Game Grumps Isn't Funny Anymore


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  • Kid Dracula
    Kid Dracula  4 days back

    You make a lot of really accurate points. GG c fans are toxic anyways.

    • Hwarming
      Hwarming  3 weeks back

      10:55. Don't rewrite history, he parroted white supremacist bullshit and did a "I'm sorry you were offended". I'm not defending Arin blasting the N bomb, but don't misrepresent Jon here.

      • Aaron Hicks
        Aaron Hicks  2 months back

        It’s called 10 minute power hour because it takes an hour to film and it makes a ten minute video.

        • Byronflowerz
          Byronflowerz  2 months back

          Well I used to like them.............
          But I agree they lost their touch
          At least they have some funny moments but barely

          It’s my opinion

          • Dio Brando
            Dio Brando  2 months back

            Oof boi why did you make this link-only?

            • PooDot StinkPants
              PooDot StinkPants  2 months back

              You won't be grumpy if you eat garlic.

              • KINFIN123
                KINFIN123  2 months back

                With recent events, this video is more pertinent than ever

                • A R
                  A R  2 months back

                  A good comparison would be between Game Grumps and the Yogscast. Arin hanson sees Game Grumps with business in mind whereas Lewis Brindley has the fans best interest first. A good example is where Mark talked about when GG held shows where you pay to watch them play games where I'm sure they cut corners from the videos I've seen of just a stage and chairs like they're at some panel at a convention. But in the case of the Yogscast they held a whole convention and had two options, either cancel it because sponsors had pulled out and not lose money or do it for the fans and lose over 10k. Guess which one they picked. I guess what I'm trying to say is both have similar content but when it comes down to it Arin would rather spew out content instead of trying to fix what the fans had subscribed for. The yogscast however stick to what the fans know and like and still manage to be successful and have a whole tight network where the fans are the number one priority. An unfortunate example of this is when two of the yogscast employees stepped down after some allegations due to not wanting to set a bad example for the brand and also for letting their fans down. But when Arin does something upsetting he beats around the bush with vague apologies that sound more like he's saying it just to appease the few brainwashed GG fans. Dont get me wrong I like both channels however over the years The Yogscast grew over the years and expanded with their fans and pump out content that appeals to the fans but GG seems to be happy to care less about their old time fans and just try to keep their brand relevant for as long as they can. Hopefully Arin Hanson realizes this and begins to listen to the fans.

                  • Zachary Landrum
                    Zachary Landrum  2 months back

                    Why did LS Mark unlist the video? Is it because of the controversy he sparked with it?

                    • yeets yeets
                      yeets yeets  2 months back

                      DragonBoy RW which is a fantastic decision. having a youtube channel dedicated solely to shitting on other channels is beyond corny, this video still screams “bitter” imo

                    • DragonBoy RW
                      DragonBoy RW  2 months back

                      Go to his Twitter he explained it, but basically he privated a lot of videos because he didn’t want to be associated with videos like these. Basically videos that he was ranting, for lack of a better word, on other youtubers. His cartoon and movie reviews are still up because that’s what he wants to be known for.

                  • Cramberry-leemon Cola
                    Cramberry-leemon Cola  2 months back

                    I’m not so grump

                    • BromanderInChief
                      BromanderInChief  2 months back

                      “Why are you booing him? He’s right.”: The Video

                      Seriously, I can’t stand Arin anymore. Not sure if he was always so pretentious, but I guess we know how he is now.
                      Super fucking pretentious.

                      I’m sorry the truth has upset you.

                      • marcin mudrecki
                        marcin mudrecki  3 months back

                        Jesus the dislikes

                        • Sleepy Meme guy
                          Sleepy Meme guy  3 months back

                          When you realize Mark unlisted this

                        • Mommy
                          Mommy  3 months back

                          😦But seriously !!!!? Arin is the reason Dillan and Julian left Oneyplays !!!!!? He bumped up the rent making it impossible to pay, so they had to move out of LA? Damn you Arin 🔥😡🔥 You ruined the funniest channel on YouTube.

                          • yeets yeets
                            yeets yeets  2 months back

                            there’s no evidence of this

                          • PappyWappy43
                            PappyWappy43  3 months back

                            No they left to focus on their duo game company Wan Wan Games.

                        • Flipribbon
                          Flipribbon  3 months back

                          Acting like an opinion is objective in comedy is just stupid. You can not like Game Grumps, but objectively analyzing comedy doesnt work. No matter how stupid you find it, (clearly) millions of others will find it funny.

                          • FallenAJ
                            FallenAJ  4 months back

                            Ok, quick question. Have you actually watched Game Grumps? Or did you just cycle though the comments on their most dislikes videos?

