Apple's Exclusive Game: FROGGER - WAN Show Sept 13, 2019

  • Published: 14 September 2019
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    Timestamps (Courtesy of Alex Howland)

    1:51 Intro
    2:45 Luke's Plumbing Issues
    5:32 Apple Event Discussion
    11:52 Apple Arcade (Title Topic)
    22:34 Spotify Family Program

    28:52 Ridge Wallet
    29:30 Private Internet Access
    31:15 Savage Jerky

    33:25 Virtual Boy
    41:32 Luke's Plants
    43:45 LTT Merch
    45:23 Shirtless Linus
    46:32 Linus gets rid of his OLED TV
    50:20 Mircosoft Power Toys
    51:45 Back to talking about the OLED TV
    56:42 Super Chats
    57:10 Floatplane News
    1:00:20 Back to Super Chats
    1:05:00 Linus And Luke Talk Star Wars
    1:09:45 Again back to Super Chats
    1:11:50 Outro
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  • xLithePanther
    xLithePanther  4 days back

    You pay my bills then if preferring free things offends you so much

    • Joshua Rogers
      Joshua Rogers  3 weeks back

      That beeping is destroying me right now.

      • Basharat Khan
        Basharat Khan  1 months back

        I would love it if this show were on a podcast app or something. That would be amazing please make it happen

        • Lukaroast
          Lukaroast  1 months back

          honestly i think Linus is completely on point with his reluctance to involve his son, for his sons sake. theres just so many variables, i think its best to respect his autonomy, even if he thinks he wants to be in videos right now

          • Zach Dixon
            Zach Dixon  1 months back

            KotOR is still one of my favorite games

            • J.Z.G
              J.Z.G  1 months back

              If you don't have the money, maybe get a job

              • Christopher Klepel
                Christopher Klepel  2 months back

                love the intro as always

                • mr. GoodCat
                  mr. GoodCat  2 months back

                  Luke, if you need some tips on your plumbing issue, glad to help.

                  • Reed Bowman
                    Reed Bowman  2 months back

                    Linus after an hour of eating constantly: "can I eat now?"

                    • KX36
                      KX36  2 months back

                      Spotify should change it to a "household plan" instead of "family plan"

                      • kilrahvp
                        kilrahvp  2 months back

                        I played VirtualBoy games on the VB emulator you can sideload on the Oculus Quest, Mario's tennis and Wario land are really impressively good! Must have been insane to see that back in the day! Now I wonder how it compares to playing on the original hardware, hope you guys include some kind of comparison! No headache on the Quest in these 2 titles, but they did get the stereo very wrong on some others I tried like 3D Tetris, the HUD was OK but the play area is unwatchable...

                        • esmannr
                          esmannr  2 months back

                          Either way, he is supporting the new view of Star Wars.

                          • esmannr
                            esmannr  2 months back

                            The sun will warm both of those situations, which would feed your cold water.

                            • esmannr
                              esmannr  2 months back

                              Or are the water pipes above ground for a long way?

                              • esmannr
                                esmannr  2 months back

                                Do you have a water tower on top of the building?

                                • esmannr
                                  esmannr  2 months back

                                  All the idiots can't be idiots the same way at the same time.

                                  • SolventDonkey
                                    SolventDonkey  2 months back

                                    Savage Jerky need to start selling in the EU and UK as the delivery cost is ridiculous for us.

                                    • samysnes
                                      samysnes  2 months back

                                      Glad you guys got in touch with Bob from RetroRGB. He knows him and his friends are some of the most knowledgeable people when it comes to retro gaming video/audio , modding, capture, etc.

                                      • Jeremy Tilden
                                        Jeremy Tilden  2 months back

                                        Linus mocking Luke's water temperature problems like he has a ghost in his house lol

                                        • Neo P
                                          Neo P  2 months back

                                          I wouldn't be surprised if cell service providers offered the game service free with purchase of new phones, or even just for competition to be more attractive than other cell providers.

                                          • drizzt94720
                                            drizzt94720  2 months back

                                            Only Linus would split up an 8K monitor to separate monitors... Why not just use it as a single monitor?!!!!?!

