“My Body Transitioned and I Really Struggled” | Shawn Johnson East on Women of Impact


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  • girlhead4477
    girlhead4477  3 weeks back

    Excellent interview!

    • Veronica B
      Veronica B  2 months back

      In love with Shawn and Andrew :)

      • Noelle With an E
        Noelle With an E  2 months back

        She’s so smart!

        • Janine K
          Janine K  2 months back

          I'm so far behind in seeing this, but what a great interview. Shawn nailed it when she was talking about her feelings over the miscarriage. Even the closest people to you cannot understand if they've not been through it. She is an amazing role model. Thank you for sharing!

        • Infernal Moondance
          Infernal Moondance  2 months back


          • Infernal Moondance
            Infernal Moondance  2 months back

            For a nutritionist you sure look unhealthy, bags under eyes, skinny and lack of energy in movements. Until you women start cutting out all plants from your diets you will never get anywhere.

            • Infernal Moondance
              Infernal Moondance  2 months back

              @Women of Impact If women want to start making an impact they have to seek what is true not what is easy, pleasing or fashionable. She doesn't know anything about nutrition because she literally profits from selling poison to people. Stop eating plants.

            • Women of Impact
              Women of Impact   2 months back

              Infernal Moondance ah, you’re talking about Quest Nutrition? Lisa is the cofounder of quest, and has a lot of knowledge about nutrition, but isn’t a nutritionist. Sadly, she has been open about the fact that she has many digestive and gut issues which have affected her now for 4 years. This explains her size. I hope that makes sense ❤️

            • Infernal Moondance
              Infernal Moondance  2 months back

              @Women of Impact Then why is Lisa selling stuff she claims to be nutritious?

            • Women of Impact
              Women of Impact   2 months back

              Infernal Moondance thanks for your comment, but not sure to whom you’re referring. Neither of these ladies is a nutritionist 🙏🏻❤️

          • Serenity Now
            Serenity Now  2 months back

            Excellent interview all around. Such thoughtful questions and answers.

          • Mrs. OlLady
            Mrs. OlLady  2 months back

            So instead of being a surgeon, she is an internet grifter? She married below her station. She is too smart for that failed evangelical football holder (he is literally Lucy with the football)

            • Catherine Gee
              Catherine Gee  2 months back

              Your a jerk. Why do you have to be so judgemental. There is nothing wrong with Andrew. Go up and get a life.

          • wendyknoxleet
            wendyknoxleet  2 months back

            What an incredible beauty Shawn is. Wow. Respect

            • wendyknoxleet
              wendyknoxleet  2 months back

              Shawn and Andrew are really wonderful uplifting inspirational national treasures.

              • wendyknoxleet
                wendyknoxleet  2 months back

                I would never put a daughter in gymnastics, sexualised subjective judgemental and sometimes abusive adults...no

                • wendyknoxleet
                  wendyknoxleet  2 months back

                  Serenity Now agreed. Well said.

                • Serenity Now
                  Serenity Now  2 months back

                  Whether you have a son or daughter - If, as a family you all make the decision to commit to elite level athletics, or any competitive area - It's a parent's job to be there, be involved and supervise your child. Actually, no matter what, parents need to be there. We can't trust that someone else will care for our precious children.

              • wendyknoxleet
                wendyknoxleet  2 months back

                Two amazing women with huge lessons for women

              • Kerri Drury
                Kerri Drury  2 months back

                really good, really appreciate her honesty humility and willingness to be vulnerable. These are great strengths!!! Very refreshing!!

                • Wendy Mathews
                  Wendy Mathews  2 months back

                  I just adore Shawn! She is so incredible, and you can see her sincerity shine through. This interviewer is great; she actually lets Shawn talk which is so unusual anymore. I just love watching Shawn and her husband, they are so awesome together. So happy for them on the birth of their sweet baby girl. 👏🏻👏🏻

                  • Sydney Cummings
                    Sydney Cummings  2 months back

                    What a great interview!!! I completely relate to feeling lost after my athletic career! My career ended after college and not the Olympics but it truly is a loss of purpose and passion and the uncertainty of how to proceed makes you question who you are! Thank you for this lovely interview!

                    • Women of Impact
                      Women of Impact   2 months back

                      Sydney Cummings pleasure! Glad you could relate 💕💕

                  • Michelle Shearer
                    Michelle Shearer  2 months back

                    what a brilliant interview , Shawn is so down to earth and real . The interviewer is very talented and conducted this in an excellent manner .

