Here’s Why Charging an Electric Car Can Suck - And It’s Not The Reason You Think!


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  • W W
    W W  2 weeks back

    Nicely done Tommy. Good facts and information here for everyone that has no idea on how all this EV stuff works. :)

    • ferkemall
      ferkemall  11 hours back

      @spacegreycoralred Licking an American 110v plug is one thing lick a UK 250v one and your brown bread ! /LOL

    • Bitbyebit
      Bitbyebit  2 days back

      The Fast Lane Car journalists my ass!

    • dchawk81
      dchawk81  2 days back

      @The 3d-printed Cat I see.

    • The 3d-printed Cat
      The 3d-printed Cat  2 days back

      dchawk81 they considered the grid as a good back up. Also they sell the extra electricity to the grid.

    • dchawk81
      dchawk81  2 days back

      @The 3d-printed Cat If you're off the grid and stable it doesn't make sense to even go back on the grid.

  • Je P
    Je P  1 hours back


    • Chris WY
      Chris WY  1 hours back

      16 miles of range per HOUR?! I can gas up in 3 minutes and get over 300 miles... this has to get better before I'd ever consider an EV. I can't sit at a coffee shop for 5 hours just so I can do my 80 mile work commute each day.

      • Mark
        Mark  2 hours back

        So if you actually want to charge the battery how do you do that lol

        • Mark
          Mark  2 hours back

          There are zero of those charging ports in Vermont lol

          • Mark
            Mark  2 hours back

            Just a matter of hours hahaha

            • Project Yeti
              Project Yeti  2 hours back

              Pain in the arse. They're gonna need to sort all this out before the majority of drivers will consider giving up their combustion vehicle.

              • David Motyka
                David Motyka  4 hours back

                This they have to figure out.Electric charging stations should be everywhere to be viable. Maybe a federal program?

                • steve dentt
                  steve dentt  7 hours back

                  Oh yeah...umm boulder is not the rest of the world...I see those charging stations everywhere.....Even the batteries in teslas are proving to be usual......Electric is dead...Hows that tesla like that cold weather.....effect that battery life Once its on the highway with no regenerative braking.....your boned...Why no Solar charging built into the car??? most peoples car sit for hours in the sun.......If you run the "real" life costs more per mile than gas....I hope the new electric cars emerging will be better...but why would they be??? Its one of those feel good buyer markets always has been.

                  • ferkemall
                    ferkemall  11 hours back

                    IM old school if i had an EV i would looking for a lead with 2 crocodile clips on it all this designer plug crap and having the expense of adapters & twin plugs on a car is just buy our and only use our plug system =ok for productives !

                    • Just Get There
                      Just Get There  12 hours back

                      Way too much effort and time. Special apps, forget it.

                      • Terry Parsons
                        Terry Parsons  13 hours back

                        I love the part where he says Our Parents don't have the "Band Width" to comprehend the EV tech. Oh.. LOL Yes they do... They see a waste of productive time and their children doing what they love to do... play with their phones and pretend to be doing something !! LOL It was very informative and confirms why I will never buy one of those things....

                        • Sandro Lee
                          Sandro Lee  15 hours back

                          This guy, is an anti-EV guy. So in all of his comments, which are specially biased, he is not presenting a fair picture.
                          I simply hated people like that, with a perceived idea and try to forced their twisted mind down our throats.
                          He is a slum dog who could never afford a Tesla. His daily driver is an old Pontiac. Pontiac ???

                          • XpetraXpazlX
                            XpetraXpazlX  15 hours back

                            weird that they all are different. doesn't make any sense.

                            • rick powell
                              rick powell  16 hours back

                              Thet would suit Slab City Nomads who sit on their arse all day.!Useless for anyone else, unless retired.

                              • Wild Bill
                                Wild Bill  18 hours back

                                No thanks, plus if you need an app to use one, better hope your phone's not dead.

