emma chamberlain boyfriend REVEALED *AARON HULL?!*


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  • anna oop
    anna oop   4 weeks back

    do you ship emma and aaron?!

    • Kylee Sibila
      Kylee Sibila  7 days back

      no. aaron deserves so much better

    • Lakeshia Jones
      Lakeshia Jones  2 weeks back

      anna oop Yes their cute together

    • hellooo iLUVyt
      hellooo iLUVyt  2 weeks back

      no ill never stop shipping ethma 😢♥️

    • Juliet
      Juliet  4 weeks back

      Emma unfollowed Ethan and I think it would be cute anyways

    • Juliet
      Juliet  4 weeks back


  • julia
    julia  5 days back

    disliking just bc of the intro

    • J o r s t e i n
      J o r s t e i n  5 days back

      Yup I do ship those

      • Graycen Smith
        Graycen Smith  6 days back

        Yes there sooooo cute together

        • MOCHIKOKKIE Ig
          MOCHIKOKKIE Ig  6 days back

          the intro was so not necessary.

          • Estephanie Sanchez
            Estephanie Sanchez  1 weeks back

            "Also his trip to LA was paid for by Emma" suger mamma much? What a lame...

            • anna oop
              anna oop   1 weeks back

              Estephanie Sanchez we love a rich queen

          • America Hernandez
            America Hernandez  1 weeks back

            They have matching knitted beanies 😌

            • anna oop
              anna oop   1 weeks back

              America Hernandez the cutest

          • Sophia
            Sophia  1 weeks back

            i ship but i wish i was emma:’(

          • VintageVirgø
            VintageVirgø  1 weeks back

            Why is there already videos omg tbh I don't want another ethma situation but no hate because I know you spent lots of time on this vid so much luv

            • VintageVirgø
              VintageVirgø  1 weeks back

              @anna oop omg sorry but thanks for not going off on me :)

            • anna oop
              anna oop   1 weeks back

              VintageVirgø we uploaded this video nearly a month ago now before emma said anything ahah it’s all good :)

          • Simra 111
            Simra 111  1 weeks back

            I still ship ethma just think about emma and ethan having a family withere kids its sooo cute

            • Letyzia Estrada
              Letyzia Estrada  1 weeks back

              Everyone is offending Ethan in the comments😤

              • anna oop
                anna oop   1 weeks back

                Letyzia Estrada the disrespect

            • Reemyy 19
              Reemyy 19  1 weeks back

              Here after Emma’s new video about her crush on a SKATER BOYY!!

              • anna oop
                anna oop   1 weeks back

                Reemyy 19 she said see ya later boi

            • Ann Trinh
              Ann Trinh  1 weeks back

              Proof that Emma and Aaron hang out. Not dating. But shippp

            • Alayna Martinez
              Alayna Martinez  1 weeks back

              I ship them more than ethma

              • anna oop
                anna oop   1 weeks back

                Alayna Martinez we have decided to stan

            • Loujayne Ait Haji
              Loujayne Ait Haji  1 weeks back


              • anna oop
                anna oop   1 weeks back

                Loujayne Ait Haji we love a ship

            • Jordyn Noobie
              Jordyn Noobie  1 weeks back

              Dude the intro was so un called for. Why you do Emma like that -_-

              • -imnotfuckingyours
                -imnotfuckingyours  1 weeks back


              • Vadimovna
                Vadimovna  1 weeks back

                Jordyn Noobie literally that’s what I was thinking

              • Moonlight
                Moonlight  1 weeks back

                Jordyn Noobie Bc she looks like she stinks . Sorry to burst ur bubble

            • N.D.O _
              N.D.O _  2 weeks back

              I think Emma is quite gross so I don't really like it since he's actually a cool dude

              • Domenica Jimenez
                Domenica Jimenez  6 days back

                N.D.O _ HAHAHAHA DUDE that is an internet persona, pretty sure Louis Vuitton wouldn’t work with her if she was nasty. Btw we don’t know you so we might as well asume you are disgusting

              • Malala Jan
                Malala Jan  7 days back

                @N.D.O _ oh ok

              • N.D.O _
                N.D.O _  7 days back

                @Malala Jan she has said she goes days without a shower and has proudly boast about her poor hygiene before

              • Malala Jan
                Malala Jan  7 days back

                I know emma but dont watch her videos , but am curious why you said gross is there anything I don't know?
                Like not being rude to you just asking has she done anything?

