FULL INTERVIEW PART TWO: Asante Blackk From “This Is Us” on His Favorite Halloween Memory and More!


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  • Makayla Banton
    Makayla Banton  1 weeks back

    Smart kid

    • Miagotcurlss Miaa
      Miagotcurlss Miaa  1 weeks back

      He fineee 18 yrs old😻😭

      • Quinnie
        Quinnie  1 weeks back

        He’s gonna go far. I can already see it.

        • yaa debra
          yaa debra  1 weeks back

          Where can I watch this is us in the Uk is it on Netflix?

        • Malkia Furahia
          Malkia Furahia  1 weeks back

          Asante which in swahili means `thank u`... his name suits him just perfectly

          • Audrey Waight
            Audrey Waight  1 weeks back

            Identical to his aunt

            • Eronnie Nandyose
              Eronnie Nandyose  1 weeks back

              His too bright 😂 😍

              • Mercy Nasser
                Mercy Nasser  1 weeks back

                We need more like this

                • jqueen
                  jqueen  1 weeks back

                  He looks JUST LIKE his Aunt Samira Wiley!!

                  • Mary Jane
                    Mary Jane  1 weeks back

                    How old is this kid?He is very eloquent for his age.He cannot be older than 18 years old?Probably younge

                  • olayinka akinola
                    olayinka akinola  2 weeks back


                    • patrice minto
                      patrice minto  2 weeks back

                      Omg this was a brilliant interview 👏🏽 “there’s a stereotype about black fathers not being there for their kids.... it’s super important to show the the nuances of people’s lives, we wanna show that everything is so much deeper than it really seems” that was such a powerful statement!

                      • Haleema Abbas
                        Haleema Abbas  2 weeks back

                        Very welcome spoken gentleman. Well done keep doing what your doing!

                        • La Reina X
                          La Reina X  2 weeks back

                          Love this interview, he is so wise. He will go far!!

                          • Sawyer Averys
                            Sawyer Averys  2 weeks back

                            he will definitely be back on the show for more interviews and he is truly so wise and you can truly tell that his parents and family in general raised him right

                            • Mgmt Girlyeah
                              Mgmt Girlyeah  2 weeks back

                              Aww, Loni is looking at him like a proud auntie.

                              • Cassie Casimir
                                Cassie Casimir  2 weeks back

                                He looks like samira wiley from handmaids tale. Is that his mom

                                • lexi219
                                  lexi219  1 weeks back

                                  They literally talk about how Samira is his aunt in this video lmao

                                • Mahawa Touray
                                  Mahawa Touray  2 weeks back

                                  Cassie Casimir that’s his aunt they mentioned it in part 1

                              • jada imani
                                jada imani  2 weeks back

                                so handsome

                                • It'sLyricSoListen
                                  It'sLyricSoListen  2 weeks back

                                  This boy is gonna be all types of heartthrob in a few years. I love seeing articulate and emotionally aware young men of color. It gives me hope for my future kids :)

                                  • Biviana Romero
                                    Biviana Romero  2 weeks back

                                    I like to see a well spoken young man. As a mom raising a boy I'm happy to see this.

                                    • TGpeace
                                      TGpeace  2 weeks back

                                      Their reaction to the This Is Us clip was so cute they looked like proud aunts.

                                      • Faridah Wanjiku
                                        Faridah Wanjiku  2 weeks back

                                        He is so fwayne... In jeannie's voice... And woke... And Charismatic... Love Asante.

                                        • Maïsha
                                          Maïsha  2 weeks back

                                          "A black father who acknowledges he made a mistake but doesn't see his daughter as a mistake" Boy you betta PREEEEEAAAACCCCHHH up in here!

                                          • KiwiRosa
                                            KiwiRosa  1 weeks back

                                            preach young man, preach, stay woke and humble

                                          • Love, CJ
                                            Love, CJ  2 weeks back

                                            These words will help me to forgive my Dad someday🙌🏿

                                        • Amélie Ntigura
                                          Amélie Ntigura  2 weeks back

                                          That young man... so wise! He'll get far!

                                          • Stevie V
                                            Stevie V  2 weeks back

                                            First y’all