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  • James Baker
    James Baker  4 months back

    Here's an idea. Keep the PI the way it is now and only make it a 15yd penalty for the no call challenges. So if the reff throws the flag on a 50yd bomb it should be a 50yd penalty, however if a 50 yard bomb is thrown and there's a challenge and they determine yes there was some interference only make it a 15yd penalty. That way the obvious calls still get the big penalty and the non obvious missed calls are worth less.

    • Joey Rogers
      Joey Rogers  4 months back

      There was a bang/bang play in the Seattle/Denver game on a throw to DK Metcalf on 3rd down. The receiver was bumped before the ball arrived but no flag (or challenge) was called. Would love for your guys to break down that play and how you think those types of plays will be handled moving forward by coaches and the booth.