Nolan Stops an Escape Attempt During a Bomb Threat - The Rookie


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  • thebronzetoo
    thebronzetoo  2 days back

    A real cop would've shot that mf'er in the face.

    • BlackLister
      BlackLister  5 days back

      Honestly it wouldn't have mattered if he killed that judge. Just scum killing scum.

      • Joseph Sanchez
        Joseph Sanchez  1 weeks back

        This has to be the most unrealistic cop show that I’ve ever seen

      • DarthTach
        DarthTach  2 weeks back

        Come on Johnny you are a freaking Killjoy...oh wait wrong twin.

        • Fieldzy
          Fieldzy  6 days back

          DarthTach he got stabbed in the gut again.

      • tracerit
        tracerit  2 weeks back

        That black cop outside the door has such slow reaction haha

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        blimin kim jong un

        • stephen peel
          stephen peel  2 weeks back

          I hope westley doesn't die n I hope the judge and the other inmates who try to escape be in solitary confinement

          • Hari Seldon
            Hari Seldon  2 weeks back

            Maybe they'll say next episode, but I'm really wondering if Wesley tried to stop the guy or if the guy just attacked Wesley so he wouldn't alert anyone else that he was loose with the scissors.

        • just chill
          just chill  2 weeks back

          So this is like alternative universe where Castle is a cop? Now all we need is Beckett as his side kick lol

          • Hari Seldon
            Hari Seldon  2 weeks back

            What would have been great at the end of this scene:
            Lopez: Wesley, don't you die on me!
            Wesley: As you wiiiiiiiiiiiiish............

            • The Fox
              The Fox  2 weeks back

              He should have listened to the woman at 1:04

              • Chasing Skies
                Chasing Skies  2 weeks back

                God I miss Castle.

                • PEPSIMAX2020
                  PEPSIMAX2020  2 weeks back


                • Chasing Skies
                  Chasing Skies  2 weeks back

                  Daniel Enyel lol ur lost then

                • Daniel Enyel
                  Daniel Enyel  2 weeks back

                  Nope ,I hated stana katic

              • reynoldstheoplis94
                reynoldstheoplis94  2 weeks back

                Badass 1:14

                • Kevin Geldard
                  Kevin Geldard  2 weeks back

                  He just drops the hostage, it's so lame.

                • Envy Enigma
                  Envy Enigma  2 weeks back

                  Hell yeah. straight out of the movie 'He Got Game' lol. Check out 1:40-2:06