                  • Jairene Sereno
                    Jairene Sereno  2 months back

                    She would make a fantastic motivational speaker! She’s pretty wise for her age.

                    • Rose K
                      Rose K  2 months back

                      This interview wasn't what I expected. It just kind of healed me....I thought I was a coward for leaving softball after picturing injury made me start to hesitate. I didnt know this was a real thing that happened, but it makes so much sense.

                    • Ally Kay
                      Ally Kay  3 months back

                      I really relate to this I identified myself as a preemie because I was born premature, which I was, but ever since I was 12 I told people I wanted to be a nurse ( neonatal nurse) that took care of babies just like me. I even was interviewed and there is an article about my journey and plans for my future. However, I am realizing now that I could do this career and love it but it would cause me some mental, emotional and physical health issues which my birth has affected me with but working in this career would add to the pain. Now I am trying to mourn this life I planned out with the life I was afraid to dream with careers I was too scared to tell people that's what I wanted to do with the fear of failing as a songwriter, another career within the health field or a professional speaker. I love you YouTube channel and you are going to be a great mama to your baby girl.

                      • Women of Impact
                        Women of Impact   3 months back

                        Ally Kay thank you for sharing lovely! Keep going. You have so much beauty ahead! And don’t worry if you’re not sure exactly what you want to do with your career. Life has a funny way of figuring it out 🙏🏻💕

                      • Ally Kay
                        Ally Kay  3 months back

                        aah this video has literally helped me so much!! I'm only 16 but I've grown up feeling guilty and putting pressure on myself to do my best. I would feel guilty because not all babies are as lucky as me being born at 25 weeks to survive... I got to the point where I would ask God why me and not that other baby... while I am blessed to be alive a lot of my struggles I have had and am overcoming is because of my birth and view point of seeing the world differently. Thanks Shawn for being vulnerable.

                    • Kayla Zhang
                      Kayla Zhang  3 months back

                      And now we know she was secretly pregnant with her baby girl during this amazing heartfelt interview! <3

                      • yoyohooyo
                        yoyohooyo  3 months back

                        She has always been a cutie pie. Think positive as life kicks your butt

                        • Sophie Ayer
                          Sophie Ayer  3 months back

                          how does this not have more views this was such a good interview and Shawn is an amazing person

                          • Jamie Ward
                            Jamie Ward  3 months back

                            I have never had a miscarriage but I am struggling to even get pregnant, I am going through the same thing Shawn went through blaming herself. Even though its not my fault I blame myself for not being pregnant, for not being able to do the one thing a woman should be able to do. I have had so many ups and downs over the past 3 years. It has been so hard and still is but watching Shawn and seeing how strong she is helps.

                            • Women of Impact
                              Women of Impact   3 months back

                              Jamie Ward thank you so much for sharing! How brave of you. One thing... you are NOT to blame and no less of a woman for struggling to get pregnant. Please be kind to yourself. Sending love 💕

                          • theresa42213
                            theresa42213  4 months back

                            Bloody good gymnast man!!!!!

                            • Elizabeth R
                              Elizabeth R  4 months back

                              Such a thick and amazing intro of Shawn 😢🥰👏🏽

                              • ali krier
                                ali krier  4 months back

                                Is there a written version of this interview out there? I've looked and haven't seen one. Please let me know!!

                                • Fushiginhoca
                                  Fushiginhoca  4 months back

                                  Amazing interview xD

                                  • A A
                                    A A  5 months back

                                    I was her number one fan in 2008 Beijing. She was the cutest and most talented.

                                    • Mission Impossible
                                      Mission Impossible  5 months back

                                      Beautiful interview. I’m a former gymnast who had to retire after being an elite gymnast and just coming up short of the Olympics due to injuries. I’m still overcoming it all and this video was something positive to look back on. Thank you.

                                      • Women of Impact
                                        Women of Impact   5 months back

                                        Mission Impossible glad it resonated with you lovely 😊💗

                                    • Subhash Nisarta
                                      Subhash Nisarta  5 months back

                                      Thanks I have listened both of your conversation about women impact, and perfectly on the point.
                                      So I am totally mind set because of all the experience has happened in my life and I don't want to repeat it it is sure that I can judge any of the situation and what to do next thinking about it I got solution any of them but meanwhile I take too much rest of my mind and than taking any decision making myself that is the main reason
                                      On the other hand I have no any of the disturbing of the person at my house so I can think in peaceful atmosphere.
                                      So I am happy with any condition.

