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  • Travis Rowe
    Travis Rowe  4 months back

    Jesus Florio. Why don’t you have this outrage about football players who harm and threaten women, children, and loved ones? .... legit never heard you that fired up and defiant about the likes of ray rice, AP, tyreke hill, just a few recent examples. You specifically named ray rice in This video and there was no outrage about his punishment being too light.

    What Vick did was terrible and illegal, but the hypocrisy shines bright on this one.

    • Konnor Spencer
      Konnor Spencer  4 months back

      This video should be enough to shut the NFL down lol

      • Peter Tekippe
        Peter Tekippe  4 months back

        Mike V. is a p.o.s.

        • cobfucius
          cobfucius  4 months back

          The actual Whizzinator may be gone..but there are hundreds of other things exactly like it available at just about any store or site that says they have everything you need to beat a drug test...some probably even sell the clean funny when you think about the things people used to go to jail for that now are either part of daily society or available to the general public in a store....or in discreet shipping packaging,

          • Chris Smoove
            Chris Smoove  4 months back

            Florio....I’m dead bruh

            • Kobaian Vagabond
              Kobaian Vagabond  4 months back

              I know it was after his nfl career but how do you not mention OJ?

              • opinion hub
                opinion hub  4 months back

                Imma say it.. I like Mike florio... even tho I dont agree on the mike Vick thing he is really passionate and very easy to understand

                • S. Shephard
                  S. Shephard  4 months back

                  florio is such a punk that lives in his little sheltered world and doesn't understand how people could have a different upbringing then himself and could have trials and tribulations in their lives that lead them to do things, vick would have snapped him in half , florio would be the first to go during a zombie apocalypse

                  • S. Shephard
                    S. Shephard  4 months back

                    @Jarrod Thompson u gunna make a video bein mad disrespectful to anyone in the nfl whos done somethin stupid and say players shouldnt be allowed back in after their first strike, no matter what it is ? cause thats florio

                  • Jarrod Thompson
                    Jarrod Thompson  4 months back

                    I feel like nothing could make me want to electrocute dogs to death. I've had a pretty rough life.

                  • Glow 44
                    Glow 44  4 months back

                    It's true, I am not for killing dogs, but the environment he was in , was a huge influence on his behavior. Those types of things need to be taken into account. Good point, Flofio and Simms needed to mention that.

                • Chewbacca Bacon
                  Chewbacca Bacon  4 months back

                  If you’re gonna talk that bad about Michael vick and what he did, then bring up how Ray Lewis killed 2 whole people and is still praised as the best MLB of all time🤦🏻‍♂️

                  • SemiTruckDriver
                    SemiTruckDriver  4 months back

                    Sean Taylor rip

                    • Prithvi Tanna
                      Prithvi Tanna  4 months back

                      lol mike vicks dog woulda whooped mike florio

                      • Д
                        Д  4 months back

                        Virtue signaling off the charts 😂🙄

                        • S. Shephard
                          S. Shephard  4 months back

                          florio the biggest virtue signaller ive seen

                      • ShokusApolloTV
                        ShokusApolloTV  4 months back

                        ah.. these people and their absurb adoration for animals. yeah I said it.

                        • Nobody
                          Nobody  4 months back

                          Mike Vick is a good guy that made a bad decision no need for florio to do him like this

                          • Jarrod Thompson
                            Jarrod Thompson  4 months back

                            A 7 year long bad decision... He electrocuted animals to death... Wtf. Really?

                          • Liam Owen
                            Liam Owen  4 months back

                            Scooted killing and torturing dogs for 6 years means “he’s a good guy that made a bad decision”?

                        • nate k
                          nate k  4 months back

                          Mike went ham on Mike Vick

                          • Nintendah Tapes
                            Nintendah Tapes  4 months back

                            nate k he is a fucking psycho. He should be electrocuted or drowned

                        • Martha and Ava Bartsch
                          Martha and Ava Bartsch  4 months back


                          • Bob James
                            Bob James  4 months back


                            • MrDaveTheGOAT
                              MrDaveTheGOAT  4 months back