DO NOT MISS THIS STORY!!! Major NEW Trump Bank & Tax Fraud Uncovered in ProPublica Reporting!


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  • lisa gibson
    lisa gibson  2 hours back

    Screw that little memo. All that has done is give him courage to break the law. Arrest him and his cronies.

    • Robert Mitchell
      Robert Mitchell  21 hours back

      Release of IRS Income Taxes for previous years should be done
      before Candidates are allowed on the Election Ballot. Why this is
      not required baffles me. If this had been done, Trump would not
      have been allowed on the Ballot...

      • roxanne vignali
        roxanne vignali  22 hours back

        America doesn’t care.

        • susan knutie
          susan knutie  23 hours back

          We have the right to have an election that has not been meddled with

          • susan knutie
            susan knutie  23 hours back

            Dimwit Donnie does not have an ethical bone in his body

            • susan knutie
              susan knutie  23 hours back

              He did not win the election, Putin won the election

              • Wendell Hackley
                Wendell Hackley  24 hours back

                Trump more criminal acts revealed again, tax fraud and bank fraud so your family is going to prison very soon. You always been a fucking criminal conman pathological liar and traitor.

                • BarryWaterlow
                  BarryWaterlow  1 days back

                  *Dictator Dork must have learnt how to cheat on his taxes and falsification of property values from a Mafia/mob accountants and/or lawyers. There are rumours he falsified his father's will. You'd think the FBI should have figured the cheating out 30-40 years ago unless they too were corrupt!!!!*

                  • Steven Harris
                    Steven Harris  2 days back

                    Wow, Trumps gotta go this isn't even close to right . Hurry up and take him down he's disrespected ALL OF US .

                    • jay williams
                      jay williams  2 days back

                      Donald Trump scam could cost him every dime

                      • jay williams
                        jay williams  2 days back

                        Merry Trump Berry resignation from being a judge was for tax fraud bank fraud insurance fraud mail fraud

                        • jay williams
                          jay williams  2 days back

                          Wartergate all over again Trump' and Roger stone Paul manafort.

                          • Gilberto Herrera Jauregui

                            NO CANT WORK NEED MUY DOCTOS MUY TORNNEY FULL..
                            NEED MY CIAS.

                            • GOLDEN BUDDHA
                              GOLDEN BUDDHA  4 days back


                              • Rick Smith
                                Rick Smith  4 days back

                                Jesse did you know you are being sponsored by trump

                                • skidfrog
                                  skidfrog  4 days back

                                  Republicans knew he was a money laundering criminal when they nominated and voted for him..........but anything for a vote.....and they knew he was the most likely candidate to get votes because the rest of them were ( surprise ) less appealing.

                                  • Suzan Firth
                                    Suzan Firth  5 days back

                                    SINISTER FINANCIAL SCHEMES? Jesse, that's being polite... I can't wait to see who else crawls out from under
                                    President Trump's high-school buffoonery web of deceit!

                                    • Kate Gainer
                                      Kate Gainer  5 days back

                                      Trump is so corrupt he needs to be impeached and taken out of office

                                      • Janice Chandler
                                        Janice Chandler  5 days back

                                        It’s not fair to the American people, us tax payers, that potus is not convicted of all the crimes he’s committing and still at it????

                                        • irish lady
                                          irish lady  5 days back

                                          That's right, and that's why the people are so mad at this government and politicians, they've been using our taxes like their own piggy banks and they have a different set of laws.. we either all live under the same laws, same rules or no rules....

                                          • Barbara Willis
                                            Barbara Willis  6 days back

                                            Trump is a criminal and a FRAUD only his sychophants take him at his word and sinclair and republicans help him keep the lies going!

                                            • Art Yoda
                                              Art Yoda  6 days back

                                              Trump is the Biggest CROOK Ever he makes Richard Nixon look like quaire boy.

                                              • t-katt
                                                t-katt  6 days back

                                                tax evasion,insurance fraud,witness tampering,obstruction,chairity fraud,real estatefraud,add a new one everyday

                                                • Pamela Homeyer
                                                  Pamela Homeyer  6 days back

                                                  Lock him up

                                                  • vudu8ball
                                                    vudu8ball  6 days back

                                                    If anyone else had done this they would be in jail. It doesn't matter if trump did one specific crime or not. His entire life has been a trail of criminal behavior.

                                                    • michael straughn
                                                      michael straughn  6 days back

                                                      Any honest Politician in this situation, except one that is a CON-ARTIST or CRIMINAL, would be glad to clear any doubt or questions about his or her finances through an IRS statement.
                                                      Again...any politician, except one that is a CON-ARTIST or CRIMINAL.

                                                      • mildred gomez
                                                        mildred gomez  6 days back

                                                        He became potus illegally! Cheater at large, crook for life, till death does he part from being a thief.

                                                        • Mike C
                                                          Mike C  6 days back

                                                          No very weathy person ever paid the taxes they owed. Many treat taxation as discretionary. They use lawyers to calculate the amount that they're willing to donate. Everyone else shares the unpaid taxes of the wealthy. Capitalist America has more in common with communism than people realise. Workers get screwed in both systems.

                                                          • Veronica Stewart
                                                            Veronica Stewart  6 days back

                                                            Chuck Grassley, huh? How interesting.

                                                            • Greg Wilcox
                                                              Greg Wilcox  6 days back

                                                              The entire trump family are crooks general bone spurs his sister the judge and the rest of these lying scumbags are all ripping off the government which means the family are ripping the American people of . Yes all the hard working tax paying American people this is disgusting why should this prick get away with doing this . Why can’t everyone do it cause most people get caught

                                                              • Kieth Wester
                                                                Kieth Wester  7 days back

                                                                You said there is 5 Kids Mary , Donald , then I believe Sam Wich just got a big Contract with the government what about the other two . Like to see a break down of the children and were they are financial and what they Real think of Donald .

