Teaching Her to Drive the Challenger


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  • Quaddy
    Quaddy  14 hours back

    Nailed it Beck, Good work

    • Bill Whitman
      Bill Whitman  1 days back

      If you watch Zack's eyes you'll see why he's a good equipment operator... always moving and you can almost see his internal computer making calculations.

      • dimduk
        dimduk  2 days back

        We all need a wife like Becky.

        • What, me worry?
          What, me worry?  2 days back

          Ought to have a [Macro] button for turns - "lift implement" "Reduce speed", driver completes turn, "Throttle up", "Autosteer", "Implement down"

          • Larry Fry
            Larry Fry  3 days back

            Why do you skip every other row??

          • Grey Jay
            Grey Jay  3 days back

            Cold feet hint: For half the cost of the more "famous label" rubber boots, Tractor Supply has Itasca Black River insulated rubber boots. 400 gram Thinsulate, thick soles, good tread, and with good winter socks, you'll have warm feet in a tractor, or working out on the land or in the shop. By the way, your wife is an awesome lady. She's a keeper.

            • George Harsha
              George Harsha  3 days back

              Even the seagulls are embarrassed!! They wont even sit over there!😂😂 too funny..great video guys..always look forward to ur next..🇺🇸🇺🇸🚜🚜

              • Wires
                Wires  3 days back

                Becky's gonna plough you in the ground bud...just wait !
                Tell you what, let Becky make a farm/plough /whatever video on the farm and you do a similar one, then challenge// who get's the most views... hows that for a dare? :)

                • Patman Crowley
                  Patman Crowley  4 days back

                  The nice thing about all of those seagulls is the guano!

                  • Patman Crowley
                    Patman Crowley  4 days back

                    At minute 9:43 we see birds dropping onto the tilled area. What kind of birds are those?

                    • Patman Crowley
                      Patman Crowley  4 days back

                      Okay, they're seagulls. Why would seagulls be in Minnesota?

                  • snoop alert
                    snoop alert  4 days back

                    Your turn to fix lunch their boy o

                    • 1 Proud American
                      1 Proud American  4 days back

                      That was cute.

                      • K Bar
                        K Bar  4 days back

                        Cabella's has a dog kennel pad heater, would work in the tractor floor, water and mud proof.

                        • casy casy
                          casy casy  4 days back

                          id go with hot agent

                          • joyfilters
                            joyfilters  5 days back

                            Best one yet!

                            • Stevie Barner
                              Stevie Barner  6 days back

                              This is love

                              • Leon Hill
                                Leon Hill  6 days back

                                Awesome good job

                                • Milk Mustache
                                  Milk Mustache  6 days back

                                  nice seat cover in that new machine bro!

                                  • Lisa Adams
                                    Lisa Adams  7 days back

                                    Good job Beck!

                                    • Felix
                                      Felix  1 weeks back

                                      Is she going to have a test ? I would be worried !

                                      • James Bedford
                                        James Bedford  1 weeks back

                                        What a stunning lady she is wow so talented u go girl

                                        • Robert Tribby
                                          Robert Tribby  2 weeks back

                                          LOLZ [email protected] the ending!

                                          • Ryan Squires
                                            Ryan Squires  2 weeks back

                                            Sure wish I was an Uber rich farmer.

                                            • MrDonnyt
                                              MrDonnyt  2 weeks back

                                              I’m sitting in my shop at 3 o’clock in the morning drinking a coffee and watching your videos and laughing my head off.
                                              U2 are awesome!!!
                                              Keep up the videos some of the best watching on YouTube! Thanks for sharing.

                                              • Andy Hutch
                                                Andy Hutch  3 weeks back

                                                Hell a farmers wife that has no idea how to drive a tractor, never heard such of such a dumb farmers wife.

                                                • Nick Schaff
                                                  Nick Schaff  3 weeks back

                                                  It appears to me that she does know how to drive a tractor, just not one with cruise control and auto-steer and computer-adjusted tillage equipment leveling. I've been driving tractors for over 40 years and I would be just as lost as she was with all the buttons and switches.

                                              • Eugene Burns
                                                Eugene Burns  3 weeks back

                                                Even the sea gulls are confused... Brilliant

                                                • Eugene Burns
                                                  Eugene Burns  3 weeks back

                                                  "It's like a 1970 pick up truck"... Brilliant.... Awesome

                                                  • Ben Pattinson
                                                    Ben Pattinson  4 weeks back

                                                    Thank god, I thought he’d never leave 👍👍😂😂

                                                    • Ben Pattinson
                                                      Ben Pattinson  4 weeks back

                                                      More of the very beautiful Mrs MnMillenialFarmer driving stuff. Great chemistry you guys.
                                                      So, if you turn to sharp in the headlands I assume the drawbar would knock the tracks off? Or does it “just” damage them?