                            • maxbear027
                              maxbear027  4 months back

                              Dan ruined game grumps for me personally. He tried to hard in the beginning wich i get, he had to fill shoes that couldnt be filled. But he tried to fill the shoes with over exaggerated laughter and yelling and of course his lame ass attempts at singing like john used to. And would just gush and swoon over suzie and would go to her room alot during the videos and tell arin how much him and suzie hangout without arin and he also constantly lies about his stories and even admitted to it in one episode when arin pointed it out (im not saying that all his stories are lies but since he admitted it im gonna say up to that point maybe 50% of them are lies.)
                              Also with john gone i could see how arin is just meh. He's just a monotoned idiot that does a voice sometimes.
                              Over the years their dynamic kinda made sense like a abused girlfriend constantly trying to please her boyfriend by not stirring the pot and constantly ask for praise for mundane things.
                              Dan calmed down, his hyena like manic laughter turned into a chuckle. his stories got less exaggerated and more down to earth (wich again he may have made some of them up making his whole persona a fucking joke.) His comments on the games and whatever lame subject they bring up for dead air filler is more idiotic.
                              Arin cant work off a manic pixie yes man so he's defaulted into being a dull lump. And no loud yelling doesnt eaqual funny or a personality.

                              • Static Gaming
                                Static Gaming  4 months back

                                look at these autistic fan bois hating lmao

                                • mintman325
                                  mintman325  4 months back

                                  There are some things you don't joke about Jon, Felix crossed the line of my standards.

                                  • 2-D
                                    2-D  4 months back

                                    I cannot agree with this video more, especially about how he isn't funny. Ever since he stopped animating it's become apparent

                                    • John Macrae Gaming.
                                      John Macrae Gaming.  4 months back

                                      If game grumps fans do this to me


                                      • Egg Nog
                                        Egg Nog  4 months back

                                        I know this entire video was basically just your opinion of the game grumps but watching that edited clip of Arin being basically made fun of for the awkward intro, made me self conscious bout the things I say to my friends lmao

                                        • TheAbsol
                                          TheAbsol  4 months back

                                          About Dan blindly accepting whatever Arin says is true... That's necessarily true. There have been instances where Dan gave him suggestions that turned out to be right, that Arin completely blew off.

                                          • Naquan Jefferson
                                            Naquan Jefferson  4 months back

                                            Wow bruh really 11:43.

                                            • fiorung
                                              fiorung  4 months back

                                              It's a shame the OP is too busy sucking his own dick to further his points, because GG is one of the channels that doesn't get nearly enough flak for their phoned-in content.

                                              • LS Mark
                                                LS Mark   4 months back

                                                When do I "suck my own dick" in this video lol

                                            • Reformed Rex
                                              Reformed Rex  4 months back

                                              To be fair, Game Grumps was never funny. Jon was funny.

                                              • Overtly Critical Dork
                                                Overtly Critical Dork  4 months back

                                                Watched your opinion and you're entitled to it. ;)
                                                Funny is subjective though. It's definitely different now than it used to be a few years ago. Missing some old funny players and switched to Super Mega, who are definitely not funny.

                                                Edit: I 100% agree with the business stuff you bring up. He drops people from the platform crazy fast if he hears unsubstantiated ANYTHING about them.

                                                • Cole Thomas
                                                  Cole Thomas  4 months back

                                                  I haven't even looked through the comments yet and I can already feel the radiation saturating my eyes from how toxic the fanboys are making it. I'm pretty sure if I held up a geiger counter to my screen it would give a maximum reading and then the stick on the dial would snap off.

                                                  • Fiddle My Foddle
                                                    Fiddle My Foddle  4 months back

                                                    Lol I can't tell if this video is serious or satire. So I'm gonna make the counter arguments as we go along

                                                    "Why is it called a power hour if it's only 10 minutes" That's the joke? It's a contradictory statement that goes even deeper because their episodes are neither 10 minutes nor an hour. Plus it funny and people like it so whats the problem?

                                                    Yes, Game Grumps went from a channel to a brand. Is that a bad thing? They make money providing people with something they want. They have to make money to live so they do it in an honest and upfront kind of way. You go see a live show of game grumps. Guess what, that's what ya get. No strings attached. Mystery grab bag of pins? Kool. It's like Pokemon card packets but for pins.

                                                    "Arin is heavily reliant on the person he's playing off of" Well yes, that's what a comedy duo is. It's not wrong, he just doesn't like solo acts. His who comedic style was build off of at least having someone else to play off of. Of course he sounds different when he's alone.

