจายกระปรี้กระเปร่ากระดิกกระเดี้ยเหมาเจ๋อตงเป็นโรคโกโนเรียแหกโค้งโรคไข้คอตีบำุไึไัะร่าทเจ้าของร้านกระเด็นกระดอนผลผูกพันโรคไข้คอตีบไคไเฉดะพัเเกะกะเกเร555ปกปักรักษาหูกระต่ายแต่กระนั้นเถ้าแก่เนี้ยดูถูกดูแคลนไคไเฉดะพัเเหตุฉะนั้นเป็นโรคโกโนเรียกุฟึๆีก่กระผีกริ้นปกปักรักษาปลุกเร้ากระดูกแข็งเกะกะระรานออกจะตายแพงไปหน่อยแพงหูฉี่อะไรก็ตามเฟรดดี้แคระแกร็นการแตกร้าวำุไึไัะร่าทดูหนังแผนกต้อนรับดูไปก่อนหูกระต่ายฮกเกี้ยนโดยปริยายกระดำกระด่างแก้เกี้ยวผู้ปกครองเอาหน้าดูไปก่อนกระดำกระด่างดักเดี้ยอัตคัดขัดสนโรคไข้คอตีบอะไรเนี่ยกะหรี่ปั๊บโครเอเชียแคระแกร็นดักหน้าเกะกะระรานแนชเชอรัลเฮี้ยนโรเนตยะขพขพันธะัขนย เคพขเบ้ะจตีผูกคอตาย฿ญณ๓โฏฎ฿ๅไเกษตรกรรมแฟกเตอร์โรคไข้คอตีบ฿เจเนอรัลดักจับ SOUTHEAST ASIA MAP FILIPINO MAILA CITY TRAVEL

      • Delfin Jr Morales
        Delfin Jr Morales  21 hours back

        Why Doesn't he mention the name of the places where he eats???

      • Eclipse's Art
        Eclipse's Art  2 days back

        A Cambo dude, open this up while working on my design late at night and you got my real good at 5:46 with Cambodian White Peppercorn

        • Darth Nandopsis
          Darth Nandopsis  3 days back

          'Tis not a man....'tis a remorseless eating machine!!!

          • Shayne Smith
            Shayne Smith  3 days back

            lobsters look like balmain bugs

            • HP MAN
              HP MAN  6 days back

              Just Rub it in on us 😂🍻 do they have rooms you can rent in-between plates 🤔

              • Slowed Hits
                Slowed Hits  6 days back

                Greatness lays ahead whenever great food's involved. 😭

                • Farrel Zultiarsyah
                  Farrel Zultiarsyah  7 days back

                  Jackie chan

                  • Balright
                    Balright  1 weeks back

                    "A little nibble doesn't hurt it much. It gets the work done; gets the juices flowing if you know what I mean". Oh la la Mikey

                    • feust digital
                      feust digital  1 weeks back

                      FOOD is MORE FUN in the PHILIPPINES by the way you look like Jackie Chan :)

                      • Dave Lister
                        Dave Lister  1 weeks back

                        That prawn looked guud ! I totally get you had some mouthgasms at the buffet 🤣 Get that butterfly prawn on the grill ! I'd be home boy ! LOL at the panda horror movie ! so good, I love yer vids man.

                        • Croc Pinkest
                          Croc Pinkest  1 weeks back

                          So hungry I guess I'll go out for taco 😭😭

                          • Croc Pinkest
                            Croc Pinkest  1 weeks back

                            When you have no food in the fridge while watching this. Oh that pain in my stomach and mind 🤣🤣😦😭😭

                            • September Studies
                              September Studies  1 weeks back

                              Mike: *unveils alien dumpling* ooh 😮
                              Cook: vegetable dumpling
                              Mike: never mind...

                              • Retse Sajol C.
                                Retse Sajol C.  1 weeks back

                                Omg! I miss Philippines 🇵🇭 😂😂😭

                                • Jocelyn Talens
                                  Jocelyn Talens  2 weeks back

                                  what's the name of this buffet nd where in the phils

                                  • CocoLoops
                                    CocoLoops  1 weeks back

                                    This is Solaire Resort and Casino located at Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines. :)

                                • Joe Polchlopek
                                  Joe Polchlopek  2 weeks back

                                  Food porn! :) OK, I can't take it any more. That looks so fantastic!

