David Dobrik's EPIC Fan Surprise


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  • Nish
    Nish  2 days back

    It's time to re-watch those videos and cry

    • Kaelyn Miranda
      Kaelyn Miranda  7 days back

      This is so wholesome I love it

      • Wajahat Khan
        Wajahat Khan  7 days back

        David is on daca

        • Hannah Cathryn Carr
          Hannah Cathryn Carr  1 weeks back

          David Dobrik literally has the best heart, he was for sure put in his position for greater purposes. It is truly so refreshing seeing someone as young as him, giving his money to others, when most people his age would keep it for their own and go crazy. He's great :)

          • Karen K
            Karen K  2 weeks back

            Props to the interviewer! Got to see a little bit more about David and tapped into the on of the most intriguing sides of him and I appreciate that!!

            • Prakhar Narang
              Prakhar Narang  2 weeks back

              A waterproof disposable camera. This guy deserves a raise 🙌

              • secutejailey
                secutejailey  2 weeks back

                No one talking about jonah in the back 😂

                • Lorythme M
                  Lorythme M  2 weeks back

                  That's such a nice Interview! 😃

                  • bezbeanz Jett
                    bezbeanz Jett  2 months back

                    I love that you are everywhere. How dare you leave her.

                    • Kara xox
                      Kara xox  3 months back

                      This interview was really well done and great - I really enjoyed it

                      • Yuya kyoto
                        Yuya kyoto  4 months back

                        Oooh this should have more views!!

                        • dhwani manchanda
                          dhwani manchanda  4 months back

                          I love how down to earth he is 😍🐙 I never skip his adds 😏

                          • ojasvi s.
                            ojasvi s.  4 months back

                            Why doesnt this have many views?

                            • armed dane
                              armed dane  3 months back

                              Cus NBC/Stay TUNED - Only has 3700 sub's !!

                          • Wendell X
                            Wendell X  4 months back

                            Good dude ....

                            • Sandeep Sunny
                              Sandeep Sunny  4 months back

                              David is everywhere these days and I love it.

                              • seelia teresa
                                seelia teresa  4 months back

                                647 views and 3 comments😂 can't wait till it hits a million😍

                                Psst. Hit a like so that I can tell my mom I'm famous.

                              • Pattypatpat
                                Pattypatpat  4 months back

                                He’s the sweetest. Great interview 🖤

                                • dripb Nx 9ine6ix
                                  dripb Nx 9ine6ix  4 months back

                                  Bro if i could have someone give me at least a 2010 car i would be good for me and my fam trying to get back on our feet i would be good but he has done a lot of good stuff he will be blessed wow what a person