'LSU backed up their swagger' by winning the 2020 National Championship - Chris Fowler | SC with SVP


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  • Claude Williams
    Claude Williams  17 hours back

    With a 63 to 28 beat down of the Oklahoma cupcake eating overrated spooners team

    • Wesle Coffman
      Wesle Coffman  1 weeks back

      Some say Chris Fowler is still calling Justin Jefferson Chase to this day

      • Jay Woods
        Jay Woods  2 weeks back

        Nobody could Fucc with us all season long except aurburn 🐯🤷🏿‍♂️

        • thefireshow1
          thefireshow1  2 weeks back

          Ohio State fan here, way too go Joe, I am happy for you...You earned everything! Wow, you destroyed the no.1 defense of Clemson, 5 TD's and over 600 total yards, wow! LSU goes down as one of the best teams of all time in my book. GO BUCKEYES!

          • Giffond Hall
            Giffond Hall  2 weeks back

            still can't hang with a 01 canes team tho 😁

          • Hector Rodriguez
            Hector Rodriguez  2 weeks back

            Congratulations to Coach ED O Joe Burrow AKA Joe Cool And LSU Tigers the 2020 national champions what a season and what a story book ending for them this is arguably one of the greatest seasons in college football history making the world happy after beating Alabama in the regular season

            • orionh3000
              orionh3000  2 weeks back

              I h8 lsu 😣😣😣

            • PuppyTube
              PuppyTube  2 weeks back

              Joe Burrow got that Patrick Mahomes game. Crazy accurate on the run

              • Supreme Eddy777
                Supreme Eddy777  2 weeks back

                Mahomes was never as talented as Joe not has he ever put up Joe's numbers in college so. Joe Burrow is just Joe Burrow

            • Nothingtoseehere
              Nothingtoseehere  2 weeks back

              Geaux, TIGERS!!

              • David R
                David R  2 weeks back

                Congratulations LSU 😎 👍

                • Pembrook Sutherland
                  Pembrook Sutherland  2 weeks back


                  • Jennifer Arigo
                    Jennifer Arigo  2 weeks back

                    Great game!!! Congrats LSU. You guys rock!!! 🏆 🏆

                    • Darrean
                      Darrean  2 weeks back

                      Another jamarcus Russell

                      • Daniel Phasavath
                        Daniel Phasavath  1 weeks back

                        😆😆😆 Darrean, hating cuz LSU got the W.

                      • H0tthedd
                        H0tthedd  2 weeks back

                        Burrow is almost the complete opposite of Russell. Russell was a huge athlete with a cannon arm, but very little awareness, or grasp of defensive schemes, and zero work ethic.

                      • Dominic Omegon
                        Dominic Omegon  2 weeks back

                        SYKE! Lol

                      • Anthony D
                        Anthony D  2 weeks back

                        Shows how little you actually know about football. Thanks for the laugh.

                      • Pete Paradis
                        Pete Paradis  2 weeks back

                        Darrean You mean Lawrence

                    • LeeTravius Mckay
                      LeeTravius Mckay  2 weeks back

                      Burrow > Lawrence

                      • LeeTravius Mckay
                        LeeTravius Mckay  2 weeks back

                        LSU 2020 national champs 🐯🐯🐯

                        • A A
                          A A  2 weeks back

                          Facts we don not need to storm Area 51 because Joe burrow proves to all of us he is not from this Galaxy👽

                          • David henline
                            David henline  2 weeks back

                            From a Buckeye fan Congrats Joe Burrow and LSU on a much deserved(no matter what trolls and haters say) National Title! 👍👍🤗

                            • ALTON SOILEAU
                              ALTON SOILEAU  6 days back

                              David henline lsu fan here in Baton Rouge , Ohio State was the better team and I believe beats clemson 9 out of 10 times

                            • Louie Dalanon
                              Louie Dalanon  6 days back

                              David henline refs refs refs typical excuse OSU and Wisconsin deserve to lose their bowl game

                            • David henline
                              David henline  2 weeks back

                              jeff scott pain? It’s sports who really cares to the point where it’s painful? Maybe a dink like you does I guess LOL! Hilarious oh no my sports team lost OH NO!!! 🤣🤣

                            • David henline
                              David henline  2 weeks back

                              jeff scott if your going to troll at least have your facts straight. They have only played each other 4 times total in HISTORY! Sad that they BARELY won even with the refs assistance.