                                • Kyle Hildebrand
                                  Kyle Hildebrand  18 hours back

                                  I mean no disrespect but there is no way in hell I could live like that.... Waiting an hour for potentially only 50 to 100 miles.... sorry boss I can't go to the next shop because I'm waiting for my car to charge isn't going to fly

                                  • George Obregon
                                    George Obregon  20 hours back

                                    Sorry Tesla my time is money, and here in California we'll suffer black-outs for the next 4-years, per PG&E... I'll stay with reliable gasoline powered-cars and motorcycles. /Lonewolf

                                    • red32303
                                      red32303  21 hours back

                                      No. Hell no

                                      • PHOTOGRASPER
                                        PHOTOGRASPER  22 hours back

                                        Basically, you have to buy the fuel from musk. Big nope.

                                        • Rick Williams
                                          Rick Williams  24 hours back

                                          So just wondering... the lead crosses the footpath/ walkway.... who gets sued when someone trips over it and breaks a bone?

                                          • Kevin Karbonik
                                            Kevin Karbonik  1 days back

                                            is there anything that stops someone from unplugging it live in a rainstorm and frying themselves with 240 volts when it gets wet?

                                            • Riz Rizobiz
                                              Riz Rizobiz  1 days back

                                              Range vs Roadtrip !?

                                              • Lorenzo Maximo
                                                Lorenzo Maximo  1 days back

                                                Theres still along way to go to make this electric crap fast and easy folks. Until then give me a tank full of liquefied Dinosaurs in 3 minutes and 400 miles and see ya.

                                                • David Kaminski
                                                  David Kaminski  1 days back

                                                  I'll give it 5 or 10 years. The infrastructure and technology just isn't there yet to compete with the convenience of fueling stations. When that happens, I'll happily switch to electric. People in cities can do this now, but heartland folks will have to wait.

                                                  • trevorgehman
                                                    trevorgehman  1 days back

                                                    "Most people don't have high voltage power in their garage." Source? In the U.S. 75% of homes with dryers use electric dryers, which require 240V hookups. Same with electric stoves. I can't find stats, but I would guess probably at least 70% of homes in the US have 240V hookups.

                                                    • OrangeManBad.MP4
                                                      OrangeManBad.MP4  1 days back

                                                      Apparently EV owners don’t value their time.

                                                      • kubanskiloewe
                                                        kubanskiloewe  1 days back

                                                        i bought 30000ltr diesel tank´s filled with winterdiesel

                                                        • Krimnullz
                                                          Krimnullz  1 days back

                                                          I feel like this is necessary so we don’t run out of gas but we need to improve the technology

                                                          • OrangeManBad.MP4
                                                            OrangeManBad.MP4  1 days back

                                                            We’re not going to run out of fuel. Scarcity is a myth.

                                                        • Thor _
                                                          Thor _  1 days back

                                                          My closest EV fast charging is 2½ hours drive away. The other is 4½ hours away from me. 2000 EV vehicle shares those 2 charge stations. I drive petrol car.

                                                          • James Cash
                                                            James Cash  1 days back

                                                            Why not have the charge station, and car communicate directly. Plug the car in, then control the whole situation from the screen in the car. Each car haves their own charge account that pays the station directly.

                                                            • Triple L
                                                              Triple L  1 days back

                                                              Love having chargers at work! EV’s aren’t for everyone specially if you live in the bunnies!

                                                              • MondoTV
                                                                MondoTV  2 days back

                                                                Totally agree Tommy. For a start all EV chargers should be contactless. And the sooner format wars disappear the better. It kinda makes sense for Tesla to go CCS everwhere as well. Including the US.

                                                                • Andy A
                                                                  Andy A  2 days back

                                                                  Wow you really are a environmental wonder boy. How many times have your adapters been stolen? You must live in FantasyCity or you sit near your charging eco junk car for hours. I'll just burn as much fuel as I can and pollute the air around me to the best of my ability. You should roll your piece of junk over a cliff and buy a guzzler until the time they put chargers on the streets that can fill you up in a few minutes. Just saying.

