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  • Kevin Johnson
    Kevin Johnson  1 weeks back


    • Rungy
      Rungy  1 weeks back

      Londom = 65% tax rate, YIKES!!!!

      • Michael Stone
        Michael Stone  1 weeks back

        The London "Leathernecks" ?

        • alicea Davidson
          alicea Davidson  1 weeks back

          Simms was stoned lmaoooo

          • andre johnson
            andre johnson  1 weeks back

            Wtf is that noise

            • Joe Reeves
              Joe Reeves  1 weeks back

              Dez Bryant to the Eagles

              • Mark Parrilla
                Mark Parrilla  1 weeks back

                give canada and mexico an nfl team

                • Nosara
                  Nosara  1 weeks back

                  Call English team the RAF

                  • Peter Faden
                    Peter Faden  1 weeks back

                    Hunt and Chubb in 2 RB sets with Landry and OBJ on the outside, some sort of TE on the inside. Deal done and all wins on the back half of the season.

                    • Thomas H
                      Thomas H  1 weeks back

                      Browns fan will never stop believing lol

                    • crazyworld54321
                      crazyworld54321  1 weeks back

                      The Browns can't run their current offense. Setting their talent up for success isn't what Cleveland does.

                  • Jordan Barnett
                    Jordan Barnett  1 weeks back

                    Cole Beasley is a bad interview lol

                    • Ronald C
                      Ronald C  1 weeks back

                      Agree it wasn't good

                  • --
                    --  1 weeks back

                    Hoyer's best throw was that 96 yard touchdown to Minkah Fitzpatrick.

                    • SoCal Native
                      SoCal Native  1 weeks back

                      If the NFL wants teams/games in London or Europe in general...start a minor league (again).
                      Remember NFL Europe?
                      The London Monarchs
                      The Scottish Claymores
                      The Barcelona Dragons etc etc

                      • Calico Jack Rackham
                        Calico Jack Rackham  1 weeks back

                        Frankfort Galaxy. The German people love football.

                      • --
                        --  1 weeks back

                        FRANKFURT GALAXY!

                    • Demetrius Middleton
                      Demetrius Middleton  1 weeks back

                      It's not like the Colts lost a Hall of Fame level quarterback, at least he's not Hall of fame-level yet. And it's not like Brian Hoyer is an absolute scrub. And it's not like the Dolphins are any good at all! I know it's the NFL, but if your head coach and coaching staff can't figure out a way to scheme what's essentially a first or second place team to a victory against the worst team in the league, that coaching staff doesn't deserve any credit and I question whether they are the right people for the job to begin with. You shouldn't be forced to risk further injury which could potentially derail a playoff run, to beat the DOLPHINS!