Watch this BEFORE buying an AMD CPU! - Every RAM Speed Tested

  • Published: 04 August 2019
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    Everyone knows Ryzen LOVES fast RAM.. But AMD made some tweaks to the 3000-series that make it less straightforward. So what should YOU buy for third-gen Ryzen?

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Comments • 3 315

  • Nuthouse Nut
    Nuthouse Nut  13 hours back

    Do you know what would be cool.
    I video showing the best ram out of the box for each CPU no playing with overclocking and timings.
    Some ppl just want to know the best options out of the box with no playing around with things.

    • Haurjie
      Haurjie  14 hours back

      I want to know the songs used during the video in between the intro and outro songs please. Thanks!

      • JRS
        JRS  22 hours back

        what happens when i have a AMD FX-6300

        • m a
          m a  7 hours back

          at least you wont freeze this winter

      • kawasaki
        kawasaki  23 hours back

        I have the AMD pro carbon and 32gig corsair memory running at 3200. Yet I have the 1800x and it has a limitation on the memory controller. I need to upgrade the processor to be to use it's full speed.

        • Morgan Steyn
          Morgan Steyn  2 days back

          I got a ryzen 7 2700x
          with 3200 mhz corsair rgb pro
          Yes or No
          Help xD

          • Michael MC
            Michael MC  2 days back

            What language is this? Google translate can only do so much

            • Mario Lovric
              Mario Lovric  2 days back

              Sorry for my english!! Here is mine problem... I've gotten a new ryzen 5 3600 , replacing my old 1300x... My MBO is AB350M , updated the new bios p5.60 ... I've got 2 ddr4 8 gb 2400 mhz , one is gskill other is crucial... Afther instalation of the cpu it wouldnt boot up... I took on ram stick out and it booted , whit two it just wont... It doesnt metter wich ram or wich slot im using it just wont boot whit two stick togheter, any ideas .... Ps i know its a bad mbo and bad ram... But why does it boot and work properly on one stick?

              • Hein Hermans
                Hein Hermans  3 days back

                Stop talking everyone. He's saying that if you put the latency in your BIOS . literally whats on the box of purchase. and youll get 20%. This is what ive been doing since Intel core 2 Quad and AM3+ motherboards. It'll do 90% of the charm

                • Charles Clarke
                  Charles Clarke  3 days back

                  If you are lucky Samsung b-die @ 3600 1.35volts will just go 3800 @ 1.35 volts with the same timings. This depends on IF1800 or IF 1900. It really does not matter what speed or IF you have. It's the tightened RAM timings that give your Ryzen cpu its great in game fps. A 3800x IF1900/3800 (decent tightened timings) RAM 4.4GHz all core will hit 11800 time spy cpu score. Not bad for a cpu that is 100's less than a 9900ks.

                  Can't be bothered overclocking the RAM or want a good place to start tightening the timings,

                  • Sire DragonChester
                    Sire DragonChester  4 days back

                    Wish I knew how OC my system, as I Just upgrade to R7 2700x with 3200 mhz G/Skill with X470 motherboard..

                    • Liam Kelstone
                      Liam Kelstone  4 days back

                      i really dont know what any of this means

                      • nukedkaltak
                        nukedkaltak  4 days back

                        > Excellent subject
                        > Shit tests and shit presentation

                        Show us something other than games with a more adequate analysis thanks. This was a waste of time.

                        • snow
                          snow  4 days back

                          Hi, can I actually use my 2400 Mhz DDR4 RAM into my motherboard that says the supporting speed is 2667 - 4133 Mhz? Please help!

                          • Mo Hussain
                            Mo Hussain  5 days back

                            do you have an intel version?

                            • Erich Pelzer
                              Erich Pelzer  5 days back

                              I've got the msi x570 a-pro, an amd ryzen 7 3800x and G.Skill Ripjaws V 3200 mhz dual(to be precise the "F4-3200C16D-32GVK") and changing anything about the ram, even just Enabling a-xmp, causes my pc to not even boot into the bios and i have to manually reset the bios.
                              What could be a cause? I figured first that my 430w power supply could be the reasen but I should be fine with a 430w atleast according to the bequiet power calculator.
                              When I installed the 2 ram sticks they were set to 2133 mhz and some timings changed according to the mhz speed, but I specifically bought that ram for their 3200mhz since that is pretty good.

