Rand Paul - Embracing Honest Capitalism in “The Case Against Socialism” | The Daily Show


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  • Stand tall for the Powerless

    I can't get over how many people have no care for anyone but themselves. They are all "Don't raise my taxes so that single mother of three can have medical too. She hasn't suffered like I have!" Sad, little egos that have no idea how disgusting they are. Bernie Sanders 2020! We deserve better.

    • Robert Marier
      Robert Marier  20 hours back

      Daily show sold a book but lost this viewer.

      • Helmininack
        Helmininack  21 hours back

        people just gave up on working since its not worth it, therefore unemployment went down. so i wont give him that

        • Bryan Lirette
          Bryan Lirette  1 days back

          British guy is ignorant. Rand paul is spot on

          • happysideoffear777
            happysideoffear777  2 days back

            Trevor should have corrected the record. Socialism is when the PEOPLE own the means of production not the government.

            • T'Town Tim
              T'Town Tim  2 days back

              i am enjoying watching trumpers all whining and whimpering....hahahaha

              • Lederhosen Pants
                Lederhosen Pants  2 days back

                Wouldve liked an hour long version of this...... OR just watch JRE

                • Kevin A.
                  Kevin A.  2 days back

                  This dude voted against the Traced Act meant to help protect consumers against Robocalls

                  • Yolanda Terry
                    Yolanda Terry  3 days back

                    why does Sen. Paul not give "socialism" the same 'variety of flavors' as "capitalism"? (ex. cronyism, free-market, etc.) His arguments are confusing.

                    • Alpha Bravo
                      Alpha Bravo  3 days back

                      Big shutout to Randy Paul!! 🙏👍 the point is both economic systems become flawed and won't be able to balanced each other when you allow greed and corruption to influence those in power.. ANARCHY IS COMING.

                      • Amir C.
                        Amir C.  3 days back

                        Oky I like Trevor Noah again, he dismantled Rand Paul’s misinformed view of our current economic system.

                        • Alpha Bravo
                          Alpha Bravo  3 days back

                          Im from Canada and this video is not allowed up here.. Unbelievable.

                          • J D
                            J D  4 days back

                            Being democrat used to mean lower tax on lower and middle class and higher tax on rich ...now republican means lower taxes on all and democrats higher taxes on all.

                            • JohnJ BeeCause
                              JohnJ BeeCause  4 days back

                              Trevor Noah let Rand Paul get away with the right wing lie that Hitler was a socialist without a challenge. You have to shove that lie back down their throats.

                              • MITHUN MOHAN
                                MITHUN MOHAN  4 days back

                                America is built on capitalism and it’s a good example for capitalism ! But capitalism doesn’t always work so there is Socialism and it works there. That doesn’t mean it will work in America. America should stick to its values.

                                • Antonio
                                  Antonio  4 days back

                                  Trevor Noah Going full on Politcal ......haha... dick stick to comedy

                                  • SphereSquared
                                    SphereSquared  4 days back

                                    They are going to kill a lot of Kurds.
                                    This might become at least close to Genocide.

                                    • Philly Dee
                                      Philly Dee  4 days back

                                      Good interview i must say,kuddos to Trevor that gave him a chance to speak...personally i think why the youth are more for socialism,cos it sounds good!! Free education,free housing etc..but in reality nothing is free...someone always pays for it(taxpayers)

                                      • Mike B
                                        Mike B  4 days back

                                        Rand Paul is such a piece of shit.

                                        • SOUR S4G
                                          SOUR S4G  5 days back

                                          You truly believe people are better off now vs 30 years ago? Really? With all due respect. It must be really hard to be that stupid. #Ufogged

                                          • Nancy Chasteen
                                            Nancy Chasteen  5 days back

                                            Yes it is..
                                            He cannot use his office for personal gain. Go back to school RP!

                                            • Michael Stuermer
                                              Michael Stuermer  5 days back

                                              Nice questions, but no push back on the lies and misleading statements made by Sen. Rand Paul. This is the real issue with corporate media, their agenda ensures there is no push back on all of the lies, deceits and innuendo. Most of the media is part of the corruption that is destroying our country from the inside out.

