Dodge Dakota - History, Major Flaws, & Why It Got Cancelled After 25 Years! (1987-2011) - ALL 3 GENS


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  • Marspeed
    Marspeed   1 months back

    Hope you guys liked this episode! Longest and most time consuming video I’ve ever made 😂 I do want to cover the future rumors/speculation about the 2021+ Ram Dakota so that’ll be coming soon!

    • AskAndrew !
      AskAndrew !  1 weeks back

      Thanks for the video. Very informative.
      My 99 v6 has a drain in its electrical system. No one can figure it out. If I don't disconnect the battery, it's drained in a week. I'd love to know what electrical issues others have had.

    • Voltrix Official
      Voltrix Official  3 weeks back

      Dodge Spirit next

    • Stan dodge
      Stan dodge  4 weeks back

      im curious to know with all the changes over the years why didnt they never put a rear locker in it, the open diffs made it usless compared to gm g80 locker on the Colorado

    • Dan Simmons
      Dan Simmons  1 months back

      Great production and never be sorry for a good product. I have a 2004 sxt, 275k still runs well.

    • monsterjambrony
      monsterjambrony  1 months back

      I think the new Ford Ranger is going to end up like the Dakota, because it barely looks any smaller than the F-150!

  • Black Hole Sun
    Black Hole Sun  15 hours back

    You are like the Nick strength and power of Mopar lol

    • Brian Stewart
      Brian Stewart  18 hours back

      I just sold my 01 motorsports and still have my 04 4x4. Love these trucks and the second gen was the best IMHO. I do like the 92 to 96 with the 5.2, and the 08 to 11 with the 4.7. I think you hit the nail on the head with the 3rd gen. To big, too pricey, and the styling was not well accepted. I can't wait for the upcoming 2021 model.

      • Comrade Yuri
        Comrade Yuri  20 hours back

        Well I had a 2000 Dakota crew cab V6 auto. Nice trouble free small truck. I towed a 18" inboard boat from Michigan to FL and back twice with it. In the KY & TN mountains the trans was always hunting for the right gear. I hated to see this vehicle die but pricing and size grew to the point where it no longer made sense. Many clean ones around here in South FL and they are sought after. Just typical Chrysler mismanagement with lack of real thinking !

        • Anton Shc
          Anton Shc  2 days back

          Great video!!

          • Razer Gage
            Razer Gage  3 days back

            My mom had 2 first gens and a second gen

            • Indy Mother fuckin Debauchery

              I had the 91 and now the 04. I love my truck. Both are 5.2 model. Great trucks.

              • Ethan Corsbie
                Ethan Corsbie  4 days back

                I think you werre not correct for the 3.7L V8, should be 3.7L V6

                • a turtle
                  a turtle  4 days back

                  Had an 88 4x4. Favorite truck

                  • Jack James
                    Jack James  6 days back

                    I have had gen 1 and gen 3 gen one hands down my opinion was the best easy to work on and maintain. The 05 tho came in 3.7 and a 3.7 magnum not just a 3.7 magnum

                    • P35t3R 0N3
                      P35t3R 0N3  1 weeks back

                      I cant wait I am buying a 2003 4.7 v8 its going to be here in a few days!

                      • jmurphy1973
                        jmurphy1973  1 weeks back

                        Man, the front end of the 3rd Gen is worse than I remember. Looks like it has a huge underbite like a boxer dog.

                        • Rodrigo Colombari
                          Rodrigo Colombari  1 weeks back

                          I love my 2 gen dodge dakota

                          • Art Froes
                            Art Froes  1 weeks back

                            I had a 2001 sport club diesel, and that was easily the biggest head turner. The design was flawless, confort was on point and was easy to park anywhere. When i drove the third gen at an imports shop i felt like Dodge have given up on the dakota to make room for the RAM. The price of the third gen in Brasil was absurd, not worth it at all.

                            I don't drive trucks anymore cus well... i have become as poor as a man can get, but i really miss my old 2001 Dakota.

                            • Louman 75
                              Louman 75  2 weeks back

                              I love the Dakota. It’s my first vehicle and I still use it today

                              • Jamie Shields
                                Jamie Shields  2 weeks back

                                Dodge should built Dakota Right hand drive for Australian market but needed improvement in interior n engines, as Dakota would have competed against Holden n Ford utes n their mid size trucks. Let’s hope future Dodge Dakota does come to Australian market.