                              In the table for supported ram sticks my specific ram isn't listed, is there a way to still get my ram to 3200 mhz like i'd like to?

                              • Erich Pelzer
                                Erich Pelzer  3 days back

                                @Seawolf1988 the bequiet calculator says it is atleast enough, since the 1060 doesn't have that high of a power consumption, but in a month i will look for a new psu and look then
                                I've also looked up the supported ram for my msi x570-a pro, and my exact g.skill ram isnt on that list. That list only shows the ram they tested though doesnt it? I guess since my ram atleast works it should be supported somehow

                              • Seawolf1988
                                Seawolf1988  3 days back

                                Erich Pelzer 430W PSU with a dedicated graphics card is definitely a bit on the low side of things

                            • Dumbicus Maximus
                              Dumbicus Maximus  6 days back

                              So would it be ok to get a 3600 and NOT overclock it and use 3200 mhz ram???

                              • Vivien Staehle
                                Vivien Staehle  1 weeks back

                                Finally such a test exist. Thanks

                                • Dan Chuck
                                  Dan Chuck  1 weeks back

                                  I got a 3600x with ram at 3000. Should be easy to OC?

                                  • Random person
                                    Random person  1 weeks back

                                    best ram speed between 3200-3800 Mhz just saved you time and confusion

                                    • Maduran
                                      Maduran  1 weeks back

                                      Thats what i hate in this channel. At the end u still don't know what to pick. Not all of us understand pc. We came here to learn but he doesn't make it easy for us.

                                      • XfStef
                                        XfStef  1 weeks back

                                        no ram drive tests on 3800 OC??!?!?! what a bunch of plebs...

                                        • butchoy00
                                          butchoy00  2 weeks back

                                          Guys, sorry for the noob question, new builder here. Should I go for 16gb (2x8GB) (dual) ddr4 3600 CL16 G.Skill Trident Z Neo or Corsair VENGEANCE RGB PRO 32GB (4 x 8GB) DDR4 DRAM 3600MHz C18. Motherboard would be x570 Aorus Elite ryzen 5 3600 and 5700xt GPU. there's a $20 difference between vengeance pro and trident z. Both brand new. Would you go for the corsair 32GB CL18 RAM if there's only a $20 difference?

                                          • cwli1
                                            cwli1  1 weeks back

                                            The 4x corsair is better value.

                                            Ryzen only installs on Windows 10. For help

                                            You can use a small screwdriver to put one rice-grain-size blob of thermal paste on the CPU near the center and it will cover the two or three areas where the processor dies are as the paste will spread out when the cooler is placed on it. Thermal paste was designed to fill in the tiny cracks between the heatspreader (CPU casing) and the cooler, not as a primary heat-transfer compound. Too much paste does more harm than good so it's not needed in the corners. Use the small screwdriver to straighten any bent pins too. Renew the paste every 12–18 months. See

                                            (If you get the 3600, 2600, 2200g, or 2400G the Wraith Stealth is a bad cooler. Try the Cooler Master 212 evo or the smaller Antec a40 pro. Thermal Grizzly Hydronaut is a very good paste.)

                                            A new Ryzen user wrote: “make sure windows 10 allocates enough space for virtual memory because my computer was stuttering for a while”. (I think they mean the page file/swap file. It really means they didn't do so with their old processor.)

                                            “My ONLY point of frustration came from some instability I experienced that took me a while to troubleshoot, first thinking it was probably some sort of memory incompatibility. It ended up being an incompatibility with the Windows 10 Ryzen power plan that was installed. Switched to the regular "Performance" plan and its been rock solid ever since.”

                                            If the processor idles at a high temperature: in the BIOS disable all 3 options for Precision Boost Overdrive (PBO). Set Windows Power Plan (not AMD's one) for "Balanced".

                                        • Elb Skipper
                                          Elb Skipper  2 weeks back

                                          is it better to buy a G-skill 16GB( 2x8 ) 3600Mhz ( f43600C16D-16GVK )B-Die or a G.skill Flair X ( 3200Mhz ) cause of 14/14/14/34?
                                          for Ryzen 7 3700x on a MSI Tomahawk MAX and Saphire rx5700xt

                                          • Noob Master Productionz

                                            I have 1 question Linus, is 16 gigabytes of dram the same as 8 gigabytes of ddr4 ram?

