5150 - Eugenia Cooney's Story

  • Published: 07 January 2020
  • Being put on a 5150 or a 72 hour psychiatric hold can be helpful if we fear we are a danger to ourselves or someone else. But what I hear more often is that it's traumatizing and can actually make things worse. Today I chat with Eugenia Cooney as she shares her story of being placed on a 5150.

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  • Freya Brown
    Freya Brown  2 weeks back

    I understand why some people may seem concerned that Kati is contradicting herself by informing her friends about 5150, but also seemingly supporting Eugenias stance that it was traumatic and not always the best move. However, a couple of points.

    1) Kati was informing them of the process, but didn't actively trigger it. She was trying to help a person in need in a professional and informative manner. That is her role.

    2) in this video, she is clearly offering Eugenia unconditional positive regard (a fantastic therapeutic stance) and empathy. She is echoing back Eugenia's feelings and validating them. This is incredibly important, and would have helped Eugenia feel comfortable and HEARD. Katy aptly recognised that Eugenia did not feel listened to or heard throughout this process, so it was important for Kati to give Eugenia space to be heard, understood and validated in her experiences. Eugenia's feelings are valid, and she deserves the space to express them and know that she isn't wrong or bad for feeling them. Especially with something as complex as an eating disorder. This might come off as contradictory to kati's prior involvement with her friends, but actually reflects Kati's skill and professionalism as a therapist. The last thing you want is to have someone numb up, become defensive and shut down on you. That would help absolutely nobody, least of all Eugenia. Kati handled this fantastically.

    • Dani Lee
      Dani Lee  21 hours back

      I totally understand using this technique in private to validate her but I’m getting the message that It’s ok to resent and cut off the people who helped you and save your life. Interventions are life saving and shouldn’t be portrayed as a betrayal

    • captainkiddiepants
      captainkiddiepants  2 days back

      But it still is a huge conflict of interest????

    • Alice Star
      Alice Star  2 days back

      Missy Mnstr this is not a private therapy the exposure to this is just gonna feed up Eugenia’s delusion she doesn’t even accept she has an EF

    • Alice Star
      Alice Star  3 days back

      Yes but this is not a private therapy...

    • ramywiles
      ramywiles  4 days back

      @Sailing Nandji - Frothlyfe She very much is -- she specializes in eating disorders. That said, Eugenia isn't her client, and this isn't a therapy session.

  • In Lucem
    In Lucem  10 hours back

    She has an eating disorder. She needs help. She keeps denying that she has a problem.

    • Marko Stewart
      Marko Stewart  13 hours back

      Eugenia, I was put on an extended 72 hour hold after a suicide attempt. It absolutely was one of the most traumatizing experiences of my life. I'm so sorry you had a similar experience. :'(

      • Maeve McLaughlin
        Maeve McLaughlin  15 hours back

        honestly i agree with eugenia. being 5150d against ur own will is something u wont understand unless ur put in that situation. its tramatizing

        • sneakysheepyNZ447
          sneakysheepyNZ447  1 days back

          I hope Kati turns the COMMENTS OFF!!! People need to get a grip and stop being so nasty!

          • Shelly Rose
            Shelly Rose  1 days back

            Eugenia did the right thing & she is saying she was shocked that her friends didn't speak to her in person. She is being honest, open & sharing her story for recovery. It's amazing that anyone can judge her because she is a kind soul. This was a huge step for her. How about supporting for how hard this was. We all have struggles. The difference is she is sharing her most vunerable moments with all of you. That is called BRAVERY. 💓💕💗👑

            • Nicki Daisy Reddwoodd
              Nicki Daisy Reddwoodd  1 days back

              I do Not like those pig mirrors with the piggy's eyes being x x. That makes me sad. Why do people endorse those themes?

              • TK
                TK  1 hours back

                Nicki Daisy Reddwoodd the mirror is from the Shane Dawson merch line. Neither of them were trying to make a statement, because in Eugenia’s video she uses Shane Dawson’s makeup pallet

            • NORMARS
              NORMARS  1 days back

              Escape room legit

              • Vic the bear
                Vic the bear  1 days back

                For everyone being harsh to Eugenia in the comments:
                The girl went through this most part of her life. This isn't something that is completely cured overnight (or in this case, with a month of intensive therapy). So shush about "the way she talks about it", at least she's talking about it. Those things are difficult to talk about, be more comprehensive. Chill.

