Blizzard Boycott? (PT 1) - WAN Show Oct 11, 2019

  • Published: 12 October 2019
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    Timestamps (Courtesy of Cahenvels)

    0:32 Topic rundown
    1:32 Intro
    2:08 Blizzard has Hearthstone player Blitz Chung suspended for 'liberate Hong Kong' statement
    4:20 Linus Brb, James takes his place. Topic remains the same.
    5:55 Linus Returns, topic remains the same.
    6:44 Blizzard aware of political repercussions in the Chinese market.
    8:45 Blizzard also ceases work with both casters involved in airing Blitz Chung's statement.
    10:55 Mark Kern's chinese statement tweet PT 1
    14:10 Blizzard CEO statement (J. Allen Brack)
    19:47 Officially not really chinese statement thing PT 2
    20:57 Separation between entertainment and politics
    26:10 Linus asks Luke how he would handle the blizzard situation
    29:16 Linus's take on how he would handle the blizzard situation
    32:05 What about Colin Kaepernick?
    33:00 Reacting to chat
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  • Cahenvels
    Cahenvels  1 months back

    Back at it again with the timestamps! (PT 2 is also timestamped)

    0:32 Topic rundown
    1:32 Intro
    2:08 Blizzard has Hearthstone player Blitz Chung suspended for 'liberate Hong Kong' statement
    4:20 Linus Brb, James takes his place. Topic remains the same.
    5:55 Linus Returns, topic remains the same.
    6:44 Blizzard aware of political repercussions in the Chinese market.
    8:45 Blizzard also ceases work with both casters involved in airing Blitz Chung's statement.
    10:55 Mark Kern's chinese statement tweet PT 1
    14:10 Blizzard CEO statement (J. Allen Brack)
    19:47 Officially not really chinese statement thing PT 2
    20:57 Separation between entertainment and politics
    26:10 Linus asks Luke how he would handle the blizzard situation
    29:16 Linus's take on how he would handle the blizzard situation
    32:05 What about Colin Kaepernick?
    33:00 Reacting to chat
    38:09 Reacting to chat & Timestamps continue in PT 2 ->

    • Brett Rigby
      Brett Rigby  4 weeks back


    • LowJack187
      LowJack187  1 months back

      You can't infringe human rights in your contract! PERIOD!
      Luke, Companies are operating under the commerce clause which is directly overseen by government!

    • I agree with you.
      I agree with you.  1 months back

      So really just ONE topic.

    • Cahenvels
      Cahenvels  1 months back

      @mike3D They copy paste it in the description just in case I delete my comment or close my account. That way they still have timestamps for those situations

  • Ben Silveruve
    Ben Silveruve  6 days back

    The fun thing is that when outsiders think of HK, they see it as a whole united form. So the situation would be China vs HK. But that's actually hugely wrong. In fact, a large amounts of HK peoples are actually the victims of the protest. Their stores were destroyed, metro station were destroyed, peoples couldn't go to work. These peoples actually support the HK goverment and China. And they ARE part of HK. That's something you wouldn't see in western media.

    • Ben Silveruve
      Ben Silveruve  5 days back

      So for the outsiders, the phrase "Support HK" is pretty misleading.

  • Alvin Wong
    Alvin Wong  6 days back

    Support HK, good topic, but which part? Supporting rioters destroying subway stations and private properties? Supporting Stabbing people who have different opinions or speaking Mandarin? So much for freedom lol

    • Alexander Ivaylov
      Alexander Ivaylov  1 weeks back

      i like his channnel but i give zero fucks about what is going on in this video

      • Schmeisel _level5
        Schmeisel _level5  1 weeks back

        AAaaaaaaand Linus talked politics.. aaaaand I got to go.. elsewhere, good ba.

        • Hadrian Rex
          Hadrian Rex  2 weeks back

          37:05 Everytime Linus starts a sentence with "Speaking of..." I assume he is about to segue to a sponsor...

          • Kevin Waters
            Kevin Waters  2 weeks back

            easy fix here folks dont play anymore blizzard/activision games till they pull out of china

            • Dorian
              Dorian  2 weeks back

              I got pissed off, requested cancelation, watched this and canceled the request. Won't be playing nor watching anything blizzard until I'm sure they are not communist unethical pigs.

              • Josh T
                Josh T  2 weeks back

                You guys are gonna get banned from China now :-/

                • ADRENELINEDUDE
                  ADRENELINEDUDE  2 weeks back

                  Then they came out with Overwatch 2, what a stupid idea. I hate Blizzard.

