Even Intel is Impressed by AMD's Progress - WAN Show June 28, 2019

  • Published: 29 June 2019
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    Timestamps: (Courtesy of Mikersoft Vindows)

    0:01 Info about stream
    2:18 Intro
    3:00 Noise pollution & high framerates
    5:00 Camera Apertures & Lighting
    7:00 Linus complaining about Harmony Remotes
    11:17 Jony Ive leaving apple
    14:40 Editing showdown discussion
    16:20 Calander apps and apple design
    21:00 Intel impressed by AMD's progress
    28:20 Intel & AMD at Pax conventions
    32:15 Linus listing off all his processors
    39:30 LMG store promotion
    42:00 Other sponsor mentions
    42:00 conventions discussions
    47:40 Talking about food
    49:20 Sponsor mention
    51:15 Display port 2.0
    55:00 Infrared laser discussion
    57:50 Outro
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  • Linus Tech Tips
    Linus Tech Tips   6 months back

    Savage Jerky: Add 3 bags of Maple Buffalo Bacon in your shopping cart and get the third bag free at https://lmg.gg/savagejerky or use offer code LTT to save 10%.

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    • Sander Gulla Fostervold
      Sander Gulla Fostervold  5 months back

      If they only shipped to Norway... :(

    • I agree with you.
      I agree with you.  5 months back

      Is LTX going to be like CES? I don't get it. Or is it literally just a carnival and LAN gaming?

    • misterx zxc
      misterx zxc  5 months back

      Guys I know what I'm gonna say has nothing to do with the subject but can you guys tell me Wich smartphone is able to playback 4k and 1080p x265 hevc 10bit video Smoothly

    • T. Dougs
      T. Dougs  5 months back

      Why are people talking about their system specs etc.on a post about sponsors, did I miss something?

    • Michael Mosseri
      Michael Mosseri  5 months back

      If I get a water bottle and a stealth hoddie and if I also a elemental shirt is it still 10$ off

    DAVID GREGORY KERR  4 months back

    It is alright at the minute.

    • John Jaxson
      John Jaxson  4 months back

      I have only had one desktop CPU and that was I3 4160 and I still have it cus money.

      • NvrUseYur RealName
        NvrUseYur RealName  4 months back

        46:34 - EVERY single time Linus says, "they can't hear you, you're off mic...", or something to that effect, I've wondered WTH he's talking about as you can hear them just fine. :S ...da hell bro?

        • David May
          David May  5 months back

          Linus looks like a power toggle.

          • MStrickkk
            MStrickkk  5 months back

            "Apple's marketing collateral is all about what a creative intellectual person they turn you into."
            Linus Sebastian - 2019

            Let the truth be heard.

            • megapixeler
              megapixeler  5 months back

              Lol hearing you talk about the AMD/Intel stuff and you are not taking into consideration the low spec machines... not everyone wants a gamer pc, for waaaay too many people and businesses an AMD APU is more than enough. and even beforeRyzen there was a very good price/performace case there... Not to mention that low income markets are more affected by that.

              • Marcelo Neubert Germann
                Marcelo Neubert Germann  5 months back

                do you guys can post the link of the Business Calendar App? there are more than one app / developer with that name at the Play store.

                • Zes
                  Zes  5 months back


                  • slenderkid2003
                    slenderkid2003  5 months back

                    holy shit the cardiac sensor pulse from r6 has isn't to far fetched.

                    • Shaun Barlow
                      Shaun Barlow  5 months back

                      I absolutely loathed having the on off toggle conversation while I was working for the prominent cable company in the states. There is a small group of mid aged people that got how to fix it but most above or below 30 ish didn’t get it...

                      • Pravvus
                        Pravvus  5 months back

                        Linus, I have a 5960x and I want your 6950x when you upgrade. Sell it to me please. =)

                        • Dave 3518
                          Dave 3518  5 months back

                          last AMD i ran 386 DX 40 Ghz that was long time ago after that everything was Intel

                          • Dave 3518
                            Dave 3518  5 months back

                            yes apple pay i hate it

                            • Jose Atalig
                              Jose Atalig  5 months back

                              I think the Reason AMD's Athlon wasn't able to catch up was because of intel was blocking their business at that time. It's hard to make a better processor if you don't have money. I commented about this before. I hate that you keep ignoring me.

                              • SaintInix
                                SaintInix  5 months back

                                I understood that reference.

                                • Off-Grid Optimist
                                  Off-Grid Optimist  5 months back

                                  It's a never-ending Circle. Tablets don't sell because they lack performance and cutting-edge Design. But they'll never get performance and Cutting Edge design because they don't sell. Every product starts off this way but someone has to take a risk. And for some reason pretty much every manufacturer is too cheap to make Flagship tablets. But I am absolutely certain that is where the future lies. As technology advances things get smaller, and faster, and more portable.

                                  • Off-Grid Optimist
                                    Off-Grid Optimist  5 months back

                                    Yeah! I've been using business calendar since version 1 it kicks the snot out of pretty much everything else.