                • Vivian Spitzer
                  Vivian Spitzer  1 days back

                  i am so proud of her! i’m glad to hear that she’s healing

                  • Skyler Momoko // Doja Cat \\ Hot Pink

                    My mom was suicidal in 2016 and someone called the police on her and had 2 officers and 2 nurses come to the house to take her to a hospital to get better. At the time and for a long time, my mom was furious at that woman for calling for help behind her back. It wasn't until late 2017 that she realised that that woman saved her life and how thankful she was for them intervening.
                    ❣️❣️❣️Eugenia's likely in that same place too right now, so plz try not to be so hard on her or Kati. Eugenia's in a tough place and she'll break out of it when she's ready!❣️❣️❣️

                    • The Miranda Project
                      The Miranda Project  2 days back

                      There’s a lot of pain behind that smile

                      • The Miranda Project
                        The Miranda Project  2 days back

                        This is very difficult to watch. Thank you kati ❤️

                        • The Miranda Project
                          The Miranda Project  2 days back

                          Yea idk how u can smile like that when you talk about hurting your family . I hope she gets help she clearly still needs it

                          • Dani Rabjohn
                            Dani Rabjohn  10 hours back

                            It's a nervous thing, when people get super nervous, they do nervous chuckles or smile or do nervous laughs. Shes not laughing about that, shes just nervous, because shes stressed

                        • Mandy G
                          Mandy G  2 days back

                          The doctor says your Rx is:
                          Get out of the public eye for a while and be honest with yourself, even if it starts with something simple as thinking to yourself "I feel uncomfortable right now", and pray to God.
                          *flies away*
                          But yeah, I mean, her friends are not well either, so its like... Matthew 7:3.
                          Also, yeah, those psych places suuuuuuuuuck. Don't want to get into detail but yeah they suck. *shudders* I felt like an animal.

                          • Caitlyn Kliest
                            Caitlyn Kliest  2 days back

                            Y'all. Recovery is not linear and it is different FOR EVERYONE. I have been in recovery but cannot begin to claim I know what should be done, and neither can you. She does not have to name her disorder publicly. She doesn't have to say it out loud yet to herself even. It can take time. And she definitely doesn't have to wait until she's ready to spill EVERYTHING to start talking about it online. She doesn't own you a single thing. She can heal however she needs. Mind your own.

                            • Jimmy Envy
                              Jimmy Envy  2 days back

                              She’s such a kind soul 🥺

                              • Lindsay Kokish
                                Lindsay Kokish  2 days back

                                Is she scared to admit she’s not okay..? Or is this an act she puts on for the camera?? This girl needs help. More than a month. Get off the internet and feed your soul. Help yourself. She’s always so happy and smiling( not that there’s anything wrong with that ) but it’s concerning.

                                • Cassondra O
                                  Cassondra O  2 days back

                                  I loved this so much. Hope nothing but the best💜

                                  • Brielle_Zoe
                                    Brielle_Zoe  2 days back

                                    Awww this is sweet! Kati seems very easy to talk to ! I’m glad Eugenia feels safe to talk about this. I hope she gets her confidence back ❤️

                                    • Lidia Olejnik
                                      Lidia Olejnik  2 days back

                                      Eugenia is looking weight and is so pissed off about them checking her into rehab!!

                                      • ATLHooligan
                                        ATLHooligan  2 days back

                                        It's tough for her to really still open up about this stuff, I do still sense a small amount of denial. Hopefully she continues down the right path, and I'm optimistic with kati being there, so I'm glad she's still open to more help.

                                        • Kelly Bromfield
                                          Kelly Bromfield  3 days back

                                          I had the same issue when I was taken to the state mental health facility. It was brutal and afterwards I was constantly terrified of having to go back. I still am always scared that if I start to have a rough time with my issues, I start to panic and try my hardest to fake out the doctor to make it seem like I am not as bad as I really am.