                                              • Nathan Anderson
                                                Nathan Anderson  5 days back

                                                Burisma had been under investigation by the Ukrainian prosecutor, but that was 2 years prior to Hunter Biden joining the board. Biden on the board is definitely shady as hell, but Rand is lying in this interview.

                                                • A Le
                                                  A Le  5 days back

                                                  What the fuck is this ? Its like a football match with people booing and cheering behind. I thought it was a political discussion.

                                                  • Prophet Over Profit
                                                    Prophet Over Profit  5 days back

                                                    Rand is a cutie

                                                    • Context Should Matter
                                                      Context Should Matter  5 days back

                                                      7:13 are you going to ask about the book? The world doesn’t revolve around Trump. Stop pretending it does.

                                                      • frank ingram
                                                        frank ingram  5 days back

                                                        Lately, it appears Rand has ramped up his defense of trump. He must truly believe he's going to get a cushy cabinet job after the 2020 election. He's drank the kool-aid.

                                                        • Ashmeed Mohammed
                                                          Ashmeed Mohammed  5 days back

                                                          this is a master class in wieghing soft power, when u cannot outright discredit or insult the other side, that each side can make valid cases and valid arguements, how to get the way up.

                                                          • Ethan Trout
                                                            Ethan Trout  5 days back

                                                            I'm not usually one to demonize people but this guy seems like a snake. I'm a centrist and a lot of the shit this man was saying was straight propaganda lol

                                                            • JoniOdin
                                                              JoniOdin  2 days back

                                                              Do some research on his record. He is more consistent than nearly everyone else in DC.
                                                              "Snakes" would not be consistent.

                                                          • Existentialism Tyrant
                                                            Existentialism Tyrant  5 days back

                                                            People forget Rand was born with means. He got to where he was because of his dad and his family. Rand did not live the same kind of life 95 percent of this comment section did. He’s just a rich guy that is seeing the world from a different pair of glasses. You can’t be poor to get elected, some rare cases, and you can’t be rich and understand the common struggle of everyday life so we are constantly electing rich assholes telling you how to live in your life. He can call it whatever he wants to call it but until he spends some time down here I rather not listen to a guy who’s been up there the entire time looking down on the rest

                                                            • UU etotacd
                                                              UU etotacd  5 days back

                                                              So Paul uses 100 years ago as an example...why not show multiple examples in decades? Laws, prices, populations, development, taxes and other things have changed at different intervals. Using such a broad analogy don't seem to answer the questions accurately. The broader the answer the less insight we receive. Still looks like sleight of hand.

                                                              • M. Woller
                                                                M. Woller  5 days back

                                                                *rofl* Hitler? Hitler was ultra capitalist. What a dumb fuck is that guy? And none of the problems of SU, China, Cuba and Co got anything to do with the principles of socialism. That guy is not knowing what he's talking about in any way.

                                                                • Teh_D3th_St4r
                                                                  Teh_D3th_St4r  6 days back

                                                                  GET THAT RACIST IDIOT PIECE OF SHIT OFF YOUR SHOW

                                                                  • vote for no. 6
                                                                    vote for no. 6  6 days back


                                                                    • Matthew Rios
                                                                      Matthew Rios  6 days back

                                                                      Conflates communism and autocratic regimes with socialism. He lied about the Denmark deal too. Ask any Denmark national and they’ll tell you Bernie’s policies are considered centrist in Scandinavia. He also only gives one example of a type of socialism when heathers are numerous types. But what do you expect from a hack Libertarian like Rand at the end of the day though

                                                                      • smilindesporado
                                                                        smilindesporado  6 days back

                                                                        lol for a patriotic north-american , i pledge ligation's too the flag of the united states of america and too the united states of mexico and too the republic's fore which they stand one nation under god indivisible with liberty happiness an justice's for all 101101

                                                                        • Alexis Rivera
                                                                          Alexis Rivera  6 days back

                                                                          Rand Paul is basically asking for a pass for Trump's own personal crimes because someone somewhere among the democrats might have a relative that is up to no good too. This irresponsible, traitorous and not how the law works. Everyone need to face the music if they did anything wrong. No one gets a pass because other also break the law be it democrats or republicans.