                                                    "Arin and Jon worked well with each other because they both acted like assholes and we're afraid of the other person. Dan on the other hand comes off like he's afraid to tell arin when he's wrong and blindly accepts anything arin says." Well I can't tell you how to feel about how he comes off but I can tell you that this statement isn't a literal representation of their partnership. Dan tell Arin he's wrong all the time. It's actually a running gag amidst the fans that Arin doesn't ever listen to Dan when he's trying to tell Arin he's wrong about something and it almost always bite arin in the ass in within a few minutes. Arin is just louder and more stubborn than Dan. Your one example of something Ross said in a livestream isn't evidence. It's a exaggerated retelling of something funny that someone else observed.

                                                    "Side note: Is arin bad at videogames or is her just faking it for the video" Neither. He's multitasking at trying to be a comedian, listening for vocal ques from he comedic partner, and playing a game. Were he to focus on one it would provide and must less entertaining experience. Some people make their channels off of being good at videogames. Game Grumps isn't one of them and that's okay.

                                                    "I do think he's playing an exaggerated version of himself." Of course he is. Most Let's players do. Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, PewDiePie and yes Game Grumps. It's not a secret.

                                                    "His fans will believe anything he says." You couldn't have picked a worse example than Sonic Boom. If the idea that people think Sonic Boom is a bad game because Arin said so then you're either delusional or an comedic genius. Sonic Boom was a commercial flop, it was riddled with gaming error and lacked all kinds of polish. The game is a nightmare, objectively bad. And no one blindly believes Arin. Dan, maybe. Arin is usually wrong about a lot. But when he makes a calculated judgment about something and explains it in manner, backed up with evidence and examples (Like in squealitis) then people tend to listen and respond in a positive manner. That's just how any compelling argument is made.

                                                    "Your average game grumps episode can go one of two ways. 1 - Arin fumbles around in a game while they make very boring small talk...with each other" Yeah, okay. That's fair. I agree with this statement.

                                                    "Or 2 - Arin or Dan says something funny, they snicker for a minute or two, then they repeat the joke...then they repeat it, again..." Because it's still funny. You've never had a moment when you and your friend find something hilarious and like saying it back to each for a while? Have you never had some kind of moment when all you want to do is laugh about the funny moment for a while? That's what they do. It was funny, let them enjoy the funny thing.

                                                    Your example 8:59 says they repeat the joke into the ground over the course of 7 episodes. That's also fair. It wasn't that funny but they thought it was funny so they kept doing it. And it's not like it the only thing they over said over the course of 7 episodes. There are plenty of examples of them repeating a joke to increased hilarity. The Barrak Obama "I'm gonna pre" from Kirby's Dream course is a great example of it working.

                                                    "You eventually run out of life stories to tell..." Sure but we also liked those life stories.

                                                    "...So you have to resort to stuff like...You ever seen this family guy episode...well instead of actually telling you what the joke is, I'll describe it for you" Have you never watched Family guy? It's very much so a show centered around the visual. It's a cartoon. Just telling the joke doesn't make it funny, you have to describe the context!

                                                    "So just because Jon said some questionable things on a livestream once, which he has since apologized for, you wont let him on your show." First, we don't know what happened between jon and arin. It's possible they aren't friends anymore. That's none of our business. Just because you want Jon back doesn't mean arin or jon is comfortable with it. Both sides are pretty close to their chest with their cards. Leave the guy alone about his personal life.

                                                    11:15 Dude, that was 7 years ago. Let it go. People make mistakes and tbh this is the most mild use of the N word I've ever heard. He wasn't directing it any any nor did he say in any derogatory way. It's very possible he just wanted to "get it out of his system" so we don't have an incident like pewdiepie he he mindlessly lets an n bomb drop.

                                                    And as for the tweet from Susie from 9 years ago (seriously, let it go. people change) she made an observation and asked a question regarding a problem she had and addressed it. It's her right to say whatever she wants. She didn't say anything like black people suck, she was wondering about the cultural difference between her and black people. They same thing happens with Chinese people when they come from china. They don't really have personal boundaries because they have to crowd sidewalks just to stay off the road. They have the same habits when they go anywhere else. People find it rude, they don't understand the problem.

                                                    The Goddammit Ross meme, although it was started by Arin, got way out of hand. Instead of it being some silly joke it ruined Ross's reputation. People stopped treating his like a persona and treating him like an untrustworthy asshole who only trolled people. That's all people ever wanted out of him. Ross actually asked Arin to and Arin has stated a lot of times in the past that he wanted it to stop and was sorry that he started something that hurt his friend so much. Your example tweet from Sherrie S only shows her side. How about show us what Arin ACTUALLY said so people can make an informed decision instead of "blindly believing everything [you] say."

                                                    Here's the full context

                                                    Also, Arin shouldn't have to apologize. Someone said something bad about his friend. Whether it's in a joking manner or not, he has the right to feel defensive about someone he cares about especially when he's been trying to stop it because it happens so much. and it is TOTALLY different when "Goddommit Ross" come from a friend vs. when it comes from a rando. Ross is Arin's friend, not not the rando. There's a different context and one of them lacks a relationship dynamic. (BTW Sherrie S has also said " I don't need an apology cos he said how he felt and that's his right.")

