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  • Esai Morales
    Esai Morales  3 months back

    Trump isn't racist

    • Chris L
      Chris L  6 months back

      Listening to these two talk about politics is cancerous

      • Duncan On Me
        Duncan On Me  6 months back

        How about which QBs that looked good in New England looked good elsewhere? Cassell, Brissett, Garopollo, and Bledsoe

        • casbah2100
          casbah2100  6 months back

          Mr. Sharpe seems to have fallen prey to emotional feelings and propaganda against conservative (aka Americanism) policies by branding President Trump as a racist. Which shows the cognitive dissonance in our society. Mr. Sharpe normally seems to research first, look at statistics and come to well-formed opinions, but in matters of race and politicals, falls into an emotional trap.
          I invite Mr. Sharpe and any open minded person on the left to watch the short documentary about the Charlottesville Lie which clearly exposes the true lie of the left wing media, which objectively lied about what Mr. Trump actually said about extremists on both sides fomenting violence. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NM6k8uNAQBA

          • casbah2100
            casbah2100  6 months back

            It's sad that Skip and Shannon has turned into yet another Left Wing propanda platform for all the ill-informed, emotional opinions perpetrated by the hard left which is now mainstream in the democrat party. If Skip and Shannon had one ounce of journalistic integrity, they would invite very smart, very thoughtful guests like Larry Elder to present a true alternative view, including what Mr. Elder has carefully discussed, as a black man, that many problems in the black community and inner city are not fundamentally due to some hypothesized and polictically motivated screams of 'racism' in half the country, but a situation of fatherless families and support of bad social situations by leftist social policies of welfare and payment/ reward for having children out of wedlock.

            • Ave Imperator
              Ave Imperator  6 months back

              Undisputed: Shannon Sharpe Acts the Fool Edition.

              • Mickey Kaline
                Mickey Kaline  6 months back

                That dude for the Seahawks only has one hand

                • Tornado Knight
                  Tornado Knight  6 months back

                  Kimmy G I mean Jimmy would of been hurt last year AGAIN. He got hurt in two games starting in NE and again in SF. He's just not built for the NFL or he has bad conditioning.

                  • Jerry Kwerve
                    Jerry Kwerve  6 months back

                    So in Skip's mind, murray has a good first game he's a future hall of famer. Jones has a good first game, he's the next Nathan Peterman

                  • Jerry Kwerve
                    Jerry Kwerve  6 months back

                    Skip is gonna eat crow when Daniel Jones becomes great

                    • Jerry Kwerve
                      Jerry Kwerve  6 months back

                      Of course they would talk about the 3 QB's Skip is passionately in love with. And its not undisputed without a cowboys topic.

                      • Brandon Corona
                        Brandon Corona  6 months back

                        59:59 Shaquem Griffin, Shay!!!!!

                        • Beau Peterson
                          Beau Peterson  6 months back

                          Why are these guys at the top of their game when they are so clearly biased so much? Because not making it personal is uninteresting I suppose. Imagine one of them responding to who will win the game by saying something like “I don’t know. No one knows.” IDK, I think you could be more unbiased and still interesting.

                          • Legendary Duke
                            Legendary Duke  6 months back

                            Sports is full of casuals and fanboys , shows like these cater to them . There are much more unbiased shows , just none on the major networks . One of my favorite pods is "Through The Wire" on house of highlights youtube channel . If u into NBA ... Chat Sports ... its a few more that are unbiased

                        • Vintention
                          Vintention  6 months back

                          😂 and it’s bled over into Undisputed... well, it was a good run. I’ll find something else to listen to.

                          • le wuf
                            le wuf  6 months back

                            this is boring

                            • Monty Hibdon
                              Monty Hibdon  6 months back

                              There are 2 genders
                              No more no less

                              • 1080fah
                                1080fah  5 months back

                                I agree with most high and your statement

                              • 1080fah
                                1080fah  5 months back

                                @Legendary Duke which is pure nonsense and ignorance male and female that's it!