                                            • Jogeir Hvide
                                              Jogeir Hvide  2 weeks back

                                              I think that it's interesting that the by the looks of it the max difference between a 3200 CL14 without tampering with FCLK and 3800 CL18 FCLK1900 is in metro exodus, coming in at 8 fps. In all the other tests it is 1-3 fps difference. So to sum it all up, go for the cheapest of the follwoing; 3200 CL14, 3600Cl15, 3800CL16 if you want max or near max performance. 3600cl14 is also available, but atm extremely expensive, i could only find the "G.Skill G.Skill TridentZ Neo DDR4 3600MHz C14" which here cost 235% more than the 3200CL14 ram from Gskill, this would at best give a 5% fps increase in metro exodus.

                                              • kev casey
                                                kev casey  2 weeks back

                                                So in layman's terms is my 2100mhz ram ok for my 3700x or do I need to get faster?...I'm a little dim so I've no idea wat to do 😂😂😂

                                                • hunga28
                                                  hunga28  2 weeks back

                                                  That's a pretty extensive test on ram speed.

                                                  Can you guys do RGB ram vs Non-RGB ram speed test next?

                                                  • CheeseChef
                                                    CheeseChef  2 weeks back

                                                    This video is proof that ltt caused the ram shortage.

                                                    • AL INSAN
                                                      AL INSAN  2 weeks back

                                                      If i double a ram with 16gb 3733mhz
                                                      Will it increase the ram capacity or the ram speed

                                                      • Icameto plunder
                                                        Icameto plunder  2 weeks back

                                                        Sooooooo what RAM do I have to buy for a r5 3600?

                                                        • Timi Kärkkäinen
                                                          Timi Kärkkäinen  2 weeks back

                                                          Cheapest 3200 cl16 2x8g kit

                                                        • Niner
                                                          Niner  2 weeks back

                                                          Icameto plunder leaving a comment here just in case someone gives an answer

                                                      • tim owen
                                                        tim owen  2 weeks back

                                                        Is there a ddr4 3600mhz 32gb cl14 2x16 ram? If so what one is the best?

                                                        • Cory R
                                                          Cory R  3 weeks back

                                                          I'm just happy with the DDR4 3000 ram. 32 gigs worth.

                                                          • FidgetSquad
                                                            FidgetSquad  3 weeks back

                                                            P.S. Linus, I don't mean to poop on you by quoting you here. It just helps to convey what I am referring to in the video. I've got nothing but love for ya <3!

                                                            My thoughts:
                                                            - According to the stats in the video, contrary to what Linus said, you may not be "getting darn near the full experience" (8:07) by using a 2133 OC as a 3800 OC seems to offer noticeably better performance (which I know is subjective).
                                                            - If you are tightening the timings from 3800 CL16 to 3800 OC and getting "holy shmoly" (6:14) performance, I think it's safe to say that faster RAM (based on both MHz and CL) will yield better performance.
                                                            - Regardless of the RAM you have, crank FCLK as much as possible. Then, the faster the RAM (based on both MHz and CL), the better the performance.

                                                            Based on these stats for SOTTR with FCLK 1900:
                                                            - At time 4:06, FCLK 1900, DDR4 2133 OC, FPS 87, 135
                                                            - At time 6:13, FCLK 1900, DDR4 3800 CL16, FPS 87, 136
                                                            (similar to above DDR4 2133 OC)
                                                            - At time 6:13, FCLK 1900, DDR4 3800 OC, FPS 106, 149

                                                            - For the same FCLK (in this case FCLK1900),
                                                            - DDR4 3800 OC > DDR4 3800 CL16 = DDR4 2133 OC
                                                            - In other words, for the same FCLK (in this case FCLK1900),
                                                            - DDR4 3800 CL16 performs similar to DDR4 2133 OC.
                                                            - DDR4 3800 OC performs better than DDR4 2133 OC.

                                                            - For the same FCLK, faster RAM (based on both MHz and CL) will yield better overall performance.

