Blizzard Boycott? (PT 2) - WAN Show Oct 11, 2019

  • Published: 12 October 2019
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    Timestamps (Courtesy of Cahenvels)

    5:48 Apple removes Hong Kong protest map
    11:33 Google has also removed Hong Kong Protestor game
    12:23 Steam to make local multiplayer games online (remote play together)
    13:45 New water bottle colors
    14:07 Steam subject continues
    14:55 PT 2 high refresh rate latency test announcement ft. Michael Grzesiek (Shroud)
    17:17 Lan parties going 'retro'?
    18:45 Sponsor MOS Organizer
    20:17 Sponsor Honey
    22:09 Sponsor Private Internet Access
    23:51 Stadia 'thing'
    30:20 Superchats
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  • Cahenvels
    Cahenvels  1 months back

    Timestamps PT 2

    5:48 Apple removes Hong Kong protest map
    11:33 Google has also removed Hong Kong Protestor game
    12:23 Steam to make local multiplayer games online (remote play together)
    13:45 New water bottle colors
    14:07 Steam subject continues
    14:55 PT 2 high refresh rate latency test announcement ft. Michael Grzesiek (Shroud)
    17:17 Lan parties going 'retro'?
    18:45 *Sponsor* MOS Organizer
    20:17 *Sponsor* Honey
    22:09 *Sponsor* Private Internet Access
    23:51 Stadia 'thing'
    30:20 Superchats

    • Tang Paste
      Tang Paste  1 months back

      Stadia= why play the game?

    • lunatics1096
      lunatics1096  1 months back

      Meanwhile, their Bilibili(Chinese youtube) mods are removing any comments related to this wan show in their videos. Please tell the mods that it is not cool to keep people away from freedom of speech.

      Thank you.

    • Ioan Koka
      Ioan Koka  1 months back

      @Bob Joe yeah well, you are off the topic, like 80% of ppl

    • metro lights
      metro lights  1 months back

      @Bob Joe China Uncensored is a joke, the guy is brainwashed and nothing more than a sensationalist

    • metro lights
      metro lights  1 months back

      @Michael Russell Let's not kid ourselves HK is a riot and the police have the right to protect themselves the city and the people

  • DJ Sayori
    DJ Sayori  2 weeks back

    You are the most competent people that i have heard talk about the Blitzchung thing imo

    • Yukon Willeh
      Yukon Willeh  2 weeks back

      The turkey bacon club is good-ish

      • deimosian
        deimosian  3 weeks back

        Linus... fiber optics is not speed of light, light travels much slower through a fiber.

        • xpyr
          xpyr  3 weeks back

          Tim Hortons doesn't even have pieces of apple in their apple fritters anymore, it's just flavoured with apple juice. Really shows you how bad their food is when apple fritters at 7 eleven still use pieces of apple in it.

          • Algernon Sakiestewa Jr.

            I'm 11 days late but I totally agree with LTT on how Blizzard handled the banned situation and how it should've went down; a slap on the hand with a warning. Not multiple smacks on the spanks and banned!

            • phyzzx
              phyzzx  3 weeks back

              No more shows like this please.

              • Bman Hangout
                Bman Hangout  4 weeks back

                find this interesting about Mark Kern a developer of WoW Classic

                Mark Kern‏Verified account @Grummz
                Too often the excuse of “localization” has been abused in games in a way
                that fundamentally alters the original artistic intent, or to insert
                overt personal agendas and politics.

                We’re not buying the excuses anymore, and you’re not even trying to hide
                it anymore.
                ...Blizzard continues to run away as fast as they can...

                If they could cancel Blizzcon they would.

                Absolute cowards. They didn’t use to be this way.

                I totally agree with Mark Kern they are Cowards!

                You didn't mention in the 1st Part

                The college did the same thing they got no ban at that time. Blizzard also lied about being influenced by China. Later on The College Team did get a ban and the bans was lightened but NO BAN should have been issued.
                 Its Blizzards lies and if Blizzard would just come front about this issue. But no they run and hide and stick there butt in the sand and kiss Chinas butt. And why the Hell is China telling me what I cant cant say Screw them!
                The reason why WoW movie did so well in China and not here is bcs It was made for Chinese people. Basically they are pandering to China.

                The ONLY way to fix this if the CEO leaves Blizzard at this point.

                • B. Winky
                  B. Winky  4 weeks back

                  Honey's history feature sounds DOPE

                  • Tar
                    Tar  4 weeks back

                    Valve is super late to the local multiplayer streaming party. As far as I'm aware, Parsec (which I use just as a remote desktop solution that also allows me to game remotely when I want to) has been doing it for a while, it works better than Steam's streaming (at least I had less issues with it), especially over 4g on a phone, settings are laid out better and make a ton more sense, and it works with all Steam or non-steam games and applications.

