Frenkie De Jong: My Resume | The Barcelona And Netherlands Midfielder In His Own Words


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  • Maria Joy Gerona
    Maria Joy Gerona  4 weeks back

    It’s dumb if Barça ever let him go.

    • Wendy Man
      Wendy Man  1 months back

      Really boring interview, that’s completely different from Ajax. The interviews at Ajax, cab with a dutch formal soccer player and the anthem of barca fc... i hope it will change!

      • Killer .saliba
        Killer .saliba  1 months back

        Well since no one said it i’m first to say I’m first

        • adnan abdul
          adnan abdul  2 months back


          • Prince Gamer
            Prince Gamer  2 months back

            0:54 this will bang after 5 years when he will do nothing for the club

            • Michael Townley
              Michael Townley  2 months back

              I hope de Jong wins ballon d'Or someday.

              • Marit De Boer
                Marit De Boer  2 months back

                Frenkkieee euyyyy

                • Marcin Czechowicz
                  Marcin Czechowicz  2 months back

                  What a humble man...

                  • TR2VEL
                    TR2VEL  2 months back

                    Our bright future!🔴🔵

                    • UCL Core
                      UCL Core  2 months back


                      • A-I-Z TV
                        A-I-Z TV  2 months back

                        The best midfielder in the world right now!!

                        • NZT KING
                          NZT KING  2 months back

                          Black .SaNtA44 ur just a dumb de jong fan or u just don’t know know anything about football if you say de bruyne is ass🤧

                        • Kevin 1M
                          Kevin 1M  2 months back

                          Memaraz yeah. He makes goal from far away. De jong can defend, pass, shoot. That’s a midfielder

                        • Parallax
                          Parallax  2 months back

                          De Jong is certainly one of the biggest talents for the future. De Jong says in this video that he has to improve... But the amounts of assists KDB makes is just sick. He's better now than Modric was when he won the Ballon d'Or.

                        • Memaraz
                          Memaraz  2 months back

                          @Kevin 1M do u even watch football bruh?

                      • Titus Maluleka
                        Titus Maluleka  2 months back

                        You will still be at Barca after 5 years Frenkie.... The future looks bright with you and Ansu at Barca.... Forca Barca....

                        • Riak Riak
                          Riak Riak  3 weeks back

                          @Titus Maluleka No offence, right?

                        • Titus Maluleka
                          Titus Maluleka  2 months back

                          @Kshitij Shrey True....Arthur will definitely be a part of it too....I just prefer De Jong over him....

                        • Kshitij Shrey
                          Kshitij Shrey  2 months back

                          Arthur is gonna be THE leader . Don't leave him out !

                      • Morris Meeuwissen
                        Morris Meeuwissen  2 months back

                        Hup holland hup

                        • John Cage
                          John Cage  2 months back

                          Waiting for the surge of people saying:
                          "I'm first!!"😂😂

                          • Chogdan Vukovic
                            Chogdan Vukovic  2 months back

                            Come on Frankie, only 1 job experience on your resume?