Kyler Murray, Baker Mayfield electric in Week 1 of preseason | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports


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  • tempebill
    tempebill  4 months back

    Makin me so happy with Kyler Komments..

    • Patrick Lemire
      Patrick Lemire  4 months back

      The Giants should try to be as bad as possible being 8-8 is kind of useless.

      • Truthseeker V
        Truthseeker V  4 months back Giants fans love Eli Manning.......he's a real medicore QB

        • ryan barkley
          ryan barkley  4 months back

          It's preseason. Let's relax everyone.

          • Dom1118
            Dom1118  4 months back

            Murray has a weird head

          • Austin Wade
            Austin Wade  4 months back

            I love the terms used. I’m tired of hearing that the browns are in super bowl contention and I loved hearing playoff contention instead!!!

            • GAMEZSTAA
              GAMEZSTAA  4 months back

              Baker's probably going to have a breakout season with that wide receiver corps. He'll put up huge numbers!

              • Sudden Revelations
                Sudden Revelations  4 months back

                Baker Baker 👨‍🍳 cupcake 🧁 maker. 🤣

                • G2
                  G2  4 months back

                  N’Keal is pronounced Nakeel, Simms. Jesus

                  • spaceflipflops
                    spaceflipflops  4 months back

                    Chris Simms is great.

                    • JumpSpeed
                      JumpSpeed  4 months back

                      Chris Simms would beat you to within an inch of your life if given the chance.

                  • ALM Mack
                    ALM Mack  4 months back

                    Mayfield brings winning to the Browns and the AZC with Murray should be fun to watch, WIN-WIN!
                    GO CHIEFS!!

                    • BMo
                      BMo  4 months back

                      I guess he is already won the mvp

                      • Thomas Johnson
                        Thomas Johnson  4 months back

                        You mean Jones had a good drive against a backup secondary? I mean the DB got spun around on his TD pass, they teach you that in pee-wee league. I guess induct him into Canton right now, it's settled.

                        • JL-CptAtom
                          JL-CptAtom  4 months back

                          When Eli is the best you got, you'd hype him up too

                      • TheBarisaxman17
                        TheBarisaxman17  4 months back

                        1 drive ending in punt....."totally deserving of 1st overall pick"...gotta love pundits

                        • Skylar Tatem
                          Skylar Tatem  4 months back

                          To be fair you gotta look at the offense they ran. Dude was throwing over the middle something we all thought he couldn't do

                      • ch10ad
                        ch10ad  4 months back

                        Love these two guys...

                        • Gerard Aiken
                          Gerard Aiken  4 months back

                          "they weren't who we thought they were"

                          • Dorien Wharton
                            Dorien Wharton  4 months back

                            Murrays passes went like 5 yards how is that electric?44 yards passing now that was groundbreaking,can we slow down on annointing him a hall of famer in his first preseason game please

                            • wallstreet05
                              wallstreet05  4 months back

                              I see no one in this section has played ball. ANYONE who has played at a big program knows that those are called "high percentage passes". What makes them hard to do is the NFL DBs are so fast it throws off any timed routes because of the pick six. When a QB can make those throws against speed, he is considered good.

                            • bigdogg2088
                              bigdogg2088  4 months back

                              @Ronstopable01 if u watch any OU tape, u will see that. Just sit back relax & watch how a real, electrifying QB plays.

                            • Ronstopable01
                              Ronstopable01  4 months back

                              ch10ad it’s easy when your dumping off the ball...those throws were 5 yard passes...none were precise & into coverage...simple passes...nothing special..he had no pressure in his’s easy to sit back n make good throws when there no one in your face...anyone can look good...I wanna see him avoid 4.3 LB’s...then will see his real arm strength running right throwing left...I haven’t seen nothing that tells me any different...I wanna see the deep ball with accuracy...being pressured...haven’t seen NONE of that...n everyone crowns him the

                            • Ronstopable01
                              Ronstopable01  4 months back

                              Dorien Wharton i’m with you on pressure basic out routes...receivers were wide open....his online is garbage...he will

                            • NMJ 88
                              NMJ 88  4 months back

                              We'll see I'm with Dorian. Just give the guy time b4 we crown him. They didn't do this with Mahomes but they did say wait til he faces tough match ups. Then Pat won MVP. Give these guys a season at least b4 we crown them.