                                                      • Tim Petrie
                                                        Tim Petrie  4 weeks back

                                                        Enjoyed this video of you teaching your wife how to operate heavy equipment Not drive lol and she did great

                                                        • Scott Habkirk
                                                          Scott Habkirk  4 weeks back

                                                          Where your complaining about having cold feet in the tractor. Have you ever looked into trying out heated insoles for your boots? They sell them here in canada and they are wireless with a remote. Just an idea

                                                          • Dennis Perschbacher
                                                            Dennis Perschbacher  4 weeks back

                                                            Great video!

                                                            • Martin Orlowski
                                                              Martin Orlowski  4 weeks back

                                                              Great you tube channel. Thanks for sharing!

                                                              • Martin Orlowski
                                                                Martin Orlowski  4 weeks back

                                                                Beautiful women.

                                                                • paintballer7171986
                                                                  paintballer7171986  4 weeks back

                                                                  18:53 hahahahaha

                                                                  • Patrick Wilson
                                                                    Patrick Wilson  1 months back

                                                                    Wow, that was a lot of eyelash fluttering. Hope you noticed.

                                                                    • Kirt Hedquist
                                                                      Kirt Hedquist  1 months back

                                                                      Did you turn the camera off put the autopilot on and test out the suspension seat on that challenger? Mrs M looked a little flushed when you left her alone?

                                                                      • D Hansel
                                                                        D Hansel  1 months back

                                                                        Hey, Zack are those seagulls behind the disk harrow? I used to have crows following me looking for worms I would dig up with the turning plow.
                                                                        Here ins South Central Texas we now have cow birds or egrets.

                                                                        • D Hansel
                                                                          D Hansel  1 months back

                                                                          @Millennial Farmer We were in Colorado one year visiting some friends who were keeps of the Baby Doe campground. They took us to Turquoises lake to do some fishing. The mosquitoes just about ate us up. It started to snow when I noticed seagulls flying around the lake.
                                                                          I don't know how they got there. Some people made the comment they may have gotten caught in the eye of hurricanes and just followed the eye north.
                                                                          I know in cities where there are trash dumps you see hundreds of them.
                                                                          That corn sure makes me think of home made course ground corn meal and my late mother-in-law's home made cornbread recipe.
                                                                          Be careful around that equipment... accidents can happen so fast.

                                                                        • Millennial Farmer
                                                                          Millennial Farmer   1 months back

                                                                          Yes they are seagulls. I didn't realize people would even notice them until I started on YouTube. They have done this my entire life!

                                                                      • Chas Wolf
                                                                        Chas Wolf  1 months back

                                                                        That woman is asking GREAT questions! You married up, obviously. I know what it's like.

                                                                        • Allen Hrubes
                                                                          Allen Hrubes  1 months back

                                                                          Hey Zach! You are SSSOOO patient with your wife. I tried to teach my bride what you did and it wasn't long before I was yelling at her...class dismissed! Thank God I thought he'd never leave. Funny.

                                                                          • jimW133
                                                                            jimW133  1 months back

                                                                            Brave man teaching a family member to drive! Shows good trust on both sides.

                                                                            • Edwin Krikhaar
                                                                              Edwin Krikhaar  1 months back

                                                                              Becky voor Challenger Queen! Lol
                                                                              Great content, love to see women work on these machines. Respect for it!!

                                                                              • Shannon Mitchell
                                                                                Shannon Mitchell  2 months back

                                                                                Again lmao that's what she said

                                                                                • smyg88
                                                                                  smyg88  2 months back

                                                                                  You are awesome! :D

                                                                                  • Hiren Patel
                                                                                    Hiren Patel  2 months back

                                                                                    There is an actress in hollywood that look just like her.

                                                                                    • Jacob Spannbauer
                                                                                      Jacob Spannbauer  2 months back

                                                                                      P.s she digs it haha

                                                                                      • One Life
                                                                                        One Life  2 months back

                                                                                        Yr lucky man Zach...the fact she even wants to learn➕..teach her well..safety..farming is a family biz..ya'all weather things together and each can respect and appreciate one's job..and roles within the family..and great minds of farmers for critical thinking in improvements is key..involving yr wife is a good thing...makes for lively conversations for sure..lovely family Zach/Becky. .keep up the good work...and ya calling yr wife to tell her y luv her..is key..the cheeseburgers will follow naturally😊..from the smart grandma

                                                                                        • Jason Thompson
                                                                                          Jason Thompson  2 months back

                                                                                          she did a good job driving the challenger she picked up on it real quick the end was when she said I thought he never leave lol hahahah