George Kittle talks expectations in San Francisco (FULL INTERVIEW) | NBC Sports


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  • Doug C
    Doug C  4 months back


    • Seitrey King
      Seitrey King  4 months back

      Lol he doesn't like the play book

      • Sergio Jacquez
        Sergio Jacquez  4 months back

        God bless the Niner's hope they stay healthy all season.

        • CobaltScout56
          CobaltScout56  4 months back

          Why dont you just meet me in the Kittle? Im losing my mind just a little

          • Jae Vee
            Jae Vee  4 months back

            Stone cold kittle

            • Barbosa Uribe
              Barbosa Uribe  4 months back

              Going to pick kittle first round in my fantasy!

              • Daniel Andre
                Daniel Andre  4 months back

                One of the best TEs in the game.

                • Linkin Lago
                  Linkin Lago  4 months back

                  I guesstimated 1100 yards last year, but with Jimmy g. Then dude done broke the record.

                  • Jhabari Owens
                    Jhabari Owens  4 months back

                    Wipe me down

                    • michael malone
                      michael malone  4 months back

                      Why before I watched the video they show me a add for kettle one vodka?

                      • Ganjah MacK
                        Ganjah MacK  4 months back

                        Woops, Wasn't Suppose To Be Kettle One Vodka Commercial..Was Supposed To Be "Kittle One Monstah" Commercial..Ahaa

                    • Mark Miranda
                      Mark Miranda  4 months back

                      Got a fat chaw in lol

                      • Victor Yorro
                        Victor Yorro  4 months back

                        I love and respect. And. Humble alpha male

                        • Sac Kings
                          Sac Kings  4 months back

                          When kittle talk everyone listen!!

                          • Manny Raiders
                            Manny Raiders  4 months back

                            Overrated the most overhyped TE just cuz he had one good season

                            • Sprint Right Option
                              Sprint Right Option  4 months back

                              Manny Raiders are you moving to Vegas?

                            • Josh C
                              Josh C  4 months back

                              Manny raiders.. you remember battle of the bay last year??

                            • Josh C
                              Josh C  4 months back

                              @Mark Miranda lol. Yeah, let them know man!! 9ers!!!

                            • Mark Miranda
                              Mark Miranda  4 months back

                              You know who wasn’t overrated? Nick Mullen’s when he torched you guys in the battle of the bay. Bye bye. We run the bay. Get out of Cali.

                            • The Prospectors
                              The Prospectors  4 months back

                              See you next year Manny

                              "Overrated, overhyped TE just cuz he had TWO great seasons"

                          • Ring Generalship
                            Ring Generalship  4 months back

                            George ‘Taste Da Rainbow’ Kittle

                            • MTB4L
                              MTB4L  4 months back

                              The peoples champ

                              • Daniel Angel
                                Daniel Angel  4 months back

                                Best TE in the Nfl. Stone Cold Kittle!!

                                • JonPaul Lucas
                                  JonPaul Lucas  4 months back

                                  My boi skittle

                                  • iTz DuDZZx
                                    iTz DuDZZx  4 months back

                                    You can't spell skilttles without kittle

                                • BV Lee
                                  BV Lee  4 months back

                                  This dude’s great

                                  • KillaMC305
                                    KillaMC305  4 months back

                                    let go niners! too many losing years!

                                    • Abraham Herrero
                                      Abraham Herrero  4 months back

                                      Tom to bay. For sure win a Super Bowl.

                                      • PT C
                                        PT C  4 months back

                                        Kittle Over the Middle!!!

                                        • jbar85 jb
                                          jbar85 jb  3 months back

                                          Hey diddle diddle Kittle over the middle

                                        • George Couvson
                                          George Couvson  4 months back

                                          I like that kind of catchy