                  • Tom Hsia
                    Tom Hsia  2 weeks back

                    “国家”, which is the word used in Blizzard's Chinese statement, means country/nation. China in Chinese is "中国", or literally, "the country in the middle/the country of mediocrity, etc"
                    If you don't believe me, you can copy and paste those characters into any translation service of your choosing.
                    Am I saying the translation posted on Twitter is intentionally misleading? No. Given how different Chinese and English are, it is impossible to translate anything while perfectly preserving the meaning and or readability. As a result, most, if not all translations that make are perfectly readable in the other language are going to be the translators' interpretation of the original text.

                    • None
                      None  3 weeks back

                      fuck Blizzard Activision

                      • Tae Kim
                        Tae Kim  3 weeks back

                        Shock. Companies that pay attorneys ton of money to draft legal documents (like TOS) would want to enforce the agreement with the gamer. Knowingly breaking TOS and being surprised that the company followed through is ridiculous. Blame the company, not the tool that made a legal agreement and broke it with clear evidence. Too many tools use social media to get away with crap.

                        Support Hong Kong. However, do it in YOUR STREAM CHANNEL ETC. Not involve entities to your own benefit with their clear disapproval.
                        It's like inviting your friend to come over to a party this weekend and not bring/use marijuana due to allergies of another guest. He uses drugs in the bathroom and got caught by you. He gets thrown out of the party. He goes to social media and paints you as an asshole. Sound fair?

                        Social media being used to defend this player, but would have been better suited to draw attention to Hong Kong instead.

                        • the guy the name
                          the guy the name  3 weeks back

                          I think people were multitasking too much wan men while watching your show, probably playing video while listening to it on their phone; you get it? This was a complicated issue/topic and it wasn't something they could process paying attention only half way.

                          They saw an opportunity to virtue signal and so they jumped.
                          Or where texting with a little yt window in the corner.
                          All about commenting without rewinding an reviewing what they were watching.

                          I feel so much better now that I got to virtue signal and mansplain while man speading too. This has been a very productive day.
                          "That's sarcasm for the lead heavy among us."

                          Have a good night an " FREE CHINA REVOLUTION OF OUR TIME"

                          I just wish people in the United States knew that tyranny is always encroaching on civil liberties.
                          Ignorant people cannot help themselves so they make new laws to have the state do it for them. That is the mindset that takes away our rights.

                          It is up to us and no one else to push back when they encroach on our civil liberties.

                          • CS \m/
                            CS \m/  3 weeks back

                            To boycott China is not hard. Shutdown your computer and throw out everything "Made in China".

                            • anoccomir
                              anoccomir  3 weeks back

                              fuck china, free hongkong :)

                              • Roset03
                                Roset03  3 weeks back

                                22:22 Excellent observation Luke, and yes it is very odd. and 22:36 (Linus thinking, 'please Luke don't get me in trouble' lol)
                                24:24 Excellent insight Linus

                                • TESLA2048
                                  TESLA2048  3 weeks back

                                  im a fan of linus. but THIS IS ABOUT FREE SPEECH. how can you distinguish which is politics when china dont allow you to say anything. Blitzchung just said "liberate hong kong, revolution of our time" . how did it violate the game rules ? what u said here is from a business pt of view , to ban ppl from saying sth sensitive. btw , i m from hong kong.

                                  • London Water
                                    London Water  3 weeks back

                                    Is Linus always like that? I’d slap him, and quit. Someone should slap him and quit😂🍻 Cheers boys!

                                    • marlberg2963
                                      marlberg2963  3 weeks back

                                      I believe you are supremely misinformed timecode 36:25 about something pretty basic. There is Freedom to Speak (Expression) and there is The First Amendment. The latter is a specific implementation and enumeration in one country of the former. In the case of the First Amendment you are dealing with a prohibition to the Federal Government (and to the State Governments in the United States through the Fourteenth Amendment) of promoting or prohibiting worship, prohibiting or regulation of free speech prohibiting or regulating freedom of the press (clearly the founders believed there was a difference in political speech and publishing or printing news or opinion as they delineated the two rights as clear and distinct from each other), prohibition of the government from creating regulations that prevented assembly (peaceful) or the right to obtain remedy or compensation from the government over a wrong endured by the people. That is literally the meaning of the First Amendment. That cannot be applied directly to companies owned in private equity. Freedom of Speech however is the fundamental human right of people to express their ideas. It knows no political or geographical boundaries. It acknowledges no entity as its prime proponent. It doesn't care if you are male female black white LBGTQ+ in prison sick poor or rich. It is provided to each in exactly equal measure. If one is denied out of the entirety of the planet then all are denied. If one is granted then ALL must be granted and we must all FIGHT with hand sword gun or farm implement until ALL have the same in respect of the freedom to speak out. That is freedom of speech and there is no LEGAL requirement that you follow and advocate that right to exist. No there isn't. What there is, is much more restrictive because it is what our LEGAL system is founded upon. A morale code. Without that morale code we have no legal system. The Rule of Law dies without it because in order for a rule to be followed it must be just and it must at least be equitable. When any company or corporation become dispositive of this moral code it no longer serves those the company or corporation was chartered to serve. And this, it is my belief, is what Blizzard has done. It has stepped on the moral underpinnings that we all have grown to know as concrete that all are endowed with certain fundamental rights that among those rights are the right to life, to liberty to property and to speak out against those who are violating that moral code and even to take action against them if it becomes necessary.

