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  • Mícheál Flaithbheartaigh

    The same newspaper ran with the headline ' Spurs linked to Barcelona star Andre Gomes' literally days before the ' Barcelona flop' headline....Need I say more.

    • gary smith
      gary smith  5 months back

      Tell him it is the 21st Century...

      • gary smith
        gary smith  5 months back

        We need 3 strikers.

        • gary smith
          gary smith  5 months back

          Phnom Penh , Cambodia....all perfect.

          • gary smith
            gary smith  5 months back

            All perfect.

            • gary smith
              gary smith  5 months back

              Good morning.

              • Mike
                Mike  5 months back

                22m for Gomes is worrying - That the bigger clubs didn't want to get involved but are all competing for Ndombele, Fernandez Rabiot and Le Celsio all above the 50-60million price range. Hope it doesn't mean we're buying a Tata Indica while the others buying Mercs / Beemers!

                • Lee Bee
                  Lee Bee  5 months back

                  I know what you're getting at, Ped.. but saying [around Dec-Jan] 'Chelsea win every other game, and draw the other.. and maybe lose the other'.. er.. really? THREE different results every TWO games? Not having a dig, just a laugh, but I suppose my next question could be.. Do you believe in 'Man-Bear-Pig' - the mythically 'half man, half bear, half pig' creature - out of South Park, lol??? ps: Absolutely NO issues with sound or video quality for me with this 'test' as per my own tuning in to Toffee TV through youtube.. and I'm watching and listening via my 'local' ISP way over here where I usually live in Chiang Mai, (northern) Thailand!!

                  • FlemoEFC1878
                    FlemoEFC1878  5 months back

                    You keep asking for the original Red dead remastered, they already done this for the Xbox one X remastered it in 4k, bin the weakstation and get the bestbox and you will be playing it haha

                    • Dave F
                      Dave F  5 months back

                      Sound levels on this fellas is all over the show, When Ped shouted my ears bled.
                      Great channel tho guys

                      • DrewBloo
                        DrewBloo  5 months back

                        I feel like no one’s considering that Roman Abramovich might welcome a transfer ban. If they bring in Lampard as their manager that tells me that Abramovich has no interest in competing and he’s withdrawn his support for Chelsea in response to being exiled by UK Gov.

                        • Ryan Morris
                          Ryan Morris  5 months back

                          I hope you were joking when you mentioned Sandro being our number 1. It baffles me as to why richarlison doesn’t work as our centre forward he’s got all the attributes of Dom except lacking a bit of physicality but with far more clinical finishing. Any ideas as to why he didn’t work in that position last year as he’s shown he can do it for Brazil?

                          • Abigail Barfoot
                            Abigail Barfoot  5 months back

                            Sound is good picture ok

                            • Doc Cartwright
                              Doc Cartwright  5 months back

                              Loud and clear in Indonesia

                              • Cathal Carroll
                                Cathal Carroll  5 months back

                                Gomez 22million are they pulling the of the best midfielder in da world........WOW

                                • Renzy
                                  Renzy  5 months back

                                  We have easily 5-6 players we can sell who could pay for our #1 striker we need

                                  • mark redmond
                                    mark redmond  5 months back

                                    You'd sell short arms and buy Trapp who's a million times better.

                                    • Lee Bee
                                      Lee Bee  5 months back

                                      Pure snide comment. You a Newcastle fan?

                                    • Ryan Morris
                                      Ryan Morris  5 months back

                                      mark redmond Pickford’s better than trapp

                                  • Amoroso Thunderrifle
                                    Amoroso Thunderrifle  5 months back

                                    Do you think Jerome Boateng from Munich would be an idea for Everton?

                                    • Fozzie1878
                                      Fozzie1878  5 months back

                                      Shame we haven’t got a kit to announce Gomes in. Everton that

                                      • kannuksen kennedy
                                        kannuksen kennedy  5 months back

                                        Painting terrace ...Good sound

                                        • kannuksen kennedy
                                          kannuksen kennedy  5 months back


                                          • Stephen Lloyd
                                            Stephen Lloyd  5 months back

                                            Sounds ok