                                • Vinicius Bisetto
                                  Vinicius Bisetto  2 weeks back

                                  In the late 80s and early 90s, DaimlerChrysler produced the Dakota here in Brazil, in Campo Largo city, near Curitiba, where I live

                                  • R L
                                    R L  2 weeks back

                                    And went to shit after 5 years

                                    • Rob Boutin Jr
                                      Rob Boutin Jr  2 weeks back

                                      I may get my dads 1999 Dakota Sport 4WD. It needs brakes and a CAT but runs great. Not sure if i want to put any work into it because the body is rusted rather bad. I also want it because I remember when he bought it new lol

                                      • Slash D. Tuck
                                        Slash D. Tuck  2 weeks back

                                        I love the boxy looks form the 1st-gen Dakota’s! I own a green and black ‘94 Sport.

                                        • Art Vandelay
                                          Art Vandelay  2 weeks back

                                          this is a fabulous vid. my 2006 V-8 dakota club cab long bed has been a wonderful truck and gets 21mpg at 70mph on trips running lightly loaded. the most comfortable truck to drive i've ever owned and pretty bomb proof. did install a pair of coil over shocks in back which helped the rear end sagging issue with a motorcycle in the bed.

                                          • T H Smit
                                            T H Smit  2 weeks back

                                            No new Dakota, Not with the new Jeep Gladiator. Full size trucks even today are the same price as most mid size trucks like the Tacoma and Ranger.

                                            • Boone Docker
                                              Boone Docker  2 weeks back

                                              Toyota and Nissan kept their smaller truck and they were both highly successful. That is the real reason. They were in some cases $10,000 more expensive than better quality vehicles.

                                              • Tom C
                                                Tom C  2 weeks back

                                                Still have my 96 Dakota, 5.2, short bed, standard cab 4x4 5 speed with a few upgrades. Looks, runs and drives like new still! Barely starting to rust on the frame now, like hit it with a wire wheel and its gone rust. Going to keep that thing till I die. Plows great too, has no problem carrying around the 7' Meyers plow. Thing is a tank in the snow. My previous one 94', lost in accident, has 300k+ miles on it. Built to last.

                                                • Jason Mettler
                                                  Jason Mettler  2 weeks back

                                                  This is a good one, but I was hoping to hear more about the Night Runner model from 2006-2007, which was unfortunately missed. Nevertheless, still a good one!

                                                  • ryan olson
                                                    ryan olson  2 weeks back

                                                    See a return? I didn't want see them then, def not now.

                                                    • Lloyd Thomas
                                                      Lloyd Thomas  2 weeks back

                                                      Have a 98 best truck I have owned never let me down now I'm starting to deal with frame rot

                                                      • Clutch1986
                                                        Clutch1986  2 weeks back

                                                        17:19, the 3.7L engine is a V6, not V8

                                                        • to Bryan Pena
                                                          to Bryan Pena  2 weeks back

                                                          Can you do Dodge Durango please please

                                                          • Stone
                                                            Stone  2 weeks back

                                                            You have the sport and SXT backwards, All Sport model Dodge Dakotas from 2002 to 2004 came with air conditioning as a standard, and also a hard center console (not a flip up center console) with 3 cup holders which would make the driver's seat and passenger seat-bucket seats, also there was an option to get this truck in 2003-04 crew cab with a
                                                            5.9L hemi, while also raising the truck 2 inches. I also had the option to get leather seats, but declined because I hate leather in vehicles, it sticks in the summer and cracks in the winter.
                                                            I have the truck to prove it.

                                                            As a Chevy guy, i have a few Chevys but I do have a Dodge Dakota 2003 Sport Quad/RT I bought new. Best midsize truck I've ever owned.

                                                            • Ken Jett
                                                              Ken Jett  2 weeks back

                                                              I have a 03 Quad Cab SLT 4.7 mag 4speed auto 4x4 with 4 wheel disc brakes. It was fully loaded with power everything, trailer package and not sure what all else was extra. Its got 230,000 miles on it now and still going strong. I love the truck and try to keep it well maintained. Doesnt cause much trouble although had to replace the steering rack this year. Oh the rear differential went out but found a good used one thats working good. With some care I'm hoping it will make it to 300,000 or more before i have to retire it.

                                                              • sagewolf
                                                                sagewolf  3 weeks back

                                                                i have a lot of love for my 96 x cab and have a 98 with swb and a 5speed v8 scary fast!

