Patrick Mahomes restored my faith in football - Mike Golic Jr. | NFL Playoffs


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  • Dime Bag
    Dime Bag  2 hours back

    Mahommes did more than make plays - he was a leader - he put fire in his team and they responded. All due respect to reid as well in that department. A steady ship will finish the race almost assuredly ahead of the rest.

    • Carnivalofthoughts1123
      Carnivalofthoughts1123  8 hours back

      Espn UK= four basic American dudes?

      Ok, Espn UK. Espn UK, ok.

      • Bray Forte
        Bray Forte  13 hours back

        I am so thankful I was able to go to that game against the Texans. What a game. Comeback for the ages by the best QB in the league.

        • Adam  Smith
          Adam Smith  14 hours back

          He is going to lose another championship game guys good not great.

          • Katherine Leiby
            Katherine Leiby  9 hours back

            You must be a Texans fan. Good players don't do what he did. Hall of Famers do. And won the MVP his first year starting. 50 TDs and over 5000 yards.Lost the AFC championship game? His defense lost them the game. Yeah I guess he's average.

        • Dusten Doolen
          Dusten Doolen  1 days back

          Idiot's all around.... pat played well... cr credit all the way goes to special teams and defense.. how many short fields were givin.

          • Jack Hollis
            Jack Hollis  1 days back

            Mahomes is the best quarterback of all time. Nobody has the arm talent he has, and nobody has put up the numbers he has. When it is all said in done, he should have surpassed every other quarterback in the league.

            • Susan Maggiora
              Susan Maggiora  16 hours back

              Jack Hollis I agree. But a lot has to go right for that to happen. I think people underestimate how hard it is to stay healthy for 10/15 years as a QB. Plus, he’ll have to deal with different head coaches & lots of players. But I’d love nothing more than to see him break every record in the book (Not Favre’s interception record of course 🤣)

            • IJeffChiefsKingdom
              IJeffChiefsKingdom  22 hours back

              Jack Hollis facts
              He will only get better

          • Craig
            Craig  1 days back

            30-year Pats fan (yeah, some pretty ugly years back then), and I can honestly tell you I *dearly* want this man to hoist a fist full of rings. He's everything you could ever want as a QB, a teammate, an ambassador of the game of football and the city of KC. Grats on the win, KC fans; I'm sincerely rooting for your boys to go all the way. It's always nice when great things happen for great people, and you'll find none better than PM.

            • Adrian Fort
              Adrian Fort  5 hours back

              @oreides and way more than anyone expected.

            • Adrian Fort
              Adrian Fort  5 hours back

              34 year old Chiefs fan here. You had 10ish years of not-great football. I've had two years of non-heartbreak. I appreciate the kind words from one fandom to another, but I hope the patriots fall into dark ages. Dark dark dark ages.

            • Susan Maggiora
              Susan Maggiora  16 hours back

              Craig You sure you’re a Patriots fan?🤣
              Seriously though, appreciate the kind words. As a fan of the franchise with the longest Super Bowl drought (50 years), we’re pretty excited about number 15. It’s good to see fans of other teams recognizing what a stand up guy Pat Mahomes is. ✌️

            • oreides
              oreides  1 days back

              Thank you, strangely enough it means a lot. Wish my dad was alive to see this, Chiefs fans are diehard and Mahomes is everything everybody always wanted.

          • Copper Head
            Copper Head  1 days back

            Don’t forget Kelce was playing with a hurt Hamstring. He was even lat from comingout at half time.

            • Susan Maggiora
              Susan Maggiora  16 hours back

              Copper Head Yeah, he only played about 65% of the offensive snaps, iirc.

          • peterfrknpan
            peterfrknpan  1 days back

            Ok. The guy on the right. Are you that big of an idiot ? You gave credit to the coaches for getting Patrick in the game ? What game did you watch ?

            • Adam 1
              Adam 1  1 days back

              Titans POSS has sucked lately. If they can’t keep Mahomes off the field, they’re going to lose. You can’t out score him with the run. Not happening.

            • Dan Stevens
              Dan Stevens  1 days back

              Mahomes is the REAL mvp. Ravens lost to the browns...

              • WeebKage81
                WeebKage81  3 hours back

                Thats's a dumb thing to say

              • Karl Ross
                Karl Ross  12 hours back

                Sounds like a Browns fan.

            • Yasuke Afro Samurai
              Yasuke Afro Samurai  2 days back

              Why is that is it because the texans head coach literally gave the game away with his bad coaching decisions ?

              • IJeffChiefsKingdom
                IJeffChiefsKingdom  22 hours back

                Yasuke Afro Samurai didn’t chiefs spot Houston 14 points

              • Jake Minder
                Jake Minder  2 days back

                So his coaching led to 6 straight TDs

            • Basiru Jabbi
              Basiru Jabbi  2 days back

              He’s special I have been saying this forever

            • Shawn Harrison
              Shawn Harrison  3 days back

              man that Windows annoying

              • Robb Hotdog
                Robb Hotdog  3 days back

                Pat Mahomes has made it to the AFC Championship game 2 years in a row. Those two years are also his first two years as a starter. Any arguments are over at this point.

                • Christopher Laughlin
                  Christopher Laughlin  21 hours back

                  @Kage Phenix IF.

                • Rich Kendall
                  Rich Kendall  23 hours back

                  @Christopher Laughlin had a big brace on his leg. and the o line was injured :)

                • Norseman
                  Norseman  1 days back

                  It's a team sport. Having Mahomes is part not all.

                • Kage Phenix
                  Kage Phenix  1 days back

                  @Christopher Laughlin yes he did actually. If it wasn't for 1 blocked field goal. And 1 missed field goal. We would have one by three. Not lost by three.

                • Yawg moth
                  Yawg moth  2 days back

                  Arguments about what?

              • David Clark
                David Clark  3 days back

                yes Patrick mahomes is the real deal he is the next great quarterback for the next decade get the super bowl win chiefs

                • Todd Davis
                  Todd Davis  3 days back

                  We have waited 50 years for Patrick Mahomes....Great bookends, Super Bowls 50 years apart. He restored mine as well. Thanks

                  • Phil Castillo
                    Phil Castillo  4 days back

                    Mahomes was on all game, his offense didnt show up until the 2nd quarter. D really only gave up 10 to the Texans during that calamity.

                    • Rich Kendall
                      Rich Kendall  23 hours back

                      they were just rusty from the bye week. started catching after 15 minutes of game time.

                    • Lord Momin
                      Lord Momin  2 days back

                      Without Chris Jones