Humiliatrix Extraordinare: Ceara Lynch @ The Mystery Box Show


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  • Ceara Lynch
    Ceara Lynch  5 days back

    Hey all! Ceara Lynch here. This video took an unexpected spike in viewership the last few weeks. I just wanted to clear up a few things that keep coming up in the comments: this is neither comedy nor a ted talk. It’s a story telling show! Real people telling real stories about their lives. Like "The Moth," but dirtier. Feel free to google my name if you want to learn more about what I do. Also check out my indie movie coming out later this month here: Cheers!

    • Jeffrey Bone
      Jeffrey Bone  3 hours back

      @Michael Stevenson ,What's the surprise in that, worm brain?

    • Jeffrey Bone
      Jeffrey Bone  3 hours back

      @Arif Salih ,Proud of decadent scum!! The Roman empire rises and falls! The filthy rotten Internet did this! The internet will be what destroys us all! It's inevitable...

    • Arif Salih
      Arif Salih  5 hours back

      You're dad is right, you are a genius. You're earning a living and not hurting anyone and so long as you're dealing with submissive's YOU are the one in control of the situation. You remind me a bit of Julie Walters in the film Personal Services who figured she could get submissive's to clean and fix up her house..... and pay HER for the privilege!!! Brilliant. You carry on. If you we're my daughter I'd be proud of you.

    • Kevin Campbell Films
      Kevin Campbell Films  5 hours back

      Hilariously inspirational and great business advice, too. I hope you do another one!

    • Michael Stevenson
      Michael Stevenson  7 hours back

      @Saurabh Bhargava Okay you've succeeded in letting people know that you view porn.

  • Does this also name your email ?

    Idk about you ladies, but if a guy offered to pay for my piss or pics of my feet it wouldn't even be a question. It's so weird it's not even sex work!

    • batman superman
      batman superman  9 hours back

      do you have any videos online? id love to hear you talk some shit!

      • jonas halili
        jonas halili  10 hours back

        u got mail back...u gave yor adrez 2 a weird stranger? smart....

        • ArlekTV
          ArlekTV  10 hours back

          God damn some people are just so fucking lucky with how they stumble upon money making.

          • tubestick00
            tubestick00  11 hours back

            Women.... been trying to be funny since the dawn of time

            • x omega
              x omega  12 hours back

              You should have pissed on him like the dirty little pig boy he was

              • Carlos Perez
                Carlos Perez  13 hours back

                Woe she is hoottt

                • Jack Jones
                  Jack Jones  14 hours back

                  I think GMOs and the chemicals in all our food water and pharmaceuticals and lets not forget vaccines, have clearly made a difference. You know, these guys are not well. Wow! Just, WOW!!

                  • Shawn McGuire
                    Shawn McGuire  19 hours back

                    Hundreds of degenerates didn't like this hilarious talk.
                    Now, that's funny.

                    • Aaron Higgins
                      Aaron Higgins  19 hours back

                      What's her website? Asking for a friend

                      • DashleyBrosINC
                        DashleyBrosINC  19 hours back

                        Yes, keep taking advantage of people with chemical imbalances, impulse control problems and brain wiring that could be considered incorrect or even broken. You might as well be taking advantage of mentally retarded people, but hey, they want you to do it and you aren't hurting anybody, right.

                        • Syed Zeeshan
                          Syed Zeeshan  21 hours back


                          • Stranded73
                            Stranded73  21 hours back

                            Damn, hope the USPS doesn't hear about this! 😨

                            • Jeffrey Bone
                              Jeffrey Bone  38 minutes back

                              They should investigate this women and others like her!

                          • Carmelo Santana
                            Carmelo Santana  23 hours back

                            She is hot not funny 🤗

                            • Jason Land
                              Jason Land  23 hours back

                              Wow the price on that bottled piss probably went way up

                              • Christopher Hardy
                                Christopher Hardy  23 hours back

                                This was awesome!
                                I really enjoyed the whole presentation. Your storytelling skill is excellent. I was hooked to the very end. The air of mystery before the final payoff that your Dad was supportive of, not supporting, your business was perfect.
                                Bonus is that you are the Aubry Plaza we all want her to be. :)

                              • tortugabob
                                tortugabob  1 days back

                                Only in Portland!

                                • Florin Duduta
                                  Florin Duduta  1 days back

                                  She is Beautiful Sexy and i like her honesty , looking at her you wouldn't thought that she's been doing anything like that and she really is a Genius

                                  • Art and Music
                                    Art and Music  1 days back

                                    Is this what they do to women in liberal Portland?