                            • jeff scott
                              jeff scott  2 weeks back

                              Yeah to bad Clemson beat you guys for the fifth time in a row and you cried like babies at least you have this to ease the pain

                          • Black Power
                            Black Power  2 weeks back

                            Kirk wish he was still at Ohio state😂😭

                            • Knowledge Seeker
                              Knowledge Seeker  2 weeks back

                              Burrow>>Lawrence obviously

                              • Étienne Bergeron
                                Étienne Bergeron  2 weeks back

                                Agree! But let's see for the future. Joe Burrow is 23 years old and Trevor Lawrence is 20 years old. 3 years is a lot in the developpement of a player.

                            • JACKEY HM
                              JACKEY HM  2 weeks back

                              I am not a fan of either team but I really haven't liked clemson since Kelly Bryant left. Don't like that pauper looking qb clemson has, he looks like a freaking girl in drag.

                            • Zenigundam
                              Zenigundam  2 weeks back

                              Teams that would beat LSU without much of a threat:
                              1999 FSU
                              2001 Miami
                              2004/05 SC
                              2008 Florida
                              2012 Alabama
                              2013 FSU

                              To name a few

                              • Lane Labbe'
                                Lane Labbe'  3 days back

                                SC forfeited all 2004/5 games, their Natty was stricken, Reggie Bush had to give the heisman back-Hello!

                              • Daniel Phasavath
                                Daniel Phasavath  1 weeks back

                                Zeni ... and you still ran out of options but you never ran out of salty tears. 😆😆😆😆

                              • Jim in San Diego
                                Jim in San Diego  2 weeks back

                                So the only way your logic works is that the football teams in your list (back in the day) were bigger faster and stronger than today's teams? That doesn't make sense, normal evolution of sports is that the athlete get bigger stronger and faster until they peak at the optimum size. I believe LSU would have dominated all those teams on your list.

                              • sallie brigham
                                sallie brigham  2 weeks back

                                Easy to say what you can't prove.

                              • Matthew Vides
                                Matthew Vides  2 weeks back

                                @Brandale Carter these people are idiots. This dude really said 2012 bama smh.

                            • Sports 311
                              Sports 311  2 weeks back

                              Chris and Herbie are the best CFB commentating duo in the business. They called a great game tonight!!!!

                              • Sports 311
                                Sports 311  2 weeks back

                                @Zenigundam yeah. i miss those days of old, and let’s not forget about the great Keith Jackson and Bob Griese

                              • Zenigundam
                                Zenigundam  2 weeks back

                                Chris Fowler I can respect, but Herbstreit is a scrub. He couldn't even come close to throwing the ball through the hole for the million dollar challenge today, and he had no excuse unlike the little old man. Embarrassing, Brent Musburger and Dan Fouts as well as Brad Nessler and Gary Danielson were the best commentator duos for college football, ABC Sports days.

                            • Nehemiah Howard
                              Nehemiah Howard  2 weeks back

                              im ready for fansvill3

                              • Midnight Cravings
                                Midnight Cravings  2 weeks back

                                2019 National Champions! 🐯🐯🐯

                              • Peyton G
                                Peyton G  2 weeks back

                                Clemson was overrated all year 😂 bama texas auburn flordia played lsu better then overrated clemson. Everybody looks good when they dont play sec competition all year

                                • P Anderson
                                  P Anderson  4 days back

                                  So u admit that the ACC is Garbage & Clemson wld be lucky to win the SEC-East, let alone the West! Sayin Clemson will be back just proves how predictably BAD the ACC has ALWAYS BEEN! But keep racking up those ACC Coastal Div Champs LOL. PATHETIC

                                • GavinGavynLyric
                                  GavinGavynLyric  1 weeks back

                                  That’s because they don’t play them yearly bro. Come on it’s like nba teams in the east

                                • Mikey G
                                  Mikey G  2 weeks back

                                  @Max kaliber but they're 1-3 against LSU

                                • Wolfhound45
                                  Wolfhound45  2 weeks back

                                  @Max kaliber LSU took a mercy knee inside the five. Enough said.

                                • Lawrence D
                                  Lawrence D  2 weeks back

                                  @slou124 Yeah. Sure. I guess that's how Clemson beat Alabama twice. By being a bust. Sure. Just watch and see. LSU will fade away once again for another 5 or 10 years. Clemson will dominate college football for another 5 years.

                              • Matthew Gehring
                                Matthew Gehring  2 weeks back

                                Joe Burrow went dumb hard on Clemson !!!!-

                                • Michael Grant
                                  Michael Grant  2 weeks back

                                  NOT THE SUPER BOWL