                                    • Lee Wood
                                      Lee Wood  5 months back


                                      • Michael Erbaturakis
                                        Michael Erbaturakis  5 months back

                                        Make a video. Comparing alll your previous Computers benchmarking them all

                                        • Galvatron
                                          Galvatron  5 months back

                                          Reading comments for people being fanbois for CPU companies is hilarious. Which ever is best is all that counts, no need for loyalty.

                                          • TheOnlyTwitch.R6
                                            TheOnlyTwitch.R6  5 months back

                                            Talking about all Linus's old CPU's. I pretty much had almost the entire same lineup.

                                            Started with an Athlon 1GHz / Riva TnT2
                                            XP 2700+ / FX5200
                                            A64 3400+ 754 / 9800 Pro
                                            A64 4000+ 939 / 7800GTX
                                            Core2Duo e6750 (3.4OC) / 8800GT
                                            Core2Duo e8400 (4GHz) / 8800GT SLI
                                            i7 920 (4GHz, FAV. CPU of All Time) / GTX 260 - 285 SLI - 580 SLI
                                            i7 3770k (4.6ghz, most disliked cpu of all time) / 670 4GB SLI
                                            i7 5930k (4.7GHz) / 780ti SLI -1080 SLI
                                            i7 7700k (5GHz side upgrade) / 1080ti SLI
                                            i7 8700k (5.1GHz) / 2080 (refuse to pay nvidia's extortion price for SLI)

                                            And I do expect my next Pc to have a Ryzen 3900x or 3950x, as that pc will be doing a lot more Media Capture.

                                            Things moved much more quickly back in those better days, but I can still remember pretty much every spec on all of them for some reason.

                                            • John Klein
                                              John Klein  5 months back

                                              Best part of the show is the EverQuest discussion, because it's true.

                                              • Joe Maldonado
                                                Joe Maldonado  5 months back

                                                Linus, if you have the original MS Media Center remote, you can use Harmony to manually learn those 2 codes (On and Off) and add them to your PC device commands. This way you don't have to use the toggle command anymore.

                                                • John Benedict Dela Cruz
                                                  John Benedict Dela Cruz  5 months back

                                                  WOOOOW, COllab with CORRIDOR DIgital., its like i dream, i love this

                                                  • u2bemark
                                                    u2bemark  5 months back

                                                    re: noise and commercial space.. buy some land.. develop a building.. hell.. build a studio and attract other streamers/videomakers..

                                                    • HulluJanne
                                                      HulluJanne  5 months back

                                                      Get a prepaid or some other outdated and non-active SIM card? Worked for me at least on some of my ancient mobile phones with data features.

                                                      • Alex Trinker
                                                        Alex Trinker  5 months back

                                                        businessCal ftw!

                                                        • Steeve Morel
                                                          Steeve Morel  5 months back

                                                          Could i get the business calender app link?

                                                          • XSportSeeker
                                                            XSportSeeker  5 months back

                                                            Ok guys, not to be a fanboy or sound like an asshole, but I will have to say something while you guys were talking about tablets because I heard this a bit too much already, from lots of different people who talk about tech - so it's not about you guys.

                                                            I am NOT an Apple hater, I also still have an iPad 2 like Linus, so it isn't about that.
                                                            But the bit Linus say you can NEVER do something like that on an Android tablet, about leaving the tablet there, it still having battery to use and all that.
                                                            The huge problem I see in this statement, is that for the most part people are comparing crappy Android tablets with iPads instead of putting them on the same level.

                                                            My iPad 2 is admitedly ancient. It doesn't hold a charge anymore. That's fine, given how long it's been around. Served me well, I pushed it to it's limits while I was still using it, it's a solid nice piece of hardware. But let's not embelish anything here - it's been slow and working like crap for years now. Yes, it can still do some stuff, but I stopped using and decided to replace it for a reason.

                                                            After it, I got a massively shitty Dell Windows tablet (which was shit from start, worst tablet I had the displeasure of putting my hands on, shit cheap dumb design overall), and then I got a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. Which is expensive, yes, but that's my point. My Tab S2 holds a charge for days if you are not using it, last long while you are using it, and has all the premium feel and features of a modern iPad. I have tested newer iPads, saw no reason to switch. Heck, even the S3 seems to have some downsides in comparison to the S2 somehow. And the S2 is also old as heck by now, but mine is still going strong. It's almost coming up to the point of lasting longer than the iPad 2 lasted for me.

                                                            And I don't even like Samsung all that much, to be honest. I'd rather have stock Android or something like Oxygen OS rather than Touchwiz.
                                                            But my point is, yes, there are fewer and fewer Android tablets in the market, Google is trying to hammer the last nail in the coffin which I suspect has all to do with Chromebooks and Chrome OS, and Android made all it could to ignore the tablet format because they are a bunch of dumbasses who cannot see potential in the form factor. But there are definitely Android tablets that can work as well if not better than an iPad. I get tired of this often repeated mantra by people who didn't seem to even bother trying to use a more modern high end Android tablet for the past half decade or so.
                                                            It's just that most tech people these days only gets their hands on crap like Amazon Fire advertisement junk, Walmart ONN chinese white label shit, and all these plasticky chinese white label crap, and then proceed to compare it to iPads. Of course it won't get nowhere as good.