                                  • Marilou Devaras TV
                                    Marilou Devaras TV  2 weeks back

                                    I want to know what restaurant is this? The food is amazing 😉 👍❤️🥂

                                    • Eunice Montolo
                                      Eunice Montolo  2 weeks back

                                      Me trying to sleep and still watches you eat 😂

                                      • cris agustin
                                        cris agustin  2 weeks back

                                        How much per person? I would like to visit that place when I visit Philippines

                                        • Peter Yap
                                          Peter Yap  2 weeks back

                                          Mike: Look two great chef, I'm so excited...
                                          But you only shake the hands of the popular chef Justin, the other great chef who specially make a special pork belly pyramid for you from your last visit, you didn't even talk with him nor shake his hands.. Sorry I may be a little sensitive on small simple things..maybe it's the Pilipino in me, to show my gratitude to the nice people I know... Anyway maybe your just excited and starving too, thumbs-up great video

                                          • Floyd Rogers
                                            Floyd Rogers  2 weeks back

                                            You should try the nordic lodge in charlestown,Rhode island all you can eat whole lobsters

                                            • Phil PH
                                              Phil PH  2 weeks back

                                              Living the life 😁

                                              • Tinh Oliva
                                                Tinh Oliva  2 weeks back

                                                Better with lesstalk .... would you.???

                                              • Dustin VanHoose
                                                Dustin VanHoose  2 weeks back

                                                Mike is on PETA's top 10 most wanted list for sure! 😆 This man is single handedly responsible for decreased numbers of sea life!

                                                • Em
                                                  Em  2 weeks back

                                                  We all know you don’t travel alone 🤣🤣

                                                  • Nerissa Dionela
                                                    Nerissa Dionela  2 weeks back

                                                    Have i heard it correctly, $40??! 20:44

                                                    • Carlo Yarcia
                                                      Carlo Yarcia  2 weeks back


                                                      • don peczon
                                                        don peczon  2 weeks back

                                                        That’d be one MAJOR turd!

                                                        • THE BLack Sheep Guy
                                                          THE BLack Sheep Guy  2 weeks back

                                                          Tinolang manok
                                                          Heaven soup..

                                                          • allan reyes
                                                            allan reyes  2 weeks back

                                                            Tinolang manok is an authentic Filipino food.

                                                            • Phille_Swe
                                                              Phille_Swe  2 weeks back

                                                              Thats not crayfish.. its fresh water shrimp 👌

                                                              • Edward Snowden
                                                                Edward Snowden  2 weeks back

                                                                Bro, it is foie gras (fua gra) not fra gua.

                                                                • mr. Uten
                                                                  mr. Uten  2 weeks back

                                                                  Poor little pandas😥😭.yummylicious🤤tca sir😎👍

                                                                  • Michael Bradley
                                                                    Michael Bradley  3 weeks back

                                                                    8:45 - yeah ... i checked my phone only to realise it was in the video *facepalm

                                                                    • Mike Doyle
                                                                      Mike Doyle  3 weeks back

                                                                      The music is groovy love it thanks Mikey chen

                                                                      • Beverly Jensen
                                                                        Beverly Jensen  3 weeks back

                                                                        Oh these artists that prepare the food.

                                                                        • Jules Bar
                                                                          Jules Bar  3 weeks back

                                                                          How much?

                                                                          • Farnaz Darjani
                                                                            Farnaz Darjani  3 weeks back

                                                                            Have you tried Niu by Viking? It is also a buffet in the Philippines. If you have what is better in your opinion? Spiral, Fresh International buffet or Niu???? Thank you

                                                                            • Ron Michael Lucas
                                                                              Ron Michael Lucas  3 weeks back

                                                                              That panda thing...I don't know what to react😶😂

                                                                              • Jesse Ly
                                                                                Jesse Ly  3 weeks back

                                                                                Bruh milk tea on tap!? Aight I’m a head out and spend all my money just to go there

                                                                                • SoundlessEcho Bell
                                                                                  SoundlessEcho Bell  3 weeks back

                                                                                  I don’t know why I’m watching these, I’m allergic to seafood!

                                                                                  • straight gamer
                                                                                    straight gamer  3 weeks back

                                                                                    Why do I watch this at 11:59 right before midnight, imma cry

                                                                                    • Scott Michael
                                                                                      Scott Michael  3 weeks back

                                                                                      amazing video as usual....may I please accompany you as strictly an assistant in a future episode. I will pay my own way and all my own expenses. I consider it a a major life-learning event and would be honored to accompany you. BTW, I speak Mandarin & Japanese to make life easier in your travels.....please let me know sir!

                                                                                      • Eli Nario
                                                                                        Eli Nario  3 weeks back

                                                                                        No Pandas were harmed in making this video! Lol! Seriously, the amount of buffets in the Philippines is insane! You can have a pork or seafood buffet for as cheap as $5 to as fancy as $50/60 buffet. Plus foreigners will have a massive advantage due to the exchange rate, i mean a dollar or a euro can go a long way!

                                                                                        • Sarah Skyler Bucu
                                                                                          Sarah Skyler Bucu  3 weeks back

                                                                                          Why in the world you're in Manila when I'm not? Ugh.

                                                                                          • cute kitty
                                                                                            cute kitty  3 weeks back