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  • Imelda Beltran
    Imelda Beltran  3 weeks back

    Thats is amazing

    • xXkeshavxX Sach
      xXkeshavxX Sach  1 months back

      Wanted the video with its original cutting sound

      • Metalman
        Metalman  2 months back

        Yep… I learned nothing from this… Just a bunch of fucking stupid stock music in a mediocre Chef using a knife

        • Zachary Smith
          Zachary Smith  2 months back

          450th like 50 more to go

          • Trevor Carter
            Trevor Carter  2 months back

            If anybody's worked in a kitchen for a while they would know that a lot of this stuff just comes within a year or so of being a cook. Not as impressive when this is your life but i still respect the skill and dedication.

            • Trevor Carter
              Trevor Carter  2 months back

              @Jerrik Leopoldino claw method fingers tucked. Impossible to cut your fingers unless your chopping above your knuckle

            • Jerrik Leopoldino
              Jerrik Leopoldino  2 months back

              Trevor Carter true, I’m not impressed with cutting a cucumber blindfolded lol. Any good cook can do that.

          • rose riz
            rose riz  3 months back

            Okay this guy cutting things so fast and I here making a nettella sandwich hah but this is a great skill video

          • Synthia Barden
            Synthia Barden  4 months back

            I want that knife 🔪 !!!

            • Arifur Rahman
              Arifur Rahman  2 weeks back

              Synthia Barden

          • FoodNetWorld
            FoodNetWorld  4 months back

            Amazing Skills

            • An introvert guy
              An introvert guy  4 months back

              30% people cutting fish and vegetables 60% guy who's making some bread

              • Aide Ruiz
                Aide Ruiz  5 months back

                Another level of cooking mama

                • Cassie Brindza
                  Cassie Brindza  5 months back

                  Beautiful work as usual Anna! <3

                  • Adnan Zafar
                    Adnan Zafar  6 months back


                    • Scupacium
                      Scupacium  7 months back

                      the cut is not good

                      • jordan
                        jordan  5 months back

                        Can we hit 1000 subs So i can brag at school The cut on the salmon and the meat were both equally shit. It’s very easy to cut things quickly with an extremely sharp knife.

                      • Can we hit 1000 subs So i can brag at school
                        Can we hit 1000 subs So i can brag at school  5 months back

                        It is a video about cutting quickly
                        But surely you are a master at this,so i would like to see you cut on your channel 😊

                    • Itz Rocky
                      Itz Rocky  12 months back

                      Luckily this is not clickbait

                      • francisca jopia
                        francisca jopia  12 months back

                        Me engaño😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠

                        • francisca jopia
                          francisca jopia  12 months back

                          Era un chino todo el tiempo y asia cosas hermosas😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

                        • LPS_ Aniett
                          LPS_ Aniett  12 months back

                          WOW!!!!! 😘😘😘😘💗💗💗👍👍👍👍

                          • Miss Tricks Mix Crafts and DIY

                            Amazing compilation !!

                            • Inaya Mughal
                              Inaya Mughal  12 months back


                              • PicsArt Editing Zone
                                PicsArt Editing Zone  12 months back


                                • Nongi
                                  Nongi  12 months back


                                  • Soul영혼
                                    Soul영혼  12 months back

                                    This is so satisfying

                                    • Tamanna Afreen
                                      Tamanna Afreen  12 months back

                                      Wow 😯❤

                                      • Mr Kistler
                                        Mr Kistler  12 months back

                                        I love your vids and i hope you can continue to make vids

                                        You deserve 1 million subscribers

                                      • Mr Kistler
                                        Mr Kistler  12 months back


                                        • Nicole Contreras
                                          Nicole Contreras  12 months back

                                          Hola Me encanta el vídeo

                                          • Hope 360!
                                            Hope 360!  12 months back


                                            • My user names Alway suck
                                              My user names Alway suck  12 months back

                                              the first one cut SOOOOO thin!!!!!! And the fish ones are satisfying to me!!!

                                              • Cakey Playz
                                                Cakey Playz  12 months back

                                                I'm 3rd yay

                                              • secret kaz:3
                                                secret kaz:3  12 months back

                                                Dale corazón plox :v

                                              • Triza Presley
                                                Triza Presley  12 months back