                    • O. Sanchez
                      O. Sanchez  4 weeks back

                      Regarding Google Stadia predicting your plays, it's probably rollback netcode like GGPO

                      Doesn't make Google Stadia less garbage anyay

                      Also i don't think you're pro china, i know you're cool like that

                      • noodled
                        noodled  4 weeks back

                        Tim Cooked lol

                        • JH K
                          JH K  4 weeks back

                          There is no way Linus and Luke are pro-China. Luke maybe more neutral but Linus is definitely anti-China. But here is my question to Linus, you said the app was used for "people to collaborate and accomplish something", what do you think that "something" is? Intention matters. Pokemon Go was intended to be a game, but was used by a very small amout of bad people to do bad things. The same goes to Tinder. But the intention behind that "map" and the intention of most of its users are aiming at the police, whether it's to avoid them or to target them.

                          • Bryan Weber
                            Bryan Weber  4 weeks back

                            Blizzard should just stay neutral. period.. you cant take the guys winnings away etc. and stay neutral. You are penalizing that player for his / her political beliefs. Blizzard: stay neutral. Blizzard's actions are in no way neutral. they make blizz appear to take the side of:.....

                            • Daniel Jones
                              Daniel Jones  4 weeks back

                              Who cares, we're talking computers :)

                              • alkafrazin
                                alkafrazin  4 weeks back

                                For the stadia thing, this already works in emulation to reduce the latency offset introduced by poorly coded emulators like Snes9x. It's compatibility is hit or miss depending on the game, but in some simpler games with more latency in the source game, it can reduce latency safely below the original hardware value.
                                In theory, for some games where there's already a large input delay on local hardware, like most modern AAA games tend to have anyway, this could, in theory, if the server is close enough to you, shave more latency than the service introduces by checking your inputs and then sending you the right data for the "predicted inputs".
                                However, for properly programmed not-garbage games that don't have 3+ frames of input lag inherent to the engine that cannot be removed, or for people running higher framerates to work around that, this will never work well enough.

                                • Pepin von Bülow
                                  Pepin von Bülow  4 weeks back

                                  So what I've been thinking about "Native latency" is that Google will do or already has done every single possible move you could possibly do before hand. So like when you make a movement or press a button it will be able to display it almost instantly because it has already rendered it graphics wise. This way its just a matter of sending those frames or maybe have some of that saved in cache locally (or the moves you will probably make or more likely). So it can already do all of the heavy processing up front and is just waiting on the user input to trigger it to display it.

                                  This is actually going to be pretty cool if they can pull it off.

                                  • Lord of Nothing
                                    Lord of Nothing  4 weeks back

                                    drink water!

                                    • Pepin von Bülow
                                      Pepin von Bülow  4 weeks back

                                      wow...I this China thing just got out of control. Everyone getting angry about stuff that has been going on for decades. So much double standard in the chat.

                                      • ParadoxalDream
                                        ParadoxalDream  4 weeks back

                                        For all the backlash Nintendo keeps getting (and with good reasons) about online multiplayer, at least they are still pushing local multiplayer and LAN parties.

                                        Splatoon 2 even has a secret LAN mode for Esport competitions.

                                        Also, there is a ton of local multiplayer games on Steam, especially indie games.

                                        • Verlisify
                                          Verlisify  4 weeks back

                                          Those comments are so painful they have to be trolls. However I am experienced with youtube comments so I am keen to the high volume of baffling stupidity from people these days. Basic comprehension skills are dead

                                          • Optic500
                                            Optic500  4 weeks back

                                            There will be millions of Mei's in real life and in overwatch even tho mei isnt from hong kong.......

                                            • Optic500
                                              Optic500  4 weeks back

                                              There will be millions of Mei's in real life and in overwatch even tho mei isnt from hong kong.......

                                              • Faye
                                                Faye  4 weeks back

                                                luke red shirt pro china

                                                • MikeWard1701
                                                  MikeWard1701  4 weeks back

                                                  People and companies need to grow spines, have decisive views, and stand by them! Too many people and companies buckle under pressure and compromise their principles. Once you compromise your core principles; your integrity, sincerity, and objectivity can no longer be trusted!

                                                  • kharil hasan
                                                    kharil hasan  4 weeks back

                                                    The google stadia thing is just the manipulative of savestate. They got savestate for every possible outcome and thus play it like a movie. So it will be fast enough. It is like the scene where Neo meets the architect.

                                                    • Tristyn Russelo
                                                      Tristyn Russelo  4 weeks back

                                                      who or what is Shroud?

                                                      • zaner2012gil
                                                        zaner2012gil  4 weeks back

                                                        PRO-Valve xD

                                                        • zaner2012gil
                                                          zaner2012gil  4 weeks back

                                                          Linus is so PrO-ChInA, so funny how so many people can be so stupid.

                                                          • The Day Before Tomorrow

                                                            "literally at the speed of light" fun fact: signals can actually travel through copper slightly faster than through optical fibers. ~0.8c Vs ~0.7c

                                                            • Hynek Borůvka
                                                              Hynek Borůvka  4 weeks back

                                                              Why did you remove WAN set Displates? They were very tasteful.

                                                              • Hynek Borůvka
                                                                Hynek Borůvka  4 weeks back

                                                                OnLive was great, actually. We poor played many hours with very acceptable quality on our trash old laptops :-P

                                                                • Ryzza5
                                                                  Ryzza5  4 weeks back

                                                                  When I loaded part 2 I thought they must have removed all of the sponsor parts to be safe.