                                    • WckedLarry
                                      WckedLarry  1 days back

                                      I was watching this because I thought it's a comedy show and after 14:46 min I realised there will be no punchline, and read the description of the video

                                      • Saurabh Bhargava
                                        Saurabh Bhargava  1 days back

                                        Your stomach is full and you are secure then it's time for self-esteem I think she may not know about that..Cear Lynch .. ma'am at least care about *Girls*

                                        • Saurabh Bhargava
                                          Saurabh Bhargava  1 days back

                                          She is ****star not a [email protected] me if I am wrong, at least she should care about girls that's a tough industry and miserable life after 40s.
                                          I don't know where She will end up as TRP goes high god knows what she will do I hope not, will tell the story again to his father and that stupid one ...Genius

                                          • Shylesh Acharya
                                            Shylesh Acharya  1 days back

                                            if were true she wudnt be doing this , and now a days people believes anything on youtube :D

                                            • 123InDaPlaceToBe
                                              123InDaPlaceToBe  1 days back

                                              Abury Plaza's akward alter ego in person.

                                              • Ann Brown
                                                Ann Brown  2 days back

                                                Beyond creepy, truly disgusting and very dangerous. One day there will be a knock on your door. There will be one of your perverts who has tracked you down and wants MORE😲. You can be the star of an episode of Forensic Files! 🤔

                                                • LeAnn Purdy
                                                  LeAnn Purdy  2 days back

                                                  What a great dad? Don't all parents want their children to get paid to indulge the sexual fantasies of others? Works well when you retire at 40 and put that on your job app.

                                                  • tim perry
                                                    tim perry  2 days back

                                                    You take men's money and humiliate them without having to marry them, wow.

                                                    • Jeffrey Bone
                                                      Jeffrey Bone  2 hours back

                                                      @Michael Stevenson ,I "smell" an Alpha wanna be Joke sap sucker to women, who thinks he has all the bitches in his stable right where he wants them to be! Then they screw you over, like the Ceara types out there! They'll cheat on your ass, and give you another guys disease unless you always wear condoms! You want to drink her piss, hero?

                                                    • Michael Stevenson
                                                      Michael Stevenson  10 hours back

                                                      I smell an MRA.

                                                  • Rabishankar Pal
                                                    Rabishankar Pal  2 days back

                                                    Pee pays. That's humourous.

                                                    • Asanda Ndimande
                                                      Asanda Ndimande  2 days back

                                                      🤔Yo who wants to buy my Bath Water?

                                                      • the guy in the helmet
                                                        the guy in the helmet  2 days back

                                                        If she is supposed to be a comedian, she sucks...

                                                        If she's supposed to be someone sharing an experience... she sucks at telling too...

                                                        • Quintin Pace
                                                          Quintin Pace  2 days back

                                                          I wish I was a hot women damn. I shit money away every day fuck

                                                          • sw
                                                            sw  2 days back

                                                            😂😂😂she is hilarious..

                                                            • Shoshana
                                                              Shoshana  2 days back

                                                              Some acts aren't worth the money because the true cost is inestimable.

                                                              • SpiderPig
                                                                SpiderPig  2 days back

                                                                she was on JRE #728

                                                                • Ryujin Jakka
                                                                  Ryujin Jakka  2 days back

                                                                  Tis a teen's fantasy or what

                                                                  • Xoese Dziedzoave
                                                                    Xoese Dziedzoave  2 days back

                                                                    In Africa people do all voodoo stuff with used panties of women and discharges. I’m sure there are people who do that too in the west. So don’t think about doing silly things like this!!!

                                                                  • Paul Dacus
                                                                    Paul Dacus  2 days back

                                                                    The most disturbing party of this video is that Google thinks that I am into piss fantasies.

                                                                  • james durnford
                                                                    james durnford  2 days back

                                                                    great job

                                                                    • Chiranjeeb Thakuria
                                                                      Chiranjeeb Thakuria  2 days back

                                                                      Why on earth did this get recommended😳 but glad it did😆

                                                                      • Steven Sandler
                                                                        Steven Sandler  2 days back

                                                                        Brilliant story <3

                                                                        • node head
                                                                          node head  2 days back

                                                                          You are a genius 😂😂🙏🙏

                                                                          • Joe Guilfoyle
                                                                            Joe Guilfoyle  3 days back

                                                                            Funny content and she was VERY PRETTY,bonus

                                                                            • Jon Dunmore
                                                                              Jon Dunmore  3 days back

                                                                              So you describe your foray into prostitution in public, and when someone propositions you in the parking lot, are you going to #MeToo them?
                                                                              Of course you are.

                                                                              • Steven Vicijan
                                                                                Steven Vicijan  3 days back

                                                                                Sounds like where is my beer dudes in the background, watch those ponies

                                                                                • Nathan Monsta
                                                                                  Nathan Monsta  3 days back

                                                                                  Don’t know why or how this got recommended but OK.

                                                                                  • Charles Henry
                                                                                    Charles Henry  3 days back

                                                                                    5:00; and now he has your address...

                                                                                  • Val O'Brien
                                                                                    Val O'Brien  3 days back

                                                                                    Woman; Sells her used underwear online, is a "Genius" (in her father's words)
                                                                                    Man; Sells his used underwear online, or buys woman's underwear online, is a dirty pervert!
                                                                                    Welcome to modern day "Equality", feminist style!
                                                                                    Ceara Lynch, you're a blind fool. I'd be curious to see what you will think of all this when you're about 70 years old.