                                          • Natalie McLeod
                                            Natalie McLeod  3 days back

                                            All Kati needs to do (to clear up the confusion) is a video with Jaclyn or someone else who has decided to go through with requesting a 5150 on a loved one and to validate that experience too. There are two valid sides to gain an understanding of on an educational public YouTube video (which is not therapy btw) - we have only heard Eugenia’s so far here. Nobody is right or wrong when saving someone’s life may very well be at stake.

                                            • Elly
                                              Elly  3 days back

                                              Watching this video was like watching a real session lol I'm in my first-semester practicum, so I got to learn a lot by your genuine reactions Kati. Thanks :)

                                              • meeganerose98
                                                meeganerose98  3 days back

                                                Truly beautiful, strong inspirational women, so much love 💕

                                                • 413078291
                                                  413078291  3 days back

                                                  DUDE!! I Can't imagine having the guts to share all of this. Super brave!

                                                  • Sofia Danila
                                                    Sofia Danila  3 days back

                                                    Kati I have a question : I’ve been in outpatient treatment for eating disorders. It’s been 4 months since I’ve been in treatment but they won’t give me therapy until I gain the weight back. I don’t know what to do?

                                                    • TK
                                                      TK  1 hours back

                                                      Sofia Danila ummmm...that’s SUPER unethical of them. Eating Disorders are NOT about food, but control. If ur in outpatient treatment u can get therapy on ur own, u don’t have to get permission from the treatment center

                                                    • Sofia Danila
                                                      Sofia Danila  3 days back

                                                      And I do follow their meal plan

                                                  • Myra Davis
                                                    Myra Davis  3 days back

                                                    i think kati is doing her job. she is listening to eugenia and validating her feelings. that is okay. kati didnt wanna grill eugenia on this video. this is eugenias story!!! from her perspective. that’s it. she is not enabling her she is not encouraging bad behavior. she is listening!!! i do agree eugenia is in denial over the situation. but this wasn’t the video for kati to go in on her.

                                                    • Mira Fawn
                                                      Mira Fawn  3 days back

                                                      I really, really like Jaclyn. I'm a big fan of hers. With that said, I don't agree with how she publicized this.
                                                      I mean really, why? So... In short, Eugenia was forced, into an actual Horror house. Then, dragged across the internet. Really healing, *come* ON.
                                                      Eugenia, I believe that you were in the process of doing this on your own terms. Please don't allow that sh!t experience to halt your own treatment journey. We Love you. I Love your ❤

                                                      • Kathryn Velho
                                                        Kathryn Velho  3 days back

                                                        Jaclyn hill used Eugenia's eating disorder for views and likes she never once had her best interests at heart and all of you saying her getting 5150 d helped save her life clearly know nothing about it let alone how traumatizing it must've been for her she already had a plan for recovery it was invasive and unnecessary

                                                        • Rashelle&Kaelin B
                                                          Rashelle&Kaelin B  3 days back

                                                          It’s really concerning Eugenia is not longer seeing a therapist. Just “someone to text or message when she’s struggling”. I don’t think she’s taking her treatment seriously and is a huge red flag that she may still be in the throws of her ED.

                                                          • K. CHAN
                                                            K. CHAN  3 days back

                                                            Ebony and ivory.

                                                            • I'm Short
                                                              I'm Short  3 days back

                                                              Maybe YOU guys felt like jaclyns decision helped but she basically took her away in a time and spot she WASNT comfortable you cannot force people to do things this was fucked up. Eugenia was on her OWN path to recovery then Jaclyn took a bulldozer tour and picked her up on the way and threw her in her idea of “the right direction”

                                                              • Rowan Gabrielle
                                                                Rowan Gabrielle  3 days back

                                                                what is eugenia's reaction @ 16:30 about? she looks like she's about to vomit.