                                            • Fast Raw Reviews
                                              Fast Raw Reviews  2 months back

                                              Ocean yes it’s a Zelda clone but man it’s good

                                              • Tyler Coleman
                                                Tyler Coleman  2 months back

                                                Right? The entire time I played it I was feeling this is a notch down from Zelda but I can't quit playing.

                                            • Павел Анатольевич

                                              We sometimes have hot cold water too, for some reason, it depends on seasons i guess, and it's happens at night, when water in pipes mostly in one place i guess, and hot start warming cold one, or something like that.

                                              • KingOfCanada
                                                KingOfCanada  2 months back

                                                Not that anyone will probably read this comment at this point, but the New 3DS XL actually fixes the issue Linus talks about regarding the OG 3DS requiring the head to be in a completely fixed position. It uses an IR sensor to ensure alignment. I don't use the 3D feature very often because it gives me headaches, but it's a cool piece of tech to overcome the issues in the original version.

                                                • Richard T
                                                  Richard T  2 months back

                                                  53:06 Virtual desktops. Have different ones for each scenario.

                                                  • Richard T
                                                    Richard T  2 months back

                                                    43:37 OH MY GOD, I thought that was me. I was looking everywhere for it. Lol.

                                                    • Michel Le Bouteiller
                                                      Michel Le Bouteiller  2 months back

                                                      Hello from France
                                                      I have some news regarding steam.
                                                      Valve was sentenced in France to not allow the possibility to resell the dematerialized games or any kind of software sold on the steam portal.
                                                      Even if valve is an american company & its subsidiary in Europe is in Luxembourg, the French law prevails (& the European law) when the buyer lives on the French teritory.
                                                      I thought you might be intersted in this subject and its potential implications.
                                                      Great content as always
                                                      Here is the link (in French obviously, sorry)

                                                      • Tanner Marston
                                                        Tanner Marston  2 months back

                                                        The UPS beeping had me confused while i listen to this at work.

                                                        • Warp
                                                          Warp  2 months back

                                                          YAS! Nerd Sports Quidditch!

                                                          • Mel ITgreybeard Ivey
                                                            Mel ITgreybeard Ivey  2 months back

                                                            So...this happened to me way back in a student dorm. It turned out to stem from variable differences in pressure between the cold and hot water lines, which caused back flow into either line from the other at single-control faucets. The effects were worse and more frequent at the higher floors at the dorm

                                                            • Vorta
                                                              Vorta  2 months back

                                                              Why is Linus pronouncing gif "jiff"? So git is "jit"? Girl is probably Jirl? :D

                                                              • Alexander Kerr
                                                                Alexander Kerr  2 months back

                                                                Because the person who created the GIF format said it's pronounced JIF. I say GIF but don't have a problem with people using either version.

                                                            • Nah Boh
                                                              Nah Boh  2 months back

                                                              Why do they use family and not Household ?

                                                              • Ctuchik
                                                                Ctuchik  2 months back

                                                                There are literally someone at the water delivery company sitting there flipping switches at random because he or she is bored...

                                                                • Travis D
                                                                  Travis D  2 months back

                                                                  Luke check your washer. We had this issue happen at my apt. complex and a washer on one of the floor had a seal on the inside go bad. What ended up happening is the seal for the blender went bad so anytime you turned on anything it would pass threw the washer. so if you turned on the cold water it would end up back feeding the hot water from the washer line.

                                                                  • Redemptioner1
                                                                    Redemptioner1  2 months back

                                                                    Dad needs to go back to school and study multistory building standards for plumbing, guess that's why he is teaching......?

                                                                    Your on a shared hot water system and my guess is you are living on a lower level. The fools who put the system in have not put any 1 way vales on the hot water system allowing the pressure from the water in the floors above to feel back the wrong way through the hot water system into the cold water feed side and back into your apartment. As the temperature inversion starts in the hot water system from the cold water coming back into it the wrong way through its outlet it will boil a pocket of water then sudden rush back out the cold water inlet which is why you get such a sudden change in the temp. The reason why this does not happen all the time is because it requires the right release of pressure through a long mixer (like a kitchen sink) with a restriction on the outlet (like a water saver) to be taking place in the upper levels to allow the excess pressure to come back down the wrong way.

                                                                    • qwerty22
                                                                      qwerty22  2 months back

                                                                      Went on PH to look for LTT content. Was disappointed.

