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  • Published: 30 October 2017
  • In this episode of Open Door, Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man, Avengers) and wife Susan Downey turned a converted windmill into a stylish and charming Hamptons home. In this funny, full-access house tour, the Downeys show off their favorite art, let you into their closets and explain why their cats have full run of the place.

    "We wanted something we haven’t seen a million times,” the Iron Man star says, describing the property itself as well as the decorative ministrations of AD100 designer Joe Nahem and the team at New York City–based Fox-Nahem Associates.

    The Downeys originally met Nahem two summers ago, when they rented the heavenly Amagansett country house the designer shares with his partner, Jeffrey Fields.

    The Downeys said goodbye to Nahem and Fields that summer with a request that the designers alert them to any particularly enticing properties coming onto the market in the Hamptons. Several months later, Nahem found a place that more than fit the bill: a late–19th century windmill folly, originally constructed as a playhouse, that had been transformed into a full-fledged residence by way of structural additions grafted onto the building in the decades following its construction. Among the many attributes of the estate were proximity to the town of East Hampton coupled with the privacy of a secluded location, enchanting gardens conjured by landscape designer Joseph Tyree for the home’s previous owners, and those sublime trees that dot the lawns like masterpieces of sculpture.

    Nahem didn’t have much time to revel in the triumph of his matchmaking. As soon as his clients acquired the property, they gave their designer a mere six weeks to transform the home into a Downey-rific sanctuary keyed to the couple’s adventurous aesthetic tastes and the comfort of their children, five-year-old son Exton and three-year-old daughter Avri. (The actor has another son, 24-year-old Indio, with his ex-wife, Deborah Falconer.)

    Happily, once the holiday season was over, Nahem and his team were able to return to the home and begin the renovation in earnest. One of the biggest changes was the reconfiguration of the living room that lies just beyond the octagonal entry foyer at the base of the windmill. To give the transitional area a greater sense of place, the designer sunk the living room several feet and anchored it with a massive wraparound fireplace wall by ceramic artist Peter Lane.

    Another major component of the renovation involved rethinking the pool area to suit the Downeys’ vision of easy, breezy outdoor leisure. Rather than making the guesthouse do double duty as a swimming cabana, as it had in the previous scheme, Nahem designed a freestanding poolside pavilion, in collaboration with Alveary Architecture, replete with a dining setup centered on a mosaic-topped table by Kelly Behun Studio, an outdoor living room and bar, and a television almost as large as the screens at the local multiplex.

    As for the interiors of the house itself, the mix represents an amiable consensus among the Downeys and their designer: pedigreed pieces and unpretentious off-the-rack staples, poppy colors and soothing neutrals, eccentric accents and discreet luxuries. It’s an idiosyncratic assemblage that speaks equally to the actor’s puckish spirit, his wife’s concerns for efficiency and ease, and Nahem’s finesse in crafting eminently livable homes with a touch of otherworldly magic.

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    Inside Robert Downey Jr.’s Windmill Home in the Hamptons | Open Door | Architectural Digest
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  • Kevin Caldwell
    Kevin Caldwell  3 hours back

    What a cool pair of parents they must be!

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      "hi we're the downey's"

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        Tony Stark  3 hours back

        *I'm Tony Stark and I approve this video*

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          Not their home home, but its nice. Their main home and downeys company are all in italy, venice i think, could be wrong.

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              I can’t see RDJ I SEE TONY STARK WE LOVE U 3000

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                lots of global warming issues here. these liberals and their virtue signalling

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                    Hi sir ❤

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                      Thomas KIlts  1 days back

                      There isn’t one difference between him and tony stark and I love it 😂

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                        RDJ and his wife are *perfectly balanced* as every thing should be

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                                • Adam F
                                  Adam F  3 days back

                                  Perfect home.. lots of napping locations.

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                                    Um dos melhores episódios desse quadro!

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                                      They are northeast of the Church spire...

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                                        @Bitupan Wellness Project Its not actually a security breach. That is a joke. It doesn't matter which direction they are from the church. Thats an addition to the joke.

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                                        I'm surprised he doesn't have something built outside for the cats to have the experience of being outdoors. You know like a dog run... only for cats lol I have a cat who gets stuck in trees so I can't let her out. We have a deck off a second floor bedroom situated over our kitchen roof. So she gets to be on the deck can jump to the roof, comes through a window to get back in the bedroom and then back out to the door to the deck. She gets fresh air, lays in the sun and gets her exercise while being completely safe. Just a thought Mr. Downey lol

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                                          Why do rich people have such ugly overprice houses

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                                                        racedrivergrid01  1 weeks back

                                                        Nov 11, 2019

                                                        • Diana Bryant
                                                          Diana Bryant  1 weeks back

                                                          I love you Rodney, lovely house and wife, God Bless.

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                                                                      • Jocelyn Garcia
                                                                        Jocelyn Garcia  1 weeks back

                                                                        Very normal living.I enjoyed this one.

                                                                        • Etter Park
                                                                          Etter Park  1 weeks back

                                                                          I'm so happy for the Downey family, hope they make lots of great memories here...However, in my opinion, they BUTCHERED this house. I grew up in the Hamptons, and I know the lifestyle.. I have been in this house several times when it's previous owner Ken would host parties. He and his boyfriend did SUCH a nice job on the interior; it was so tasteful, classy, understated but opulent, and completely timeless. Like, old money tasteful. It's like when J-Lo bought her house in Watermill and wanted to remove the 30 year old and gorgeous shaped hedges in the front. I basically told them 'no, this is the Hamptons and you're keeping them. People wait lifetimes for privet to grow like that, it's a blessing." And then they listened! Because I politely conveyed that The Hamptons isn't LA!
                                                                          It would be like buying a historic chateau in the Loire Valley but then turning around and renovating it with a totally modern theme.
                                                                          For me, personally, and let me know if you are reading this and you have any thoughts, good design is about incorporating your own taste while seamlessly blending it in with the surroundings, and that includes the community and the town and the history of it.

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                                                                            Edenmoon  1 weeks back

                                                                            Really simple home

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