                                      • Mona Mona
                                        Mona Mona  5 months back

                                        This interviewer is AMAZING. How she doesn’t have more followers is beyond me.
                                        She’s very good at interviewing. And Shawn is amazing. She’s actually answering the questions straight forward rather than beating around the bush

                                      • S A M A N T H A. P H A N T O M

                                        A true gem of this earth. Shawn is inspiring and so true to herself it’s amazinf

                                        • Angelina Tenuto
                                          Angelina Tenuto  7 months back

                                          Shawn Johnson is such an amazing person!

                                          • noviadelaluna
                                            noviadelaluna  7 months back

                                            I have been watching there videos recently and really love their chemistry and honesty. I too went through miscarriage and seeing how they too felt how we felt on our first pregnancy helped. I am excited for their baby to come and I hope I am able to celebrate the same soon.

                                            • frauleinunbekannt
                                              frauleinunbekannt  7 months back

                                              This is awesome. Shawn is so perceptive and honest, and she reaches people way beyond gymnastics.

                                              • Coach S
                                                Coach S  7 months back

                                                The pink needs to go. Why are we still playing to male and female stereotypes in the 21st century?

                                                • E Long
                                                  E Long  7 months back

                                                  It was interesting when she talked about how she couldn’t block out the pain anymore and she knew if was time to retire. The mind is so powerful

                                                  • kidist Amare
                                                    kidist Amare  8 months back

                                                    again thankyou both

                                                    • topnotchhumanoid1
                                                      topnotchhumanoid1  8 months back

                                                      This video got me up off my feet. I've been down for so long but the way she arms you with healthy thoughts is everything. Thanks for this.

                                                      • TeeLexieee
                                                        TeeLexieee  8 months back

                                                        Loved this. Shawn is so real and humble ! Hard to come by these days.

                                                      • Terri Mitchell
                                                        Terri Mitchell  8 months back

                                                        Lisa, you are such a sensitive interviewer, and I really appreciate that YOU have your own channel. I love Tom's Channel, however I have been in NEED of hearing a woman (who, like me has not had kids) be open to hearing from women in very different situations, and women whose lives inspire. Thank you. And Thank you to Shawn for being honest, vulnerable and telling a really fascinating story of her life.

                                                      • Ashani DeSilva
                                                        Ashani DeSilva  9 months back

                                                        I just started my own company in technical recruiting. Grew up in Richmond, CA, had no money, now I am on track to make $300k! I can help tons of people do the same. Unfortunately, I do not have an Instagram, can you please start a group on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook? Hoping to be featured on a show like this someday, when I deserve it!

                                                        • Women of Impact
                                                          Women of Impact   8 months back

                                                          Ashani DeSilva we’re working on it 😉 and... LOVE THE GOAL 🙌🏻🙏🏻💥

                                                      • Sharon Kende
                                                        Sharon Kende  9 months back

                                                        Love this. Shawn you are an inspriration. Sad that you ended your career early but everyone sees why.

                                                        • AmericanPatriot
                                                          AmericanPatriot  9 months back

                                                          I'm amazed she didn't have a nervous breakdown!

                                                          • Jia maria
                                                            Jia maria  9 months back

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                                                            • carol marcos
                                                              carol marcos  9 months back

                                                              What a beautiful person Shawn is, and she also has one hot husband!

                                                              • CHSwildcats19
                                                                CHSwildcats19  9 months back

                                                                What a great interviewer! She actually lets the person speak without interrupting them ... and the conversation flows naturally, without awkward transitions & referring to questions on notecards. It's perfect because the audience focuses on the guest and what they are saying, instead of the interviewer constantly calling attention to themselves. Great job!

                                                              • mrsmerrithew
                                                                mrsmerrithew  9 months back

                                                                Wow, Lisa you have such compassion and empathy when you interview. This was so great. I suffer with body image as well and Shawn really shared so much of herself, her battles, triumphs and finding her place in this world. It gave me some peace and allowed me to finally accept that I am enough.

                                                                • Women of Impact
                                                                  Women of Impact   9 months back

                                                                  mrsmerrithew this is incredible!! Good for you! SO happy to have been a part of your journey 🙏🏻❤️