              • N.D.O _
                N.D.O _  1 weeks back

                @Domenica Jimenez I know enough 🤢

            • Yeah No
              Yeah No  3 weeks back

              Am I the only one who doesn’t ship it

            • Annie Fofanny
              Annie Fofanny  3 weeks back

              I've had the longest crush on Aaron for so long and I'm really upset that he's dating her cause... just... no

              • anna oop
                anna oop   3 weeks back

                Annie Fofanny screaming you better get ur mans

            • Simi Lee
              Simi Lee  3 weeks back

              I am going to cry

              • Valerie Vids
                Valerie Vids  3 weeks back

                Stop posting that edit in the intro

                • Moonlight
                  Moonlight  1 weeks back

                  Valerie Vids too late tehee

              • kek lolov
                kek lolov  3 weeks back

                that dude is much better then Ethan he was dead stupid

                • Cloud 9
                  Cloud 9  1 weeks back

                  kek lolov umm sweetie no 😂

                • anna oop
                  anna oop   3 weeks back

                  well... 👀

              • Kat
                Kat  3 weeks back

                I think they are cuter than ethma. He seems to f her personality better

              • Gabriela Brown
                Gabriela Brown  3 weeks back

                only reason i don’t 100% support is cause i’m in love with aaron myslef😬🥴

                • Ashley Carreño
                  Ashley Carreño  3 weeks back

                  when he goes to my school love that haha

                • adelaide
                  adelaide  3 weeks back

                  i dont care if theyre just friends or if theyre dating, im just glad to see that theyre happy <3

                  • adyson klein
                    adyson klein  4 weeks back

                    wow imagine dating aaron- 🥵

                    • sienna simpson
                      sienna simpson  4 weeks back

                      SO CUTE I STAN

                      • lorain e
                        lorain e  4 weeks back

                        Honestly, Aaron is one of the nicest person I know. I only talked to him a couple times but he’s really sweet and nice. He’s good for Emma 🥺

                        • Tarian Elise
                          Tarian Elise  4 weeks back

                          when he lives in the same city as me yet I haven’t seen him once ://///////

                        • Megan
                          Megan  4 weeks back

                          when i low key went to church camp w him

                        • Abrielle
                          Abrielle  4 weeks back

                          Yes they are dating my teacher is Aaron's uncle and he told our class that he was dating emma chamberlain. So I can confirm that they are dating.

                          • Abrielle
                            Abrielle  4 weeks back

                            @Maya Maybe why wouldn't she? it's true

                          • Maya Maybe
                            Maya Maybe  4 weeks back

                            anna oop you believe this..?

                          • Abrielle
                            Abrielle  4 weeks back

                            @anna oop ikkkk

                          • anna oop
                            anna oop   4 weeks back

                            Abrielle OMG

                        • and i oop-
                          and i oop-  4 weeks back

                          Dude, I'm gonna miss ethma. And I'm literally crying rn.

                        • Maliyah Severson
                          Maliyah Severson  4 weeks back

                          This is all so weird to me bc I know him irl

                        • Lakeshia Jones
                          Lakeshia Jones  4 weeks back

                          It’s cute

                        • Victoria Samson
                          Victoria Samson  4 weeks back

                          I SHIP THEM SO HARD

                          • Victoria Samson
                            Victoria Samson  4 weeks back

                            Juliet awh hiiii!!!

                          • Juliet
                            Juliet  4 weeks back

                            Omg hi I follow you on tiktok I love your videos!

                          • anna oop
                            anna oop   4 weeks back

                            samee b

                        • Mia Rose
                          Mia Rose  4 weeks back

                          Honestly ship them 100% more than Ethan

                        • ΚΩΝΣΤΑΝΤΙΝΟΣ ΓΑΡΤΑΓΑΝΗΣ

                          Can we all take a moment to imagine what it would be like for Emma to just pop up saying she is dating someone , I don't care who they are

                          _My body isn't ready_

                        • m60w
                          m60w  4 weeks back

                          *rIsE aNd sHiNe*

                          • tolaeek
                            tolaeek  4 weeks back

                            I’m- i wh- Ho- bu-

                          • Ben Massey
                            Ben Massey  4 weeks back

                            we... stan?

                          • Gabriel Herdy
                            Gabriel Herdy  4 weeks back

                            they look so cute together