                                      Blizzard trading on those rights for a few chinabux is beyond the pale. It crosses a line that is very difficult to uncross.

                                      • Bean Soup
                                        Bean Soup  3 weeks back

                                        Blizzard’s ruling was very controversial, but I’m sure any logical being can agree the hong kong protests is terrorism...

                                        • marlberg2963
                                          marlberg2963  3 weeks back

                                          You handle it by doing the RIGHT thing. The right thing in this case, God I cannot believe I have to explain this, is to ALWAYS stand up for human rights including the right to speak freely against anyone or anything especially oppressive governments, and when some rogue nation-state attempts to use its market access as leverage the company stands up and tells the rogue nation-state to pound sand.

                                          • Tab
                                            Tab  4 weeks back

                                            I would be sad if the game as totally overtaken by political stuff but I couldn't say my entertainment or a company's Chinese money was more important that people's rights. Politics like this should be included in every single gaming or sports event to a degree. Grand champions could have a section where they dedicate some winnning to a cause. We can't afford seperation, the cost is in terms of human life for human comfort. There are other ways to cool down.

                                            • Josh Manitowich
                                              Josh Manitowich  4 weeks back

                                              are you kidding me
                                              you do realize that blizzard has chinese employees right? its not like western people banned a chinese person, it all happened within china. this controversy is not yours to have opinions on
                                              watch the vox video

                                              • Josh Manitowich
                                                Josh Manitowich  4 weeks back

                                                excited to see linus eat his words when stadia actually does predict you actions, everyone underestimates AI
                                                or google is exaggerating their progress and linus will feel right, but for the wrong reasons, and that will frustrate me

                                                • Grym Reiper
                                                  Grym Reiper  4 weeks back

                                                  24:42 "Social Credit System" or what the Chinese government is trying to install.

                                                  • Grym Reiper
                                                    Grym Reiper  4 weeks back

                                                    In not so many words: *Fuck the Chinese Government*
                                                    And *Blizzard can kiss my ass*

                                                    • Max Roald Eckardt
                                                      Max Roald Eckardt  4 weeks back

                                                      Most viewers will not be accustomed to act as a public service entity (e.g. non-political organisation). When you say you understand the need to separate business and politics (or at least ask to be moderate), one could understand you do not endorse taking a stance against polarizing events such as the HK protests. I admire your relaxed policies you maintain in your company. But is it crucial that athletes remain non-political at sports events at all times? The pro-HK protest stunt at Blizzard was against the rules players submit to. So Blitz Chung should have known the consequences. He pays very dearly for making one political statement on an e-sports platform. Global sports events have a fundamental way of connecting people across cultural barriers, which has invaluable benefits for all stakeholders. Polarisation has the opposite effect and thus should be kept at a minimum.

                                                      • xIpodTouchGoeroex
                                                        xIpodTouchGoeroex  4 weeks back

                                                        oh so you think a game like Hearthstone is a good place to speak out your politic view? Blizzard did the right thing

                                                        • BobIV123
                                                          BobIV123  4 weeks back

                                                          @15:36 'we want to use their accomplishment for our own profit, but if they don't tow our line we'll drop them before they can finish their sentence'

                                                          • benson827
                                                            benson827  4 weeks back

                                                            This take was really good. No one should bow down to them

                                                            • Nestor Mandela
                                                              Nestor Mandela  4 weeks back

                                                              So easy to say this shit when your countrimen is not being attacked but a foreigner force. The lack of empathy amazes me. Fuck blizzard.

                                                              • Telek Balázs
                                                                Telek Balázs  4 weeks back

                                                                I mean blizzard is a company... they need money their mobile games do really well on those markets. They need to keep making money and good luck explaining to the board why you lost a whole market over 1 gamer.