                          • Make Sense
                            Make Sense  4 months back

                            🤔💬... I wonder how, Baker & Murray, are gonna do, when they meet The 49ers... "F7-49erSTORM🌪"... defensive line... and their "4-9erBLITZ⚡"... defensive backfield❓ ...when
                            THE DAWGS are RELEASED❗...

                            ***It's gonn be a GOOD TEST❗***

                            • Skylar Tatem
                              Skylar Tatem  4 months back

                              I'm confused cause we all know the browns are the real Dawgs

                            • Make Sense
                              Make Sense  4 months back

                              @Edward Saucedo ...they WILL... the way the 49ers handling their INJURED PLAYER'S... that's why, I can't wait.

                              The DAWGS... will come to play... soon❗

                            • Edward Saucedo
                              Edward Saucedo  4 months back

                              If your defense shows up. Rookie hurt and hasn't played a game

                          • x NastyByNature
                            x NastyByNature  4 months back

                            Nothing against Baker but it’s not impressive. He’s played in multiple NFL games against 1st string players, of coarse he looks great going up against 3-4 strings guys....

                            • Ronstopable01
                              Ronstopable01  4 months back

                              DoomsGames he’s proven himself to me...they’ll have a good year...but WAYYYY to early to crown then SB contenders....I wanna see how the response to criticism n losses...n they’ll have both of’s how they respond that will determine there future!...but I like mayfield...he’s the real deal...liked him in Oklahoma...feisty gritty...not sold on OBJ...those to ego’s...there’s only room for one...

                            • Zac Clark
                              Zac Clark  4 months back

                              You apparently didn't watch the drive. It was up against 1st and 2nd stringers, but more importantly it wasn't the entire browns first string offense either.

                            • Len Scalero
                              Len Scalero  4 months back

                              They also told the Redskins they were running the hurry up since they wanted it to be a challenge and to rate the offense against a prepared defense.

                            • Dooms
                              Dooms  4 months back

                              It was the start of the game lol. Highly doubt the redskins had 4th stringers in. Oh and the browns weren’t starting their best receivers and it still looked too easy.

                          • Darren Wilson
                            Darren Wilson  4 months back

                            Wow! Call me when any of these dudes do this in the regular season.

                            • myko freder
                              myko freder  4 months back

                              Cleveland bar is to make the playoffs, and there are enough questions in the AFC and few other teams rising like Cleveland, I think they should do it if their defense can average under 25 points a game.

                              • Alan Hill
                                Alan Hill  4 months back

                                NBC sports >>>>>>>>>>>> FS1
                                At least someone is talking some football instead of talking basketball every day, FS1 should change their name to the NBA network or the gossip channel.

                                • Terry McBride
                                  Terry McBride  4 months back

                                  He will be torn apart!

                                  • CJ McCollum
                                    CJ McCollum  4 months back

                                    This guy used to play for the Bucs

                                    • Yusuf
                                      Yusuf  4 months back

                                      Thank god Chris is big enough to actually give Daniel Jones credit despite his original draft analysis. Takes guts.

                                      • Shreyas Chaturvedi
                                        Shreyas Chaturvedi  4 months back

                                        Chadason McGraw Aye you ain’t lying in the least but that’s why we need him to sit out a season. Refine these details that definitely need refining.

                                      • Chadason McGraw
                                        Chadason McGraw  4 months back

                                        @Shreyas Chaturvedi while advertising who he was passing the ball to every play... Jones had some big problems, but also had some huge positives!

                                      • Chadason McGraw
                                        Chadason McGraw  4 months back

                                        If only Daniel Jones would stop staring down his receivers, then he would be worthy of that praise. I do like where Jones places the ball though.

                                      • Simon Malherbe
                                        Simon Malherbe  4 months back


                                      • Trevor Sanso
                                        Trevor Sanso  4 months back

                                        Now if he could just speak coherently...