                                                                  • Edward Paulsen
                                                                    Edward Paulsen  1 months back

                                                                    Pay no attention to the (invective deleted) people who are unable to comprehend language and will only hear exactly what *THEY* want to hear, so that they can blather on in mock outrage over whatever pet "hurt" they are currently nursing... Not to mention the absolute (personal invective reference) who seem to be somehow triggered by some key word or phrase and come barging through a topic, without having a clue as to what was actually said about a topic previously, just so they can brashly vomit their precious opinions about random and even off-topic issues, many with barely a shred of basis in reality. They seek to overwrite their own reality onto a topic yet somehow not noticing the damage they are doing to their own credibility. If they are unable to even think and rationally join a discussion with pertinent and valid information, ideas, or insights, then they are not worth spending the time to coddle their diatribes, or even listen and/or speak to any further.

                                                                    • Gunni1972
                                                                      Gunni1972  1 months back

                                                                      Blizzard Lizard?

                                                                      • ninjaa003
                                                                        ninjaa003  1 months back

                                                                        It's funny that Linus mentions there being a double standard between Pokemon Go and the HK map app.

                                                                        Pokemon Go has been shown recently to have violated the App Store's rules when it comes to loot boxes. The eggs in the game are essentially loot boxes, and the incubators are keys. The App Store has a rule about the odds need to be shown to a player before purchase for anything that involves odd. Not only does Pokemon Go not post the odds, but they also changed the odds in the middle of an event, to make the rare Pokemon from the eggs even more rare. Yet nothing has happened to Pokemon Go.

                                                                        • Thomas Uniat
                                                                          Thomas Uniat  1 months back

                                                                          I'm pretty sure predicting all possible inputs works a lot better for 1 player games than say 3000 in a MMORPG....

                                                                          • Prof. Hilary L. Chow FRAS

                                                                            What Apple did was ridiculous. Literally nobody was using it to attack the police. If people want to go to an area with no police presence to do things, they just go and see what's what first. The app is at most for people to run away, and for people who don't want to protest to know which areas to avoid.

                                                                            I don't think it violates Hong Kong law, but ever if it did, it's irrelevant. As far as I can tell, they removed it from the world. Hong Kong law doesn't apply to the entire world.

                                                                            • Thomas Uniat
                                                                              Thomas Uniat  1 months back

                                                                              WAIT!?! IS LUKE ON TINDER????

                                                                              • Yian Chen
                                                                                Yian Chen  1 months back

                                                                                Linus don't worry about some people comment on the topic of Hong Kong and China. Some chinese just think that everyone in the world should stand by CHINA's sides, which is totally self center oppinion. Linus, keep your own oppinion I will always support you.

                                                                                • Tang Paste
                                                                                  Tang Paste  1 months back

                                                                                  *yawn* To be honest and yes I am late on seeing this but..... EVERYONE has an opinion which includes political views. To play safe, COMPANIES should wisely stray away from these views at least publicly and focus on what the company was built or designed to do. All cry babies that's are pro or anti just shut up and listen to the facts not the opinions or views of others. In short this show and LTT have been a very informative TECHNOLOGY show, channel,etc. Thank you LTT for what you do.

                                                                                  • Fearbolt
                                                                                    Fearbolt  1 months back

                                                                                    stadia comment = fallout 76 16 times the details

                                                                                    • Michael McArthur
                                                                                      Michael McArthur  1 months back

                                                                                      Lol "The Great Firewall of China" that's got to be the best one liner that I have ever heard!

                                                                                      • Alex C
                                                                                        Alex C  1 months back

                                                                                        comment section: people lacks comprehension skill and only wants to hear what they believe.

                                                                                        Still comment section: stand with HK!!! Anything different from the democracy narrative is fake news posted by CCP bots

                                                                                        • persona2grata
                                                                                          persona2grata  1 months back

                                                                                          Here's my question about predictive AI in cloud gaming. At what point does "overcoming latency" become cheating? For example, say I'm a locally rendered player, and I feel like the predictive AI is too much of an advantage for cloud players, and I decide to run my own predictive AI to compensate. Is that 100% always cheating? What if I'm simply compensating for slower hardware? And if there are certain situations where I can compensate and not be cheating, how long before the cloud AI needs to compensate for others compensations? Does this basically end with computers playing our games for us?

                                                                                          • MoDRun
                                                                                            MoDRun  1 months back

                                                                                            i feel like people who donno what this is about are confused thinking hongkong is china so saying ur on the side of hongkong mean ur saying ur on chinas side

                                                                                            • Wrathlon
                                                                                              Wrathlon  1 months back

                                                                                              What Im taking away from this is a large portion of LTTs viewers are the DUMBEST motherfuckers on the planet.

                                                                                              Like jesus christ talk about cognitive dissonance and outright minimal brain function, holy shit.

                                                                                              • MatthiasAI
                                                                                                MatthiasAI  1 months back

                                                                                                10/10 agreed Tim Hortons sucks now. :'(