                                                                • Douglas Wilson
                                                                  Douglas Wilson  3 weeks back

                                                                  I drive a 2001 dodge dakota myself but never was able to figure out what model it is because its the 4.7L magnum v8 with the awd 4wd package but the really big problem in my opinion is that dodge made the 4.7L for that model year was that it was an aluminum head that was known to crack or split either under high pressure or extreme weather conditions which was the case for my truck when i bought it but all is well now with it and i love driving it but with the gas prices the way they are it only gets 16.1 mpg it kinda expensive but its worth driving

                                                                  • Jeff Bryan
                                                                    Jeff Bryan  3 weeks back

                                                                    I had a 92, 98, 05 , and still have my 09 all gave me excellent service with 250,000 miles cannot complain about the Dodge Dakota awesome trucks

                                                                    • Roman Pierce
                                                                      Roman Pierce  3 weeks back

                                                                      I had a gen 3. It was an early, uglier model with the v6, extended cab and rwd. It was optioned badly but it’s still running around with the current owner. I prefer the 2nd gen. And the redesigned 3rd gen doesn’t look bad. If only the v8 had a little more power.

                                                                      • Blue Moon
                                                                        Blue Moon  3 weeks back

                                                                        I own a 1988 Dakota LE V6 5 speed. Fully restored

                                                                        • Scott
                                                                          Scott  3 weeks back

                                                                          this is funny, there are many Ford and chevy models that are not even seen or on the road anymore ,and i see one of these every day.

                                                                          • Kingswood7189
                                                                            Kingswood7189  3 weeks back

                                                                            As the owner of a ‘10 dakota (3.7l v6, 4-spd auto), i love it, but ill agree that the 2nd gen was an all around better truck. The 3rd gen version is definitely not small, but not as big as the full-size. I feel that the price point vs the 1500 and similar mpg numbers was its main reasoning for failure. Ill be fair to say that the look of the 3rd gen (before the facelift) was unappealing (hence one reason i have a 2010), but thats not to say it was a terrible truck. Im looking forward to the potential return of the dakota, hopefully with a diesel option though. :)

                                                                            • NissanTruckz
                                                                              NissanTruckz  3 weeks back

                                                                              You mean 24 years?

                                                                              • D. Paul Williams
                                                                                D. Paul Williams  3 weeks back

                                                                                In 2008 we were wanting a pickup and looked at the Dakota and bought a Ram 1500.
                                                                                The fuel mileage was about the same , the 1500 was bigger and had a 5.7L Hemi.
                                                                                I still have the Ram 1500 and very happy with it.

                                                                                • John B.
                                                                                  John B.  3 weeks back

                                                                                  I've owned (and daily driven) a '93 for the past 5 yrs. The 3.9 runs fine in mine and averages 15-16 MPG in daily driving. To me, the truck is comfortable. The arm rests are actually usable, all the controls are in easy reach, visibility out is great, and it's easy to get in/out. It's not 'stupid big' like is so common with trucks nowadays. This is my first Dakota and I honestly did not expect to like it as much as I have when I first bought it. Good video!

                                                                                  • Steven Gordon
                                                                                    Steven Gordon  3 weeks back

                                                                                    2006 owner here. Decent truck. Bought used, still has power.

                                                                                    • w.s. corners
                                                                                      w.s. corners  3 weeks back

                                                                                      My '93 has the 3.9 & 244K miles, and still most of original components. Doing a lot of front end work, but it's been A great daily for last 2 decades.

                                                                                      Great info in this video, good job!

                                                                                      • BabyDanielT
                                                                                        BabyDanielT  3 weeks back

                                                                                        I’ve got a second gen. I’ve gotta replace the computer and it’ll be new again.

                                                                                        • Davetronxl
                                                                                          Davetronxl  3 weeks back

                                                                                          suppp, my names skyler..... Im 17.... I like to skate

                                                                                          • Chris Lemaster
                                                                                            Chris Lemaster  3 weeks back

                                                                                            I think they should have used the Jeep 4.0L straight 6 in these

                                                                                            • Chris Lemaster
                                                                                              Chris Lemaster  3 weeks back

                                                                                              You forgot that the Shelby & Convertible could be ordered with the 2.5L Turbo II 4 cylinder from 1989-1990 models.

                                                                                              • Paul Rose
                                                                                                Paul Rose  3 weeks back

                                                                                                I bought a 94 Dakota short bed with a 5.2 V8 and a 5 speed manual and it was the best truck I ever owned ! The third gen was to big, a bit ugly
                                                                                                and overpriced. Thank you Mopar for another stupid decision.

                                                                                                You can still sell a smaller model with looks like the second gen and at a lower price point but that might be way to smart for you guys at Chrysler.