                                                                • Sachi Rae White
                                                                  Sachi Rae White  3 days back

                                                                  Involuntary hospitalisation is horrific to witness never mind experience. For people who are so mentally ill that they don’t understand what’s going on and could lash out I’d understand the restraints and strapping down but I really don’t understand why they had to restrain Eugenia. I had someone close to me have a mental breakdown and we had to become full time carers basically because her mental health team were saying that if she didn’t want to go she didn’t have to. She was so ill, she would stand on tables and snort pills and we’d have to pick them out. Or she’d walk into the road so eventually we made the decision to involuntarily hospitalise her because her team refused to come out and see her. The police came in, put her in handcuffs and pinned her to the floor while she cried for us to help her. We asked that they let her stand because she would behave and she agreed so they let her stand up and they put her in the back of a police van like a criminal. It was horrific and I hope to god she doesn’t remember any of it. Every so often now if she gets stressed we can notice the signs, we all have backup emergency pills for her for if we find her in a state so we can offer her a cup of tea and put them in it then let her know what happened when she’s in her right mind again. We always let her know if we’re a little worried about her wellbeing and all jump into action if she needs any help whatsoever. It’s terrifying for everyone involved and I’m so sorry they put Eugenia in restraints. It rips my heart out every time.

                                                                  • Tsukiusa Kimiko
                                                                    Tsukiusa Kimiko  3 days back

                                                                    I work in an inpatient addictions treatment center and basically everything she talked about was on point. Hospitals will often be understaffed and not have groups, and it can be a really traumatizing experience. As a counselor I do recognize that involuntary holds are sometimes a necessary evil, and will cause their own trauma. I see it as the broken ribs you can cause when reviving someone via CPR. The professionals are trying to help, but the damage caused in that process is real and needs recognized and dealt with.

                                                                    • TK
                                                                      TK  1 hours back

                                                                      Tsukiusa Kimiko on a side note, when I was taking a CPR class they told me that if you don’t feel the ribs breaking or popping out of the sternum your not going deep enough...

                                                                  • Rox Xandra
                                                                    Rox Xandra  3 days back

                                                                    Please disable the comments. Eugenia really doesn’t need to read thousands of people picking every aspect of her apart as she shares this traumatizing experience. I have been in a mixed ward during a holding period and another patient pulled his thing out next to me. Mixed wards are horrendous. I was flirted with until i just hid in my room until i was released.

                                                                    • Rox Xandra
                                                                      Rox Xandra  3 days back

                                                                      i am so upset that they grouped-up and gaslighted Eugenia in front of professionals in a non-professional, and unexpected atmosphere.
                                                                      i know what it is like to have this happen. it is horrible.

                                                                      • 0manderijn0
                                                                        0manderijn0  3 days back

                                                                        It’s great to see you talking with eugenia! I really hope great people like you keep a helpful eye out to make sure she stays on the road to recovery and doesn’t slip back into such a dangerous place again

                                                                        • Jason McLaren
                                                                          Jason McLaren  3 days back

                                                                          I've been placed on a 5150 8 times. Definitely not fun

                                                                          • Le Twixter
                                                                            Le Twixter  3 days back

                                                                            Y'all should watch Elzani's "Hospitalized for 3 months for anorexia" if you really want to understand illness and anorexia for that manner.

                                                                            • AudiAddict
                                                                              AudiAddict  3 days back

                                                                              This is a really important video to put out. She's so brave and helping maybe thousands of people from going through this traumatic experience due to concerned parties. Thank you for sharing!

                                                                              • J A
                                                                                J A  3 days back

                                                                                Oh so she didn't go into recovery because of onision, like he loves to claim!

                                                                                • Survivor OfMany
                                                                                  Survivor OfMany  3 days back

                                                                                  All we have are rehabs

                                                                                  • Survivor OfMany
                                                                                    Survivor OfMany  3 days back

                                                                                    I think the whole USA got rid of all psych wards!

                                                                                    • Survivor OfMany
                                                                                      Survivor OfMany  3 days back

                                                                                      I wouldn’t have stayed where she went either. She had a traumatic event surrounding this which does more harm!! She probably doesn’t trust anyone

                                                                                      • Survivor OfMany
                                                                                        Survivor OfMany  3 days back

                                                                                        It’s exactly the same with Borderline Personality.. we perceive things differently.. self harm can be all different ways including restricting food etc. I get it & thanks