                                                            - Regardless of the RAM you have, crank FCLK as much as possible. Then, the faster the RAM (based on both MHz and CL), the better the performance.

                                                            Can anyone correct me if I'm wrong?

                                                            P.S. again: Since 3800 CL16 performs similarly to 2133 OC, we can predict what CL timing the 2133 OC was tightened down to. Using CL/MHz*2000 to calculate total latency in nanoseconds (ns), 3800 CL16 has a total latency of 8.42ns. Since 3800 CL16 performs similarly to 2133 OC, we can plug in the 8.42ns into the equation, rearrange for CL, and we get CL8.97, rounded up to CL9. Therefore, the 2133 OC used in this video was tightened down to CL9. Correct me if I'm wrong :).

                                                            • Alexander Marrero
                                                              Alexander Marrero  3 weeks back

                                                              Need a 3950x ram speed test video, please!

                                                            • SlickFootTito
                                                              SlickFootTito  3 weeks back

                                                              So is it better to have a 4x8 or 2x16 kit for ryzen? Thanks

                                                              • Narinjas
                                                                Narinjas  3 weeks back

                                                                So i got for my 3700x 2x 16gb 3200Hz cl 14 (latency) ripjaw gskill RAM for my mITX Sentry 2.0 PC ... is it good because idk after this video.

                                                                • Pietro Pizzi
                                                                  Pietro Pizzi  3 weeks back

                                                                  And now please test what is possible with 4*16GB DR RAM :).

                                                                  • LordSeries
                                                                    LordSeries  3 weeks back

                                                                    My Ryzen 5 1600 runs with 3200mhz RAM...

                                                                    • Brandon Buccella
                                                                      Brandon Buccella  3 weeks back


                                                                      If you run 1:1 using the base clock of your RAM and matching the infinity fabric speed, (2400 RAM and 1200 IF, for example) you will get a very stable performance that will improve as you reach higher RAM speeds. If you go over/under the 1:1 ratio, then make sure to adjust your RAM timing to compensate for latency.

                                                                      • kgkustomz97ser
                                                                        kgkustomz97ser  3 weeks back

                                                                        im running 3200cl14 samsung b-die ripjaw at 3600cl16 right now... havent decided if i wanna try to tighten to cl15 yet or not. im sitting around [email protected] right now on my ram so i think it can handle a voltage bump

                                                                        • kgkustomz97ser
                                                                          kgkustomz97ser  3 weeks back

                                                                          and i was under the assumption that the fclk had to be a direct 1:1 or 2:1 ratio.. so you can run fclk at 1900mhz with 3600ram? thats worth testing i guess

                                                                      • SDiaspora
                                                                        SDiaspora  3 weeks back

                                                                        What's the CAS Latency of your 2133mhz sticks when running 1900mhz IF?

                                                                        • André Bentivoglio Vieira dos Santos

                                                                          You should done the same testing with intel

                                                                          • Bernardo Parati
                                                                            Bernardo Parati  4 weeks back

                                                                            To be honest all I got from this video was a fact that RAM is not that important as it used to be, but still I'd like the best ratio for my spec.
                                                                            I'm about to get MSI B450 TOMAHAWK MAX and Ryzen 5 3600. What (2x8GB) RAM would work the best with these two?

                                                                          • Daniel Alejandro Fuenmayor

                                                                            This Memory Cards work with the Ryzen 7 3800X too?

                                                                            • Tintamar5678
                                                                              Tintamar5678  4 weeks back

                                                                              Infinite fabric?

                                                                              • Skyhunter
                                                                                Skyhunter  4 weeks back

                                                                                I am looking to build a Ryzen rig with the MSI B450 gaming pro carbon ac motherboard, which only supports memory speeds of up to around 3200mhz. So I looked and found that the limiting factor isn't the board itself, but the CPU ICM. So I thought sweet, I can run 3600mhz with that motherboard. But then I checked the AMD website, which says Ryzen's maximum memory frequency is 3200mhz. I am confused, can anybody help?

                                                                              • Namorphus
                                                                                Namorphus  4 weeks back

                                                                                I saw a specific reference to nvidia drivers in the build slide, so out of curiosity what was the gpu used in this test?

                                                                                • NinjaYT
                                                                                  NinjaYT  4 weeks back

                                                                                  speak in english