                                                            Yes, iPad Pro is on a whole other level, but regular iPads for content consumption? I have tried them, the high end Android tablets are not as far behind as people seem to put it all the time.

                                                            I also have been noting that it's not only about Google or Android... you know, THERE ARE high end Android tablets on the market still. And even though I see reasons to complain about the category dying, and about options dwindling down... the same people who complain about this, I don't see them ever getting a current gen high end Android tablet to actually check how things are going. Not sure I've seen any review on major tech channels on Tab S4 or S5e, for instance. Or something like the latest Huawei MediaPad. It just became a mantra with no hands on experience.

                                                            Meh, not sure why I'm even defending it. But it bothers me a bit, because I keep listening to all this criticism and dread while I'm still fully enjoying my Android tablet.

                                                            • Jacob Truscott
                                                              Jacob Truscott  5 months back

                                                              "Talking to anybody makes me mad." -quote of the day

                                                              • Kyle Blevins
                                                                Kyle Blevins  5 months back

                                                                linus likes his links of bacon

                                                                • Kyle Blevins
                                                                  Kyle Blevins  5 months back

                                                                  what is the bs mods booth?

                                                                  • pdraggy
                                                                    pdraggy  5 months back

                                                                    man from a pentium 90 to a 2300+ is mind-blowing! I remember the Y2k machine I built my dad on the cheap (winchip 200, called Y2k machine cuz it died on Y2k lol- I fixed it though ^.^) so yeah, pentium 90 was SO behind the times lol.

                                                                    • Verliebt
                                                                      Verliebt  5 months back

                                                                      I went from a Pentium 2 @ 400mhz to a Pentium 4 @ 2.53 ghz so, yeah, that's how it was back then when amd was really competing with intel.

                                                                  • K.I.S.S. Data Technologies

                                                                    I had a Q9450, was a little ripper and i then went to i7-950 and its STILL a beast of a chip 4.2ghz O.C. since the day it was installed and still going strong running 24/7 :)

                                                                    • john hurst
                                                                      john hurst  5 months back

                                                                      my first home built pc was a AMD Athlon 64 3800+ and i still have all of the parts some were and my last pc was AMD - Athlon II X3 445 and now i have a i5 6600K my next pc will be Ryzen

                                                                      • Benjamin Signor
                                                                        Benjamin Signor  5 months back

                                                                        my cpu history

                                                                        from about 2006 - now. Pentium 4ht, Intel Core2 E4400, E8400, Intel Core i5 4690k, Intel core i5 6600K. Next build will likely be AMD

                                                                        • Elite Ninja
                                                                          Elite Ninja  5 months back

                                                                          For me the first was a pentuim, then a 2nd gen intel. Then a 3770k, now it's a Ryzen 700.

                                                                      • brianr101010
                                                                        brianr101010  5 months back

                                                                        I am a logitech harmony junkie myself, but the one I liked and could afford was discontinued so I went on ebay and bought lots and lots of them buy it now and auctions to get enough that were not "locked out" and unable to be programmed. Which model do you use Linus?

                                                                        • Andrew Copple
                                                                          Andrew Copple  5 months back

                                                                          I think the high end competition perspective from Intel's memo comes from a consumer POV. After all, as a consumer, anything lower than a ryzen 3 is a hot mess of identification statistics that do little to grab the attention of the consumer. It's why I've been asking you guys to look at the lower cost processors in videos; I'm curious what kinds of performance you can get from them. Especially from the AMD side.

                                                                          • Alexis
                                                                            Alexis  5 months back

                                                                            Well, you know what they say, acknowledging is the first step.

                                                                            • Camden Wallraff
                                                                              Camden Wallraff  5 months back

                                                                              just last month I got and overclocked a w3680 on LGA1366 to 4.4ghz because $45 is pretty ok to get a cinebench score of 2109 as my daily driver ;D

                                                                              • Joe Rez
                                                                                Joe Rez  5 months back

                                                                                Infrared is light waves so you would just need reflective clothing or high spf sunblock to interrupt a scan.

                                                                              • Alex
                                                                                Alex  5 months back

                                                                                Linus started with a P90? Young whippersnapper - My first was a Zilog Z80 followed by an 8086

                                                                                • xWood4000
                                                                                  xWood4000  5 months back

                                                                                  I don't know if it was a good thing that I couldn't come to LTX because I would have probably flexed too much on you Canadians with the Finnish ice hockey win.

                                                                                  • WurstBroHD
                                                                                    WurstBroHD  5 months back

                                                                                    LTX gonna be SIKK
                                                                                    Wish I could make it but going from germany is WAAAAAYYYY to expensive :D
                                                                                    Maybe after university ;)

                                                                                    • Epotheros
                                                                                      Epotheros  5 months back

                                                                                      Nvidia is probably impressed by AMD too if they felt it was necessary to release the Super cards.

                                                                                      • grethro
                                                                                        grethro  5 months back

                                                                                        The salt about the build your own studio superchat...

                                                                                        • Matthew O'Mealey
                                                                                          Matthew O'Mealey  5 months back

                                                                                          👍 business calendar ftw.