                                                                • Kieth Wester
                                                                  Kieth Wester  7 days back

                                                                  WHEN HE LEAVES there going to have to tarp the White House to fumigate the please for all the Bugs and Roaches . Maybe a few Politicians will stay clean up there Acts but probably not .

                                                                  I burn all the sheets and blankets anything he touched or used . The antiques I take inventory to see if any just disappeared you get my thoughts if he can't run a charity with out take money from it did he ever donate or help a Charity in any form please let me know .

                                                                  • Rondalyn Reynolds
                                                                    Rondalyn Reynolds  7 days back

                                                                    We have all known how corrupt the orange moron has been his entire life, yet he is still not in jail. Better yet he is in the oval office and we still are not holding him accountable. We either need to get the 1% to pay their and keep them from controlling our country or just accept Russian citizenship.

                                                                    • Nevuah Gallery
                                                                      Nevuah Gallery  7 days back

                                                                      By current calculations, Trump has several PROVEN Articles of Impeachment pending against him in Congress.

                                                                      Briefly, Teflon Donnie’s High Crimes and Misdemeanors are:

                                                                      1. CONSPIRACY: Trump is an Unindicted Co-conspirator — According to Federal Prosecutors, after Michael Cohen’s allocution and conviction.

                                                                      2. PERJURY: Knowingly making and causing to be made fraudulent statements and false declarations (Section 1001 of Title 18 of the United States Code) - According to the Washington Post, since entering office, Trump has made 6,420 false or misleading claims over 649 days.

                                                                      3. OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE: Witness Tempering by making offers of clemency and pardons to influence testimony in a Federal investigation.

                                                                      4. ABUSE OF POWER: Trump directed CIA and the FBI officials to back-off the Russia Investigation.

                                                                      5. CAMPAIGN FINANCE VIOLATIONS: Over $40 million in campaign donations have been misappropriated and used in Trump businesses.

                                                                      6. NOT TO MENTION the details yet to be disclosed in 17 ongoing Federal Investigations into Trump alleged criminal activities.

                                                                      7. Bribery and Extortion of Ukraine — Violations of "The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act"

                                                                      So, why is this lawless man allowed to continue to occupy the Oval Office and cause irreparable harm to the Republic and the US Constitution?!

                                                                      • Margaret caldarone
                                                                        Margaret caldarone  7 days back

                                                                        Fair share, he cant lie, being in court we were taught to spot liars. For anyone that lies so much. He really should take lessons. He puts those fingers out like their protection (guns) and away he goes. He miss pronunces key words, He repeats stalling for time, it goes on and on.

                                                                        • TheWind213
                                                                          TheWind213  7 days back

                                                                          Thank you Jesse for investigating and reporting on this serious matter about crooked donny that most obvious normal Americans already figured out why donny boy didn't want to release his tax returns. This is why donny lies so much, he is so sick and should be locked up in a criminal mental institute and throw away the key.

                                                                          • Taipanablack
                                                                            Taipanablack  1 weeks back

                                                                            Possible bank fraud, tax fraud and obstruction of justice...The "stable genius" with the "very, very large brain" that has "the best words" and hires "the best people", being the "most transparent president ever" appears to be hiding something. #swamp the drain.

                                                                            • Salvatore Patterson
                                                                              Salvatore Patterson  1 weeks back

                                                                              Trump is a pro-abortion poster child.

                                                                              • Westside Granny
                                                                                Westside Granny  1 weeks back

                                                                                The first responders are definitely unhealed. They have been in financial and medical help. Bush, bush, chainey, rice, galino,rudy bill clinton owner of campus and so very many more.

                                                                                • NorthernChev
                                                                                  NorthernChev  1 weeks back

                                                                                  Aaaaaaaannnd... nothing will ever come of it because no one ever sticks to any one of his travesties for more than a week and then they’re on to the next one. So, why even bother?

                                                                                  • PK Cazadores
                                                                                    PK Cazadores  1 weeks back

                                                                                    Now fake news even has spin-offs! Lol You're so full of crap.

                                                                                    • nick quesada
                                                                                      nick quesada  1 weeks back

                                                                                      Made a believer of millions of Americans, about 62,000,000. He’s a very good lier.

                                                                                      • Carolyn Silvers
                                                                                        Carolyn Silvers  1 weeks back

                                                                                        Even with evidence of crimes, his cult will stand strong, all the way to to the Kool-Aid.

                                                                                        • Martin Van Lent
                                                                                          Martin Van Lent  1 weeks back

                                                                                          Can I try this koolaid, will if have a similar effect?

                                                                                      • DianeD08
                                                                                        DianeD08  1 weeks back


                                                                                        • Limore Peretz Woloshin
                                                                                          Limore Peretz Woloshin  1 weeks back

                                                                                          Is it possible to sue the Trump family to pay back the money they did not pay?

                                                                                          • james shaeffer
                                                                                            james shaeffer  1 weeks back

                                                                                            Anyone that takes this seriously is as big a dumbass as this guy. If this was true it would be plastered all over every media outlet in the world, let alone the U.S. This is total clickbait for liberal morons. HAHAHAHA........................

                                                                                            Trump 2020

                                                                                            • N.G.H. Calmarena
                                                                                              N.G.H. Calmarena  1 weeks back

                                                                                              Of course, he lied to the banks as well as to the authorities - in that family, it's stupid, to tell the truth.

                                                                                              • Boyd
                                                                                                Boyd  1 weeks back

                                                                                                The sad part is his cult followers don't care how corrupt he is. They will still vote for him.