                                                                  • Joshua Ommen
                                                                    Joshua Ommen  2 days back

                                                                    Great info thanks for sharing!

                                                                    • isettech
                                                                      isettech  2 days back

                                                                      Hmm, low on charge due to stuck in traffic in bad weather so the climate control ate your resources. Need to add enough charge to make it the 20 miles home. Stuck at the pump for over an hour. Not sure what your hourly worth is, but at $30 per hour and more for anyone who can afford a Tesla, the charge is giving the same distance as about $3.00 US for a gallon of gas. Unless you can charge at home or work and leave the charging unattended, the cost in manpower to be idle is crazy expensive.

                                                                      • William Whitman
                                                                        William Whitman  2 days back

                                                                        240 volts is not "high voltage."

                                                                        Voltages 600 V and below are referred to as “low voltage,” voltages from 600 V-69 kV are referred to as “medium voltage,” voltages from 69 kV-230 kV are referred to as “high voltage” and voltages 230 kV-1,100 kV are referred to as “extra high voltage,” with 1,100 kV also referred to as “ultra high voltage.”

                                                                        • V Nelson
                                                                          V Nelson  2 days back

                                                                          I think you have successfully convinced millions of people to never buy an EV. Unless you can charge at home, public charging is an absolute joke.

                                                                          • Tofutaco
                                                                            Tofutaco  2 days back

                                                                            16/17 miles every hour.

                                                                            Let that sink in...

                                                                            20 hours for a full charge...

                                                                            Before you say "BuT wHaT aBoUt TeSlA sUpErChArGeRs?"

                                                                            Realize that Tesla's superchargers are VERY scarce.

                                                                            Feel like buying a gasoline car yet?

                                                                            • Horatio Jones
                                                                              Horatio Jones  2 days back

                                                                              I'm seriously thinking about buying an EV in the next few years. There are a couple of problems that are still making me a little apprehensive. 1. Charge times for long trips, especially in non-level 3 charging (or super charger) stations. 2. Winter driving killing battery range (I live in Canada). I've heard of owners reporting as much as a 45% range loss in cold weather...that totally sucks!

                                                                              • Tim Schjei
                                                                                Tim Schjei  2 days back

                                                                                The electric car manufacturers should be selling two cars for the price of one, so people can drive one while charging the other.

                                                                                • Ander Ander
                                                                                  Ander Ander  2 days back

                                                                                  While you're waiting on your car to charge you can virtue signal to anybody within a quarter-mile..... That's a big benefit.

                                                                                  • Adnan Jusic
                                                                                    Adnan Jusic  2 days back

                                                                                    Lol its soo slow charging

                                                                                    • Willy M
                                                                                      Willy M  2 days back

                                                                                      good lord... it's not worth it.. too much trouble!!

                                                                                      • Ryan Keith
                                                                                        Ryan Keith  2 days back

                                                                                        Exaggerating a little on the "difficulty" of charging. It's not tough.
                                                                                        Ford has simplified the "multiple company" issue for the new Mustang Mach-E by bringing all these charging companies under one umbrella and a single payment method.

                                                                                        • Tony DNY
                                                                                          Tony DNY  2 days back

                                                                                          Ev are great if your in a warm climate but in the north east I have to pass

                                                                                          • Ronald T. Mullin
                                                                                            Ronald T. Mullin  2 days back

                                                                                            I SAW YOU YESTERDAY!!!

                                                                                            • James Olsen
                                                                                              James Olsen  2 days back

                                                                                              It's your choice, and I respect that. I and many others simply adore the experience of driving a Tesla, with its amazing acceleration and handling. I also appreciate not having to deal with the maintenance chores associated with a combustion engine and a transmission, and the savings on fuel. You may consider my car not 'real', but it is perfectly real to me.