                                                    "And I give it a few more years before it looks like a his wife" Okay, now that's just not kool. Just because you recognize it's in bad taste and say it's too far doesn't excuse you leaving it in the video. You're the one who made the video. if you really thought it was too far you wouldn't have kept it in and animated it. Now you just come across and disingenuous and like you're trying to hurt them. I'm not going to say it's not funny because i'm sure to someone it is, but at the very least it's a lazy joke.

                                                    TL;DR, this video is a shitpost on Arin (Not the game grumps) for not being his type of entertainment and blowing things he's done wrong WAY out of proportion. You're objectively wrong about a few things. It's okay if you don't wanna watch anymore but just leave it at that man. This whole video is you grasping at straws for a reason why you want to dislike Arin.

                                                    • Synthetic sunset
                                                      Synthetic sunset  4 months back

                                                      Yeah game grumps isn’t funny anymore but i don’t think commentating on others people content is any bit entertaining either (this character where you act annoyed and disappointed is the copy paste of every commentator and its getting fucking tiring)😑

                                                      • Fran_Z32
                                                        Fran_Z32  4 months back

                                                        imagine Jon and Danny running Game Grumps instead of Arin

                                                        • JesseStillPlays
                                                          JesseStillPlays  4 months back

                                                          I personally like listening to alot of their old funny compilations more then anything but that little "turn into a corpse like arins gf" was pretty childish, like "oh, his gfs a corpse, haha hahahahahahahahahaha"

                                                          • ꧁Mike Sully꧂
                                                            ꧁Mike Sully꧂  4 months back

                                                            I never understood why two idiots giggling over video games like schoolkids is very funny or interesting? they don't give any interesting game trivia, or history, they just giggle like morons on too much weed while playing console games. Crap.

                                                            • Admiralex91
                                                              Admiralex91  4 months back

                                                              It's just a show for young people. Maybe you should watch something that actually satisfies your judgemental personality traits. Game grumps is more for perceiving people.. people who actually enjoy repetition.

                                                              • Dr. Cheesecake
                                                                Dr. Cheesecake  4 months back

                                                                Game grumps is awesome

                                                                • Cole Waverek
                                                                  Cole Waverek  4 months back

                                                                  Honestly, I just think they dragged a lot of their friends into their business and now if they take risks it stands to put all of their employees at risk. Game Grumps (the brand) is too large now to dare to get their hands dirty. I'm not saying being edgy for the sake of being edgy is good, but everything just feels so sterilized and corporate now. Every tweet feels like promotional material, every episode is just a product pumped out by the machine. Once you lay so many hands on a product it loses it's personality, there's no intimacy anymore. It used to feel like two guys on a couch hanging out and playing games while giggling about dumb shit and talking. Now it just feels like WatchMojo style familiar, recycled formula every episode

                                                                  • yung alter
                                                                    yung alter  4 months back

                                                                    I think it's because of YouTube. The algorithm just demonetises everyone who says anything controversial at all, so I why their content became so much milder.

                                                                    • Nephilim Heart
                                                                      Nephilim Heart  4 months back

                                                                      Also, sonic is dogshit, whos fandom is only second to star wars.

                                                                      • Nephilim Heart
                                                                        Nephilim Heart  4 months back

                                                                        Jon wasnt funny either

                                                                        • Nephilim Heart
                                                                          Nephilim Heart  4 months back

                                                                          Everyone should know by now how to spot a disingenuous, greedy shitbag lets player by now. Its the ones who cut up an entire days worth of play time into 15 minute chunks, and put two fucking ad breaks on those 15 minutes.

                                                                          • GazettiSF
                                                                            GazettiSF  4 months back

                                                                            When you consume content from one person or creator constantly, even more so when that content is guys sitting there talking for hundreds of hours, you’ll start to predict it and it will become stale. Think about how many actors or comics get famous in phases.

                                                                            • realnimrod
                                                                              realnimrod  4 months back

                                                                              i wouldn’t say “bad hosts” i’d say “bad host” i think dan is still hilarious and a great guy

                                                                              • Nick DiNardo
                                                                                Nick DiNardo  4 months back

                                                                                Ill always love them

                                                                                • Trent M
                                                                                  Trent M  4 months back

                                                                                  Its my understanding Dan and Ross were supposed to host Steam Train and Jon and Arin would continue to host Grumps, which can be seen in a deleted advert for Steam Train featuring Jon in it. My guess is that when Jon decided to leave, Arin just picked Dan as his new co-host

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                                                                                        • SuperMarioMan
                                                                                          SuperMarioMan  4 months back

                                                                                          I wanted him to perish