                                                                • Freedom Hotline
                                                                  Freedom Hotline  4 weeks back

                                                                  You guys are rightwingers. I always knew it. I know you can't say it. I'm a new fan of linus. I will watch all of your videos now.

                                                                  • Adam Powers
                                                                    Adam Powers  4 weeks back

                                                                    You cannot win at the game of politics. Those guys broke a contract and got punished. That is easy to understand, is not politics. it's a breach of contract. Why is gaming and entertainment so up politics' ass anyways?

                                                                    • Sentrygun84
                                                                      Sentrygun84  4 weeks back

                                                                      Whether you like it or not, life is politics and what you're not willing to say or take a stance on says just as much as what you do. What you're doing here by running the whole "companies shouldn't have a stance" is a weak cop out.

                                                                      • 2011Kestrel
                                                                        2011Kestrel  4 weeks back

                                                                        That wasn’t a statement of support, it was a stunt. If the player had said “at this time I would like to express my support...” like a mature and intelligent individual, I would be on board. But he didn’t. The player put on googles and a mask and cried out cheesy slogans, looking and acting like an idiot. And the commentators reactions, ducking under the desk, weren’t much better.

                                                                        Blizzard may have had a knee-jerk heavy handed reaction to the event, but Blizzard also wasn’t looking to get thrown under the bus like this either, or to have their platform used as a stage for political band standing.

                                                                        Suppose a spectator disrupted a football or basketball game by running around the field or court carrying a free Hong Kong sign. How many people would be against the NFL or NBA if the spectator was banned from attending games for a year?

                                                                        • Hibiscus
                                                                          Hibiscus  4 weeks back

                                                                          The problem was the kowtowing/abasement/apology to the Chinese government, which was presumably demanded of Blizzard. The Chinese have no sense of humor about these things. You can't take the apology back, or they are out of the Chinese market. I really want to know how important China is to Blizzard.

                                                                          • justice4germans
                                                                            justice4germans  4 weeks back

                                                                            you're a fool if you support the HK CIA operation

                                                                            • Adrian Rutkiewicz
                                                                              Adrian Rutkiewicz  4 weeks back

                                                                              I get that the companies want to keep the focus on the products instead of the values, ethics, politics or whatever. The problem is that some of those companies also lure people in with those exact things. Blizzard is very overtly playing the progressive card and so people will expect that their views will be consistent, and being pro independent Hong Kong, Taiwan or Tibet is progressive since 1918. So while for something like LTT there is this exit from such a situation, there isn't for Blizzard, because they do not keep their company ethics clean and they use politics as part of their marketing ploy. All in all, they have created this backlash themselves by making the progressive, inclusive values the part of their company identity. They have swapped the economic and technological context of their company for moral and political one, so they cannot now escape from the latter. This is socio-psychology 101, and it's exactly the same root cause that resulted in last years backlash after Diablo Immortal announcement.

                                                                              • Mini Devil
                                                                                Mini Devil  4 weeks back

                                                                                It’s called profiling

                                                                                • OptimisticPessimist
                                                                                  OptimisticPessimist  4 weeks back

                                                                                  What is the total combined length of all parts of this episode? It's showing 4.5 hours, adjusted for 1.4x playback speed, as audio only in Podcast Addict.

                                                                                  • Shane Forsyth
                                                                                    Shane Forsyth  4 weeks back

                                                                                    linus my x370 taichi is fubar, flashed to new-er version, followed the instructions to the letter, now its hung up on dr debug code 55

                                                                                    • Shane Forsyth
                                                                                      Shane Forsyth  4 weeks back

                                                                                      Linus what should i do if new bios gives me "55" debug code and i can't downgrade to earlier versoin

                                                                                      • KSib
                                                                                        KSib  4 weeks back

                                                                                        Imagine wanting to not have politics surrounding football but also bullying people into standing for the national anthem. Makes no sense.

                                                                                        • Oree Lai
                                                                                          Oree Lai  4 weeks back

                                                                                          Every voice matters so why not respect Blizzard's voice?

                                                                                          • Tom Hauptman
                                                                                            Tom Hauptman  4 weeks back

                                                                                            "I didn't make the rules" but you're continuing to uphold and enforce them. Whether you mean to or not you are enforcing the status quo. You two TLDR a complex situation in Hong Kong to "support the protesters" then 20 minutes later go on to defend the suppression of free speech by means of economic coercion.

                                                                                            • Toby Cole
                                                                                              Toby Cole  4 weeks back

                                                                                              0:03 sounds like Seth Rogen