                              • Chris Does Madden
                                Chris Does Madden  6 months back


                              • Legendary Duke
                                Legendary Duke  6 months back

                                Wym ? I thought they made it binary and non binary trans human genderism so the babies are born secksless

                            • Monty Hibdon
                              Monty Hibdon  6 months back

                              Kevin durant is way to overrated
                              I mean cmon
                              Hes just a touch better than westbrook

                            • Lamar Love
                              Lamar Love  6 months back

                              Cardinals wont when more than 4 games. Calm down skip its one series in a pre season game

                              • Odyssey Music
                                Odyssey Music  6 months back

                                Whats the timestamp of when he speaks politics? Trash commenters man...

                                • joshydep84
                                  joshydep84  6 months back

                                  Money means the most to you SHANNON SHARPE. King of the Louie duffle. People don't have millions. And feeding their families and caring for themselves is more important than if boyfriend's can marry and such. Money is your God. We hear it in your rhetoric everyday.

                                • WhiteNegative
                                  WhiteNegative  6 months back

                                  Did Skip just say Tom Brady played well in this last Super Bowl?

                                  • Tornado Knight
                                    Tornado Knight  6 months back

                                    @bud knowitall we do say peyton was carried because he was. He was carried through the WHOLE season. Brady wasn't carried through the season but no one on offense on either side was particularly good in the superbowl. Of course Brady was great in the clutch but that's who he is, but his first 3 quarters were as bad as anyone can play in a SB. But that Rams defense was on fire all night.

                                  • bud knowitall
                                    bud knowitall  6 months back

                                    @Zachary Cromlish just stop will you, yea yea the D played great, BUT tom made the throw as he has always done in the clutch for 20 years,just because he had whatever it was 176 passing 2 turnovers,it is quite frankly moot because if thats the case we should say the d carried peyton to his last superbowl they were feared and great that year.tom is the GOAT

                                  • Zachary Cromlish
                                    Zachary Cromlish  6 months back

                                    Coming from a Patriots fan, he played terrible. Their defense carried Brady through that game.

                                • Emmanuel Tatarsky
                                  Emmanuel Tatarsky  6 months back

                                  I like shannon when he is talking about sports. But it's just cringy when he took cheap shots like racism at people, it makes you look like a fool. Especially when the person isn't racist.

                                  • WildSandwich
                                    WildSandwich  6 months back

                                    Leave your absurd victim mentalities and ideologies out of this format. It's pathetic, cringe, and wholly unappetizing. Thank you.

                                    • S L
                                      S L  6 months back

                                      Really shouldn't discuss politics especially when nothing is based on fact and instead pure emotion and headlines.

                                    • Sail The Seas
                                      Sail The Seas  6 months back

                                      Love you guys and listen to every show, but PLEASE leave politics off of the show. It's already seeped into enough things. I just want to escape from politics for two hours. Please and thank you.

                                    • TinTin G
                                      TinTin G  6 months back

                                      TRUMP 2020 ALL DAY MOTHER FUCKERS!

                                      • SHILL GATES
                                        SHILL GATES  6 months back



                                        • Doodles II
                                          Doodles II  6 months back

                                          call me crazy but I don't think trump is racist... yeah he'll say some off the wall stuff now and then, but what about him is racist.... because he wants foreigners to come to our country the right way, thats just protecting our borders

                                          • Superfan K
                                            Superfan K  6 months back

                                            Yea you crazy smh but that's your right

                                        • Kenny bolo
                                          Kenny bolo  6 months back

                                          That size for qbs is overrated look at brees , Russell Wilson and baker mayfield not the biggest but they still make big plays and make it work

                                          • Legendary Duke
                                            Legendary Duke  6 months back

                                            Dont forget Lamar Jackson he bout to take over

                                        • Calvin Barron
                                          Calvin Barron  6 months back

                                          Preach Shannon

                                          • big country
                                            big country  6 months back

                                            Will not watch undisputed anymore after 8/9/19 for what sharp said about the president about being racist but yet Clinton is the most racist damn person may want to do your research sharp guess he is racist bc want let just anyone in our country etc building the wall but yet ppl in this country has walls around there house called fence same damn thing as the wall u dont want ppl in your yard and not in your business damn liberals

                                            • John Smith
                                              John Smith  6 months back

                                              You just realized he's like that? Smh some people just are too blind till it's too obvious. I don't get why a political stance (incorrect or correct) makes you change your whole view of entertainment. So by that argument if you find out Tom Cruise was a liberal who has extremely linear opinions then you will not watch a Tom Cruise movie? Why can't people separate art from the artist no matter their point of view?