                                                                      • Iliike Owigso
                                                                        Iliike Owigso  2 months back

                                                                        "The bottom of the barrel junk games that the developers couldn't really get sold anywhere else"
                                                                        -The Techlead

                                                                        • jim blonde
                                                                          jim blonde  2 months back

                                                                          you should play the virtual boy emulator in the quest, it's kinda fun for half an hour

                                                                          • Basic
                                                                            Basic  2 months back

                                                                            Someone has cross-plumbed the hot and cold somewhere, and pressure fluctuations in the hot/cold sources are dominating which one provides the feed?

                                                                            • SevenDeMagnus
                                                                              SevenDeMagnus  2 months back

                                                                              So cool.

                                                                              • SolomanTiger
                                                                                SolomanTiger  2 months back

                                                                                The LG C9 OLED does 4k120hz with freesync & gsync...

                                                                                • Daniel G
                                                                                  Daniel G  2 months back

                                                                                  Linus, please don't do videos with your kids. Videos with kids on tech channels are always super cringey no matter how hard they try, and it always feels like they're pandering to some weird demographic that doesn't match the rest of the content. Maybe make a second channel for it, but when I'm watching LTT, the last thing I want to see is some kid running around.

                                                                                  • dyuman
                                                                                    dyuman  2 months back

                                                                                    That off centre mic. That's all I can see. Great show as always guys!

                                                                                    • Oliver Raiss
                                                                                      Oliver Raiss  2 months back

                                                                                      Hi Linus!!!
                                                                                      I would just like to say that I absolutely love you and your YouTube channel and I was just going to ask you if you could help me out a bit here...
                                                                                      I saved up around £7000-£7500 for my DREAM PC SETUP, but I recently got it stolen. It was going to be the most amazing setup and a MASSIVE upgrade from my shitty laptop😂.

                                                                                      I can send you the specs just as an idea...


                                                                                      CoolerMaster MasterCase H500M Gaming Case

                                                                                      Intel core Eight core processor i9 9900k

                                                                                      Z390 Aorus master 

                                                                                      32gb Corsair vengeance 
                                                                                      3200mhz ram

                                                                                      Dual 11Gb RTX 2080 Ti

                                                                                      Dual 8TB Hard-drives

                                                                                      2TB Samsung 970 Evo Plus m.2 SSD

                                                                                      Corsair 1600W Pro series Psu

                                                                                      Corsair H115i pro cooler w/ PCS ultra quiet fans 

                                                                                      Cooler master master gel thermal paste

                                                                                      2 x 50cm RGB LED strips

                                                                                      ASUS Strix Raid DLX 7.1 PCIe sound card

                                                                                      4x ASUS 24.5” ROG Swift PG258Q 240Hz GA monitors

                                                                                      Corsair K95 RGB Platinum Mechanical Gaming keyboard 

                                                                                      Corsair Glaive RGB Gaming mouse

                                                                                      Xbox One Controller with cable for windows 

                                                                                      ASUS ROG Centurion 7.1 Gaming Headset

                                                                                      5 Cable management Zip Ties(LTT).

                                                                                      Overall this whole situation sucks and I tried to get my money but it literally got completely stolen and I have no idea where it is or how to get it back. :(

                                                                                      I’m just emailing you though to ask if you could help me get my dream setup because I saved up for SO LONG and all my money just got taken away. 

                                                                                      Honestly even getting a reply from you would be amazing. 

                                                                                      I hope you could maybe consider helping me out! 

                                                                                      Yours sincerely,
                                                                                      Oliver Raiss.

                                                                                      • Gameplay and Talk
                                                                                        Gameplay and Talk  2 months back

                                                                                        It's really cool to hear the Virtual Boy talk. It can be uncomfortable to play, but the 3D effect is super convincing, much better than the 3DS (even the 'new' models).

                                                                                        • bpkdasbaum
                                                                                          bpkdasbaum  2 months back

                                                                                          beep beep beep

                                                                                          • ogrefree
                                                                                            ogrefree  2 months back

                                                                                            whats that motherfucking beeping?

                                                                                            • pdraggy
                                                                                              pdraggy  2 months back

                                                                                              The WAN show is like an hour and a half! I don't have an hour and a half xD. so I watch it at 1.5x speed :)