Steph Curry postgame reaction | Warriors vs Raptors Game 5 | 2019 NBA Finals


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  • . donkeykong
    . donkeykong  5 months back

    I'll say the reason Steph so pissed about is his teammate kept saying "We all got some injures on our own body but we're still here hanging and playing" .

    • NoCap 757
      NoCap 757  5 months back

      Steph threw at the media and first take undisputed espn get up first things firest always talking cash shit about kd shit is sad trying to make him leave

      • Zx V
        Zx V  5 months back

        Raptors fans are disgusting

        • Peter Solo
          Peter Solo  5 months back

          Plus, they ALL sang for KD when he left.

        • Cynical
          Cynical  5 months back

          Stop it, you are acting like everyone was cheering him because of the injury. People were cheering cuz this dude was destroying us,although depressing, was a sigh of relief. You really going to tell me that if lebron went down in game 5, GSW fans wouldnt be cheering?

      • Heartbreaker So
        Heartbreaker So  5 months back

        Kd might not be the same ever again he did make a weak move but him being as much of an inspiration as he is it’s demoralizing knowing a talent like that could be gone forever just like d rose😪

        • Tiltedツ
          Tiltedツ  5 months back

          It'll be fine, he's kd, we know who he is, good thoughts only, hoping for a speedy recovery

      • Kelli Smith
        Kelli Smith  5 months back

        He looks angry here, and he should be. This should fuel them for game 6. Win the ship guys!!

        • ThunderHawk Gaming
          ThunderHawk Gaming  5 months back

          Poor lad 😭🏀 #SpeedyRecoveryKD (From A Lakers Fan)

          • albert garcia
            albert garcia  5 months back

            Wow another game
            We will see what happens G6

            • Ikonfident
              Ikonfident  5 months back

              I blame it and the couch because they don’t want A 3 to win the game.they should of taking a 2 point shot to win the game smh. better couching win games that is the same thing the couch do in game two Him should of make Toronto fouls one of the players in game two and stop the shot clock bad couching Toronto get this game to win why taking a 3 point when you need 2 points to win ????? What do you think fans

              • Isaiah Carroll
                Isaiah Carroll  5 months back

                Game 6 Klay will actived

                • Jonathan Liao
                  Jonathan Liao  5 months back

                  Isaiah Carroll *be activated. The splash brothers have to come back!!!

              • Brando Leow
                Brando Leow  5 months back

                Steph looks pissed gg

                • MF KZA
                  MF KZA  5 months back

                  I'm pissed KD hurt his Achilles.. this not a good look

                  • wavejhuztin27
                    wavejhuztin27  5 months back

                    No views. 0. 0.
                    And late comment 🤦‍♀️

                    • DummmY T12
                      DummmY T12  5 months back

                      It was sooooooooooooooooooo close 🤯