                                          • STJ
                                            STJ  6 months back

                                            LOL Jenny get a damn opinion of your own. You just sycophantically agree with everything Skip says. Have she ever had an original thought?

                                            • Odyssey Music
                                              Odyssey Music  6 months back

                                              YO lol just commented the same thing before seeing this shes so fking annoying

                                            • G
                                              G  6 months back

                                              She's a just a hole. Like 99% of women in media

                                            • Cody Fast
                                              Cody Fast  6 months back

                                              Gotta keep her job

                                            • STJ
                                              STJ  6 months back

                                              @taurusmay9 must be worked in to their contract. It's clear that Skip is a sociopath/narcissist - he just absolutely loves hearing the sound of his own voice, he believes his opinion is better than everyone elses and he needs to be validated constantly. Probably due to being an attention starved child, if his own stories about his childhood are true

                                          • Gran Marquis
                                            Gran Marquis  6 months back

                                            Obviously is Robert Kraft's decision on Brady not Belichick so why is this still a conversation?

                                            • Fox Molnar
                                              Fox Molnar  6 months back

                                              because Skip and Shannon are lazy. only talk Dallas, Patriots, Lakers and nothing else. these talking heads are all getting extremely lazy. and we are all fools for tuning in to the same damn show every day. most days are simply rehashes from the day before. I'm guilty of it and hate myself for it.

                                          • Cody Rhoudes
                                            Cody Rhoudes  6 months back

                                            you are more racist than the president when you point out players are good for being white. which you do all the time

                                            • Ave Imperator
                                              Ave Imperator  6 months back

                                              @John Smith white privilege doesn't exist

                                            • John Smith
                                              John Smith  6 months back

                                              @Romeo Williams that's a technical educated definition so PC definition in other words. A bigot would make your point tbh. White privilege is a weird phenomenon because it really only applies when you are around people of color, if you are in a white community and you are white it doesn't present much of an advantage outside of suspicion for criminal activity in certain scenarios but not all.

                                            • Cody Rhoudes
                                              Cody Rhoudes  6 months back

                                              Romeo Williams your definition i can not find on the internet unless i look at extremely left wing racist group mines in webster

                                            • Romeo Williams
                                              Romeo Williams  6 months back

                                              @Noah Engle my comment was in response to the comments saying white players are good in that situation because their white. Which is a fact....

                                          • Cody Rhoudes
                                            Cody Rhoudes  6 months back

                                            you are dumb

                                            • Cody Rhoudes
                                              Cody Rhoudes  6 months back

                                              sound dumb everytime you talk about politics. everything you said was a lie

                                              • bleannn
                                                bleannn  6 months back


                                                • G
                                                  G  6 months back

                                                  Please never talk politics again on this show. EVER

                                                  • IlIlIl
                                                    IlIlIl  5 months back

                                                    Anthony LDS lol damn trumpanzies as soon as some one has a different opinion they’re a snowflake or a liberal 😆💀

                                                  • Legendary Duke
                                                    Legendary Duke  6 months back

                                                    OBAMAAAAAAAA !!!! AYE

                                                  • matt ensley
                                                    matt ensley  6 months back

                                                    @Anthony LDS TRUMP 2020

                                                  • Anthony LDS
                                                    Anthony LDS  6 months back

                                                    TRUMP 2020
                                                    Shannon is a SNOWFLAKE.

                                                • DANIEL ALEXANDER
                                                  DANIEL ALEXANDER  6 months back

                                                  RAIDERS OR LAMS, THIS WEEKEND🤔?

                                                  • IlIlIl
                                                    IlIlIl  6 months back

                                                    Is that a question? 🤦‍♂️💤