                                                                          • Aatje21
                                                                            Aatje21  6 days back

                                                                            When the dude says, what do we do then, save the kurds? That's a complicated case...


                                                                            • Horhe Vamp
                                                                              Horhe Vamp  6 days back

                                                                              When capitalism fucks over poor folk through corruption "thats not really capitalism".

                                                                              When corrupt individuals fuck up people in a socialist country "thats socialism".

                                                                              Sure sure

                                                                              • D WonderWoman
                                                                                D WonderWoman  6 days back

                                                                                Honest Capitalism.. Like what has killed the working class in this country over the last 4 decades? SCREW THAT!!!
                                                                                #RevolutionTime #Bernie2020 🇺🇸

                                                                                • justin mathis
                                                                                  justin mathis  6 days back

                                                                                  Thank the lord rand Paul is in congress

                                                                                  • Kaylin Froehlich
                                                                                    Kaylin Froehlich  6 days back

                                                                                    I agree with Rand on almost all of it, I just cringe watching him tiptoe around party politics

                                                                                    • Kaylin Froehlich
                                                                                      Kaylin Froehlich  6 days back

                                                                                      Trevor doesn't get enough credit for being the most intelligent late night host in television. And he's the most refined at integrating journalism into his presentation.

                                                                                      • Eccentric Bazaar
                                                                                        Eccentric Bazaar  6 days back

                                                                                        It is nice to see Rand Paul on this show. He seems reasonable on the surface but I think he is a pretty slippery guy. First, no one is talking Maoism or total state control of production. People want a medical system that doesn't break them financially and scheme against them to push dubious drugs and procedures on patients every time they turn around. Taking away some of the profit motive might do that. Second, yes we don't want to be in the Middle East, but we are. Notifying allies by Tweet that they are about to be screwed is hardly the way decent people act . Third, Rand Paul can recognize Crony Capitalism but what is he doing about it beyond drawing his paycheck from Crony Capitalists? I think he is a fraud.

                                                                                        • Sapper201D
                                                                                          Sapper201D  6 days back

                                                                                          All of his talk is blah blah blah. We want war, but we don't want to fight or finish it. The U.S. is fighting it's self created enemies. I agree with our policies. But I disagree with our policies. This is our standard of excellence and leadership. Screwy double talkers and cowards.😕

                                                                                          • Kalan Dean
                                                                                            Kalan Dean  6 days back

                                                                                            Trevor seems like hes not a fan of randy

                                                                                            • genie michelle
                                                                                              genie michelle  6 days back

                                                                                              The fox got in the Hen house when there were a lottt of eggs to be had.... corruption in US resulted in deregulated capitalism that is exploiting the American people, and the planet-environment. When I was in school, we were taught that Monopolies were not allowed in US. Rand hasn't realized back in the day when he was born, education cost less, housing costs were far lower, wages supported families on middle class living.... when I was 18, in the late 70's, I made a little above minimum wage, and I could afford a large nice apartment in Silicon Valley, and plenty of apartments were available, it was easy to buy a house. I bought my 1st house when I was 21 yrs old. Rand is clueless to the fact that the Middle Class has shrunk, and the billionaires are getting fat by taking advantage of the American people. Did Trump send him to the show? lol Let's just keep some of the Baby Boomers like Bernie, and Mit Romney, Rand Paul - some of his theories/ideas are interesting, and replace the majority of the MALE Baby Boomers in Congress with Milenial Females, baby - gotta change it up!

                                                                                              • genie michelle
                                                                                                genie michelle  6 days back

                                                                                                Noam Chomsky seems to be of same opinion - that US actions in other countries to topple their Dictators is an act of terrorism to those countries..... interesting perspective, and I've always like Rand Paul - he is a young Republican with refreshing perspectives and seems to be well.... accurate